How I Underestimated Brexit

How I Underestimated Brexit
June 19, 2016 Admin

As someone who lives and breathes the events in Europe, I think I have underestimated Brexit. Indeed, I am sure of it.

While folks in the UK, and around the world, have been looking toward June 23rd with great anticipation, I did not place upon it the same importance. This was because I reasoned that no matter what happened with the vote, the immense numbers of Muslims already in Britain (and the insanity of its governing elites) meant that the peoples of the UK would need to fight a long, bloody civil war anyway. What did a vote on EU Membership mean next to that? In many ways the vote seemed a meaningless bureaucratic mis-adventure, that, while potentially interesting in the short run, would have little meaning in real life (a recurring pattern with EU votes).

A couple things have changed my mind about Brexit however.

The first is the increasingly shrill and hyperbolic tone of the discourse surrounding it. Specifically on the Stay side, the David Cameron’s and Angela Merkel’s seem to be coming a little unglued. This has to be a good thing, and must harken to the possibility of greater things to come. Anytime our enemies are starting to squirm it pays for us to take note.

We have seen the same thing in the days since Jo Cox was murdered. Left-wing journalists and thought leaders immediately started to blame it not just on “the far-right”, but on the entire Leave movement. It was as if Michael Gove or Nigel Farage had pulled the trigger himself. Yet, UK voters didn’t resign themselves like sheep to the slaughter in the aftermath of the attack. Rather- if one trusts the polls- they grew even more pro-Leave, a rather stunning (and heartening) phenomenon. This is energy we have long wished to see in Europe, and while I would pause before labelling it pure “Preservationist” energy, still it is of a highly welcome variety.

The second reason is an insight I had while discussing politics with someone who I respect and look up to very much. He is a highly intelligent, common-sensical man in his 80’s who considers himself a Left-Wing Progressive. While surely on economic items he is (although also rather moderate I would say), on social issues I believe he can no longer truthfully call himself such. He disagreed, and on and on we went over just what the world of today looks like, and just what “Progressives” today believe.

We eventually came to a point in conversation where we each articulated our “ideal society” as one like Finland, or Latvia, or even a smaller version of Japan- a country that has a strong and homogenous culture, deep traditions, and loyal “honor group” population which takes care of its own. I eagerly pointed out however, that such nations are the very antithesis of modern Progressivism. Progressives want a “global village” and regularly point out that the “homogenous” “White-Christian” countries of Eastern Europe are living in a fantasy land when they imagine not becoming multicultural and multi-racial. Modern Progressives believe in a globalized world with global government, in which traditionalism is the enemy and “progress” demands complete deracination and utter dependency on the government.

It was then I realized that such issues are also very much represented by the Brexit vote. Indeed, this is a vote, which, if ‘Leave’ wins, at least symbolically strike at the very heart of such Progressive thought. It might not specifically be out immigration, but the issue has, at least in the popular conception, become attached to it. I would say the same about culture.

By rejecting EU Membership the people of the UK could ceremonially wound the monster of globalization and de-culturization that has been devouring Europe for the last fifty years.

Afterwards they will still be facing the horrors yet to come, as they are forced to either a) submit to a slow process of Islamic enslavement over the next 25 years, or b) rise up, strike down the traitors in their midst, and then wage a bloody and horrific 4GW battle to expel the Muslim invaders. B is the right and honorable course, and my hope is that a Brexit victory- while even just a symbolic strike at the heart of the monster- will be looked back at someday as the catalyst that spurred the warriors of Britain on to real battle- to death, glory, and freedom for their sons and daughters.

Vote Leave.

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  1. Michael 1 year ago

    Sign the Left are panicking they have started a petition to cancel the referendum vote “because of Jo Cox” murder? Cameron has been caught out in a number of lies over the negotiate he held with EU and his support for Turkey to enter the EU both seem to be opposite to what he stated publicly. On a personal note this evening I was supporting Leave campaign on Twitter when my connection was closed down. I was told that my connection was locked due to breaking Twitter rules, unspecified. To return to Twitter I must give my private telephone number. All suspicious at this critical time in the campaign.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Wow thats VERY interesting about Twitter. Were you tweeting anything very provocative or just normal Leave stuff?

      Yes I agree- Cameron famously stated his desire to ‘pave the road from Ankara to Brussells’ and now says Turkey won’t join the EU until ‘the year 3000’, despite it looking like Merkel will get them by by July. Hopefully these are all signs that the breaks are falling off the train.

  2. REzzz 1 year ago

    They are putting out false polls now, so they plan to cheat using early mailed-in votes which they can screw with as they desire.

  3. HerewardMW 1 year ago

    Yeah, interestingly the very polls you’re talking about haven’t been talked about much in the UK. The BBC is still describing the race as “neck and neck”.

    My suspicion is that with ALL of the political establishment behind the remain campaign, it doesn’t actually matter how people vote. The EU has a history of forcing reruns or just plain ignoring elections they don’t like.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Hereward! Thanks for the (first time?) comment.

      Very interesting.. yes those filthy BBC’er aught to have their necks wrung 🙂

      I hear you on your suspicions though.. certainly seems unlikely the result will be/could be a real win for democracy. Honestly I was thinking about it last night and with all the people on the remain side (basically everyone of importance) compared to those on the leave side, I am amazed you guys are even having a referendum… Seems like if Cameron loses he will be considered a real tool (among his ilk) for even agreeing to it.

      Anyway though appreciate the comment. Would love any more thoughts/info from your perspective there in the heart of darkness.


  4. Michael 1 year ago

    Twitter was non offensive just supporting Leave. Allowed back on today but with a new account starting again without followers so I have lost over 300 followers over night. No reason for locking my old account was given. Freedom of speech issue at a critical time in the referendum with support for Leave growing on Twitter. Who authorised the removal and why was I not allowed back with my existing account. Questions that will never be answered ?

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Wow they even deleted all your followers!?! That is messed up. I agree I can’t imagine they will ever give you an answer. On the bright side though Michael- at least this indicates you are doing good work for the cause and that the traitorous elites are getting scared!

  5. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    Interview with French novelist Michel Houellebecq in which he discusses civil war in Europe.

    It’s coming.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey great link Laguna Beach just read it. Houellebecq knows whats up. As the interviewer said, ‘no emotion’ just facts. I still need to read Submission. Lot of our folk thought Submission a downer, because it just showed France sort of peacefully ‘resigning itself’ to Islam and becoming an Islamic country, but even in such a scenario, it would eventually lead to war. Because an ‘Islamic’ country will eventually get around to the Dhimmi’s and either kill or convert them. At that point at the latest, it would into violence.

  6. J C 1 year ago

    >By rejecting EU Membership the people of the UK could ceremonially wound the monster of globalization and de-culturization that has been devouring Europe for the last fifty years.

    This is the point.
    And the whole debate has already, in a sense, wounded the globalist monster, merely by raising doubts about it.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey JC- thanks for the first ever comment!

      Looks like we not only wounded them with the debate but with the actual vote too!

      Would love to hear more about your thoughts on Europe, your own story, etc if you ever want to leave it in the comments or email me!

      Thanks again-


  7. Matt 1 year ago

    Well they did it!! A route no less, with over a million vote lead. The aftermath probably won’t be clean though. The zionist bankers will do their best to punish them and make an example of them. And in the mean time, the boats will be full coming over from Calais. But the bottom line is a successful BREXIT means is huge kick in the nuts for the globalists. And we desperately needed a victory. Hopefully the rest of the EU comes down hard and fast after this …

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hope so too Matt! And hope the boats from Calais get met with machine guns- though that’s probably a little much too hope for 😉

      Appreciate the comment! Go Brexit!

  8. European 1 year ago

    Political champaigns like Brexit/Trump are *hughly* important because one need public support for any successful action. People have been indoctrinated their entire life, they will need gradual exposure to wake up.

    Learn from lefties they had their broad coallisions, and managed to get a lot of outside support for a thiny cause; this was then used as a basis for further action/radicalization and recruitment.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey European thanks for the comment!

      I was actually just thinking about the same thing earlier today, and may write a post about it. Namely, what is it that wakes people up to these realities we are talking about? What ‘red-pills’ them? Is it personal experiences? Or statistics? Or art and media? Etc. If you see this response hit me back up with your thoughts and thank you again for commenting!

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