Glorious Resistance! Right Wing Marches, Minaret-Banning, And German Traitors Chased By Mobs!

Glorious Resistance! Right Wing Marches, Minaret-Banning, And German Traitors Chased By Mobs!
May 4, 2016 Admin

We who hunger for the war to finally begin, and the rape and murder of Europe to end, were blessed with the news of three great spectacles yesterday.

In the first, German Federal Justice Minister Heiko Maas- while attempting to give a pro-immigration speech- was heckled by angry mobs chanting ‘traitor’, before getting rushed from the stage and chased to his car.

Native German Preservationists blew whistles to drown out his speech, yelled curses down upon him, and screamed ‘traitor’, as Maas unsuccessfully attempted to give a May Day address on the greatness of multiculturalism.

Heiko Maas: The Face of European-Suicidalism and White Genocide in Germany

Heiko Maas: The Face of European-Suicidalism and White Genocide in Germany

The account from Der Spiegel reads (translation from Google and me):

[Maas’] speech at the May 1st rally was- from the outset- disrupted by the whistles and cries of asylum opponents. For attendees, despite his microphone, the Minister’s words were hard to understand. The speaker’s stage upon which he stood had to be protected by police.

“There have been no physical altercations,” said a police spokesman.

Nevertheless Maas had to rush – surrounded by demonstrators – directly to the car after the event and quickly jet away. He was unable to complete his planned dialogue with citizens.

When asked by BILD about the events, Heiko Maas said, “In the future, no one will stop me from talking when I am invited – no matter when and where. But it is frightening when the police have to protect the stage in May rallies of the DGB. To Kill [sic] free speech, shows no understanding.”

As one can see in the video below, the confrontation was quite intense. From my perspective, it is one of the most reassuring videos I have seen in a long time. Indeed my adrenaline got going just watching it, and I kept wanting someone to shout for everyone to rush the stage and lynch him. (We can only hope for the future…)

This was also later in the same day that the Alternatives für Deutschland Party held its Delegate Congress, where they adopted a pretty-much officially anti-Islam party platform, complete with the banning of minarets and burkas.

The Guardian has described the platform in the following manner when it was first unrolled:

Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany) has drafted the proposals to ban “the construction and operation” of mosques. The proposals are contained within a 45-page long draft document titled ‘Courage to take responsibility’ and will be put to the party conference next month for consideration, Deutsche Welle reports.

It states that “Islam does not belong to Germany” and seeks “world domination”. It claims that the Koran permits “lies and deception” and that mosques contribute: “not only to common prayer, but also to the spread of Islamic teachings directed towards the removal of our legal order.”

The delegate-congress was widely reported on not just because of the party platform, but because of the recent regional elections, where the AfD was highly successful in gaining new representation. The AfD also badly beat the SPD (Socialists)- the party of Heiko Mass himself- in the elections.

The AfD took a stand against the rape of Germany at its delegate-congressl

The AfD took a stand against the rape of Germany at its delegate-congressl

All this suggests at least some Germans are waking up. Of course it is too late for political solutions, as we all know, but let us hope the AfD’s political success is suggestive of greater strategic success to come, and that the protestors in this video and others like them are soon making a more ‘direct and tangible’ impact on events.

The third hopeful story we have today is out of Sweden (of all places). It involves a march that took place in Borlänge. The march was by the Nordic Resistance League, and involved members in official uniform bearing party flags through the Swedish city. The below video does not show it, but apparently locals rang church bells during most of the march in protest, and as an evocation of the old small town bell-ringing that would accompany fires and emergencies.

I have little knowledge of the Nordic Resistance Movement or their ideology. Perhaps I will dive into it and profile them on the site sometime. On this occasion I just want to express thankfulness and pride that in Sweden- the belly of the progressive, negationist, White Genocide monster- young European men are marching for Europe’s future, and quite likely marching to war. In that regard, will that we are granted the opportunity- and the honor- of joining them.

Editors Note: I need to thank RichardJames for bringing the first of the three above stories to my attention. It is much appreciated!


A very Nordic-looking Swedish policeman holds back a not so Nordic-looking 'Swedish' SJW. The SJW was later praised by the Swedish media for 'standing up to hate', and the pictures of her doing so were hailed as 'iconic'.

A very Nordic-looking Swedish policeman holds back a not so Nordic-looking ‘Swedish’ SJW. The SJW was later praised by the Swedish media for ‘standing up to hate’, and the pictures of her doing so were hailed as ‘iconic’.

A Swedish media journal apparently published this story 'outing' young female members of the NRM.

A Swedish media journal apparently published this story ‘outing’ young female members of the NRM.

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Comments (16)

  1. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    Good news indeed!

  2. Nxx 1 year ago

    …and Trump smashes Cruz in Indiana. Cruz withdraws.

  3. RichardJames 1 year ago

    A portentious event marking this as a (one of many to come) turning point(s) in the German conscience.
    On the subject of the Swedish press publishing photos of females in the NRM, if I was a cynical man I might be inclined to deduce that by publishing the photographs of the young Swedish heroines, the editor wishes harm to be visited upon them, pergaps in the form of rape or at least a loss of employment.
    They are certainly sick enough to want such an outcome, however if they think that this is some kind of game to us, they could not be more wrong. We realize completely and without any fancifull hope that our struggle is one of life over death.

    Thanks for the ‘hat-tip’.

    • Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

      Do we have photos and contact details of the editor(s) of the Swedish newspaper? What about their families? We need to make it extremely personally risky for people in media and gov’t to threaten our people.

      • RichardJames 1 year ago

        Absolutely Laguna, these scum media bosses and their whores have been getting away with doing this for far too long.
        I vaguely remember a video from last year where some activist visited the home of a newspaper editor, due to this kind of behaviour.

      • AAA 1 year ago

        FINALLY someone else, with a website to facilitate the action, has started to point out the obvious that and I others have been pushing for years: that unless there is direct action against those who attack us then the attackers have no motivation to desist. Just as a child will continue to disrupt if there are no consequences, so too our enemies.

        Someone out there knows our enemies and has their address or else has a good idea of where they live/useful information. I’m not proposing violence but I am proposing popping round their house for a “stern word in the ear.”

        Laguna, any news regarding podcasts on this site? Have you a donation section? I’ll like to start rewarding your work.

        • Author
          Admin 1 year ago

          Hey AAA- Haven’t got set up for Podcasts yet but that is a goal for the short term future (next couple months).

          Wasn’t sure if you meant donating to the site or to Laguna Beach. Someone oughtta donate to Laguna Beach he’s more dedicated to this stuff than any of us as far as I can tell 🙂 And he is long term and highly appreciated reader of this site for sure.

          I am trying to set up Bitcoin right now for donations but could certainly take regular donations too if anyone wants to donate. You can email me at Fundraising is something I just started thinking a ton about in general for our movement, and something I will be writing about soon.

          Thanks again for all the kind words!


          • Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

            Thanks friend, but I don’t accept or need donations–I do this for free! I’m one of the True Believers. My reward will come in other forms, God willing. Please donate to Julian. He’s doing some awesome work here.

          • Author
            Admin 1 year ago

            Laguna Beach’s rewards will come in the war from his satisfaction with Orc-Slaying 🙂 Or perhaps a harem of liberated female Swedes.

      • Author
        Admin 1 year ago

        That’s an interesting question. I know AA at DS has done a lot of work on that kind of thing.

    • AAA 1 year ago

      Richard, my old friend, thanks for bringing this to our attention –and thanks also to this website for publishing it.

      It is easy to think –upon stumbling across worthy information, news, videos, podcasts, etc— that others in the Cause will already be aware of it and it’s needless to highlight. This is not so: I and many others depend upon our kinsmen to brings things to light that otherwise would probably be missed.

      This site is the best out there for Cause-related news across Europe and and metapolitical struggle and fresh ideas and perspectives. I applaud you for this.

      • Author
        Admin 1 year ago

        Hey AAA- thanks for the kind words!

        My name is Julian Langness I am the creator/editor of the site. Very glad you stumbled upon it! I need to start doing more to get it out there more widely but am just jumping into that now.

        You are very correct that so much news goes missed, and our movement doesn’t have the staffers and interns and cash like the mainstream media does 🙂

        I am more optimistic than ever though and I think we (European Preservationists) are in a better and better position to shift the debate in Europe and prepare for the coming breakdown and conflict. It is becoming abundantly clear from recent news stories that our opponents (the Suicidalists killing Europe and genociding our people) are increasingly afraid of us, and that is something we should take comfort in.

      • RichardJames 1 year ago

        Good to see you Anglo, I wondered where you were.
        Yes you are right and without you telling me of this excellent news site that is of key importance to our struggle, I could not have possibly posted it here, so its really thanks to you, my old salt 😃

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Very well said RichardJames. And yes I have no doubt there are leftists in Sweden and the rest of Europe who derive ‘satisfaction’ over young Swedish females getting raped. As I have said before, perhaps not on an individual level, but on a macro one, I am sure they think of it as ‘poetic justice’ for Europe’s ‘historical colonialism’. And for girls in the NRM, forget about it, they probably salivate over the thought of these young women getting raped by Muslims.

  4. Michael 1 year ago

    What a great move forward let us hope that it is the start of real resistance to the permitted invasion of Europe by non White invaders. The traitors have had it all their way for so long. Maas with bring his State Troopers to his next rally.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Indeed. Let us hope Maas’s days are numbered.

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