Go East Young Man!

Go East Young Man!
March 21, 2017 Admin


This is a short post but an important one.


The below video is of Nick Griffin. In it he speaks with what I believe is a Hungarian reporter about his plans to move to Hungary in the next 6 months.

We previously discussed Nick Griffin here. In that case we quoted him as stating that Britain was “past the voting stage” and predicting civil war in Western Europe within the next few years.

The above video sort of follows on from that, and provides Griffin’s current thinking and plans. It is highly significant and brings to mind a number of things (it also suggests that fighting against the totalitarian-Suicidalist government of the UK ages one quickly, all respect to Mr. Griffin).

These are my thoughts on it:


-Griffin states that he is planning on moving to Hungary. He commends it as a nation that is trying to survive rather than commit suicide. This parallels exactly what we have argued on this site, that one of the best things young Preservationists from the broader diaspora can do is move to Eastern Europe. Certainly there are noted benefits to being in Western Europe as well, but I would notate the positive aspects of relocating to Hungary/Poland/etc as follows:

  1. The ability to work openly on Preservationist politics without fear of retaliation like in many very left-wing Western countries. No government breaking down your door because you criticized immigration online, no HR lady firing you for stating that you disagree with multiculturalism, etc. We have seen such occurrences over and over in places like Sweden and Germany and Canada as of late.
  2. The ability to provide logistical support to Preservationists in Western Europe. My understanding is that there are numerous websites and journals hosted and produced in Eastern Europe that provide an outlet Western European patriots who cant’ publish those materials in their own countries. This same thing can be said of America but Eastern Europe has a proximity that America doesn’t obviously. This goes beyond just written material though, as we profiled the purveyor of the Migrantschreck website that was selling self-defense weapons to Western Europeans from a base in Eastern Europe (Note: My understanding was that all that was done legally, if not then this site obviously does not endorse it).
  3. The ability to be part of a growing, exciting, flesh and blood movement of European-Patriotism. A youthful movement made up largely of Millenials, who have seen the destruction wrought by Baby-Boomer liberalism. 
  4. The chance to support or work with governments that actively promote Preservation, survival, and traditionalism. The current Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian, and Polish governments are all exemplars of this.
  5. The chance to help Western Europeans fleeing the violence and destruction of countries like France and Sweden over the next 5-25 years. Indeed, as Griffin states, there are already people flowing from those countries to Hungary as we speak.


-When I speak of those fleeing the violence of Western Europe I am speaking of women and children. However I have no doubt that as things continue to escalate across the continent there will also be increasing numbers of European-men in the Visegrad countries banding together to fight back against the Islamization of the West.

For any liberals who have stumbled across this and think that I am living in a fantasy land with such pronouncements, consider the statistics expounded upon the following video that our good friend Dashui provided:

If the 20-35 year old male demographic is going to be over 50% Muslim by 2020, then I think it is impossible to underestimate the destabilization and anarchy that will be occurring in central Europe over the next 5,10, 15, and 20+ years.

Look at the map of central Europe below:

Central Europe 4






Germany and Austria (especially post-Hofer loss) are well on their way to becoming Islamic countries. When- as the video above shows- you are bringing it 4 times as many young, male, Muslim immigrants each year as the entire size of your armed forces, there’s nothing to call it but purposeful Islamization.

That means that in another decade or two the Czech Republic will essentially be one big diamond-shaped spur jutting out into the middle of two-Islamic nations, both likely embroiled in anarchy and violence.

Poland shares a massive border with Germany. Also, Eastern Germany is the area of the country that is the most ‘conservative’ and most opposed to mass-immigration. I think it is very possible that it ends up being a buffer between the completely Islamized and crazy Western half of Germany on one side and the sober, rational, still European-Poland on the other.

Hungary and Slovakia each share less of a border with Western Europe (just small swathes of Austria) but Hungary increasingly seems to be the ‘heart’ of Eastern Europe, and has been the most strenuous in its denunciations of Western European suicidalism.


When I was a teenager I totally fell in love with the movie Casablanca. I loved everything about it, and especially the cool, fluid, intrigue-laden atmosphere, as masses of Western Europeans mingled and waited, thrown together as a result of the momentous events on the continent.

I think it is very likely that Prague and Budapest will be the Casablanca of the 21st Century. I wish this was not the case, and I hope that it will just be temporary, and that eventually much of Western Europe will be retaken and saved. I also hope- like Griffin- that Hungary does not allow in the radical Progressives that have brought Europe to this horrific point.

I definitely plan on working towards Griffin’s path myself though, and hopefully spending time in Eastern Europe. Momentous events are unfolding all around us, and any European man with self-respect must do all they can to contribute, to fight to preserve our lands and future, for this is the most epic event and gravest existential threat in the entire history of our people.



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  1. jracekl 10 months ago

    I really liked NickGRiffin way back when, even donated several times to the BNP, even if some people considered him a compromised figure. And if anybody has a right to flee it’s him, having run the gauntlet of vicious prosecution twice, and everything he said in 2004 about Moslem child-rape being borne out. His blog posts during that latter trial with Nick Collett were some of the most stirring, heroic writing I’ve ever read in the nationalist sphere.

    Some small points:

    1) Pace Nick’s comments, Britain’s demographic problems go way beyond Moslems. It’s the old saw: what’s worse than a multiculturalism that doesn’t work is one that does work. Moslems in the UK represent one half of that.

    2) You’ll have as much chance of keeping liberals out of EE as you did have keeping them out of Idaho(!), Montana, Oregon, Washington after they wrecked California. They’ll be the ones with money, having pocketed their 30 pieces of silver for betraying their nation. Or South Africa, liberal whites were the first to flee after voting to end Apartheid.

    3) You can’t fight them in EE.

    4) I totally agree with you: none of this just happened, it was planned.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Hey Jracekl- Appreciate the comment. How did you stumble upon the site if you don’t mind me asking? Always interested in how people learn about it.

      I am not an expert on Griffin’s history at all. I have been struck by the huge difficulty right-wing parties have seemed to have building any traction in the UK, it seems to be a particularly difficult venue in that regard.

      Re #1, your saying that the demographics aren’t as bad in the UK as in Germany? That sounds right based on what I have read, is that where you are based? I’ve actually never been to the UK (yet).

      I think there’s some hope on #2. I don’t think many of us could have seen Orban being as strong on the migrant issue or on Soros as he has, and as things get progressively worse I hope they do good on this issue too.

      I wasn’t sure what you meant re: #3.

      #4 seems to be getting clearer with each passing day, fortunately or unfortunately. I think the next couple years should ‘lift the fog’ over everything even more.

      • jrackell@hotmail.com 10 months ago

        I just meant that Nick Griffin focuses on moslems (at least in this video) but Britain is being demographically swamped by Indians, Chinese, Africans, Afro-caribbeans. I believe Britain is at about 50% white in the pre-school age cohort — well, perhaps someone can correct me, I get too black-pilled researching it.

        #3. Just that fleeing, which emigrating is for a West European, is like giving up and admitting defeat; ceding territory. If there is ‘europeancivilwar’ it will be in UK, Germany, France…not Hungary.

        Well, if you’re ever in PDX, drop me a line.

        • Armed 10 months ago

          “what’s worse than a multiculturalism that doesn’t work is one that does work.” – well said. And for that reason Geert Wilders deserves no sanctuary in Eastern Europe, even if he was just trying to hit the right hot-button issues to get in the door and inspire change. It was a dumb strategy.

          As for Nick, he has fought enough battles that I could only congratulate him on retirement in Hungary, let alone continuing to do what he has done.

          Concerning Hungary,I think OP’s point is that from Hungary and to the north and east, saner policies reign than in the West and the people there still have a preservationist will. On the other hand, the population is small and it would take little time to change the ratio – Germany or England “integrating” zig million migrants is one thing but Hungary has less than 10 million, Slovakia has 5, Poland is half of Germany and the Baltic states are extremely tiny, we are talking three countries with altogether fewer residents than Israel tiny. That’s why proposed EU policy of forced migrant acceptance = a death sentence. There are other problems there in the east, though – pay is low, unemployment is high and business is missing. Worse, Prague is particularly well known for gypsy problems and of course Hungary and Romania, too. A colleague of mine had a friend who try to stop a gypsy family from robbing a man in a tram and was just overwhelmed, there were too many kids. Woke up in a bloody mess alone on the train floor.

          Also, Hungarian is a bitch to learn.

          At least their women are hot.
          Moving there would be an adventure. If you cannot find a good reason to stay where you are, I’d suggest it.

  2. Philip 10 months ago

    Just catching up on my reading so I thought I would attempt to combine a few thoughts on this article and the previous one of a looming global financial meltdown.
    I took aboard warnings well before 2008 of a financial crisis coming down the road and started investing what I could in hard assets, principally gold and silver coins, and artworks. One of the silliest and most disingenuous of all comments made by our incompetent elite political masters was that ‘no-one could see this coming’ when in fact many did and predicted it. We are constantly informed that gold is a ‘barbaric relic’ and that no dividend or interest is paid on it. All very true and if you need a regular income, as we all do, hard assets are not always an option. However I saw it then as I do now as a means of preserving wealth and additionally, in relation to this article, portable wealth that can be moved elsewhere in the event of an emergency. Whether in the future I or my family are left with load of unsaleable gold sovereigns and eagles only time will tell, but as gold has been around for 5000 years I think it is one aspect of wealth preservation that will stay the course.

    With regard to Nick Griffin, as a former chairman of the BNP he has had longstanding connections with the Hungarian political party Jobbik so will find a ready made home there. I also endorse ‘jracekl’ view that while he has made mistakes he has stood tall against a barrage of State engineered villification that would have overwhelmed a less resilient person. While as he says only a trickle of people have so far made the move from Western Europe to the East I know from reading comments on other sites a good number are looking at the option, and I don’t discount myself and my family as a potential escapees hence my comment about portable wealth. Europe is at a critical moment in its history, personally I think the west is lost and not recoverable and the video on Germany confirms this. So its now a case of where the remaining Europeans make their last stand, east of the Oder river or in the wilds of Montana take your pick.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Lots of great stuff Philip I appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

      I grew up near the wilds of Montana and still live close to there and I can tell you the men there could raise holy hell if they were triggered and had someone leaving them. They still have the skills (hunting, fishing, farming, building, fighting) that our ancestors had a hundred years ago, and that I think honestly very few of our Moslem opponents even possess nowadays.

      Unfortunately such skills are not ones possessed among most of our brethren. Most of us here involved in this site and like ones are trying to cultivate them, but unfortunately I think you are largely right about the West being lost. I mean, I absolutely still retain hope that at least 50% of Western Europe can be saved, and that who knows within 100 years we could even take back all of it, but this is absolutely the darkest days in the history of our people so far (in all the thousands of years history).

      Which brings us to gold, and is a perfect illustration of why you are right. I think the reason its got a bad name is that some folks, like Glenn Beck, have made a lot of money conning folks into buying it as their main source of investment over the last ten years. That’s not what its for though obviously (and Beck has gotten better about articulating that in his ads) its basically just a hedge against inflation, source of portable real wealth, and, in probably its most important use today, a hedge against one’s nation or continent collapsing. I have about 5-10% of our net worth in similar type hedges but none in gold yet, but its my intention over the next year to spend about a 1000$, maybe more over time, on ‘prepping’ type valuables and things with utility (food, etc). I’m not really into ‘prepping’ and I don’t think anything requiring it will happen in America, but I think its important as men (especially men with family’s) that we prepare for that eventuality anyway.

      If I currently lived in the UK I would be weighing those same options. On the one hand one wants to stay and fight, but on the other if you have a family you have to take care for their protection. That’s why I think Eastern Europe is going to be so valuable (or America in my case), because it allows a home base for one’s family and wealth and asset base while one can then focus one’s time on Western Europe (in 5 or 10 years when things really hit the fan I mean) in whatever way one best can contribute.

  3. RichardJames 10 months ago

    I wish it were a fantasy that we could wake from Julian.
    This today in London.


    Shortly after the Turkish president Recip Erdogan having said this…


    In essence he says…
    If you do not allow us to demographically displace you, you will suffer.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      As Steve just pointed out, its no different from the Sopranos or the Godfather… ‘Nice continent you have there, pity if something happened to it’.

      But yes I agree Richard, it is becoming a nightmare of increasingly hellish proportions…. The perversity was on full display today… of London’s Muslim mayor commenting on the killing of white Britains by a Muslim that followed the threat by a Muslim ruler for whites in Europe to be killed if white Europeans didn’t go along with Muslim wishes…. I think there’s a pattern there.

      But yeah anything new on the ground to report from there?

      • RichardJames 10 months ago

        Yea that godfather quote sums it up.
        Anything new ?
        Same old circle of lies and self deceipt from the likes of Yvette Cooper MP over the attacks.
        She’s one of those…you know…modern liberals who cannot understand that the rest of the world couldn’t give two hoots about her ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’.

        Oh and a hatchet job report by ITV on one of our camps.

        • Armed 10 months ago

          It’s worth noting that last year at this time (pre-Brexit), an Austrian newspaper somehow got its hands on an American think tank’s report predicting that in ten years, four Europes would exist: Britain, Scandi, East and West. I’m torn over whether it was an honest assessment or a wargames scenario, because that’s what think tanks do – plan for situations so they can open up the proper file when that situation unfolds – or, in the case of globalist Neo-Con or Clinton-eseque policy, that foreign coup unfolds.

  4. Armed 10 months ago

    Just as one other point of note, because you’ve brought up a very interesting topic here…I think it’s fair to say that the Eastern Europe mini-state scenario carries more weight than the “Russia will save Europe” scenario. Russia is/was no different from the American globalus with its empire-based and statist ambitions. Russia has Sharia Law already, a very large Muslim population, a terrible host population track record and pushes an image of the Soviet Union that is no different from the lessons the Americans extracted from that same war, and built their own globalist narrative around.

    The East is also the backdoor to Ukraine, which also makes things strange because at some point then Russia enters the picture again. This all makes about as much sense as the love triangle in Syria between friends, enemies and enablers, but I guess it makes perfect sense if you stop thinking about states as powers and more of a battleground for bodies of thought that want or possess power. In that category, Russia seems to be the only stable entity.

  5. SteveRogers42 10 months ago

    Another angle to this — for young men in the West –is to honestly weigh their chances of meeting quality women in the lands that have been infected by globohomo feminism. I’m an old codger now, but I cannot begin to calculate the odds that a young American man would be able to meet an American “keeper” today who does not suffer from the headworms of the modern West. Based on what I’ve read, as well as a couple of IRL examples, my bet would be that Eastern Europe would offer a far better chance for a young man to find an attractive girl to build a future with. Stable family formation helps the demographic battle, promotes the transmission of cultural history, and gives a man reason to fight savagely in battle, if he is protecting his whole reason for being.

    If I were young and single and free to mingle, I would definitely spend the time and money to travel in EE to test this theory.

  6. Francis Meyrick 10 months ago

    I’ve been planning a trip for a while. I’d like to visit Hungary again. Budapest is fantastic. Anybody wishing to meet up in Europe? Contact me on FB.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      I am thinking another 12-18 months and I should be in a position to return to Europe. That is my hope and goal at least.

  7. Me 10 months ago

    How can you protest the genocide of your own kind, and in the same breath suggest that you can always just colonize some other place? You mention women in children, but that’s a farce, we both know that the only ones willing and able to leave are upper middle and richer single men. Sure, you can always displace the native young men that can’t possibly compete because nobody has to employ them on fair terms (as if we weren’t killing ourselves in droves already), you can colonize the place, make it just like your old home, make the poor local girl feel better about selling herself by buying her a ring, and then have history repeat itself a few generations later; this time you’ll have nowhere to run, and no sane country protecting any of your borders.
    By the way, Poland is not Valinor. It’s a hive of post-Soviet anarchotyranny. This is of course a net positive for you if you plan on paying your way in, but don’t be surprised when you find out that courts just don’t work here, the law is plain bad, there’s a zero tolerance policy towards self defense in any form, every company has carte blanche to fuck you over as they please unless you’ve got a good lawyer, and the ruling class pays lip service to traditional values only because they’d rather have a monopoly on fucking you.
    Then again, none of this matters because it’s not like the current upper class is treating us any better than you will, and I bet every other one of them is a foreigner anyway. Know that the people you admire so much are dying in droves, even without a single muslim in sight.
    Cannibalizing us might buy you some time, but you will eventually run out of places to retreat, and the orks will have you cornered by then.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Hey there-

      Not sure how to respond to your comment. Would be curious on your background/perspective.

      I certainly don’t think the article came off as wanting to ‘colonize’ Poland. Indeed I think it would be a colossal tragedy if Poland was taken over by Brits or Germans or Americans or anyone else and had its culture extinguished as a result.

      I am sure that Poland and its neighbors are not perfect, which you make clear, but the article is praising them for their desire to survive and not commit suicide, unlike most other white western countries today.

      I have no doubt that as an American I view all members of the European diaspora as ‘one group’ to a greater extent than most Europeans do. That is definitely my perspective though and with all the threats that the entire occident is facing, I think the survival of our people is of crucial importance no matter where or how that is accomplished. I have read your comment several times though and although I think I am missing some of the points or not fully understanding your perspective, I do think I can empathize with that which I do.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Hey Catina,

      It certainly is. I have the feeling its power is only going to keep growing too. Its at the demographic sweet spot that is going to increase its economic might (despite its backwardness) and its at a crucial place geographically. That area has been a major power throughout almost every era of history, and it seems likely to return to being so soon (as our enemy!).

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