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So this article was supposed to be titled ‘Goodnight Alt-Right’ And Me, and was going to analyze the the new song ‘Goodnight Alt-Right’ by this ‘punk’ band called ‘Stray From The Path’.

However… just as I went to embed the video I found out that… the band just deleted it!

That’s right. The reaction to it was so overwhelmingly negative and mocking in tone that the band/record label- who, if you do a quick google search you will see have been doing massive publicity for it- TOOK IT DOWN AFTER 24 HOURS!

Here is the link to the page it was on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yy-SiZSlmhI

Here’s a link to a publicity page for it on some punk rock website where the video is also shown as removed: http://www.theprp.com/2017/07/12/news/stray-path-target-racist-members-alt-right-goodnight-alt-right-video/

And here, just for interest sake, is a random youtuber making fun of the video and the fact that even the band’s own fans lambasted it:

I think we can say this marked a hasty retreat in the culture-war by the once dominant left 🙂


Here is my original quick little article on it:


An American punk rock band has a released a new song and music video titled ‘Goodnight Alt-Right’.

Now, I don’t ever use the moniker ‘Alt-Right’ for myself, I don’t particularly like Richard Spencer (nor dislike him though), and I (obviously) don’t have an Adolf Hitler poster in my bedroom like the guy in the video (I doubt anyone in the entire US has such a thing to be honest), but that doesn’t matter, because the song is obviously directed at any white people who supported Donald Trump or otherwise are to the right of Justin Trudeau.

As we are all constantly told by the media and entertainment industry, any white person who 1) votes republican, 2) owns a gun, 3) doesn’t want Europe to become Muslim, or 4) wants his great-grandchildren to look like him, is a horrible evil racist neo-nazi who must be killed.

Yet… I have to admit the video really affected me.

The band is just so hip, and the music so primal, and the message so… transgressive and revolutionary, that I couldn’t help but be swayed by it. I know that society wants me to be an evil patriarchal racist, since that’s what our society is built upon, but this powerful piece of rebellious youthful art has converted me to a more ‘advanced’ way of thinking.

We PROMISE this is still cool after fifty years kids. These guys are MAJOR REBELS.

We PROMISE this is still cool after fifty years kids. These guys are MAJOR REBELS.

Wait…  hold up…

Actually the guys in the band are not ‘youthful rebels’ at all- they’re a bunch of thirty-something dudes from Long Island dressed up like 15 year olds… they’ve actually been around since 2005!

And the music label… Sumerian Records… its not some small-time punk label built up through sweat and toil in some teenagers back bedroom, actually its owned by two rich Hollywood guys of Jewish background named Ash Avildson and Seth Cohen.

Its possible the band came up with the song and video purely to generate a little bit of publicity and make one last ditch effort at getting on MTV (or whatever the hell is the goal of ‘punk rock’ bands these days), but I think that’s giving them a little too much credit.

I think they are just complete brainwashed sheep that have been lead to believe that getting up on stage wearing stupid clothes, playing a guitar, and screaming f-words at ‘the man’ is still hip and transgressive…. rather than a pathetic attempt at copying what was almost cool fifty years ago in 1967, when all this crap was still new enough not to be seen for what it was.

In an interview the band tried to elucidate the meaning behind their new song and album:

The album cover features a chess board, with guitarist and vocalist Thomas Williams explaining: “The king equals the elite, the queen equals the government, the bishop equals the church, the knight equals the military, the rook equals the police, and the pawn equals the people

“This was the first time the vision and the theme of the album came before the music. We had the artwork first. We wrote this during a pretty dark and reflective time in our lives.

“In an age where government has failed, they made us feel as small and as insignificant as ever. In this game, all of the attention is turned on to the people – white versus black, Democrat versus Republican, gay versus straight, or Trump versus no Trump. They know the fight is within the community. There can be no fight against the establishment.”

As for the video for the first track from the follow-up to 2015’s Subliminal Criminals, Williams adds: “When Richard Spencer, a white supremacist, was punched on-camera a few months back, it was great to see that he and his hatred were not being tolerated.

“We were shocked to see that people were actually defending him though. They said he should have freedom of speech. They’re not wrong. People should be able to exercise free speech. Sometimes, the things you say come with consequences.

“There is enough hate, misery, and division in the US that we don’t need a televised white supremacist saying, ‘This country belongs to white people.’ Bottom line: if you preach hate, expect hate.”

That’s right kids- the establishment is evil, but you should like music that reflects the establishment’s message that you hear 24/7 in public school, in university, on television, in the media, from your multinational corporation, etc. Making songs about beating up ‘racists’ is SUPER transgressive and dangerous.

‘The man’ secretly likes division, because it allows him to stay in power, and you should fight back against that division by punching/attacking/torturing white people like Richard Spencer that say they want their own country somewhere. Because that’s evil- except, of course, when Israel does it. And um, yeah.


Update: I found another version of the video! Don’t know if it had been reflected onto some other site or how that all works. Enjoy 🙂



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  1. Robert Lee 1 week ago

    These guys are just a carbon-copy of Rage Against the Machine. Seriously, if I heard this song on the radio, I’d think that Zack de la Rocha had come down with a bad cough.

  2. Rick 1 week ago

    A group of fat little musicians with dyed hair threatening to beat down anyone who is politically incorrect…. Can’t see how this can be perceived as lame

    • Author
      Admin 1 week ago

      Lol they are a little tubby aren’t they..

    • Author
      Admin 4 days ago

      Lieberman. Lol.

      Man, I can only imagine what it was like in the days before the internet and it wasn’t so easy to find out these ‘coincidences’.

  3. SteveRogers42 4 days ago

    I believe the term of art is “cohencidences”.

    • Author
      Admin 3 days ago

      Lol yes, absolutely.

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