German AfD Party Calls For Mass Gun Ownership, ‘State Losing Monopoly On Force’

German AfD Party Calls For Mass Gun Ownership, ‘State Losing Monopoly On Force’
August 20, 2016 Admin

Alternatives fur Deutschland, the most prominent German political party in opposition to Islamization, called out for German citizens to be able to defend themselves with firearms, according to The Express. Much thanks to Laguna Beach Fogey for bringing this our attention.

According to the article:

The leader of the populist Alternative for Germany party has called for people to arm themselves with guns amid a growing threat from Islamist terrorists.

The Afd has won growing support partly due to the European migrant crisis, which has seen more than one million arrive in the country over the past year.

The chairwoman for the party, Frauke Petry, said: “Many people are increasingly feeling unsafe. Every law-abiding citizen should be in a position to defend themselves, their family and their friends.

“We all know how long it takes until the police can get to the scene, especially in sparsely populated places.”

Germany has suffered four violent attacks in July and there have been various clashes between migrants and locals putting increasing pressure on Angela Merkel and her lenient migrant policies.

Ms Petry sparked a debate earlier this year when she called for German police to be allowed to use firearms against illegal migrants.

She rejected calls to toughen up gun laws, saying this would affect respectable citizens and not those who acquire weapons in the so-called “dark net”, which is only accessible via special browsers.

Instead, she criticised “ruinous cuts” on police and said the state at lost its monopoly on the use of force in places.

Petry’s point is textbook 4GW theory. The state’s loss of a monopoly on force is one of the foremost illustrations of its waning power and the imminence of inter-group violence.

This will of course catalyze outrage amongst the German Lugenspresse however, as the idea of citizens being able to defend themselves is anathema to their worldview.

Germany has some of the most stringent rules around gun control in Europe. Firearm owners must obtain a weapons licence for which applicants must generally be at least 18 years old and show they have they have a reason for needing a weapon.

Nonetheless, sexual assaults on women in Cologne at New Year and three fatal attacks have added to the feeling of vulnerability and prompted Germans to stock up on scare devices.

The number of Germans applying for so-called “small firearms license”, which are required to carry around blank guns and pepper spray, jumped 49 percent in the first half of 2016 to 402,301, according to federal statistics.

However, permits for firearms fell to 1.894 million as of the end of June compared to 1.898 million a year earlier.

Chancellor Merkel has refused to blame her open door policy for a rise in terror attacks, claiming Islamic terrorism was already in the country.

The Afd party was overjoyed when the UK voted to leave the European Union in June.

This is refreshing talk from the AfD, and fits snugly into a 4GW understanding of events in Germany. The ‘War Index’, which we will be analyzing in depth soon, states that the ratio of 15-19 year olds vs 55-59 year olds in a society can serve as an indicator of the likelihood of violence and war. In areas of the world such as Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, etc where the proportion is high, violence is the result. In areas where it is very low, things are peaceful. Europe would have an extremely low ratio, but because of mass Muslim immigration over the last 40 years, and the so-called ‘refugee crisis’, the ratio is much higher and growing rapidly. As it does, it is easy to predict that, as Frauke Petry stated, the state’s ‘monopoly on violence’ will wane. When it wanes enough, civil war is the result.

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  1. Alex Jones 1 year ago

    For law to exist requires the willingness to comply. It seems if enough German citizens demand firearms, the vast market not too far away will be available. I wander how much the average muslim immigrant cares for the German rule of law.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey there Alex- thanks for the comment! Yes if Merkel and co. do crack down on gun rights I bet an increased black market would end up resulting. I guess we already saw something similar with Moutaeux in France ( the ‘French Breivik’ guy we wrote about awhile back).

      The more the Muslims ignore German laws the more native Germans will do the same. Such developments would be/will be promising.

      Oh- and I presume you are not ‘the’ Alex Jones?? 🙂

  2. DaShui 1 year ago
    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Dashui thanks for the link! I remember you linked to this guy’s site before, very good stuff. He definitely seems like a measured/sober voice on everything too. Definitely interesting stuff happening in Germany too.. What are your thoughts on the below links about ‘stockpiling food’, etc?

  3. Kadphises 1 year ago

    It appears the German government is also preparing for armed conflict, but I am not sure whether they envision a conflict between Europeans and Islamists or a war between NATO and Russia…

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Yes very interesting stuff! I appreciate the faz link I hadn’t seen that site before your last link to it, it is one of the better German ones I have been exposed to.

      I am trying to read up on Maiziere the Merkel crony guy who apparently issued this edict. Difficult to come to any really far-reaching conclusions but I am going to keep reading up on it and then post something.

  4. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    Germany is gearing up for Race War:


    German Government Urges Citizens To Stockpile Food, Water “In Case Of Attack Or Catastrophe”

    Turkey has army of intelligence agents “larger than the Stasi” performing repression in Germany

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey… yes very interesting stuff. A bit surprising to hear from Germany. You think they are implying these measures as suggesting tensions with Russia? Or that they are concerned anarchy will increase because of all the ‘diversity’?

      Trying to research this Maiziere guy like I mentioned up above. He is a Merkelite certainly so no patriot from what I can tell so far…

      Either way this type of thing should be good for what we desire..

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