Important Update On Fistfights With Muslims In Europe And Message To Readers

Important Update On Fistfights With Muslims In Europe And Message To Readers
May 16, 2016 Admin

Book Announcement

We here at are beginning a marketing drive for Fistfights With Muslims In Europe: One Man’s Journey Through Modernity, published by ES Linden Co. and written by Julian Langness.

It has continued to sell very well since it was published in late January. Counter-Currents recently reviewed it (big thank you to Greg Johnson and M. K. Lane), and we have gotten a lot of great feedback on it, especially its ability to educate “normies” and “moderns” on the situation in Europe.

If you have read the book or if you are a regular reader of this site and wish to help spread the word, the biggest help you can render us is reviewing the book on Amazon.

If you would be willing to do that just click here.



And then finally, I wanted to make a point to thank all the readers and commenters on this website. Your continued interest in this site, and your comments on the articles, are appreciated far more than you could know. While the situation in Europe itself was of course the primary catalyst for creating this website, the comments and emails from readers are absolutely the fuel that keeps it (me) going.

And all of our collective focus on this subject is of significance, for we are part of the vanguard of a movement of overwhelming importance. Generations upon generations of our ancestors look down upon us, in desperate hope that we can effect change before it is too late, and prevent the loss and ruin of all that they sacrificed for. Right now thousands of European children and women are in helpless fear of Muslim violence and gang-rape, and millions more are susceptible to it. Their only hope is us, the Identitarians seeking to overthrow the corrupt genocidal European governments, and expel the invaders bedeviling our people. Every single person on our side does those ancestors, and those poor helpless children proud. I have no qualms stating that we are the best among our civilization, and I pray that we can do what is needed. For those who have been a part of this website’s (very) small contribution to that mission, THANK YOU.


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  1. Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

    You’re doing some outstanding work here. One of the very few who understands where all of this is going.

    Looking forward to reading my physical copy when it’s available.

  2. DaShui 2 years ago

    And I’m gonna call out all the lurkers on this website who take and don’t give back.
    It cost money to mantain this website so send J a donation.
    It’s not masculine to let other men carry your weight for you.
    Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life!

  3. RichardJames 2 years ago

    Here’s a short account of an incident that I happened to, a few years ago. Infact about ten years lol how time flies.
    I try to avoid situations early on these days as an injury after 45yrs old takes alot longer to heal than it did when I was 23 and my income depends upon me being phsically fit, plus self employed, no work no pay.
    I was living in the area of the city that had long since experienced it’s White flight, the area was now mainly populated with students and Pakis.
    The traffic had come to a stop outside the Rugby ground, there must have been a match scheduled for later.
    It was hot, sticky weather and I wanted to get home which was about three minutes away in normal traffic. The traffic moved forwards a few yards but I stayed put as I was planning on turning around and using a ‘rat run’ through one of the many labyrinthine terraced streets that would get me home quicker than staying on current route.
    The person behind me began to sound their car horn impatiently, as though my four yard gap was creating their delay. Turning around I saw a young White femail, student type. She began to motion in an agitated way that for me to move up to the car in front. There still wasn’t enough room for me to turn around so I got out of my vehicle and began walking towards the car with the intention of explaining why she should calm down. One because I was leaving enough space between the car infront and myself in order to turn around and two because even if I did move forwards she still wasn’t going anywhere. The young Paki male jumped out of the passenger side and began to get all wannabe gangsterish with me. The girl also got out. Paki was trying to get his confidence doing all his paki jive talk ‘innit’ and swaying from side to side.
    I walked towards him.
    I’d lived in that area for a few years. Mainly working and trying to get enough money together to move out somewhere better and generally keeping my head down was how I spent my time. I’d seen enough of students and Pakis to realise how the two support each other in these places. Or rather, how the Pakis made money out of the students who were so oblivious to how the world works that they believed the Pakis were not a long term threat.
    Paki begins swinging wildly at me, out of range haymakers told me he was not trained or used to fighting. I decided to let him get tired befor going in properly. I kept taunting him by moving my head to within his reach then pulling back as he swung. Hysterical screaming from silly White girl. Paki got close with one swing and he caught my chin with a bunch of keys that he had clasped in one hand. Silly White girl, still screaming began to tell me to leave it, you’ve hit him now. I hadn’t though and I told her that I hadn’t even started . At this point an elderly Paki was leaning out of the window of a nearby house and shouted for us to stop. Rugby supporters on their way to the match just carried on walking in the way that Whites usually do when happening upon a situation that might get, or be violent.
    The Paki then began to speak, in his gangster speak he told me that ‘ his boys was here now innot so what iz I gonna do?
    I turned around and running up the road towards us about thirty yards away, in between the cars on either side of the road about five or six Pakis came. I knew I was fucked. I couldn’t move my vehicle and if i got into it I would be trapped there and may be killed. I decided to leave my vehicle there befor snatching the keys from the ignition and shutting the door, hopefully which car was mine would have been obscured to their vision by all the other cars and the general hullabaloo.
    As I walked away, the traffic began to move. This was a stroke of fortune, good luck, well I hadn’t been to church in years so a favour from the big man was probably not on the cards.
    As the Pakis got closer, I casually walked to my vehicle and got in it and drove away. The pakis had a confused look on their faces.
    Note: I belive that the Pakis have a phone number which they call whenever they might need help in the street. I’ve certainly noticed befor the speed with which many more pakis appear when the trouble begins. Ive seen paki taxi drivers use a phone to call up back up from other taxis and sometimes other cars that are not taxis. Notice the different attitude towards helping your own between the White Rugby supporters and the Pakis. Most Whites are not gonna know what the f..k has hit them when it starts.
    I haven’t read Julians book yet, will wait for the paper one to come out

  4. Dashui 2 years ago
  5. Troy Vilhelmsson 2 years ago

    The book was also reviewed by ‘Gretschen’ on the 12 May episode of Radio Free Northwest and

  6. SteveRogers42 1 year ago

    Santa just brought me a copy!

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago


      I am about to switch over from ‘Glossy’ to ‘Matte’ so if it is a big improvement I’ll let you know and send you a complimentary ‘Matte’ copy. (that’s referring to the material the cover is made out of I guess or how the ink is put onto the page)

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