Identitarian French Pop Music! – Les Brigandes

Identitarian French Pop Music! – Les Brigandes
January 20, 2016 Admin

Les Brigandes is a French pop/rock group made of female Traditionalist Catholics. I was first made aware of them by Patrick Le Brun’s excellent article in Counter-Currents. Through the use of catchy melodies, clever lyrics, and irrepressible good humor, Les Brigandes elevates Identitiarian belief to the level of art, and provides an emotionally uplifting presence to make any depressed European smile.

A section of their songs and videos is included on this page. My personal favorite is “The Jacobin Lodge”, their send up of the Masons and Masonic Lodges. As a former Mason I can testify to the truthfulness of the portrayal (old men overeating, etc). The video is both funny and whip-smart, and the lyrics provide a subtle but persuasive critique of the famous order. The song is also quite catchy.

As Patrick Le Brun states in his piece on Counter-Currents: “it is not simply what the Masons do but what they are which is objectionable to them, as made clear in the song.” The song’s denunciation of Masonry is rooted in the Mason’s identity and philosophy of humanism- the “every man created equal” philosophy that the modern French and American states are rooted in. The French Revolution was in many ways copied on and inspired by the American Revolution, and each took root to a large extent as a result of Masonry. The philosophies and aims of the two nations were similarly rooted in the Masonic ideals of “Liberte, Egality, Fraternite”. A man of any race and religion can become a Mason, and it is easy to see the connection between their philosophy and the dark reality we find ourselves in today, where ethnicity and culture are considered “societal constructs”, and lands such as France are flooded with immigrants who share no similarities or common values with native French citizens.

Indeed one could argue that modern Europe and modern America are the apex of Masonic thought, in which all identities have been cast down and the “brotherhood of man” is finally allowed to fully flower. Society is ruled by what Les Brigandes call “the cohort of grand perverts”, perpetually toasting to the “health of Robespierre”. But if the French Revolution taught us anything, its that even the most entrenched rulers may crumble, and Les Brigandes is doing their part to raise awareness, change hearts, and bring a similar fate to the corrupt elites of modern Europe.

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  1. Michael 2 years ago

    These artists are great beyond belief what an amazing talent.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Michael, I have probably listened to “The Jacobin Lodge” 200 times since I first stumbled upon them

  2. Michael 2 years ago

    Christainity started to die from the 1960s. When Christainity stopped shaping social norms and started being shaped by them. The decline continued. Because it became more shaped by popular liberal standards. Corruption, child abuse and pick and mix beliefs. Today it is ignored by the vast majority of society and so it strives to be more popular to modern life. We have seen the abortion of millions of European children, promoted by the State, yet now we are importing children from Asia and Africa. This decline in Europeans is one excuse for mass immigration and our decline.

  3. Michael 2 years ago

    The events of the Second World War and particularly the genocide of the Jewish race by Nazis, left a mark on the conscience of Western Europe. Other European nations failed to respond to the known persecution of the Jewish people across Europe. Discrimination against the Jewish people seems more common at that time., more than we like to admit. The reason for this discrimination and abuse of Jewish people has never been researched and so it is a dark secret. However, it still remains that a dreadful crime festers in the minds, and a pay back is yet to come.

  4. Author
    Admin 2 years ago

    Hey Michael- it certainly does seem to weight heavily on the consciousness of nearly all Europeans. I was struck a couple years ago when listening to an interview with Lutz Bachmann, when PEGIDA was first becoming a big story, that the reporters most passionate line of inquiry was regarding Bachmann’s thoughts about the Holocaust and Nazism, and that what seemed more important to the interviewer’s mind was the relationship between PEGIDA’s actions and WWII, rather than anything to do with the present, and certainly not the future, of Germany.

    I also hear many people of European heritage explain the migrant crisis and immigration troubles as rebound for colonialism, and certainly I can at least see how their minds make that connection. The difference in some however is that rather than just linking the two events and articulating the connections between them, they actually morally connect the two and fully believe that Europe DESERVES to be destroyed by immigration, because of its (past) sins of colonialism. Which I obviously view as pathological and terrible.

    Do you think the WWII and other forms of European white-guilt will begin to abate as the destablization increases in Europe and the horrors of multiculturalism grow? Or that it will continue on down until the complete destruction and enslavement of nations such as Germany?

  5. Michael 2 years ago

    Thank you for your reply. I do think that our generation can not and should not be held accountable of the actions of those in the past. However, I do think from my studies of the Holocaust that it is still considered that Europe will not really understand the plight of the Jewish People until the European People experience the same events. Hence, the rise and power of Isam in the West and it’s possible effect on our population in the future. Of which the events in occupied Syria illustrate clearly.

  6. Lynda 2 years ago

    Mythological: – [Where now the horse and the rider?]
    Definitive history – The Crown settles Cromwell’s debt to the Synagogue over Scotland and the HIghlands (collateral) – [The Corries – The Braes of Killiekrankie]

    Where is this going? – [ Choeur Montjoie Saint Denis. Kyrie des Gueux] – [Le Roy Louis – Choeur de la joyeuse garde]

  7. Joe 1 year ago

    Neopaganism, sect, anti-catholic

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hi Joe- you are saying that Les Brigandes are those things? Wasn’t sure if I understood your comment…

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