Grieving, Bonnier-Style

Grieving, Bonnier-Style
April 12, 2017 Admin

As I wrote about recently, Sweden suffered a terrorist attack earlier this week where a Muslim ‘asylum-seeker’ or ‘refugee’ from Uzbekistan stole a beer truck and used it to mow down a gigantic crowd of native Swedes.

Ultimately four individuals died as a result of the attack. One of the victims was a little girl, and in addition to the four people there was a dog that was killed as well.

This is of course horrible and confusing.

Luckily however, the Swedish media, controlled by the infamous Bonnier family, along with all their contemporaries, is there to help make sense of events.

The Local

The Swedish version of The Local, in particular, has a number of articles to help the average Swede attempting to process this horrific occurrence.

First off, right near the top of the journal (the very top is occupied by an article on gay couples adopting children), sits the following piece:

“Why Deporting The Stockholm Terror Suspect Was Not A Straight Forward Task”

It explains very clearly why deporting this attacker was not in the cards…

The news that the main suspect in the April 7th Stockholm terror attack had been previously handed a deportation order has raised questions over how he was allowed to remain in Sweden.

The deportation order for Rakhmat Akilov, an Uzbek national denied a residency permit in Sweden, entered into legal force in December 2016. Swedish police explained that the case was referred to them the following February, but he was not at the address he was registered as living at and could not be found. Akilov had not been flagged as a security risk by security police Säpo.

Thousands of people are being sought in similar circumstances in Sweden, and it is often difficult to locate them, police have noted. False address information like using a PO Box as a registered address can make it tough to track the person down.

Do you hear that, Swedes? To expect this man to be deported is crazy, he is clearly a criminal mastermind who purposefully gave police the wrong address- how were they supposed to know he did not live at that post office box?

The article goes on to explain the additional complicating factors:

“He wasn’t at the address he had given and there was nothing to say he would be dangerous. Forced deportation to Uzbekistan is also rare and done only with caution,” he added.

The suspect’s country of origin is worth noting. Swedish police refer to a judicial position adopted by the Migration Agency (Migrationsverket) in 2015, in which the agency advised “general caution” when assessing returning someone from Uzbekistan to their homeland by force.

“If there’s any suspicion of criminality then there’s a concrete risk of inhumane treatment. As such Sweden is bound by that, and that’s why Migrationsverket made the statement it did saying great care should be taken with deportation to Uzbekistan,” he added.

It is unclear of course if the fact that Sweden will not deport criminals from Uzbekistan back to Uzbekistan might possibly act as a ‘pull’ factor for criminals from Uzbekistan, but either way, we certainly can’t blame the Swedish authorities for this…

Also, we must remember, as London’s Muslim mayor stated recently, ‘terrorism is a fact of life’.


Next up is the obligatory story covering the memorial held by Stefan Lofven, Sweden’s Prime Minister.

Despite there of course being no way he ever could have stopped this attack, the brave Lofven lead what looks to be a moving tribute to the victims, his countenance communicating a stern resolve not to give in to terror.

Yet the mood was somber, and The Local quotes one attendee who summed it up with brevity…

“I feel very sad, yes, sad is the feeling that sums it up.”

Ads And Economics

Interspersed with these articles are ads, one of which seems to be pasted all over The Local. It is titled Getting my MBA in Stockholm had a significant impact on my career’. I clicked on it and it leads to a sponsored post by the Stockholm School of Economics trying to get you to join their MBA (Masters in Business Administration for our foreign readers) program.

I am thinking about doing this myself actually, as I know from reading The Local previously that Sweden is importing lots of Muslim immigrants to shore up their demographic problems, and with this solution their economy should be really booming in about 20-25 years. Life as a Big Four accountant or commodity trader in Stockholm twenty years from now will just be wonderful I bet. Malmo might be even better though… will have to look into that.

There is apparently one problem I will have to watch out for if I do so though…. big problem actually…. yes…. you guessed it….  Right Wing Death Squads.

Indeed, if I hadn’t already known about this The Local has a very helpful article explaining it as well.

Concerns of far-right revenge attacks: Säpo

Sweden’s security police Säpo are closely monitoring far-right militant groups to prevent revenge attacks following Friday’s deadly truck attack in Stockholm. Meanwhile, the main investigation continues.

“We’ve noticed that after this incident things are in motion. There’s talk about taking matters into their own hands. As the security service we have to monitor this and make sure we can intervene before something happens,” Anders Thornberg, head of security police Säpo, told public broadcaster SVT.

“We’re noticing that there are a lot of people who are upset. There’s talk of revenge,” he added.

Säpo has previously listed the threat of terrorism by far-right groups as ‘low’ but has allocated resources to keep an eye on white power movements in Sweden, whose activity is believed will increase ahead of the parliament election in autumn next year.

Luckily of course, The Local has articles from wiser individuals, who show how silly it would be for ‘revenge’ to be on anyone’s mind.

There are no shortage of these in fact, and we actually have a good variety to choose from.

They include:

‘Stockholm will remain an open and tolerant city’

How the truck attack brought the best out of Stockholm

Thousands at Stockholm ‘Lovefest’ vigil against terror


After these though there is another story on Right-Wing Death Squads. This time on a group called the ‘Soldiers Of Odin’ apparently ‘inciting racial hatred’..

The article explains that the Soldiers of Odin filmed the outside of a school for a documentary. In response the school’s principle bemoans the fact that the police did not arrest them. Apparently the S.O.O. were there because they think its wrong for the Swedish government to fund a Muslim school that practices gender segregation and other Islamic customs, and they were pointing this out to try to bring others round to their sick way of thinking…



After all these articles however I still wasn’t quite sure how normal Swedes were supposed to respond to this horrible tragedy..  How might an actual, real life, living breathing Swede deal with this? What was the proper Swedish response?

Luckily however at that moment my eyes caught a headline that I knew would lend clarity to this complicated question…

“We Must Deal With This Attack In A Very Swedish Way”

Written by Faisal Khan…..

My hopes were somewhat dashed… But though some might quibble on whether Khan is indeed a ‘true Swede’, his eloquence and wisdom quickly squelched that thought from my mind.

Another time I met American reporter Scott Johnson. During my traditional fika segment he questioned me if I was being too much of a wishful thinker and blind to the problems my country faces. “I have read about Sweden being divided into go-zones and no-go zones. Is that also Swedish?” he asked.

“I am not always a wishful thinker,” I replied. We do have challenges as a nation. We have been the biggest recipients of refugees per capita, which was a great humanitarian gesture. However, it entails many social challenges as well until we find a common ground to live together in harmony.

Throwing stones at the police, burning cars, grabbing women by their bodies, looking different, smelling different, men kissing men on the cheek, women with head scarves, not being able to pronounce ÅÄÖ and so on is not Swedish at all, but how we deal with it is very Swedish.

Yes, head scarves, mis-pronunciation, gang-rape, and throwing stones at police are all quaint Muslim customs, the good Mr. Khan explains, but the key is to deal with them in the Swedish way.

And that is the wisdom Mr. Khan ultimately imparts, as he channels Sweden’s Princess Victoria, who apparently stated that all the people that now call Sweden home must “Go on together”.

Mr. Khan concludes….

I who have seen nations descend into chaos just because they have given in to fear am terrified of losing my adopted country, especially now when not only people in Sweden look at us, but we have even unwillingly become the centre of the world’s argument. We shall take the words of our Crown Princess Victoria literally and seriously and go on together. And besides the zipper of the pants and the belts of the fan give the world yet another invention: Go on together.




Post Script

This is of course a tongue in cheek article, but as I have said before, we all know the situation in Europe is as serious and horrific as anything in the continent’s history.

We all know what must be done…

Hard work
The building of wealth
The building of platforms
The waging of metapolitical war
The shifting of the zeitgeist
The awakening of our people

And finally, once that awakening finally occurs (as it inevitably will), the preservation of Europe, and a reckoning for those who sought to destroy her.

I think some of these The Local editors will fit firmly in that group 🙂


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  1. Rick 9 months ago

    definitely a cult, same rights and rituals worldwide. These tragedies always seem to “bring out the best” in whatever location the spring up. Is that their best flowers, prayers and meek acceptance.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Yep, I always think of that Morlock statue in The Time Machine. I guess these buildings lit up in the flag colors of the sacrificial nation are the equivalent.

  2. SteveRogers42 9 months ago

    Things like this and the video below are the Swedish equivalent of signing the surrender documents on the deck of the USS Missouri.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      God that is just mind-blowing… almost unbearable really.

      It is absolutely government-sponsored genocide/suicide and nothing less…

  3. SteveRogers42 9 months ago

    A beautiful sentiment here:

    Perhaps we should call it: “Grieving — Trump-style.”

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Hell yes. We need a vast collection of meme warriors displaying THAT dead child picture, the same way the MSM is displaying the Syrian gas baby meme ones.

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