German Self-Defense Website Works To Help Citizens Arm, Protect Themselves

German Self-Defense Website Works To Help Citizens Arm, Protect Themselves
September 19, 2016 Admin

Much thanks to Mike for bringing us this link.

The website is

I don’t know if the address means it is hosted in Russia, but the website is in German and- as can be seen in the below video- designed to cater to the besieged native German populace.

Indeed, this particular self-defense weapon is labelled the ‘Bautzen Edition’, referring to the town in Eastern Germany that was the scene of recent fighting between locals and the immigrant thugs that had been terrorizing the city. We profiled that incident here.

For additional information on why such self-defense weapons are needed (especially if you are not familiar with the current situation in Europe or are visiting this website for the first time), please check out our ‘About‘ section and click on some of the introductory articles.

As Mike relayed to us in his post with the link, this weapon and the others the site sells seem designed to skirt the restrictive German gun laws. This particular gun shoots rubber bullets and has the following specifications:

Caliber: 9 mm K / 17.6 mm hard rubber bullet
Capacity: 2 Rounds (up to 3 storeys per run)
Steel Construction (solid), wood-bed (exotic wood)
Muzzle energy: 120 Joules
Weight: 2,600 g
Length: 540 mm

The page it is sold on contains the below video:

Overall I find the site to be quite hopeful. Those who understand what is actually going on in Europe, and particularly Germany, will feel nothing but relief at the prospect of native Germans arming themselves with such weapons. Indeed, for many, they will be crucial added protection from being robbed, murdered, or having their wives and daughters subjected to rape and torture. Such fates have become far too common in Germany of late.

Let’s hope the ‘Bautzen Edition’ sells well.

Migrantenschreck DP120 Professional Bautzen Edition

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Comments (21)

  1. Ezra 6 months ago

    The sad reality is, the Zionist Jew is behind this treacherous multicultural push. The goal is multi-pronged, but the targets are :

    1) eliminate the white race
    2) destroy Christianity with Islam, there is a push in schools at the grade level in USA to do this
    3) break down nation states and nationalities, no more “real Germans, English” etc
    4) bankrupt the west will welfare migrants
    5) destablize the west with terror attacks

    You have to realize that the holocaust is fake , but that is being used as white guilt. All white brothers must see who the enemy is/are. It relates back to the “the greater project for Israel”.

  2. Michael 6 months ago

    Unfortunately, I would not be surprised if the German government will eventually outlaw this type of weaponry. In Germany, the state has the “Machtmonopol”, meaning the monopoly on using force. And this worked reasonably well up until 1.5 years ago when the immigrant invasion started. Nowadays, however, the police is woefully understaffed and stretched thin. It’s so bad that many citizens feel left in the cold and have, justifiably , anxieties and fear about getting robbed, beaten or raped by the immigrants. People are starving for means of self defense and most of these items are sold out and hard to get. Before, many a German scoffed at our liberal US gun laws, but now they start to understand the value of owning a gun in preserving their freedoms.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Yes, I would be surprised too.

      I know we ran a story a few months ago about a local native German ‘self-defense group’ that removed a violent Muslim guy from a store when he was threatening customers. Are your relatives in Germany talking about such things at all? I can’t remember where it was from but it seemed legit. It wasn’t some left-wing fiction piece about a ‘Nazi paramilitary group’. Just seemed like local twenty something dudes who had maybe given their phone numbers out in case of problems or something. I believe they then tied his hands and called the police to come get him or something. Surprised the police did not arrest them though. Its all so insanely crazy.

      Appreciate you sharing your knowledge of things on the ground in Germany it is quite helpful.

      • Michael 6 months ago

        Insanity rules in Germany. The country is split in half, with most politicians, journalists and the intellectual elite wholeheartedly supporting continued immigration into their country, while most of the blue collar working class oppose it.
        It is getting so bizarre over there! Here is an example: Asylum seekers are entitled to about 20 days of “vacation”. Recently I read reports that Immigrants do just that and take vacations in the country that they supposedly fled from. If that does not qualify for insanity, I don’t know what does!

  3. Laguna Beach Fogey 6 months ago

    If these weapons are outlawed, I could envision an enterprising Nationalist group enter the gun-running game getting weapons into patriotic German hands via Russian and/or Balkan connections.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      I could envision that too. With the figures Nxx referenced below being the case I would be shocked if that does not start happening sooner rather than later.

  4. Nxx 6 months ago


    Germany: Nearly 40 Per Cent of Under Fives Now ‘Migrant Background’

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Jesus that really smacks one right in the face with reality doesn’t it. Just image 15-20 years from now. Hard to see scenarios in which Germany has not become a failed state.

    • Author
      Admin 2 months ago

      Hey Steve thanks for the link. We actually profiled that German self-defense website awhile back on this site, the ‘Migrantsreck’ one or whatever it was.

      I hope as many German’s as possible are arming up.

      Did you see that article the other day- can’t remember where at- about the German’s kids tv programming? It was some kids tv show in Germany explaining current events, and it basically explained Islamic terrorism as North Africans who had been enslaved/exploited/colonized by the French still having hurt feelings as a result of it and therefore taking it out on Europeans. Then there was a bunch of similar stuff. Same thing as before blaming the ‘refugee crisis’ on Russia for ‘bombing innocent Syrians’. Very good though I think, as the farther removed from reality the German government gets the more people will turn to other solutions such as arming themselves.

  5. SteveRogers42 2 months ago

    I’ve seen videos of Generation Identitaire summer camps and similar institutions in Britain, and it occurs to me that teaching the youths the art of the longbow and crossbow might be a pleasant supplement to their educational activities. For historical re-enactment purposes, of course.

    • Author
      Admin 2 months ago

      Important aspect of their cultural legacy certainly… would be cruel to deprive them of such important teachings 🙂

  6. SteveRogers42 3 weeks ago

    Perhaps Barbarossa is beginning to open one eye:

    • Author
      Admin 3 weeks ago

      That is very hopeful! The beginning part I mean.

      The older Turkish gentleman interviewed in the coffee shop at night near the end was illustrative as well. One cannot help but be struck by how perfect the Muslim mindset is for taking advantage of European liberalism and ethno-masochism. They have a perpetually conspiracy-focused mindset that sees enemies, oppression, and unfairness everywhere. Received a comment on that 4.8 seconds article that also similarly illustrates it, by a Muslim immigrant to Europe claiming that I was working with the Israeli, Indian, and Iranian agents who have ‘infiltrated’ the migrant community in order to commit mass rapes, purely for the purpose of giving Sunni Muslims a bad name…. lol.

  7. SteveRogers42 2 weeks ago

    The Men of Europe had best accelerate their preparations:

    So, the smuggling network is the same as the one used in the Charlie Hebdo killings, and “sources” know the approximate location of the workshop. Then what, exactly, are their hot-$#!t secret services doing?

    • Author
      Admin 1 week ago

      To reference that Omar Nasiri memoir for the zillionth time (its that relevant), the intelligence professionals across most of Europe seem woefully indept. The stories he tells about them in that book (most of them at least, especially in the UK and Germany) just paint them as the stupidest, most naive morons you could ever imagine.

      So yes, I think your first sentence is the key.


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