How The Baby-Boomer Left Is Like The Bubonic Plague

How The Baby-Boomer Left Is Like The Bubonic Plague
July 7, 2017 Admin

The title of this post seems a little tongue in cheek/over the top.

However, there are very serious and legitimate parallels between the Bubonic Plague that struck Europe around 700 years ago and what has occurred in Europe over the last 50 years and is happening today.

Such a comparison is valuable too because it gives us insights into what might come next, if Europe follows the same course it did with the Black Death.

SimilaritiesBlack death 5

The similarities include the following:

1. Timeline

The Bubonic Plague arose on the steppes of east-central Asia, where modern Kyrgyzstan borders China, in the 1330’s. It was carried by the organism Yersinia pestis, common in fleas. The ‘Black Swan’ chain of events that caused the epidemic might have been a small earthquake or famine that caused the rodents the fleas rode on to spread across a wider than normal area, dispersing the Yersinia pestis to the point they infected humans. At that point scientists believe the disease may have evolved to be more easily transmitted by human vomit/blood/germs/etc. (Source: The Great Mortality by John Kelly)

From there it traveled across Eurasia to Crimea, then with a crew of Genoese sailors to Europe. Then it rampaged across Europe via the continent’s coastline for 10-15 years, infecting lands from Sicily to Scotland to Holland and Norway, bringing unspeakable horrors to each.

Likewise, radical Baby-Boomer Progressivism arose within a similar backwater- inside a small (echo-ey) community of intellectuals, in the 1930’s-50’s, who essentially ended up combining Freudian sex-obsessed ‘psychology’ with Nietzschean nihilism and old fashioned socialist ‘power’ dialectics. This became what we now call ‘Cultural-Marxism’ the idea that the inherited traditions and beliefs of Western Civilization are evil/oppressive/patriarchal/white supremcacist/etc/etc/etc and must be fully negated and overturned by a never-ending process of ‘Progress’. From here it spread to the young, idealistic, naive, r-Selected Baby-Boomers, who became enthralled with its utopian pronouncements. They proceeded to take over the governments of Western Europe, and made self-hating European-Progressivism the governing orthodoxy of the West.

In each case, the process took roughly fifty years to infect the Western half of the continent.

2. A One-Third Population Changeblack death 6

By the time the Bubonic Plague had made it all the way through Europe, an estimated one-third of the continent’s population had died. Far more people had gotten sick, but some had survived. This loss of one out of every three individuals represented a MASSIVE change in demographics.

Likewise today in modern Europe, demographic changes just as radical are taking place. One-third of the population has not died, but the governing elites have brought in so many immigrants that roughly one-third of the population is now non-European.

This is similarly cataclysmic. As we have shown, in some countries 50% of the fighting-age male demographic is already non-European (mostly Muslims).

And, of course, that one-third that is non-European is made up almost entirely of young people (comparatively), while the native-European population in most countries is WAY OLDER on average, leading to statistics that paint a truly terrifying picture of the future (as in Sweden’s own ‘Valenzetti Equation’).

3. Massive sufferingNorwegian National Day 6

Just like the Bubonic plague, the Baby-Boomer left has ushered in untold suffering upon the population of Europe.

Ask the countless white children gang-raped and trafficked by Muslims in Rotherham, and all the other towns and cities just like it.

Ask the families of those Europeans ripped apart by bombs placed by Islamic terrorists, in what London’s radical Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan calls ‘a normal part of living in a modern city’.

There’s also all the people whose lives have been ruined by the political witch hunts of the left-wing establishment. The 36 individuals who just had their homes raided in Germany for questioning mass-immigration on the internet,  the man in Sweden who was sent to prison for typing the word ‘negro’ online, and heroic figures  like Enoch Powell whose careers were destroyed for speaking the truth about mass-immigration.

4. Grotesqueness

The Bubonic Plague- unsurprisingly- caused a lot of horrors and grotesqueties in Europe while it ravaged the continent.

Anyone who has seen Interview With The Vampire (which includes scenes depicting a later iteration of Bubonic Plague) remembers the part where Kirsten Dunst lies submerged in a pile of dead bodies. Or when she sits begging her dead mom to wake up. These were exactly the kind of scenes that happened, and it is overwhelming to think of the strength our ancestors needed to survive and fight on amidst such unprecedented suffering and death.

Yet we see equally horrific, grotesque occurrences as a result of Baby-Boomer liberalism.

We see the 11 year old girls in Rotherham (mentioned above) who were doused in petrol while 45 year old Muslim men held flames above them, telling them they would be burnt to death if they tried to break free from sexual slavery.

We see it in the young British rape and murder victim whose Muslim killers turned her into kebab.

We see it in the young American girl abducted by ‘vibrants’, gang-raped, murdered, and then fed to crocodiles.

We see it in the modern left FORCING young female children to use bathrooms and showers and locker rooms next to adult men who want to pretend they are women.

We see it in a modern left that allows (legal) animal brothels in Germany, and says that it is okay for left-wing parents to convince their 11 year-old sons they are ‘transgendered’, then bring them to doctors who will inject them with estrogen and puberty blockers, then cut off their penises (literally).

We see it in modern Progressive-Britain stating that they will pay for wombs to be implanted into ‘transgender’ men (who pretend they are women), then pay for an actual fetus to be implanted into the womb, then pay for a c-section to remove that baby from the womb, in what has to be the sickest and most evil thing yet devised by Progressivism.

And of course we see it in the American artist commissioned by Europe’s liberal elites to paint murals under the Eiffel Tower from a series depicting the rape and murder of white women and children by obviously African men. (see below)

mural 2

mural 3

5. Rebirth

This may be the one thing that makes all the above horrors worth it, and if it does it will have a perfect parallel in the black death.

For after the Bubonic Plague had run its course in Europe, and reduced the population by one third, the decades that came after were in many ways wonderful, and represented a rebirth for the continent and its people.

The reduction in population meant there was excess land, so property values went down and anyone who wanted their own land could get it.

The reduction in population also meant that capitol lost its value and labor gained in value immensely, so many serfs and poor tenant farmers could suddenly demand massively higher wages, or strike out on their own entirely.

The excess food, shelter, and wealth meant that everyone suddenly had far more time for leisure, and learning, and in many ways it was this and the above factors that catalyzed the beginnings of the Renaissance.

I like to think that the same will happen today.

beautiful europe 3

It seems likely the worst is still to come, but the ethnic violence that will break out between native Europeans and the continent’s Muslim population may serve to ‘awaken’ us from our slumber. We will be forced to realize there is more to life than drugs, alcohol, video games, and technology.

The horrors of this violence, and of the whole process of Progressive-suicidalism and Muslim immigration will make our people more thankful to be alive, and give us more perspective on just how lucky we are to have this beautiful world around us.

The need to band together and fight will create a new paradigm of unity and cohesion, which will spur us on to new cultural heights.

The arrival of the Baby-Boomer generation to old age will raise the price of labor dramatically, as there will be a great shortage of productive, working age individuals.

This will spread the wealth around, and will catalyze an organic increase in upward mobility, and a renewed middle-class.

In turn, our birthrates will recover, and our negative demographic trajectory will turn around.

And finally, we will have learned from the evils of progressivism, and forged a new spirit of pride, valor, nobility, and purpose.


Beautiful 2


Heill at Sverða



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  1. Gary 5 months ago

    There was an earlier much more similar plague analogy with the plague of Rome at the end of the empire. Read about ut in a book named; “Disease and history.”

  2. Kadphises 5 months ago

    Great article. There will in deed be a golden dawn once we have defeated the enemies.
    Only one thing: Nietzsche was not a nihilist, and the modern Cultural Marxists have much more in common with the kind of Christianity he fought against than with his philosophy. The baby boomers represent the Last Man, we represent the coming of the Übermensch.

    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      That is very true, great point Kadphises. Same mistake Murdoch, Murdoch made with their ‘Last son of the West’ video actually.

      Think your last sentence sums it up perfectly 🙂

  3. dashui 5 months ago

    At least the Chechens r trying to resist the poz:

    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      Very interesting Dashui…. Especially the fact that the Chechen community is even stricter in Western Europe than back in Chechnya. Seems to suggest increased K-Selection and be evidence of the underlying anarchy only kept in check by material prosperity (and debt).

      There seems to be something unique about the Chechen character in the world today. I don’t know if it is the unique combination of Northern European/late Viking biology/genes with the Islamic belief system, or if it arises from the geography/topography or what, but it definitely is noticeable. The Chechen’s in ‘Inside The Jihad’ were the most memorable characters by far, and if one has seen that photo of the three Chechen teens with ammo belts draped over them, man, those are about the most intimidating dudes one could imagine.

      • Dashui 5 months ago
        • Author
          Admin 5 months ago

          Just looked through it, that is fascinating… I think three of the most interesting places on earth are 1) Chechnya, 2) the Balkans, and 3) Afghanistan/Tajikistan/etc, because they are all on that boundary where Northern, Pagan/Christians live, with Islam on the south, and in the case of Afghanistan the east asians to the east. So you get these really strong cultures, and then all of the three are also in the mountains so you get these tough, K-Selected hillbilly types, and then you also get interesting looking people because they have the mixes too (especially in Afghanistan- some really cool looking people there).

          Now if we can just roll in and conquer the three areas all will be even more swell with them 🙂

  4. Unknown 5 months ago

    Viewing nihilistic policy as a plague perfectly makes sense.
    However, the situation is difficult as we have two different plagues at a time.

    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      Liberalism + Islam you mean?

  5. Matt Edge 5 months ago

    That saying “to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth” comes from that era. The aristocracy were said to suffer much less from the plague because they consumed a lot of silver from their dishes and cutlery, even having their babies sucking on silver spoons. And this was supposed to have made them immune to infection.

    Of course the common peasantry, who could not afford silver, were tossed aside to rot and die.

    Today silver still attracts attention for this reason. Even the pharmaceutical industry is selling bandaids coated with colloidal silver due to it’s sterilizing properties.

    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      Very interesting… I didn’t know that about the silver spoon thing.

      The whole precious metals industry is fascinating. I just bout 2000$ worth of gold and have been reading about it a ton. Copper is super low too but it sounds like it isn’t likely to go back up because its primarily used in building new houses and cars and there’s not much of either being built right now (less once the economy falls apart).

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