Geography And Resistance

Geography And Resistance
May 6, 2016 Admin

Editors Note: This post, like a number of others, arose out of a comment on another article. This one was from Laguna Beach Fogey about utilizing Poland as a staging ground for an individual (or collective potentially) wanting to wage resistance in Europe. The question lead me to a wider range of thoughts, which are laid out below.

Geography and Resistance

As anyone who reads this website will discover, I often draw parallels and attempt to impart lessons from the Islamist revolutionaries who have been so successful these last 50-60 years. As I always take pains to point out, this is not to draw a moral line between our movement and theirs, as theirs is clearly immoral from our vantage point and our own (separate) identity and honor codes.

Instead these parallels are drawn because, while inherently in opposition to each other, both movements are antithetical to the global power structures and revolutionary in nature. While the Islamists struggle, their ‘jihad’, is to bring ‘God’s Law’ to the Muslim world and (eventually) the rest of the world, and return the earth to a place like 7th Arabia, our struggle is to overturn the European-Suicidalist, Multinational-Cororpatist power structures currently committing what can only be deemed the genocide of Europe. Part and parcel of this is a similar social ‘project’ of overturning the emptiness and decadence and self-hatred endemic in modern Europe.

One of the foremost traits our movement shares with Islamism is geographical dispersion, and the need to take advantage of this in our struggle. If you look at the Islamists, they utilized this strategy to a tee. Some of the foremost examples are as follows.

-They had their training camps in Afghanistan because it was a failed state where there were no laws against such things and no government to interfere. Furthermore because of the ongoing war with the Soviets in the 1980’s and the ongoing civil wars of the 1990’s, guns, ammunition, and explosives were readily available and inexpensive.

-They had their money stored in banks in places like Pakistan and various Gulf States where there was rule of law and functioning economies.

-They had their propaganda teams in Europe where there was the proper technology. In Inside the Jihad, Omar Nasiri relates how during the 1990’s Algerian Civil War, footage from the conflict would be smuggled all the way back to Belgium to be edited and turned into VHS Tapes, which would then be smuggled back[italics] into North Africa, since they had none of the requisite technology there.

-They had their firebrand preachers in the UK, where at the time you could legally incite violence against any country other than the UK itself and not be breaking the law. Under this environment, preachers like Abu Hamza and Abu Qutada flourished at Mosques like ‘The Four Feathers’, and publicly instructed their followers from the stage to bomb the United States, kill White tourists in Muslim lands, and carry out jihad against all of Europe. This only moderately abated in 2006, when tougher terror laws were put into effect.

Our own situation is analogous to this, but of course differs in many ways. With Europe, the increasingly uniform European Union laws provide for less variety of which to put to our tactical benefit. Furthermore, we as yet have no ‘failed states’ from which to operate, although for thoughts on how we might eventually do that, click here and here. In other areas, however, we see the same organic phenomenon occurring.

-This website and others like it are one example. It might very well prove impossible to publish were I living in Germany or Sweden. Right now of course its readership is still likely small enough that it wouldn’t garner a huge amount of attention, but once it has a large readership and greater notoriety, it is very likely it would run afoul of the increasingly totalitarian censorship laws in Suicidalist European countries.

-Another area is tactical training. In America the strong culture of gun ownership and comparably libertarian gun laws allow for normal citizens to gain a great understanding and proficiency in self-defense and paramilitary action. This is likely the same or even greater in Russia. European-Preservationists in these countries either already possess these skills or are attempting to gain them (myself included). On the contrary, in most Western European countries, the ability to purchase firearms is much more restricted (click here and here to learn how to buy guns in Sweden and the UK). Furthermore, tactical training camps like the ones found in the United States would be extremely verboten. That is why this website has offered scholarships which will pay for Swedes to fly to America and attend the tactical training camps of their choice (click here for more information).

– We are also seeing the beginnings of this when it comes to free speech. Tommy Robinson has been undergoing a veritable railroading in Britain. While we would probably categorize Robinson’s statements and actions as somewhat pedestrian and ‘mainstream’, he has become a huge target for the corrupt Suicidalist government running the UK under David Cameron. As things heat up and more government ministers have to flee angry crowds yelling ‘traitor’ [hyperlink], governments will crack down harder and harder on free speech. For that reason we will likely see voices of dissent more purposefully arising from nations like Poland and Hungary, where the governments are friendly to the cause of European-Preservationism.

– Another area where we will likely see this is financing. Some nations in Europe (and around the globe) have far more restrictive surveillance of money and transfers of money. As the movement to preserve Europe grows and we begin to see large funds of money being raised for that purpose, apparatus to serve that purpose will have to develop. Such apparatus will be far more successful operating out of some countries (such as Switzerland), than others. The use of Bitcoin should also have a key role to play. I will be publishing more thoughts on fundraising, Bitcoin, and the legalities and logistics of such things soon, as I continue to learn more about them and educate myself more extensively and as we all continue to think through their ramifications.

Overall it is clear that we can strive for and look forward to the cause of European survival becoming a more intricate, intertwined, geographically-dispersed phenomena in the coming years. Developments will become increasingly fluid, so let us hope that we- all those who long for Europe to survive- are able to succeed in building up an infrastructure capable of victory.

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  1. Dashui 1 year ago

    Many races have an informal money transfer system Say I am living in Cairo and I wanna send my brother in NYC 100,000 dollars off the books. I give a guy in Cairo the money, he tells me a password, then my brother goes to this guys relative in NYC, tells him the password and gives me the money, for a small fee, of course.

    Ukraine is the closest thing to a failed European state, that I can think of. Belgium is a good candidate for the first western Europe country to fail. Even before the invasion, it has several parliaments serving the French, Walloon, German and Flemish regions.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      I agree Dashu. I think Belgium is VERY likely. I think Sweden is up there too. Sweden would have more rural areas than Belgium which is a plus. For whatever reason I have dreams/fantasies of Sweden turning into a failed state and being the seat of a great revitalization of our culture, in which bands of fighting men create stories that will last long after them, much like Afghanistan for the Muslims, and where families and groups forge new ways of living and new beliefs that lift our people upward.

  2. Matt Edge 1 year ago

    Great article and thanks for posting.

    I appreciate the parallels you draw with Islamists. There is much we must learn from them.

    It seems to me that mountainous terrains condition the toughest Muslim fighters. I have read many books on Afghanistan, these Pashtun warriors have proven themselves fierce fighters. American propaganda aside, these fighters gave Russian commandos, US Army Rangers and Navy SEALs a run for their money. I read how Operation Anaconda was not such a huge success and short of superior firepower, the average US soldier doesn’t compare well to the Taliban fighters.

    Same thing in Chechnya, though the Chechens lost they made the Russians pay heavily for their clumsy victory, especially during the first Chechen war.

    In Islam they find a fanaticism we lack, and I seriously doubt we’ll find such a fanaticism in Christianity. Christians point to the Crusades, but the Crusades were reactionary and few battles. It was nothing compared to the endless Jihads waged on our doorsteps.

    I believe National Socialism is our best bet. This was the last time White men aggressively and fanatically struck out against our genocidal enemies with brutal intensity. And NS certainly neutered the pacifying Christianity. If you read Hitler’s Table Talks you will find some extremely interesting views on why Christianity is a threat to European survival.

  3. Matt Edge 1 year ago

    Last Saturday night in Vienna an African invader beat an Austrian cleaning lady to death with an iron bar on the streets.

    Generation Identity–founded in Austria itself–showed up today to stage one of their patrols, and you wouldn’t believe it; the Antifa faggots showed up and attacked them with baseball bats.

    These faggots need to be lined up against the concrete wall long before the murderer or the invader. Treachery stinks to the high heavens and I even have much higher regard for a Muslim jihadists in our midst than one of these disgusting traitors.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Could not agree more Matt. I have never been around Antifa or had much experience with them. Perhaps I should dive in and do an article on them. But yeah I wonder if they are even ignorant of their hypocrisy. It seems shocking that anyone could be so ignorant/suicidal/misled, but perhaps they really are the brainwashed shock troops of the religion of White Suicide. It would be more comforting if they were just in it for the shekels from Soros. But yeah I am going to dive in and do an article on them. If you have any good links please send them my way!

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