Important Mike Cernovich Article On Media And Politics

Important Mike Cernovich Article On Media And Politics
October 30, 2016 Admin

Mike Cernovich at Danger and Play published an excellent article last week titled “Why The Left Has Been Winning (And How To Beat Them)”.

I wanted to link to it and encourage people to read it, as its highly relevant to the situation in Europe. Indeed, as we often talk about, lying left-wing media driving the societal zeitgeist is even more the case in Europe than in America, and as a result, the points outlined in Cernovich’s essay represent questions of precedence concerning Western Europe’s future.

The article focuses primarily on news and news coverage. Cernovich explains that right-wing think tanks and ‘commentators’ have basically- at this juncture of cultural development- ended up in a purely analytical role in which they merely ‘react’ and ‘comment’ on events and also on the left-wing media’s coverage of the news.

As he states:

Conservatives fund feckless think tanks, the left funds media and entertainment. That’s why the left is winning.

There’s no exhaustive list of conservative think tanks, though research reveals there are hundreds.

What have these think tanks conserved? Think tanks can’t even prevent the financial ruin of impoverished bakers who didn’t want to perform a trivial act like baking a wedding cake for a gay wedding. (I can understand requiring doctors to treat gay people, medicine is an essential service. In what world can’t a gay couple find someone else to make a cake?)

Conservative think tanks are a complete waste of money. The NRA is the most effective conservative group, and that’s due to its political activism. The right doesn’t need yet another stately-looking “think paper.” The right needs news media, films, and cultural icons.

Original reporting is almost exclusively monopolized by the left.

This is- as we all know- spot on. Indeed, even Rush Limbaugh has made his thirty year career off of the activities Cernovich bemoans- commenting on and complaining about leftist cultural dominance and left-wing media bias. His longevity makes him the perfect example as well, because despite the fact that he has become very well known and has made a lot of money, we see the failure of conservatism plainly in the thirty year span of his show, in which society has moved massively and irrevocably to the left.


As the article at Danger and Play states:

The left is re-making America into its image – one of depravity.

Children are now given “hormones” at a young age to convert them into another gender. Charles C.W. Cooke of National Review agreed with Salon and wrote that pedophiles deserve “respect and compassion.”

The left wants to import “refugees” because those same “refugees” bring with them terrorism and rape.

Cernovich doesn’t get in to the “OODA Loop” in the article (although he recently published an article which used it to analyze Donald Trump’s success). The OODA Loop is a crucial framework for understanding politics, culture, and the war in Europe (check out our article on it here). In this instance, one could say that since the left both drives the cultural zeitgeist AND does 99% of the reporting on it (whether legit or biased or faked), it ends up transitioning through the OODA Loop cycle (observing, orienting, deciding, acting) far quicker than the right. Basically, the left goes from women’s rights to civil rights to gay rights to transgender-insanity before the ‘deep thinkers’ on the right can finish polishing their rare coin collections.


Another inter-related frame through which to view the situation comes from The Pressure Project, and the idea of ‘feeders and receivers’. On The Pressure Project, MMA instructors (and Identitarians) Master Chim and White Boy Pat explain that in fighting and violence one wants to be the ‘feeder’ rather than the ‘receiver’. If we extrapolate from violence to politics (which is quite appropriate) it becomes clear that the left are the ones who have been the ‘feeders’ for the last four decades, re-shaping culture and attacking normal people as ‘racist, sexist, ____-phobic, etc’ in order to successfully shift the Overton Window ever leftward. The right, on the other hand, have been the ‘receivers’. Indeed I believe there is a quote that goes: ‘A Liberal is someone who wants to drastically remake society and overturn all societal conventions within the next ten years, a Conservative is someone who wants it to take twenty’.

So what then should we strive for instead? For truly that is the starting point, both collectively and on an individual level. I am well aware that this site could be tarred with the same brush, and accused of ‘reacting’ rather than acting. Being a ‘feeder’ is difficult, but I am always striving in that direction, which is exactly what I think the whole new, young, Identitarian right is now doing across the Occident. Indeed I think the Identitarian movement and the meme warfare it produces are basically the 100% opposite of ‘reactive’ conservatism, even if we do offer ‘commentary’ on occassion.

We are still at the absolute square one/beginning when it comes to taking back the culture though, and therefore- to build off of Cernovich’s article- I think there are three pillars we must fight to wrest back control of.

News and Media
– As Cernovich says, the right must re-embrace journalism. As he states, this is not rocket science:

My readers got into the habit of attending Hillary rallies and showing pictures of the small crowds. That’s real journalism. Why wasn’t Ben Shaprio of Daily Wire sending people to rallies? Where was National Review? What about Weekly Standard?

The sophisticated right hates on Alex Jones. You know what? F*ck the haters. I’ve seen Alex Jones’ people everywhere doing original reporting. Joe Biggs was in Haiti right now investigating Clinton Foundation fraud.

It is just as possible for the right to go out and cover news as the left. Breitbart has succeeded at it, and may even get their own cable news channel soon. All of our sites can strive in this regard as well. For ECW, we will continue to strive to translate articles from European journals, strive to provide on the ground updates like Piimivaras’ one from Estonia, and strive to do everything we can to raise awareness of what is going on, and normalize the idea of ‘Civil War in Europe’ in people’s minds.

Fundraising, Wealth, and Power
– This is another area the left has a huge advantage in, in large part because they are now the parties of globalism and have become the whores of multinational banks and corporations.

We on the right need to fight back in this area in two ways. 1) Learning to create wealth and making as much money as possible, and 2) Donating that money to appropriate causes, and building large networks to facilitate such donations.

While the former is something I am already immersed in, the latter is something that greatly interests me as well, and is a topic that I am planning on putting some time into studying. There must be tricks and skills and best practices involved in fundraising and in building such networks, and we would all do well to learn them as events begin to escalate.

Entertainment and Culture
– Cernovich only lightly touched on this in his post, but it is a subject we are all immensely aware of. We have talked of the pernicious effect of most mainstream films and movies, and of the importance in quitting the watching of television, yet we all sadly know that 90% of our fellow Occidentals are still being brainwashed by these forces. Therefore rather than wishing for a vacuum that will likely never exist, we should instead strive to create art and entertainment that pushes our own narratives, and influences those people’s thinking before the degenerate waste that is Hollywood can do so.

I think there are signs of hope in this regard. One small, specific example is Walt Bismark, and his remakings of Disney Songs. Another is Les Brigandes. There are also many of us- such as myself, Gregory Hood, and Markus Willinger, who have written books on Identitarian subjects. Mike Cernovich himself has shown just how many copies and just how much money can be made with a well written and well marketed books, even when they are on topics the mainstream considers verboten.

All of this may seem like a drop in a bucket, but as the world is increasingly flattened by the internet I believe the sky is the limit.

Therefore I think the ultimate conclusion is that each of us must ask ourselves- every day- what we can best do to help. How can each of us ‘feed’ the situation? How can we best take advantage of our own unique skills and situation?

If you are reading this, perhaps you have a book in you that you need to write. Perhaps you are in France or Finland and you can write an on the ground update for this site (if so please email me). Perhaps you are gifted at accounting and building relationships and could start a really well-run, transparent fundraising organization for right wing causes and the preservation of Europe. Perhaps you can be our generation’s Wagner or Lindbergh.

Many of the people who read this site are already giving much of their time, energy, and money in this regard (more than me in many cases), but if you are newly ‘red-pilled’ to what is going on in Europe, or finally getting fed up enough to act, or feel that you have not done enough so far, the above questions are a great place to start.

All of us want action- and we have written at length on joining gun clubs, vigilante groups, and other ‘real’ means of fighting back. As the left has shown however, the importance of culture, media, and the financial forces that power them cannot be underestimated. Therefore it behooves us to focus on both fronts, so that someday, when our grandchildren ask us about these times, and what we did when the Muslims and traitors attempted to destroy the West, we can look them square in the eye, and answer their questions with pride.

Hail Victory

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  1. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    Cernovich and the Alt-Right are finally getting it. I’ve been arguing this stuff for years.

    Forget about think tanks, policy papers, and egghead essays. Focus on art and action.

    As the late Dominique Venner ( 1935-2013) said:

    Our world will not be saved by blind intellectuals or jaded scholars. It will be saved by poets and fighters…

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Laguna Beach-

      That quote is absolutely perfect man… Sums up my greatest goals and dreams- both personally and for our generation 🙂

  2. rick 1 year ago

    These are great areas that will draw in some great people in. What do you think of a website that lists companies or businesses that are (if not supportive) of nationalist causes then at least not destructive to native populations, while naming and shaming those companies that push affirmative action etc..

    • Steve 1 year ago

      We already have Judas watch, it’s a great site, I’ve made many contributions myself now (six I think). would recommend scanning the news headlines for traitors of any stripe, researching them, then logging them into judas watch

  3. rick 1 year ago

    These Estonian “insurgents” are going to be barricading the front door from marauding Russians all the while Syrians, Moroccans and Africans are slipping through the back door.

  4. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    Estonia, the Baltic countries, and Europe as a whole need to prepare for a war of liberation.

  5. Dashui 1 year ago

    I had a Lithuanian/Russian coworker. She told me in the cold war students were forced to do these type of military drills, but NATO was the aggressor. Looking back she feels it was the Gov. doing a type of indoctrination on the populace, it wasn’t serious military training.

  6. Philip 1 year ago

    Only just catching up with my reading. The problem in the UK is the BBC , it is omnipresent. It has most of the TV channels and controls most of the airwaves, and worst of all the it is funded by a legally enforced licence fee (if you own a TV set you must pay even if that person doesn’t watch its’ programmes) Years ago it was taken over by the liberal left and all the traditionalists were shunted aside or allowed to whither on the vine. While a growing number of people recognise that a good deal of its output is politicised, biased to the left, anti tradition, distorted and in some cases downright lies, it gets away with it because it is the mouthpiece of the establishment. I think Pravda in the old Soviet Union could not have been more pernicious.
    Conservative governments are the worst and most hypercritical, they constantly make statements that the license fee is a poll tax and criticise the organisation’s left wing bias but do nothing to clean out the ‘Augean Stables’ as they use it to the full to get their message across ( and that message is as Globalist and NWO as the Left’s or in fact Soros as they are adept in the art of deceit) Was it Lincoln who said ‘ you can fool some of the people most of the people etc…’ In Britain the Conservative Party have perfected the art of fooling all the people all of the time as their core vote never diminishes (Conservative is a misnomer as they long ago abandoned any form of conservatism) A classic example of their art of propaganda is the myth that surrounds Winston Churchill. In the eyes of most Conservative members and voters he is a true British hero while in fact the man did more damage to the British nation and its interests, and more widely to the the European race than any Briton in history. An example if any are needed of his malice was the bombing of Dresden where upward of 50000 people were killed on his instructions and for no apparent reason as it failed to shorten the war by one day. Yet afterwards he was able to shift the blame to ‘Bomber’ Harris who was the operational commander but did not select the target.
    As everyone from the Romans ‘panem et circenses’ to Goebbels realised, if you control the media and entertainment you control the masses and like Pavlov’s dog you can get them to do and believe anything.

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