How To Buy A Gun In The UK

How To Buy A Gun In The UK
March 28, 2016 Admin

We continue our series on gun ownership in Europe and the process for legally owning guns in various countries buy moving on from Sweden to the UK.

The UK, while not being as far gone as Sweden, is host to major problems of its own. It is the site of the most widespread and horrifying gang-rape culture in Europe, in which (literally) thousands, most likely tens of thousands, of 11-16 year native British girls have been gang-raped/enslaved/pimped/tortured by Muslims (statistics that even the radically pro-Muslim BBC have verified). It has seen acts of terrorism, is currently seeing an epidemic of extremely violent immigrant crime and gang warfare, has functioning Sharia courts, and possesses one of heaviest immigration rates across the continent, while simultaneously having no viable political party opposing these massive levels of immigration.

With all of this being the case, and the current Prime Minister being on record as stating that “it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life…”, the UK is an important place for individuals to know their gun rights. This article will attempt to outline those rights, and the process by which one can legally purchase and own firearms.

How To Legally Buy A Gun In The UK:

1. Request either a ‘Shotgun Certificate’, ‘Rifle Certificate’, or both. You can find forms to fill out to do this at your local police station. (Note: You can also contact your local “Firearms Liaison Officer’ for assistance.)
2. Answer any questions the local police have. These could include why you want a gun. To answer this question to their satisfaction you may need to show membership in a shooting club. The UK does not allow firearms ownership for the express purpose of self-protection.
3. Have your identity verified
4. Undergo a background check.
5. Provide two references of good character who have known you for at least two years.
6. Wait for approval of the application by your family doctor.
7. Have the premises where you will be keeping the gun inspected.
8. Undergo a face to face interview by the Firearms Liaison Officer.
9. Wait a period of time (possibly several weeks) for your certificate to arrive.
10. Purchase your firearm legally through a registered firearms dealer, or through legal private sale where a purchaser’s certificate is filled out and the local police forces notified.

Additional notes
-Handgun ownership is almost entirely prohibited in the UK apart from a few specialized circumstances.
-You can receive a Shotgun or Rifle Certificate at age 14 with your parents’ permission.


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