Guardian Gets Trolled In Classic 4GW Ruse – In Germany, Genocidal Government Turns Totalitarian

Guardian Gets Trolled In Classic 4GW Ruse – In Germany, Genocidal Government Turns Totalitarian
December 1, 2016 Admin

I am guessing many of our readers already saw this but I wanted to post it for any who didn’t. This is absolutely fantastic.

Two days ago the Guardian posted a story written by an ‘anonymous’ contributor who ‘was not paid’ for the article. It was titled ‘Alt Right poison almost turned me into a racist’.

From the article:

I am a happily married, young white man. I grew up in a happy, Conservative household. I’ve spent my entire life – save the last four months – as a progressive liberal. All of my friends are very liberal or left-leaning centrists. I have always voted Liberal Democrat or Green. I voted remain in the referendum. The thought of racism in any form has always been abhorrent to me. When leave won, I was devastated.

I was curious as to the motives of leave voters. Surely they were not all racist, bigoted or hateful? I watched some debates on YouTube. Obvious points of concern about terrorism were brought up. A leaver cited Sam Harris as a source. I looked him up: this “intellectual, free-thinker” was very critical of Islam. Naturally my liberal kneejerk reaction was to be shocked, but I listened to his concerns and some of his debates.

The author then dives further and further into such ideas until he finds himself beginning to agree with the ‘Alt Right’:

At the same time, the anti-SJW stuff also moved on to anti-feminism, men’s rights activists – all that stuff. I followed a lot of these people on Twitter, but never shared any of it. I just passively consumed it, because, deep down, I knew I was ashamed of what I was doing. I’d started to roll my eyes when my friends talked about liberal, progressive things. What was wrong with them? Did they not understand what being a real liberal was? All my friends were just SJWs. They didn’t know that free speech was under threat and that politically correct culture and censorship were the true problem.

On one occasion I even, I am ashamed to admit, very diplomatically expressed negative sentiments on Islam to my wife. Nothing “overtly racist”, just some of the “innocuous” type of things the YouTubers had presented: “Islam isn’t compatible with western civilisation.”

She was taken aback: “Isn’t that a bit … rightwing?”

I justified it: “Well, I’m more a left-leaning centrist. PC culture has gone too far, we should be able to discuss these things without shutting down the conversation by calling people racist, or bigots.”

The indoctrination was complete.

Eventually however, he sees the light:

About a week before the US election, I heard one of these YouTubers use the phrase “red-pilled” – a term from the film The Matrix – in reference to people being awakened to the truth about the world and SJWs. Suddenly I thought: “This is exactly like a cult. What am I doing? I’m turning into an arsehole.”

I unsubscribed and unfollowed from everything, and told myself outright: “You’re becoming a racist. What you’re doing is turning you into a terrible, hateful person.” Until that moment I hadn’t even realised that “alt-right” was what I was becoming; I just thought I was a more open-minded person for tolerating these views.

It would take every swearword under the sun to describe how I now feel about tolerating such content and gradually accepting it as truth. I’ve spent every day since feeling shameful for being so blind and so easily coerced.

And finally, the uber-cucked finale:

It seemed so subtle – at no point did I think my casual and growing Islamophobia was genuine racism. The good news for me is that my journey toward the alt-right was mercifully brief: I never wanted to harm or abuse anybody verbally, it was all very low level – a creeping fear and bigotry that I won’t let infest me again. But I suspect you could, if you don’t catch it quickly, be guided into a much more overt and sinister hatred.

I haven’t yet told my wife that this happened, and I honestly don’t know how to. I need to apologise for what I said and tell her that I certainly don’t believe it. It is going to be a tough conversation and I’m not looking forward to it. I didn’t think this could happen to me. But it did and it will haunt me for a long time to come.

Sounds like a typically ridiculous Guardian story, written by another male-feminist ankle-grabber. But, if it seemed too perfect… especially the end where he fears apologizing to his wife… that is because it is apparently a hoax, spawned by a writer named Godfrey Elfwick.

This came from his announcement of the trolling success on Twitter, and has been written about in a couple places. Apparently he wrote it awhile back just for fun, and then submitted it following similar (real) columns appearing in the Guardian in recent days.

Now, the Guardian apparently denied this, but can you blame them? Their statement read:

“We are confident of the identity of the author and the sourcing of the article in question.”

Elfwick has succeeded with other hoaxes in the past as well.

Elfwick has succeeded with other hoaxes in the past as well.

Some have stated this looks like a ‘non-denial denial’. I think either way this is a victory though. It is a small thing of course- its not gonna save any native European children from Muslim gang-rape, and is not going to save our lands from enslavement and destruction- but it is the kind of thing that breaks down the legitimacy of the ruling elite, and therefore is a 4th Generation Warfare victory in de-legitimizing the state (in that the Guardian is basically state media for the Left-wing Suicidalist UK government). When their articles are so ridiculous and over the top that trolls can write mocking ‘fake stories’ and get them published, it shows just how divorced from reality they are.

I would highly support any such similar efforts at other establishment news sites.

Unhappily there is little time for bliss though, because while we find this incredibly funny, our enemies are taking such issues extremely seriously.

Indeed, we don’t even have to look past the Guardian to see this. Just several hours later, after posting Mr. Elfwick’s fake article, they published another full article explaining why they were going to keep using the term ‘Alt Right’– unlike some other establishment periodicals that are going to cease using it.

The idea is that ‘Alt Right’ sounds too appealing and cool, too legitimate. Therefore outlets will either replace it with the term ‘White Supremacism’- with it evocations of Nazism and David Lane- or continue to use ‘Alt Right’ but combine it with ‘White Supremacism’.

The UK is perhaps twenty more years away from full-on Islamization. The globalist elites and Progressive-Suicidalists can see victory (Britain’s subjugation and death) in sight, and will not relinquish any more of the media battleground than they can.

To see where the UK is headed, we have only to look at Germany. There, Angela Merkel, gearing up to run for her fourth presidential term, is expanding the surveillance state and the government’s powers in an attempt to dominate and suppress any anti-Suicidalist rhetoric and organizing.

From Breitbart:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has confirmed plans to rapidly expand the scope and size of Germany’s intelligence services including its domestic spy agency.

Citing cyber attacks and the ongoing situations in Syria and Ukraine, the German Chancellor made the case that the intelligence agencies must cooperate with each other and with their international counterparts to counter what she believes are new threats to Germany, reports Die Presse.

The article quickly moves on to the true focus of German government attention however:

Earlier this week, Ms. Merkel also announced that she would be tackling “fake news” and “hate speech” on social media networks, which could also involve the participation of the intelligence services.

The BfV are already monitoring the hipster-right Identitarian youth movement because of their protests against mass migration. One member of the group reportedly had his home raided by police due to allegations of vandalism.

That is us, men- Identitarians opposed to the Islamization of Europe. It is strange and humbling to think that we would be under police surveillance right now if we lived in Germany. And enraging to know our brothers over there who are fighting to keep their people free and safe are under the yolk of such sick Progressive-totalitarianism.


Yet Germany does not just want to take away its peoples’ right to free speech… but also their very ability to defend themselves and their families from government-sponsored rape and enslavement. Also from Breitbart:

Weapons legislation should be strengthened to fight against right-wing “extremists”, Germany’s Federal Justice Minister has told local media.

Heiko Maas told state broadcaster ARD that the potential for violence among so-called “imperial citizens” has “risen markedly” and said Germans should have to sign a paper confirming commitment to the constitution in order to receive a weapons permit.

It is claimed “Imperial citizens” are Germans from the “conspiracy theory scene” who believe the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany has not been “legitimised by the people” and have been described as similar in political beliefs to “Brexiteers” and people who support U.S. President-Elect Donald Trump.

Ralf Jäger told interior ministers in Saarbruecken that “everything must be done so that extremists cannot get possession of weapons”. The Social Democratic Party (SPD) Interior Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia also indicated that it should be possible to withdraw weapons permits if people refuse to sign their approval of the constitution.

Heiko Maas

Heiko Maas

Guns taken away from any citizens that “refuse to sign their approval of the constitution”. This means, effectively, that to own guns in Germany one will need to sign a document attesting to one’s support for mass-Muslim immigration, the dilution and erasure of German culture, the forcible mass-rape of German children, and the death of the historic German nation that has existed for untold centuries.

This post started on a light note with Elfwick’s trolling victory, yet it must end on a darker one. For it is clear that the leaders of Western Europe are in thrall to an evil and insane religion, and quickly burning down the lands our ancestors birthed us from. Civil war cannot happen soon enough.

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Comments (10)

  1. ProLepanto 8 months ago

    The asymmetrical warfare approach to fighting the media oligarchy sometimes is, and most certainly can be, quite effective at making inroads behind enemy lines that would not otherwise be reachable.
    However, my only concern is allowing the narrative to devolve into this tactic entirely. Obfuscation is quite good at blunting the enemies momentum, but it does not bolster ours. For every foray into the enemy supply lines we must rally, reinvigorate, steel, and truthfully ratify the cause of ours.
    We don’t want to tare down the enemy’s professions of Justice because we loath Justice, but rather because we love it, the unadulterated reality of Justice, abiding by Mankind’s duty to Truth.
    Let the Reality of History and Tradition stand in high contrast against the backdrop of their ruin.

    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      Beautifully said ProLepanto. I agree completely. Indeed most of what is called ‘Trolling’ is certainly not worth the time and effort in my opinion, and if we ARE going to save Western Civilization and completely redefine our people’s perceptions of reality it has to be based on a positive vision of the future, not just criticisms of Progressive-dom.

      The Guardian has well positioned itself for Schadenfreude, but I agree, we can’t lose sight of the forest for the trees or the joke is on us.

  2. Helix adastra 8 months ago

    I agree but also think the use of “trolling” is in disorienting the enemy or making them double down on ridiculous. It takes time and is not for everyone and some do it better than others. There is a role for all sorts in what will be a long culture struggle. The left attacked the normal and healthy in many sneaky ways. – and it worked. that we might also need strong men to fight in other ways must also be considered, but the path can be softened a la Genghis khan in spreading rumour and fear ahead.

    • ProLepanto 8 months ago

      True. And I did (and do) admit that it has its uses, but I wouldn’t bat an eye if I saw more assertions of the superiority of Tradition than there are.

      Absolutely lay waist to their corruption, sense of security, and narrative, but build such a vindication of The West that they are inclined to seek its shelter before even we burn down theirs.

    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      Yeah I guess I also didn’t break down the various things ‘trolling’ can be.

      I think trolling that disrupts the cultural marxist progressive narrative is good, trolling that shows that SJW’s are just tools of the globalist class, etc. In that regard its just closer to traditional meme warfare, etc. I also think that using trolling as a defensive weapon to be used in the same way that the SJW”s and Progressives use Alynsky-ite ‘isolation and attack’ to ruin people’s lives who step out of the Progressive narrative is important and should continue to be used- in Europe today and even the US for that matter merely expressing support for conservative causes can get you blackballed and end your career, so we need to give them a taste of their own medicine in that regard.

      The negative or pointless trolling would in my opinion be more along the lines of cruel and unproductive trolling. As an example, I think the DS is in many ways an important website that accomplishes a lot despite its over the top tone, but the one thing that drives me nuts is when they attack folks who didn’t ‘volunteer’ to be attacked. As an example, they did an article about two women who got strangled to death in Africa while on vacation to imply that the women went there to have sex with native african men ‘what do you expect’, etc. But in reality there was no evidence that that was the case, and I thought it was very destructive and cruel without justification, just for the sake of lulz and making a point. (I know that’s not the type of trolling you were talking about those H.A.). But yeah good discussion!


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