Ginny Weasley In Rotherham, Dementors And Police Officers

Ginny Weasley In Rotherham, Dementors And Police Officers
September 11, 2016 Admin

Editor’s Note: This is an essay that I am going to include in an upcoming small (and free) ebook made up of essays from this site on the situation in Europe. I am going to publish it purely for the purpose of trying to reach additional normies over Kindle/Amazon and hopefully spread awareness. As a result it may be old hat for regular readers of the site, but hopefully it will provide some perspective to any potential red-pillees who might read it.

On that same note, I appreciate all the fantastic responses to the questions on red-pilling we published the other day. Discussions amongst men of our tribe regarding to how take back the cultures and lands we are losing must be the logical precursor to such reconquest taking place, and at the very least the energy they create must propel at least some kind of forward momentum, and it seems to me that such discussions are only increasing in frequency, on countless websites and in real life.

On the topic of red-pilling, I have decided to read the book Influence by Robert Cialdini, to see how it relates to our struggle and what information can be gleaned from it vis a vis ‘red-pilling’. Scott Adams, “Dilbert” creator and currently-famous Trump blogger/explainer, considers Cialdini the greatest living ‘Persuader’ on earth, and considers persuasion the root of Trump’s political success (and meta-political shifts in general). If you haven’t read his writings on all of it I would recommend doing so- you can just google ‘Scott Adams Trump Persuasion’. As far as Cialdini’s book goes and its relevance to the situation in Europe, I will post my thoughts once I finish it. If anyone has read it or also wants to read it I would love your feedback. Or, if anyone is reading any other books relevant to the situation in Europe and would like to write a review of them, I would love to publish that as well.

Today’s post:

Ginny Weasley In Rotherham, Dementors And Police

Throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling were cultural phenomenons of unprecedented proportions. In addition to the countless other observations that commentators and fans made regarding them, it proved impossible to miss their blatantly purposeful reflection of Progressive SJW-orthodoxy.

This was most noticeable in the books’ portrayal of villains: the “Dark Wizards” (and Witches). These characters, from the members of Slytherin House at Hogwarts all the way up through the Death Eater’s and Voldemort himself, are obsessed with ‘blood’ and ‘heritage’ and questions of pure-bloodedness vs mixing. They look down on wizards born to muggle (human) parents, as well as “half-bloods” and the muggle masses themselves. Beyond this, all villains and villainous behavior in the books are almost exact stylistic replications of various fascist and authoritarian groups throughout history.

Lastly, the most heroic and likeable characters throughout the books are those belonging to celebrated SJW victim-groups: the gay headmaster (Dumbledore), the orphaned protagonist Harry- raised by revoltingly conservative adopted parents we might add- and finally, the Weasley family: a very poor, working class family full of red-heads, the father of whom is a lowly government employee who makes less than he deserves and loves muggles (humans).

Author J.K. Rowling

Author J.K. Rowling

It was abundantly clear for all who read the books that J.K. Rowling wanted them to reflect the ‘progress’ of multicultural Britain that she and her ilk were so proud of, as well as serve as a warning to impressionable young children of the evils that come from focusing on race/tribe/heritage/culture. In this regard they sought to serve as the perfect artistic metaphor or mascot for late 20th century liberal humanism.

Yet if we are to state the truth, the books ended up reflecting something far different, and as time lends additional perspective to the situation, this fact will become increasingly clear to all.

For in the United Kingdom’s drive to banish all vestiges of racism, traditionalism, fascism, and homogeneity from its society during those years, its government and intelligentsia created horrors far surpassing the fictitious ones that Rowling portrayed in her books.

The examples are countless, but to consider the most awful, look at Rotherham, where over a period of years at least 1400 young White girls between the ages of 11-16 were drugged, threatened with murder, abducted, coerced, gang-raped, tortured, and trafficked by gangs of adult Muslim men virtually at will, with no government or police interference. Throughout this time social workers and police officers were aware of what was going on, but did not speak up for fear of being called racist, and falling victim to subsequent retribution and firing (if not worse) from radical left-wing government bureaucrats no different than those portrayed in Rowling’s books. Indeed, her evocative portraits of corrupt government officials- perverting the law of justice and ignoring reality (for ‘fascistic’ reasons in her books)- ended up being almost exact stand-ins for the corrupt Labour Councelors and mid-level bureaucrats that facilitated the horrors of Rotherham (for Progressive reasons in real life). These officials were 100% culpable- as were those cowardly police officers and social workers who let their fear of them stop them from reporting the abuse.

Indeed, those few heroic individuals that did stand up to expose what was going on- men such as the BNP’s Nick Griffin- were shouted down, accused of racism, and often prosecuted in scenes as ludicrous and tragic as those found in Rowling’s books.

In the end, even the UK government and the BBC itself were forced to admit the truth, yet despite this it is clear that the same horrific crimes continue. Indeed, just yesterday two Muslim men in Britain were convicted for taking a thirteen year-old White female child off the street, driving her to a cheap hotel, and then gang-raping and torturing her for hours. The child, according to this article from Breitbart, now suffers from mental illness, and is self-harming and ripping wallpaper off the walls of her room, yet her fate is shared by an estimated 100,000+ White British children, most of whom’s perpetrators will never be brought to justice (these two men were only found guilty because they filmed the abuse).


Therefore, if Rowling’s character of Ginny Weasley really did exist- the small, vulnerable daughter of a poor, working class family in England- she would be far more likely to become a victim of Muslim gang-rape in Rotherham or Rochdale or Aylesbury than to wind up happily married to her childhood sweetheart, as in the case of the character in the books. Such is the horrific tragedy of present-day England.

Yet the UK government looks to be doubling-down on this sick, dystopian world it has created. For as the Telegraph recently reported, the UK police will now employ Burka-clad female officers in their ranks.

This might be dismissed as a small story, just another goofy example of how crazy Western European governments have become, but I think it holds greater significance than that. For you can tell much about a society by its law enforcement. Indeed, one of the first hints in the Harry Potter books that the Ministry of Magic had a dark side within it was their use of ‘Dementors’- terrifying black-clad, ghost-like creatures that could suck all joy- and sanity- out of those they came in contact with. The Ministry would use them to guard prisoners, despite the horrendous suffering the creatures would inflict upon them.

Burkas are designed for the very purpose of rendering their wearers inhuman. They are meant to hide, to isolate, to separate, to make un-appealing and un-knowable. They also make normal human interaction extremely difficult. Without seeing someone’s face, a huge part of human communication, including most notably a large portion of what allows for empathy, is impossible.



Nearly all of us will have had negative interactions with police officers in the past. As a teenager I had many, and even a couple years ago, the experience of getting pulled over on a family trip by a gruff and aggressive police officer reduced my wife to tears.

If this is already the case, is it possible to imagine just how horrible and sinister and Dickensian (to say the least) it would be to confront the same thing from a female Muslim police officer wearing a burqa? Someone who can, on a whim, interrogate you, charge you with a crime, and arrest you? And, can we imagine this thirteen year old girl from the above story, attempting to escape the gang-rape and torture these Muslim animals were inflicting upon her, trusting to flee to such an authority figure? And do we believe that such a figure would truly help that little girl?

Through their blind and unquestioning devotion to the religion of ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘diversity’, Rowling’s contemporaries in the UK government and media have ushered in a society more frightening than anything she wrote about in her books. This is the horrible and tragic irony of J.K. Rowling’s great success. Only time will tell if the people of the UK realize what has happened, and reject this real-life dark wizardry. In the world of Harry Potter, it took seven long books for evil to be defeated. Does the UK have that much time?

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  1. Nxx 1 year ago

    Packaging select articles into an ebook is an excellent outreach idea. Very much looking forward to it. After the redpill book – which is much needed – you should consider a 4GW ebook as it would leverage off of this site’s main strength.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Thanks Nxx, I agree, I will look into doing that. Also Youtube is another medium that would be good, but until I get my act together and get the podcast going I don’t really have any content conducive to it 🙂 Going to create audiobook of Fistfights though so that will open up another frontier as well.

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