Idiocy And Evil: Sadiq Khan, The Tories, And Germany

Idiocy And Evil: Sadiq Khan, The Tories, And Germany
May 8, 2016 Admin

The symbolism of Sadiq Khan’s victory in the London Mayoral Election is of quite monumental proportions. London has been, for millennia at this point, the capitol of England (and now the UK). The English were the lone superpower of the world for 300 years. They, the proud Anglo-Saxon race, ventured forth from their northern isle’s to conquer huge swaths of the world’s surface. They colonized lands from South America to India to Southern Africa. They founded and settled what are today some of the world’s most successful, prosperous countries (the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand). Certainly since WWII England’s superpower status had dimmed, as America took its place as the world’s great superpower and naval force, but that diminishment pales in comparison to what is now taking place, and that which is signified by Mr. Khan’s victory.

For this week London, the storied capitol of that great island nation, has, for the first time, come under the rule of a Muslim. This is not some random oddity, akin to Benjamin Disraeli’s election as a Jewish Prime Minister of Britain in the 1800’s- something not repeated in 150 years. On the contrary, Khan’s victory is a perfect reflection of London’s current identity. For the capitol of Britain is no longer a British city. It is, in every way, a Muslim one.

With that being the case, the response of the losing party in the Mayoral Election- the party that, through that loss, has officially handed over control of London to an Islamist completely without loyalty to the United Kingdom- is worth considering.

I have been kept abreast of this response throughout the week because the first thing I do every morning is pull up The Telegraph to read the day’s news. This is out of habit, because for a long time it was one of the only outlets for European news I could find. I have since found better ones, but I still like to read The Telegraph first, to gauge the mainstream take on European events for the day.

In it this week there have been a number of stories either by Tories or about the Tories, which seek to explain and reflect upon the victory of Mr. Khan over Tory Mayoral Candidate Zak Goldsmith.

Most begin by touching on Mr. Goldsmith’s deficiencies as a candidate. While none have used the specific word, the consensus seems to be that Goldsmith lacked any semblance of thumos (for a definition click here). This is not surprising. Goldsmith is the son of a billionaire and likely has never been tested in any way his entire life.

This criticism of Goldsmith is coupled with two other responses. The first is surprise. One proud ‘modern’ Tory woman promised to run through London naked (among other disgusting things) if Khan won, so sure was she of Goldsmith’s victory. The Tory writers and mainstream journalists at The Telegraph seemed veritably shocked that London- a city that is now majority non-White and in which Mohammed is the most common baby name- elected a Muslim with ties to extremism instead of a 40 year old white man whose father is a billionaire. I might be missing something here, but it seems to me that any ten year old could have predicted this result. Yet nowhere have I seen a journalist at The Telegraph or a member of the Tory Party state the obvious: “Yes, London is lost, we let the Labor party import millions of Muslims decade after decade for 50 years, and it is logical that they are now starting to take power.” Neither do they seem to realize the obvious implication, which is that London will be followed down the same path by British city after British city, as the proportion of Muslims steadily increases year after year.

Instead of acknowledging this, and getting the idea that, within a certain timeline there is no future for any white politician in Britain, the Tories and their friends at The Telegraph launch into their other response, which is virtue-signaling. One can find such sentiment splattered across the pages today. Goldsmith, who raised concerns about Khan’s ties to extremism during the election, has been accused of “dog-whistling”, “racism”, “Islamophobia”, and all the other favorite Suicidalist-buzzwords. The candidate’s own sister, Jemima Khan (she is married to a Pakistani) even joined in (link).

Even worse however, is that this virtue-signaling is part of parcel of calls for the Tories to expend greater effort “finding common ground” with Muslims, being “more-inclusive”, and all the other Suicidalist slogans that mean increased surrender to Islamization.

I guess I can see how those whose lives are built around politics can get such periscope glasses, where they engage in short term actions to win political success that will cause long-term results beyond disastrous for their country and their families, but these Brit’s must be far, far stupider than we would like to believe. In exchange for their parties’ political success, they are prepared to allow the mass rape of their nation’s children, the death of its culture, and the eventual enslavement or conversion of its population to Islam.

If this is shortsighted idiocy of a level hard for us to comprehend, we have only to jump eastward to Germany to see its parallel in pure evil.

From Breitbart, today:

The Green-Socialist coalition government in the region of North Rhine-Westphalia are not at all amused by whistleblowers who leaked documents that showed police tampering with witness reports from the New Years Eve sex attacks last month. The red-green coalition, as it’s known, has said they will launch an investigation in order to out the “moles” in their office by questioning the various media sources who broke the story reports.

The ruling parties say that the documents were disclosed unlawfully and that the information contained within them was classified. The parties have already submitted a formal request to the Parliament President (herself a member of the Socialist Party or SPD) for information regarding an investigation into the matter on Wednesday.

SPD chairman Hans-Willi Körfges has said that an inquiry must authorize prosecution against anyone found to be involved in the leaks. He said that the issues will be discussed behind closed doors and information regarding the inquiry will not be made immediately available to the public or the press.

This is referring to the New Years Eve attacks in Cologne, in which hundreds of young native German women were attacked, sexually assaulted, and in many cases raped by Muslim immigrants from the Middle-East and Africa, in a coordinated attack involving thousands of migrants engaging in the Muslim custom of taharrush, or mass-rape.

The article continues:

The original leaks were sent to the Cologne Express who claim that they did not mention the personal information of any of the victims. Rather, they said, “Cologne CID officials have noted in January that there had been an attempt at a National Police Agency at Neujahrtag to delete the term “rape” from an internal police report to the interior ministry – according to them even at ‘the Ministry’s request.’ ”

Editor-in-chief of the Express Carsten Fiedler wrote a reply to the announcement of an investigation saying, “the fact is also that without the meticulous work of local journalists, yes, the reporters of the EXPRESS, the dimension of the New Year’s Eve mobs would never come out,” and went on, “the public authorities – not only the police – would prefer the scandal hushed and downplayed.”

The disgust this provokes is warranted, and it is just one more example of the sickness inherent in this religion of negationism and White self-hatred that has overtaken Europe.

One could analyze which is more dangerous, idiocy or evil, but both are having the same impact in Europe: the genocide of our people. But while this is the case, we should find hope in the presence of these very attributes of theirs, for their stupidity and their evil will doom them, just like they have doomed leaders of countless nations before.

Eventually, they will fall. It might be to us, as more and more Europeans awaken every day. It might very well be to the Muslims, as some lands may be too far-gone to save. Either way, we can take solace in knowing that their days will eventually be numbered. The future of Europe WILL be decided by violence and blood, and they will be on the losing side irregardless. With that being the case, I pray and endeavor, that it will be our swords that they fall to.

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  1. Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

    I know London very well (spent years there), so it will be familiar terrain for ops.

    You have to wonder what goes through the minds of British veterans and patriots: “What the fuck was the point of WWII?!”

    • RichardJames 2 years ago

      “What the fuck was WWII about” ?

      The 6 million .

      The entire ediface of Western society, from the frivolity of entertainment to the seriousness of politics is based upon the lie that the Second European Brothers War was justified because of the holocaust.
      The show trial lynch mob at Nürnburg set the standards for which would later become international law via NATO.
      All based upon torture. The torture of Rudolf Höss which resulted in a signed witness statement was used as proof that the gas chambers, steam chambers, electrified floor chambers, paddlund machines, skin lampshades and jewish soap bars was a fact.
      This twentieth century myth has been constantly pushed upon each and every European Son and Daughter.
      Its no wonder Germans, particularly young German men, have become so willing to commit ethnic and racial suicide.

      I know you were been rhetorical Laguna Beach and yes I have heard old warriors express that frustration.

  2. Michaek 2 years ago

    It is easy to ignore the strong influence that class still plays in British society particularly when it comes to politics. The two camps of working class and middle class still hold strong ties to the Labour and Tory Parties. In the recent London election many people who consider themselves as working class would prefer to vote for a Muslim Labour candidate rather than a Tory. The growth of the immigrant vote for Labour places many working class people in a difficult position with divided loyality. Labour are now recognised as the immigrant party but for white working class there is no real alternative party to vote for. Things will not change until the working class can find a new political home, this is slowly being provided by UKIP. Some switched to Tories on a promise of reducing immigration but this did not materialise and now both Labour and Tory will compete for the non White vote. The real situation in Britain with its strong class structure is expressed in a old song which went as follows The working class can kiss my arse I have got the foreman’s job at last.

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