Icelanders Perform 10,000-Strong Viking War Chant

Icelanders Perform 10,000-Strong Viking War Chant
July 7, 2016 Admin

This is extremely cool.

It comes from the homecoming celebrations of the Icelandic Soccer Team (and yes I know that’s Futbol(sp?) to you Europeans 🙂 ). I have been meaning to write about the Icelandic team for the last couple weeks, since being notified about their significance by one of our loyal readers. The Icelandic team is full of strong, courageous, Nordic Europeans- real Europeans that is- who have stood in marked contrast to the teams from Algeria (France), Turkey (Germany), and Morocco (Sweden). Real life responsibilities got in the way of that post, which means I am doubly happy to bring this video from their return to Iceland.

They are apparently performing some old Viking war chant. It is uplifting and powerful and gives one goosebumps. But most of all, it imparts vast power to the viewer- the power of our heritage and ancestors. Can you imagine what will happen, when such Nordic pride and power spread throughout all of Europe?

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  1. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    I saw that. Powerful.

  2. Lynda 1 year ago

    I can believe this chant is an enactment of a Viking war chant. But whether it goes back to Vikings or not, it is a demonstration of the rune Elhaz (zz). And those runes – the Elder Furthark – were never lost.

    The Elhaz rune is the elk rune and a yew rune – on the 2nd aett on the 15th rune row of the Elder Furthark. That sound they are making sounds just like an elk stag when he lifts his antlers before his battles. This rune is a warding sign : protection and repulsion of all evils, forces known and unknown. It is the power of human striving toward divine qualities in conflict. That demonstration may well come from the old runesingers.

    Many rocks, ancient stone buildings (including churches) preserve Elhaz. You always see it on the stones around the yew trees – one of the great trees of the North from which the longbows were made in England. The yew forests were the ancient places of visionquest. In the Norse mythology, Odin received the runes hanging from a yew tree – a tree that is strong under red Thuban in Draco. And it is an air rune so it lends itself to chant.

    The North should get that chant and learn it well. It would be of great value in White demonstrations and in the salutations of other White groups. If that chant was made to the Germans in Germany against mama Merkel and the rest of that passel of hell-hags and warlocks, they wouldn’t need their Jew masters to translate for them. And the Germans would get it. According to their ZOGbot leaders – there is no such thing as German culture, but a lot of their old buildings (including pre-Reformationation churches) have Elhaz on them. They would totally get it. It would lift their spirits and put the virtue of the poetry and song of the North into them.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Thank you for all the info Lynda, I find it very inspiring.. I agree the chant is amazing, and very evocative of ideas of defense and protection. And in agreement with your second point surely such qualities are needed among the German Volk now more than ever. Would also ABSOLUTELY make a good addition to any Preservationist/Nationalist rally!

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