German Anti-Immigration Party Alternatives fur Deutschland jumps from 1% to 10% in the polls.

German Anti-Immigration Party Alternatives fur Deutschland jumps from 1% to 10% in the polls.
January 26, 2016 Admin

The German Euroskeptic, anti-immigration party Alternatives fur Deutschland has jumped in the polls from 1% up to 10% nationally, according to the German newspaper Deutsche Well. This is a noteworthy spike considering it is taking place in Germany, a nation which, despite being at the forefront of mass Muslim immigration, has shown virtually zero support for right-wing parties.

While in other countries such as Denmark and Austria and even Sweden, anti-immigration parties have had varying levels of success, until now the same trend has not been the case in Germany.
The article goes on to state that there is near-unanimous support among the other parties for barring AfD from debates. Apparenlty 53% of German citizens surveyed do wish them to be able to participate however.

Another interesting note from the article: apparently 17% of German men say they would support AfD, while only 2% of women say they would.

Alternatives fur Deutschland seem to be attempting to walk a narrow line, following more behind UKIP in the UK rather than the Sweden Democrats or other more typical “far-right” parties. They have rejected endorsements from other “more radical” right-wing parties, and have rejected voters attempting to register as party members based on past support for similar organization.

With the German government attempting to silence all opposition to the program of mass-immigration, it is arguable that AfD is doing what it must to attempt to be part of the game, build power, and sway German immigration policy before its too late.

The following video is from December, during the Saxony regional elections:

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