George Friedman – Stratfor Geopoliticist – Admits Europe Doomed???

George Friedman – Stratfor Geopoliticist – Admits Europe Doomed???
October 5, 2017 Admin
George Friedman predicts Europe's doom?

Greetings men-

Did George Friedman admit that Europe is in major trouble?!?

I am subscribed to the Mauldin Economics email newsletter, which often publishes updates by Mr. Friedman.

The last one was very interesting, and included references germane to the focus of the continent’s future.

The Next 100 Years By George Friedman.

Who Is George Friedman?

Mr. Friedman is one of the world’s most successful and influential ‘futurists’.

He is the author of the following books, as well as many others:

The Next 100 Years: A Forecast for the 21st Century

The Next Decade: Empire and Republic in a Changing World


I have been reading Mr. Friedman’s books for almost ten years now, and I do have great respect for his knowledge and predictive abilities.

What has always struck me however, is Friedman’s complete silence regarding the problems in Europe, which he seems to ignore completely.

In his books he delves into all sorts of geopolitical issues, down to the nth degree, weaving them together to predict what may happen in the future. Yet despite dozens of pages in every book detailing aspects of European geopolitics, I have never once seen him mention the (extremely important) issue of mass-Muslim immigration, or any of the connected issues linked to it (massive levels of crime, rape epidemics, no-go zones, demographic transformation, etc).

Indeed, while Mr. Friedman even wrote an entire book about Europe- Flashpoints: The Emerging Crisis in Europe -it touched on basically nothing except European history, European geography, the weakness of the EU, and (of course) Russia.

Absolutely no mention of the all the actual problems facing the continent- which is quite bizarre given the book’s title.


Latest Email

In this latest email though Mr. Freidman finally addressed the elephant in the room… the MASSIVE problem facing Europe… which could destroy the continent… and forever change history…

That’s right…

You guessed it-



From the email:

[formatting by me obviously]

Imagine the following scenario: Texas votes to secede from the United States, sparking bitter negotiations between Austin and Washington. A neo-Nazi party wins seats in the California legislature. Cook County, home to Chicago, threatens to break away from Illinois to form its own state, while government officials, worried about losing such an economically vibrant region, furiously try to prevent the election from taking place. The federal government, meanwhile, vows to suspend North Carolina’s voting rights in Congress simply because it didn’t approve of its behavior. It considers doing likewise for Arizona.

In such a scenario, one might rightly conclude that something is terribly wrong with the United States.

The thing is, this is pretty much what is happening in Europe. The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union, and the negotiations over its departure are unpleasant, to put it mildly. Alternative for Germany, a party whose members have been compared to neo-Nazis, has won a surprising number of seats in Germany’s parliament. Catalonia, which is home to Barcelona, a large and economically vital city in Spain, held an independence referendum Oct. 1, something the government in Madrid has tried to stop…

…I simply want to put Europe in perspective. For all its problems, the United States isn’t about to lose its second-largest economy. It isn’t revoking voting rights from state legislatures. It isn’t grappling with a legitimate secessionist movement. It doesn’t have bona fide neo-Nazis winning seats in its largest and most prosperous state. It may be a tough time to be American, but it is an especially tough time to be European…

…European officials believe the secession of the second-largest economy in Europe can be handled by a reasonable accommodation. The threat to Poland is simply the attempt to rectify a problem there. The rise of the racist right from street demonstrators to significant parties is unfortunate.


The questions, of course, pose themselves…

Does Friedman really think all these issues are more important and/or dangerous for Europe’s future than the fact that Sweden and Germany are about to have Muslimm-majorities among military-aged men?

That Sweden has the second highest rape rate on earth?

That 40% of kids in the UK are non-European? [Note: All these facts are presented with cited sources in my book of essays called The Coming War In Europe]

Also…. Does he really think that the AfD is a ‘Neo-Nazi’ party when its members would barely even be considered ‘right-wing’ in the US? When they have NOTHING to do with Nazism and want nothing more than to prevent even MORE Muslim-immigration? When all they want is for their grandchildren not to be enslaved to a foreign population that now rules their country?

Friedman ends his email as follows:

In contrast with the Americans, who tend to overstate their problems, Europeans tend to understate theirs. (Had the United States the class of issues Europe is dealing with, the roar of the crowd would be even more deafening than the roar is today.)

It may well be that European leaders see things more clearly than I do. But I don’t think so. I see a pattern of disintegration that requires the energy generated by panic if it is to be solved. They see a need for a meeting of technocrats who will sort all this out. If they’re right, they should hold the meeting quickly.

[End of email]


I agree with Mr. Friedman that Europe needs to panic, and I agree with him that Europe is facing a pattern of disintegration, but for entirely different reasons. And I think the solution will need to be more muscular than a mere meeting of technocrats.

Some might argue that Friedman supports Islamization in Europe, as many Neocon’s do. Yet even if that is the case, it seems bizarre that someone who is a professional ‘futurist’ never predicted what we are seeing in Europe today, and is not predicting what we will obviously see tomorrow.




Editor’s Note: Here are links to some more of Friedman’s books, and some other good content.

The Next 100 Years: A Forecast for the 21st Century   (by Friedman)

The Next Decade: Empire and Republic in a Changing World
(by Friedman)

Flashpoints: The Emerging Crisis in Europe (by Friedman) (Red Ice interview with author Col. Walter T. Richmond, author of Hasta la Vista Europe!: What you’re not being told about the refugee crisis and how it’s destroying Europe)

The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam (by Douglas Murray)



Comments (5)

  1. SteveRogers42 4 months ago

    Yeah, boy, those damn neo-nazis! I can hardly sleep at night with the sound of their massive jackbooted parades marching past my door. And all those tall, athletic blonde “youths” wearing their lederhosen and dirndls hanging out at the mall make daily life miserable, I tell ya! Next thing you know, everybody will be physically-fit, realistic/heroic sculptures will replace abstract art, and public buildings will be built along neo-classical lines rather than the rectangular featureless boxes we enjoy today. Say it ain’t so.

    It’s really impressive how shills like this (((Freidman))) character can weave their verbal webs, first saying the AfD has been “compared to neo-nazis” (compared by whom? On what authority?) and then calling them “bona fide neo-nazis” a bit later. These Jedi mind tricks need to be identified and publicized as the conscious tactics that they are, so that the “consumers” of his “product” will not be as mesmerized as commercial shoppers are by the similar tactics of the advertising agencies.

    • Author
      Admin 4 months ago

      Democracy= a system of government controlled by *George Friedman*. 🙂

      I noticed the weaving of language as well. One can almost hear him thinking while you read it ‘hmm, if I compare them to Neo-Nazi’s myself, then does mean I can say they’ve been compared to Neo-Nazis?’

      I still find it surprising despite the *coincidences* though because blatantly ignoring the Islamization factor does (in my opinion) make him look far less impressive as a futurist, even to those (I would expect) who share his views. And there are others of his background like van Creveld, who, although similar to Friedman, acknowledge just what is occuring in Europe.

      Interesting stuff indeed…

  2. Unknown 3 months ago

    I am smiling about the fear that a break-up like that of UK is evoking in certain kind of people. It causes emotions to roar, ok, but here in Europe we have switched (mostly) from change by war to change by election.
    What this great(?) historian did was to identify himself as part of the leftist elite that prefers Islam over western civilization, which is understandable because leftists are like they are, but it is not tolerable.
    Anyway, i am looking forward to the coming elections in Austria, there will be another one of those “Nazi” parties getting lots of votes. It is foreseeable that leftists will have to cry out loud, spitting hate and terror…

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Oh interesting, I didn’t realize there were more elections coming up in Austria, that is great! When are they supposed to take place and what election is it? I know last time between Hofer and Bellen was just for the second biggest position right?, so I guess that should suggest this will be the big election this time.

      If there is any country in Western Europe where I still have hope politically it is Austria!

      • Unknown 3 months ago

        National assembly will be elected, which in turn builds the government. The president plays a key role as the government needs his acceptance. With the president being a green one he will clearly do what he can to filter out certain persons, but he can not change election results.
        In foresight of the results, he has already modified his tone to become more moderate. Also national broadcasting has changed it’s attitude a bit – it is obvious that they will adapt to whoever is in power (and some of the non-adapting persons will get fired). They call this “independence”.

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