Important Announcements!

Important Announcements!
February 13, 2018 Admin

Greetings men-

Hope you are doing well!

Wanted to make this post to update you on a few things.

First, I have created Twitter and Gab accounts.

Actually, a member of our little digital Mannerbunde created the Gab one in my name then sent me the sign in info lol.

But yeah, I am now among the ranks of social mediadom 😊

It feels kind of weird being brand new on each, but I know in the long run it will pay off.

If you have an account on either please follow me!

Both are @J_Langness.

Second, I have decided to merge my two Youtube channels together and just have one.

I have made this decision for some very specific reasons, to give you a glimpse into my thinking.

The first is that Youtube’s algorithm rewards regular posting.

What this means is that one channel that uploads 360 videos a year would get far greater results than two channels each uploading 180 videos per year.

You would think that each of those channel would get 50% the results of one uploading 360 videos, but its more like 25% or 12.5%, because of how the algorithm works.

Also, I think that there’s actually quite a bit of overlap between the two channels I created.

Some of the Strenuous Prosperity ones are pretty entrepreneurially specific, and those are the ones I’ll have to cut out now that I am combining the two channels, but some of the others (Best Careers For Men, Why Men Shouldn’t Go To College, etc) are ones that are just as applicable to the Conquering Modernity channel.

So yeah I decided to consolidate them now while their both still brand new, and from now on I will just be focusing on the Conquering Modernity channel, but making it a little more ‘self-improvementy’.

I think there’s a lot of Youtubers who sort of span that gap actually, be it the Golden One, Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, etc.

But yeah, anyway gentlemen, here is my newest video below.

It is the third video in the series on masculinity, and is titled ‘What Is The Future Of Masculinity?’.

Check it out!

Also if you haven’t subscribed to the channel yet please do so by clicking >>>here<<<.



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  1. El Cid 1 week ago

    Great work….thank you for what you do

    • Author
      Admin 1 week ago

      Thanks EC 🙂

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