Humanitarianism, Swedism, And Reconquest

Humanitarianism, Swedism, And Reconquest
January 13, 2017 Admin

The following article is from the Swedish edition of The Local. It is by a young Swedish man and discusses his experiences as a “humanitarian” helping refugees. It is significant, to my mind, and I have inserted my thoughts within it, as well as underlined several lines within it. There are also a lot of pictures of the young man so if you want an image of the article’s subject just click on the link.

From The Local:

Opening or shutting doors. Defending or discrediting refugees. Caring for or turning our backs on vulnerable people fleeing Syria’s cruel war. All is going to be written down, believes Erik Gerhardsson, a 21-year-old Swedish volunteer.

“Syria’s war is intricate and I think history will record how we, individuals or groups, reacted to this tragedy,” he says.

Gerhardsson wants his own entry in this still-being-written saga to be a positive one, even if his efforts only amounted to a very small detail in the perplexing tumult of the ongoing Syrian conflict.

“All is going to be written down”, “history will record how we reacted”. This is classic honor code rhetoric. If one removes the specifics and just keeps the verbage, it could be a young man from Greece 3500 years ago explaining his rationale for going to war in Troy.

It continues:

Here’s what he had to tell us, in his own words.


I completed high school at the start of the refugee influx. I’d been working and saving money but didn’t have any real commitments. And I had always wanted to volunteer and help.

So in September 2015 when I saw that refugees were suffering from the long journey across Europe, and agonizing in the very same spots where I used to go on holiday, I couldn’t not react. I had to do something.

The first thing I did is donate ‎€500 of my own savings; I started offering what I had on hand. Then a friend of mine who was volunteering with a Swedish humanitarian organization told me that people were in need for blankets in Hungary.

I could mobilize people in our municipality to collect blankets for refugees – and so that’s what we did.

But that wasn’t enough for me, I wanted to be more involved.

Heading to Hungary

It was obvious that many people were not doing anything to help. And then came calls for the borders to be closed. I and three friends of mine took a different stance. We managed to raise ‎€3,000 in donations from family, friends, and people in our hometown that allowed us fly to Hungary to aid refugees en route to Austria in September 2015.

Trains carrying 1,500 people transported refugees closer to Austrian borders every hour. Nonetheless, refugees still had to walk for two to three hours to reach the closest Austrian customs checkpoint. It was a tough journey on foot.

So, we decided to walk part of the way with the refugees and did our best to offer them what they needed along the way. We gave them information to guide them throughout their march to their final destinations.

We offered water, food, and helped carry their kids or bags. Many of them were about to faint from the journey since they had already suffered through harsh conditions before arriving in Hungary.

Helping closer to home

In October we were back in Sweden and found many refugees were arriving to our hometown of Ingarp, part of Eksjö municipality in Småland in southern Sweden.

Here again, my friends and I created a small initiative called Medmänniskor Hjälper to prop up newcomers among us.

Locals in our town donated clothes and other household items that we later distributed to newcomers. We organized more activities such as sports and movie nights. Refugees needed a warm welcome.

Next stop: Greece

The scenes from Lesbos in Greece saddened me indeed. I still can’t get the terrible images out of my head showing hundreds of people sleeping on the ground without a roof.

It was December 2015 when I saw countless refugees shivering in despair in the freezing winter on that island. There weren’t enough places in camps to shelter everyone. I joined a group of volunteers at the notorious camp Moria on Lesbos. A few months later, in March 2016, I joined volunteers with another Greek NGO called Emergency Response Centre International (ERCI).

“The cold Winter in Lesbos”? The article is pretty standard fare throughout this middle section. The virtue signalling appears, the “humanitarianism” that sounds more like a vacation pops up. Yet there’s underlying significance.

It was very frustrating as we wanted to share the burden with others, but it felt like we really weren’t able to help much at all.

However, we helped as many families as we could among those suffering most from the freezing temperatures. They were cold, wet, and soaked to their bones. We gave them clothes and hot food, and a small taste of relief.

Heart-breaking moments

In 2016, hundreds of refugees were still arriving to the Greek shores. In March I moved to Lesbos and joined ERCI there also to patrol the coastline and help refugees who might struggle to make it ashore in the rough and unpredictable seas. We basically worked as lifeguards, spotting boats and helping prevent people from drowning.

Throughout the time of my volunteering I came across both hopeful and heart-breaking moments. Some boats arrived with everyone healthy and alive and smiles on their faces; others arrived with people crying and moaning out of fear, or from losing their loved ones.

One time a boat arrived with two corpses aboard. That shocked me. However, there wasn’t time to think much; only to act, and that’s what usually happens in such moments. My colleagues and I pushed the bodies off the boat and continued to help the other lucky ones who survived.

Emotional recovery usually came during rare moments of rest, and talking to each other helped us volunteers ‘heal’ and get over the trauma. Spending the day aiding people and making sure I could stand by every refugee that needed my help was actually the best medicine against emotional deterioration.

A message to Swedes and other Europeans

I’m always ready to go anywhere; wherever there are people on the run in need of help. I think it’s a shame most European countries have shut their borders in the faces of refugees.

Just ask yourselves how you would react if you were in these refugees’ situation! How would you like to be treated? Would you favour being shunned and rejected by other capable societies? I don’t think so.

European states are using resources to deploy soldiers, tighten borders, install walls and fences, and use tear gas, rather than using those resources to help vulnerable fellow humans.

A message to refugees of the Syrian war

You need to know that despite all the misery in your lives, there are lots of great people out there doing their best to help.

We hear you and feel your pain. I know it feels like the whole world has failed to end your suffering, but I hope that you hear me and know that I’m standing by you, and that you are not alone.

There are many questions that we might ask about the young man who wrote the above article, “Erik”.

He of course is brainwashed to the point of delirium, and is (quite noticeably) just repeating the things he has been told since grade school. Many of us had periods like that. I was an Obama National Delegate for God’s sake, although by that time I was already awakened regarding the situation in Europe and only supported Obama because I was obsessed with one or two other very specific issues. But I was like Erik at one time, probably around age 10 or 11. Others might have shared such ideas at that point, or for longer into adulthood.

Thankfully though today we all know how vastly different reality is compared to the picture seen in the above article. We know that Sweden has the second highest rape rate on earth, and that based on extrapolations from Norway 99% of those rapes are committed by Muslim men against Swedish children and women. We understand that the Muslim Brotherhood has been pushing mass-immigration into Europe for the purpose of Hijra (conquest through migration) since the early 1980’s if not longer. We understand that in addition to elites who are brainwashed just as Erik is, there are very specific groups of foreign subversives pushing this genocidal level of immigration (as they themselves admit). We know that the police in Sweden are on their last legs, and the society is on the path toward failed state status. And finally, we see the daily horror stories, when the Muslim immigrants that people like Erik bring to Sweden rape young children, and kidnap women off the street to gang-rape, torture, and enslave them.

One obvious question then is to what level of culpability to hold young men like Erik? Some would see zero, as he is a product of Sweden’s totalitarian education-system, and their state-religion of ethnic suicide and pathological-altruism. Others would say the opposite. Anders Behring-Breivik was one of these, and he attacked and killed over 50 young Labour Party Youth members younger even than Erik. While Breivik did correctly diagnose the trajectory Norway was on and the obvious implications of mass-Muslim immigration, I object to his choice of killing women and young teenagers (if it had just been adult male members of suicidalist political parties that would have been much different).

But the question I am most keenly focused on is this: How can we as a meta-political movement reach enough young men like Erik to redirect the course of events? How can they be awakened in time to prevent the West’s destruction? How can we stop these young men from importing their own eventual executioners? For let us be equally cognizant of the fact that there are Erik’s in every country throughout the West, not just Sweden.

I believe his above piece gives clues, foremost among these the overwhelming presence of emotion contained within it.

There is no talk of the future in his writing, there is no talk of plans, or strategy, or cause and effect, no talk of geography, data, numbers, etc. In an article discussing a situation of the complexity and geopolitical magnitude that the Syrian Civil War is, this is quite remarkable. Now, of course we know that 90% of these migrants aren’t Syrian, and that the Syrian Civil War has basically nothing to do with the manufactured “migrant crisis”, but that does not take away this remarkable fact.

“Erik” makes no arguments about the best way to handle the “refugee crisis”. He does not speak of solutions, or options, or likely results. He shows no forethought regarding the implications of his actions.

Instead, he repeats “feeling” words over and over. The entire focus of the piece is on his emotions, the emotions of “bad people” who don’t help refugees, and the emotions of the refugees themselves.

This is of course reflective of r-Selection, in which thinking is framed through the lens of a resource glut in which competition and scarcity are foreign concepts, and is also in part a reflection of the fact that we have moved from an “honor culture” to a “victim culture‘, but as I stated at the beginning, there is still direct evidence of “honor” speech in Erik’s words. In wanting to be “on the right side of history”, he demonstrates that the fear of shame is still a motivator, if even subconsciously, even if Cultural-Marxism has perverted the lenses through which shame and honor are viewed.

This is hopeful. For just as those young Greeks in the time of Achilles wanted nothing more than to slake their thirst for honor and greatness, and probably cared little for the complex questions of the war, young men like Erik are similarly focused. In his case it may manifest through feminine language, and tragically misguided actions, but the longing for meaning is still preeminent.

And this good for us, for unlike cynicism and retreat, misplaced idealism can at least be reshaped. And indeed I think it will be. For just as truth, like water, finds its level- as we see in the liberal-formulated term “fake news” quickly undergoing a 180- and becoming a synonym for left-wing propaganda- so too do we possess the true keys to meaning and honor. The teachers, strategists, and high priests of Progressive-Leftism may have taken this drive for meaning and morality and honor and twisted it to fit their own ideology, and their destructive short term goals, but in truth it can only survive in a healthy, tradition-based, K-Selected society.

If these young men are speaking in the language of ’emotion’ to such a degree, our efforts toward awakening them must be reflective of this. For all that I mock him, I must actually give Glenn Beck credit in this regard, for I recently heard him and his co-hosts talking about something very similar – that while conservatives often speak in terms of principles, facts, numbers, and cause and effect, liberals almost always filter things through the prism of “feelings”.

With that being the case I think Erik’s above essay is an object lesson that wayward young Occidentals will not be easily swayed by facts, figures, and “common sense”. The left has fed them a fairy tale of morality, meaning, and heroism. It is false of course, but rather than awakening them through measured argument and cold hard reason, we must utilize those exact same lenses.

This is good, for I can think of few things more honorable, meaningful, and heroic than toppling the traitorous governments of countries like Sweden, retaking the lands our forefathers fought for, and expelling the traitors and invaders despoiling them. Doing so is not just what is best for Swedes like Erik, but also for the “migrants’ he professes to care for. For every day this mass-population transfer continues, the more eventual horrors are cast into motion.

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  1. Rick 11 months ago

    This looks like a problem of affluence. They key to life isn’t happiness it is purpose and for a lot of young people they are looking for a sense of purpose and meaning. Unfortunately at least up until now effective brainwashing has channeled them into this direction. Have you ever noticed that the people that seem the most deluded or “cucked” are the ones that live in wealthy homogenous communities. I believe it is because there is a sense of apathy towards potential threats and therefore they are much more willing to accept that they are oppressors and somehow unworthy of their success.
    I believe this attitude will change very quickly a kid like the one above can very easily be turned into another direction where he views saving his people from invasion as virtuous. All of us now who recognize this threat have a life defining purpose.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Absolutely spot on I think Rick. Its the same exact thing we see with the biggest leftist self-hating whites in America living in Vermont and Wyoming where it is 100% white (although certainly their coastal brethren in the rich liberal suburbs get more notoriety).

      And I could not agree more with your last sentence.

  2. Laguna Beach Fogey 11 months ago

    That young man looks and sounds effeminate. Any young man who shows this much attention to young kids is suspect, imo.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Lol I don’t know I have some good normie friends who have chosen to be teachers/social workers/etc and to work with young kids. Come to think of it though they are all Mormons and 7th Day Adventists.. I agree that liberals choosing the same thing can suggest some ickiness. The idea of a male Mormon 4th grade teacher does not bother me (besides the evil of public school in general but that’s a different question), but a left-wing progressive male 4th grade teacher is kind of weird, not because I think they are a child molester or something, but for some reason its just… weird. I don’t think that’s the case with ol Erik either though. He just seems 100% brainwashed. He’s like the absolute opposite of the kid who is raised by wolves and perfectly understands nature but has no understanding of civilization. There might still be hope for him though. Maybe he’ll stumple upon this article and become a hardcore Volkisch Identitarian 🙂

      • Laguna Beach Fogey 11 months ago

        Yup, one of the child-obsessed people I was thinking of is a young, effeminate Mormon guy. Absolutely bizarre.

        • Francis Meyrick 11 months ago

          The Coming European Civil War (8): “Erik”

          @ Rick: “the ones that live in wealthy homogenous communities. I believe it is because there is a sense of apathy towards potential threats ” Yesssss….. Not quite sure if ‘apathy’ is quite the correct word, but the overall line of thinking is spot on. The threats are not ‘immediate’ and therefore the impact is not ‘felt’, and they are relegated to unimportance? And THEREFORE easily buried under an avalanche of Lovey-Lefty-Cloud-Cuckooland- Perfect-World & Free-Hugs?

          @ Laguna Beach Fogey Whereas I enjoy many of your other little insights, you and I are going to get into a snarky quarrel here in a moment. “Any young man who shows this much attention to young kids is suspect, imo.” Boy, you sure are tough and mean. Did you chew rusty nails again this morning? I wholly disagree with that line of reasoning. Kids are great, and older kids who are warmly affectionate to younger kids will very likely make warm and kind human beings. With ‘feelings’. Maybe an alien concept. It’s a very short leap to go from bemoaning “feminized language” to drawing the wholly erroneous conclusion that people who are tender with children must be ‘effeminate’. And that certainly seems to be the direction you are headed in. I’ve known big, tough, even deadly dangerous men, who were as soft as putty with kids, crooning with babies, and delighted to be around them. That doesn’t make them ‘feminized’ or predators-in-waiting. Now, is there a problem with the many, many ‘Ricks’ of this world? Yes, for sure, but I don’t think it’s across-the-board ‘effeminate’ make up and ‘effeminized’ psychological make up. And by the way, your free use of that adjective/adverb seems to me to be disrespectful of women as well. It’s much more a case – as Rick describes it – of a peculiar kind of touching, but nonetheless desperately naive, immature world view and limited world experience. It CAN be turned around. Personally, I’d like to take the little blighter by the scruff of the NECK and shove his saintly face head first into a casualty ward, where they are treating some traumatized, utterly hysterical young blonde rape victim, who has two black eyes, missing teeth, and is beaten black and blue, courtesy of half a dozen loving and grateful refugees from Somalia and Eritrea, masquerading as Syrian children. Then, while he was still squeaking and squawking about that, I’d have a BUNCH of other treats in mind for his pure-as-a-snowstorm, virtue flaunting soul. He wouldn’t LIKE me at the end of our world tour, via no-go-zones and stoning women, beheadings and unwashed butts sticking in the air allegedly praying to Allah, but basically just snarling up metro traffic to prove that they CAN. By the time I was finished with him, I can guarantee you that 1) his neck would hurt and 2) his soul would be scarred. And no, I didn’t chew rusty nails for breakfast. But I did run through three forty cal Glock magazines in my backyard. Rapid fire. Steel targets. Does that count?

  3. DaShui 11 months ago

    It seems there is some JACK DONOVAN fan fiction going on:

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Hey Dashui interesting link! I watched the first video in the series that was pretty cool.

      Maybe old JD can singlehandedly get the testosterone of Scandinavia flowing again. The Finn’s still seem to be some pretty manly dudes though. Not all of them, but probably more on average than most countries now…

      There is so much good right-wing/Identitarian/masculine art and content coming out nowadays its amazing. I think we are at only the beginning too.

      • Carnival Of Gangs 11 months ago

        The series is indeed partly based on Donovan’s concepts. Basically the point is to create masculine entertainment in the form of this slightly experimental multimedia series. We have to be agile and learn through the process. The blog offers some thoughts for making oneself a better man.

        All started from just creating a concept that allows to publish different kind of music for which the story-based approach works well. Check out the whole episode 1 at and episode 2 coming at the end of the spring 2017.

  4. DaShui 11 months ago
  5. Robert Lee 11 months ago

    I find the condemnation of Breivik in this article a bit disturbing. If the men whom he killed were acceptable targets, then so were the women. Colombia doesn’t give a pass to female guerillas just because they are women. Those Labour women weren’t there to bake cassaroles and leave the talking to the men; they were just as involved as anyone else and as such were acceptable targets. Besides, Left-wing men are so feminized that there is practically no difference anyway.

    As for Erik, he is a product of his upbringing. Twisted as it is, his worldview is normal, so barring an epiphany, it is unlikely that anyone or anything could convince him that the work he does is wrong, especially since, for him, it would be unconscionable to leave those he attends to join our cause. Unless actual brainwashing is an option, he should be written off like the rest of his ilk.

    Anyway, I don’t want to sound like a know-it-all or anything, just my two cents.

    • Kadphises 11 months ago

      I believe that people like him, if they are really sincere in helping other humans and protecting them from suffering, can be won for our cause, if you have the patience and know how to “speak their language”. Or at least they can be diverted to work in areas where they really help or at least do no harm, like refugee centers in North Iraq.
      But unfortunately there are too many who only want to virtue signal and show that they are ‘better’ than their “evil fascist” neighbours…

  6. Francis Meyrick 11 months ago

    So many themes here. The comments are very interesting as well. I believe this discussion goes right to the heart of the current dilemma. Rick nailed it -for me- when he said this:
    QUOTE: I believe this attitude will change very quickly a kid like the one above can very easily be turned into another direction where he views saving his people from invasion as virtuous. All of us now who recognize this threat have a life defining purpose. END QUOTE.

    Why did Rick nail it for me? BECAUSE, a long time ago, I WAS THAT KID. Just as well meaning, just as gushing, just as…. (gawd!) GRANDIOSE and WET BEHIND THE EARS. Once upon a time. Traces and vestiges remain, and I’m not ashamed of it. On my blog, you’ll find (Blip on the Radar 14) “On holding hands, and smoking pot” ( and there you will find my residual “Erik”. But “My Erik” although not dead and buried, has seen and experienced too much to survive in that unsullied, virginal, magnificently idealistic save-the-world and hug-the-bears 24-carat pure format of glorious Innocence. So, I believe it’s relevant to pose the question: “What happened?” “What happened to RADICALLY change my outlook, whilst not losing or denying a streak of compassion, a love of gentleness, a fondness for ancient Buddhist poetry, and much spiritual yearning?”
    (see my Blog
    In a word: Anger.
    And, oddly, I can trace the exact moment back. I have described it elsewhere. I was young, not much older than “Erik”. I was standing in the shadows, and nobody saw me. I was watching, horrified, an explosion in street violence, with an acute danger to innocent, vulnerable people. Including children. Severe injury, or even death, might occur at any second. It didn’t affect my safety, where I stood, a mute witness, in the half shadows. Watching. Now there were three Peace Makers there, including a girl I fancied like a stallion beside a paddock full of mares, all in heat at the same time. The three of them were talking up a storm. Bravely standing there, imploring human kindness, compassion, peace, you name it. Even Universal Love. They were really good at it. Long practice, I suppose. Had they been hit by any of the flying missiles, sailing over them, they would have loved the suffering. They would have stretched out, wounded, in the name of Jesus. They would have suffered as martyrs, and been visited in hospital by a parade of “Virtue Confirming Enablers”. Their Virtue Signalling would have been confirmed and rewarded by the Virtue Confirming Enablers, doubtless leading to even more Virtue Signalling in the Future. And enabling.
    Hopeless, ineffective, impotent, useless, unrealistic and naive, but Virtue Signalling at its finest, nonetheless, right?
    There was only ONE problem.
    Because all of a sudden, while I was listening to this magnificent torrent of Pacifist exhortations, I had this incredible revelation. I remember the thought:
    “This isn’t Pacifism. This isn’t helping. This is just…. A SOPHISTICATED EXCUSE for COWARDICE.”
    And I promptly lost it. It was like a switch tripped. It went from “full OFF” to “FULL ON” in a nano-second. Fists, feet, faces, groins, heads… I don’t know what all damage I did, (part of it with a billiard cue I took off an attacker) (for safekeeping) but there was rather a lot of blood. And broken heads. Oh, and I yelled a lot. I was pissed.
    The problem got fixed. The violence got stopped dead in its tracks. No more risk of injury or deaths (that time, anyway) to innocents.
    There was an interesting corollary: I got banned from the organisation, for “setting their work back years” and “displaying some of the worst thuggish violence it had ever been their misfortune to witness”. I got royally lectured from the three Pacifists. A major telling off. Including a furious, disgusted, contemptuous rollicking from her-with-the-tight-jeans.
    No, I never did get ’em off. And I really fancied her. The great Pacifist Virtue Signaller was not into Forgiveness.
    (Oh, well. I made it for up elsewhere)
    So, Rick, you nailed it for me. And you are 100% CORRECT…

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      I too started at the opposite end of the spectrum. The journey can be disjointed. I remember being an Obama Delegate at the 2008 convention telling European journalists how much I loved Pim Fortuyn and the FPO. Doesn’t all come together perfectly every time lol.

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