Important Times

Important Times
August 18, 2017 Admin

Editor’s Note:

This is a transcript of the email sent to all newsletter subscribers last night. Normally I don’t repost those emails because I want to keep them private for those who have put trust in us by subscribing, but in this case I believe it is an important message and want to get it to as wide a group of people as possible. Please don’t miss the conclusion and the update at the bottom as well. Thank you brothers.



Greetings men-

These are obviously momentous times we are living in, both with what is going on in Europe and what is going on in America.

I wrote about the latter today on the website:

It was interesting seeing various people’s reactions to everything that is going on.

Donald Trump, to his credit, didn’t kowtow to the radical Cultural-Marxist media, but stuck to his guns that the events in Charlottesville weren’t as simple as they were portraying them.

Tucker Carlson, Michael Savage, and (to his credit) Rush Limbaugh followed suit and did the same.

Mitt Romney, as no one will be surprised to hear, came out in full glory and denounced “Trump’s horrible, evil racism” (or something along those lines).

Romney also unequivocally supports taking down confederate statues, it was reported, which brings up an interesting question: Would Romney support tearing down the statues in Salt Lake City to Joseph Smith and Brigham Young? Both of the LDS Church’s first two prophets claimed that black skin was the curse of God for wickedness, and that black people didn’t have souls. Indeed the Mormon Church only changed their doctrine to state that black people did have souls (and could join the Mormon priesthood) in the late 1970’s. BYU is named after the aforementioned Brigham Young, who was an arch segregationist and white supremacist both doctrinally and in practice. Would Romney support tearing their statues down?

When will the Alt-Left tear down Brigham Young's statue? Will Romney support it?

When will the Alt-Left tear down Brigham Young’s statue? Will Romney support it?


What This Means For Us

If I could try to sum up the message or goal of in one phrase, it would be this: The goal of achieving honor among like-minded men through the pursuing of European-Preservationism with strength, courage, and self-mastery, in a way our ancestors (and descendants) would be proud of.

In that vein I have three things I think are important for those like us to do vis a vis this whole situation.

1. Explain the reality of what is going on in both the U.S. and Europe to those who do not know better

There are countless people who suspect they are being lied to by the media, but who don’t understand everything that is going on. This is a great opportunity for us to educate them. We must do it fairly and accurately though. If we act as though there is no ambiguity people will trust us no more than they do the media. This is a VERY complicated situation in America right now and not one that can be summed up in one or two sentences. There are a lot of contradictions involved and we are some of the few people who really understand it all.

2. Navigate the landscape with honor.

I saw a really awful story today about a father who basically disowned and publicly shamed his son for marching in Charlottesville. I don’t know anything about the son’s exact beliefs, but the way the father spoke and how he chose to go about the situation really just filled me with sadness and a little bit of revulsion. It wasn’t that he disagreed with his son, but it was the fact that his statements seemed more focused on earning praise for himself and trying to virtue-signal his goodness and trying to earn media praise and attention than it did about anything else.

I am blessed to have a dad who has stuck by me through thick and thin no matter where my politics have led me, and no matter what youthful idiocy I (in past times) engaged in.

Traditionalism and Identitarianism are based on holding familial and other such bonds sacred, and even if we have family members who don’t agree with us on these things, I think it is still the honorable thing to stand by them. I am not saying we shouldn’t hold proper boundaries with them or condone awful behavior, but that our loyalty to our families is a reflection of the beliefs we hold and separates us from the leftist negationists, who since the 1960’s have been expressly anti-family and anti-familial loyalty.

In this regard, we must remember that the media is very powerful, and the presence of utter idiots LARP’ing in KKK and Nazi gear DID give the media a great opportunity to portray anyone who was in Charlottesville as evil. We know this isn’t the case, and that many of the people there were totally normal folks opposed to the purposeful destruction of historical statues and all the other evils being done by progressives, but if we have friends or family who have been fooled by the media’s lies we can’t completely blame that on them.

3. We have other men of honor in need.

In the last two days the r-Selected, religious-fundamentalist companies in Silicon Valley have done everything in their power to destroy a number of websites that we all know for excellence, integrity, and honor. Foremost among these are Counter-Currents and VDARE, and they are both in need of great assistance.

Everyone’s financial situation is different, but if you have anything you can donate to these institutions I would encourage you to do so.

Here are the links:

It is ironic those two sites have earned such attacks, as I know the leaders of each and beyond being great leaders they are also exceedingly decent individuals. Indeed, despite what the media says, I think if either Greg Johnson or Peter Brimelow was suddenly made dictator of the country with unlimited powers, they would enact more humane, decent, and intelligent policies for all the people currently residing in America than any current Democrat or Republican would.

It also brings up the question of who is next-  Vox Day? Zero Hedge? Breitbart?


(Editor’s Note: Here is our friend Marcus Follin on the situation)



In Closing

Events are starting to heat up, and it is to be hoped that good will come of them.

It is an immense honor to share in this quest for preservation and reconquest with men of such high caliber.

Deus Vult brothers.




Update – As of today a large number of websites- of widely varying beliefs- have been taken offline through the actions of radical Cultural-Marxist business leaders in Silicon Valley, acting in concert with the Soros-affiliated goons in the media and entertainment industry, et al. This has been done by either DDOS-protection service providers ceasing to protect them, or from their hosting providers kicking them offline.

Counter-Currents is apparently going to be one of these as of tomorrow morning.

Also, in a bizarre twist, ECW-interviewee Jeffrey Johnson’s has also suffered this fate. I find this utterly bizarre, as Jeffery is a practicing Mormon who supports the leadership of the Mormon church and doesn’t seem very ‘extreme’ to me at all (I think he used the term ‘alt-right’ to describe himself and wrote about traditional gender roles being a good thing and white people still existing on the planet in 200 years- major thought crimes in this day and age).

I only found out about Red Gulls because another site called The Progressive Mormons wrote an article celebrating it and linked to this site to quote the interview Jeffery did with us.

The Progressive Mormons is a fantastic site through which to see the underlying dynamics of all this. The authors have obviously been convinced by the entertainment industry/the media/their college professors that they were raised in the ancient dark ages of close-minded 1945, and from there convinced to join the present day world in 1968. They are now “peaceful”, “free-thinking”, and “tolerant”, and have “rebelled” against the “patriarchy” and “oppression” of their Mormon upbringing. They are major rebels. And transgressive. Just like Green Day and Stephen Colbert.

Now… Mormons aren’t perfect, but having grown up around them I can declare that- though their metaphysics are a bit crazy- they are a far, far better community than any progressive one you will find. I hope the authors of the site realize that just as it legitimately no longer is 1945, it also is no longer 1968 and the “free-thinking” dogmas they have switched to after throwing away the dogma’s they were raised with are heavily destructive in their own right, and causing far more horror and suffering than “Mormon patriarchy” ever did.

For more info on that, please read the following post – it has a rather tongue in cheek name but in my opinion very well lays out what Progressivism has resulted in:


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Comments (16)

  1. EFK 6 months ago

    Host your own websites to avoid being shut down

  2. gary lester 6 months ago

    One thought, to put it all in perspective;

    Those poor slaves,
    were really lucky!
    They didn’t get eaten by their villages.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Very good Gris Bosque. Is that a Haiku too?

  3. Jeffrey Johnson 6 months ago

    Dear Julian,

    No, I wasn’t removed from the Internet. For many years now, I witnessed America decaying at an ever rapidly increasing pace. I saw the infiltration and subversion of the Mormon Church. I started Redgulls to speak up and make my voice heard. Somebody had to let the LDS people know what was going on. After Saturday and the fallout, I decided that my time was done and I decided to remove my website from the Internet. It’s tragic because I loved writing Redgulls. The fact of the matter is I have to maintain my secrecy. I’m now a married man and I have a child on the way. They are my priority along with any other future children.

    You are right, Redgulls was a very moderate website. I’m a moderate man. But it just doesn’t matter anymore. I did my part and I got the word out there that there’s a not so silent coup going on in the Mormon Church. The LDS Church’s actions this week, condemning Ayla (WifeWithAPurpose) and the next day issuing a public statement in support of a pro LGBTQA concert in Utah, is more than enough evidence that subversive elements currently have big power in the Mormon Church.

    You are right about the Mormon Church. They are going to tear down the statue of Brigham Young in downtown Salt Lake City. The Church is going to have to rename BYU (Brigham Young University). Who knows how many famous Mormons they are going to be forced to disavow? As Mormon young men, many of us serve as full time missionaries. We serve for 2 years. Well Redgulls was like my second mission and I raised the voice of warning. Who knows if anybody in the Mormon Church was listening? But my time is over.

    At least I will have more time to comment here.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago


      Thank you for the extremely well-written and poignant comment.

      These are indeed momentous times.

      It speaks to the left’s eagerness to end free speech that the “Mormon Progressives” editor immediately believed you to have been forced off the internet, and cheered it on. That was where I got what is obviously the misinformation that that was the case. I will leave the article as it is and let your comment speak to the truth of the matter.

      You seem to be correct regarding the Mormon church, and it breaks my heart. Some of the best people I have ever met have been Mormons, and to see the sickness that has infected the rest of society finally enter into it is tragic. I don’t even mean LGBTQ-whatever either, but rather something far deeper, which is the shift to a philosophy of suicide, and hatred for those who sacrificed so that we could be here and be free. If and when they do tear down the statues of Brigham Young and Joseph Smith it will be a highly symbolic moment not just for Mormonism but for America.

      In closing, I understand your decision to take down the site completely, and support you in it. I absolutely do think you have done much good with Red Gulls, and that it has made a difference. Perhaps God and our ancestors have bigger plans in store for you to help our people in other ways. The question of whether more good can be done inside of or outside the system is an important one. It is a question I often ask myself, as a husband and father and someone who is blessed to have achieved success in ‘normal’ life. We need men in all manner of positions, if the West is to survive, and I think its possible to do just as much or more from a non-public role.

      If you decide it is helpful reach back back out to me at any point in the future and I can delete or change the name/links on the post of your interview, as well as this comment.

      And please do come by this site and comment as much as you can! There is nothing else more helpful and appreciated.



    • Be bold 6 months ago

      Jeffery Johnson,

      If you are reading this, thank you for what you did.

      And congratulations on the little one coming. There is nothing in the world to compare with fatherhood.

  4. Unknown 6 months ago

    I did not know that the situation in the USA has escalated that far… hope you can remain online!
    It looks like, the global left/right discrimination has found culture and migration as it’s new main topic. In this, the western world seems to become dominated by the left, and the eastern world by the right force. It would all be very fascinating to observe, if i was just an alien observer without affection…

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Lol I know. It would be very interesting in a history book. Real life… a little different.

      It is interesting… America and Europe are different in so many ways but things seem to be getting more and more similar.

  5. SteveRogers42 6 months ago

    AmRen is asking for donations. Cash, checks, or money orders only.

    American Renaissance

    PO Box 527

    Oakton, VA 22124

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Excellent thank you for posting that.

      From what I read on their site it seems like they have a good email list set up so that should help them overcome the loss of paypal/facebook/anything else. As long as they downloaded it as an excel file before Mailchimp kicked them off.

      I don’t think some of these other sites were building email lists but I think its going to be integral from here on out for anyone writing things at odds with the dominant suicidalist orthodoxy.

  6. SteveRogers42 6 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Yes that is very good. I think I saw one last night about declaring Soros a terrorist, which would be even better. Both good though!

  7. SteveRogers42 6 months ago

    I would like to suggest just exactly what the feckless father in Fargo should do with himself, but that would upset the gentle spirit of peace and love that I spend so much time cultivating. Besides, we’re all just here to drink decaf tea and compare recipes, right?

    Someday, all these free-speech preservationists are going to realize that they’re in the middle of 4GW, and if they’re going to go public, they should mask up and otherwise conceal their identities, just the way that their opponents do.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Definitely. No shortage of young men with ruined career prospects in the wake of it all unfortunately. Guessing Sweden won’t give them asylum and a basic income and job training and free healthcare like they do ISIS fighters either…

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago


      I think they are laying the foundation of their own destruction.

      Just like Cryptocurrencies are going to destroy the banking industry, I think far left tech companies like these are going to fall victim to some ‘creative destruction’ soon as well.

      Have you looked at Steemit? Very interesting. I only first heard of it yesterday. I think it looks like it could end up being the best candidate to replace Youtube.

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