Germans To Be Charged For Forming “Terrorist Group” In Opposition To Government, Building Bombs

Germans To Be Charged For Forming “Terrorist Group” In Opposition To Government, Building Bombs
April 5, 2016 Admin

A group of Germans in Dresden is set to be charged with terrorism over actions they took to stop the inflow of migrants during 2015.

From The Local:

One of the two cases concerns an attack on an asylum accommodation centre on the outskirts of Freital, which became notorious in summer 2015 as a hotspot of anti-refugee sentiment after weeks-long demonstrations against refugee accommodations and repeated attacks against asylum seekers.

The case also covers an attack using explosives and butyric acid against an “alternative living project” for refugee supporters in Dresden.

Editors Note: The attack, like 99% of those carried out against refugee centers, occurred when it was vacant.

The group is also accused of using violence against pro-immigration protestors:

He and two other men are accused of a baseball bat attack against people who took part in a welcome demonstration in Dresden last summer.

One of the victims was the son of the deputy Minister-President of Saxony, Martin Dulig.

Police raids by the Politically Motivated Crimes Unit (PMK) and Anti-Extremism Unit (OAZ) in Freital and Dresden in November and March turned up explosives, Nazi memorabilia and computers.

My reading from other sources suggest the five individuals felt that the German Government was intentionally flooding the country with millions of immigrants in a purposeful process of demographic replacement, was complicit in the massive number of rapes and sexual assaults that have befallen German women and prepubescent children at the hands of Muslim immigrants, and that the country was hurtling toward civil war, which they felt could only be prevented through direct confrontation while ethnic Germans still constituted a majority (which they will not, at least within the 18-30 year old male demographic, within the next four years, or within one year if last year’s migration numbers are repeated).

According to various reports the groups action of meeting clandestinely, making the decision to carry out violence to try to stop the forces they were concerned about, and then putting those plans into effect, will likely yield them hefty prison sentences, and (as per the Local article):

…could qualify for the serious crime of “forming a terrorist group”.

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  1. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    This will be the first of many such attempts at national liberation.

  2. Matt Edge 1 year ago

    The real terrorists are the judges, prosecutors, and government putting these freedom fighters in prison.

    May those traitors one day face the concrete wall. I live to see this day, I hope we build many walls and I hope they all have gruesome names to remind our White posterity: “The wall of 1000 traitors”, “the Red wall”, “slaughter wall” etc…

    • Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

      Those are all awesome names! Well said.

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