Guest Post: ‘Why Trump Doesn’t Matter’, by Andrew Graf

Guest Post: ‘Why Trump Doesn’t Matter’, by Andrew Graf
April 14, 2017 Admin

The following is an article by a gentleman named Andrew Graf.

Andrew does a variety of different writing endeavors and is a passionate Identitarian.

He submitted the following essay to us and I am very glad to publish it.

It is a very short polemic on the question of Trump and his relationship to this broader ‘movement’, and why it is not worth worrying too much about what he does.

Big thanks to Andrew for submitting it!


PS I have included some memes and images below it for good measure ­čÖé


Why Trump Doesn’t Matter

by Andrew Graf

There’s a lot of hype around Trump attacking Syria several days ago. Clearly, a lot of us are disappointed, as the fact that Trump won the US elections meant a new hope and a possible shift appeared possible. Here’s a quick commentary on why its all irrelevant though.

Trump’s latest attack can mean anything. It can be 4D chess or he might just be a sell-out. None of that matters.

Trump is not an event, nor a force in this world. He’s just a result of events taking place.

History is cyclical. Everything in the world works like a pendulum swinging from one point to another. Big empires rise and fall, demographics change dramatically, and so on. Nothing is still. Everything evolves.

What we’re seeing now is the pendulum swinging back. And there’s no way to stop it.

Trump is just one of the symptoms of it. Not the cause.

Men in the West are turning right-wing and they’re taking action. I travel around and I see guys getting more and more ‘awakened’ in this manner and they don’t know why. It just feels natural. It’s an instinct of self-preservation.

White guys have had this drive toward self-preservation and masculinity taken away and they’re getting angry. I see it in strong men of all backgrounds. It’s not just one close-knit ‘far right’ demographic. I can bond with guys far beyond just this one traditional niche or stereotype.

They all have one thing in common. They feel the evolutionary call for self-preservation.

Yes, many men submit and stay liberal, left-wing wimps. That’s okay though. Nature has a way of selecting out the weak.

But more and more men feel the need to take action. They feel things aren’t alright. They feel that this is not the way we were meant to live. To be emasculated sheep in a matriarchal world while all our ancestors fought for is taken away.

Whether it’s more men getting red-pilled, or the rise of Identitarian youth in Europe, or the ‘Alt-Right’ in the United States, there’s a movement going on. There’s force being released. There will be more Trumps, more events, more action and more unification. All the result of the pendulum swinging back.

So who cares about Trump. He’s only one of many developments that demonstrate this changing paradigm.

You can’t stop the forces of nature.



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Comments (8)

  1. shadowman 9 months ago

    Excellent post! I agree!

    Ok, any actions Trump may take that help the cause of Preservationism are welcome, but I agree – he is not the be-all-and-end-all, as it were. What REALLY matters is the *people in the streets*.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Indeed my good Shadowman I would add to that that I would take the preservation of 2-3 more countries in Europe over Trump being successful in the US any day. I mean I hope Trump is successful, but even if he is, that won’t shift things in the US too drastically. Whereas in Europe we are talking about the very survival of our multi-thousand year old cultures and lands…

  2. shadowman 9 months ago

    Hi again all –

    I’ve just found a couple of *fascinating* videos on YouTube. Both are by “Black Pigeon”.

    The first one – “Why women destroy nations” –

    The second one – “HOW women destroy nations” –

    Very interesting stuff! His arguments come across as *very* well-reasoned and very logical.
    Two must-see videos.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Hey Shadowman thank you for posting those. They are excellent. Black Pigeon Speaks is an amazing artist. Between he and Molyneux that is a lot of red-pilling youtube has seen from those videos…

      Since we are on the subject of women and feminism and all that, I would be very curious to hear what your thoughts are on the question of what the ideal gender roles/gender relationships would be in a post-reconquest European homeland?

      I believe some of us discussed that on a post called ‘Gender And The Future Of Europe’ but I’m not sure. Its a question I find very intriguing and I would be very interested in getting your take on…

      • shadowman 9 months ago

        Admin said – “I would be very curious to hear what your thoughts are on the question of what the ideal gender roles/gender relationships would be in a post-reconquest European homeland?”

        I see the ideal gender roles as the traditional ones. The “tried-and-tested” approach.

        I very much like how the *Amish* (and similar groups, e.g. Mennonites) run things. Good, solid conservative values. Men as “head of the household” and doing the physical manual work – farming, furniture-making etc. Women doing the domestic work and raising the children.

        I don’t believe for an instant that the traditional approach is saying that a women’s work is “less worthy” (that is feminist nonsense). The roles are simply *different* – end of story.

        I think the West made a huge mistake going away from that approach, and I very much hope to see it come back.

        • Author
          Admin 9 months ago

          Right on, that is pretty much identical to mine.

          I would say within the realm of folks like us with our views in Europe it ranges from on one side the ‘ride the snake’ folks who would still want hook up culture and casual sex to some extent but way less degenerate than currently, to the more middle of the road 1950’s type of idea, to the Amish/Mennonites ideal, to the far end ‘white shariah’ side. I can sympathize with all of them but I would say I’m at that 6/10, Amish/Mennonite place. Maybe with a hint of Mormonism gender relations-wise, as I like alot of their stuff too (not so much present day though they are getting a little liberal unfortunately).

          But yes, greatest accomplishment our sick opponents have had, convincing our ladies that the best way to be ‘liberated’ is to spend 50 hours a week as a midlevel manager for some soul-less multinational corporation.

  3. Philip L 9 months ago

    The more the Dark controllers push there insidious agenda onto Europe the more the pushback will be…There agenda goes against Nature so will fail…it’s a question of how big the fall will be… Those aware will hopefully suffer less..many many will struggle! Good luck everyone!

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Thanks Philip I agree. I think Vox Day says it well pretty regularly, that our movement (whatever you want to call it, I like ‘meta-ethnic nationalism’ or ‘European-Preservationism’) is the only force congruent with reality and how things actually work, and the only one fighting on the side of beauty and truth. As long as we keep plugging away, the basic realities inherent in human existence mean that we will eventually win.

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