Interesting Article From Italy On Evolving Cammora Youth Culture

Interesting Article From Italy On Evolving Cammora Youth Culture
September 13, 2016 Admin

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Interesting story from Italy in the Telegaph today.

Concerns the mafia and Islamic fundamentalism and ISIS. A lot of crossover in it on what we talk about here re: masculinity, fighting, violence, death, the Mannerbunde, and sacrality.

Am pasting it in full below:

Mafia gangsters in Naples styling themselves on Islamist terrorists

A new generation of mafia gangsters battling over drug turfs on the mean streets of Naples are styling themselves on the Islamist extremists of Isil and the Taliban, Italian prosecutors have revealed.

Mobsters belonging to the Camorra mafia are growing long beards and embracing a “cult of death” similar to that adopted by the terrorists of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. One clan, in the Sanita district of Naples, has taken to calling itself the “Barbuti” – the bearded ones.

The new generation, which is challenging the supremacy of older, more established Camorra families, flirts with death in order to give meaning to their lives, said Nicola Quatrano, a judge who recently condemned 43 mafia criminals to prison for a variety of serious crimes.

It is also a way of striking fear into their enemies, by presenting themselves as being as unscrupulous and murderous as Isil fighters.


“An existential thread links the young men who course through the streets of Naples with guns, and jihadi militants. Both groups are obsessed with death. Maybe they are in love with the idea, they are seeking it out, almost as if it is the only way of giving meaning to their lives,” the judge said.

Neapolitan gangsters have no interest in converting to Islam, but selectively base their “role models and modes of behaviour” on Islamist terrorists, Mr Quatrano said. “Some have grown bushy beards in the Taliban style,” he said, in a court document in which he outlined the legal arguments for his conviction of the 43 defendants.

A prominent example was Emanuele Sibillo, a Camorra gangster who grew a jihadist-style beard. He was shot dead last summer at the age of 19 during a turf war with a rival clan.

“Today he is regarded as a hero in the alleys and narrow streets of Naples’ historic centre, venerated almost like San Gennaro (the patron saint of Naples) on the altar which his family have erected in his memory,” the judge said.

Vincenzo Morgese, who works with young offenders in Naples, said: “In their imagination, Islamic State represents ferocity and a lack of fear. It’s a symbol of the fight against the State, against institutions and against other tribes.”

The desperate lives of young Camorra criminals in Naples is portrayed in a new Italian documentary, called “Robinu”. “When I have a Kalashnikov in my hands, I feel like the boss,” one young man says in the film.

“A Kalashnikov is the most beautiful thing in the world. It’s like holding Belen (Rodriguez, one of Italy’s best-known models and TV showgirls) in your arms.”

Italian model 'Belen', referenced in article.

Italian model ‘Belen’, referenced in article.

It is fascinating stuff. While on the one hand, Mafia culture in Italy is something historical and ‘entrenched’, I think one could also argue that a deceased young Mafia soldier being venerated in the streets of Naples “almost like a Saint” is an example of Guillaum Faye’s ‘archeofuturism’, in which our modernity starts to revert backwards and look more like the past.

I guess that’s the main question though is whether this is a ‘last gasp’ of such ideas, or whether it could be said to represent a new impulse towards them (the reverence for heroism vs materialism, and honor culture vs victim culture, etc). And, is it something which would naturally be constrained to the ‘criminal class’, or indicative of something potentially wider-ranging.

Would love to get any thoughts from commenters on this, and if they see this as sort of an isolated Italian thing that is only now on its last legs, something that is in a way ‘new’ and might spread, or what. Or any other observations. Very interesting stuff.

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  1. DaShui 1 year ago
  2. rick 1 year ago

    Gangsters rebranding so that they can better terrorize the locals. To me this is disappointing why can’t any of this youth, camaraderie, aggression and territorial pride be harnessed and applied into a positive direction.
    The main problem I see, is that there is no unifying force or big picture objectives. So if we look at Europe descending into a civil war or state of chaos, these gangsters will probably make any alliance that suits their immediate needs or is profitable. Including working with Jihadis to move drugs or traffic girls.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Yeah its difficult. I think you make a great point. I DO find the article hopeful though, not because I think of the Camorra members themselves positively, I certainly don’t- while they are of the same ‘tribe’ as us ethnically, I think of them with the same distaste, distrust, and dislike I have for black gang-members in America. Both would be more than happy to slit my throat or your throat if it brought them material gain. However (and I may be making assumptions here), I do think that if this is representative of youth culture generally, such trends could be a positive harbinger.

      My knowledge of the Italian and Neopolitan mafia is based on the Sopranos, so obviously suspect lol, however it seems to be that they have largely been reflective of consumerist, materialist European youth culture in only caring about clothes, watches, materialism, etc. I think that that if they are embracing more of an ‘existential’ ethos, where death, sacrifice, ‘martyrdom’, etc preoccupies them, then that might be indicative of a larger cultural shift among European youth- in the same way that black gangsterism in America is often reflective of trends within American youth culture.

      Now I may be extrapolating WAY too much or searching WAY too hard for sings of hope, but that was what popped into my head when I first saw the article. We will see though. I guess I am hyper-tuned for any sense of shift within the youth culture. I think the alt-right is suggestive of a similar shift within youth culture as are the things described in the article (within vastly different segments of society though), and I wonder if we will see the influence of the alt-right go beyond just those who are in its ranks or directly interact with it.

      I also like what you bring up regarding big picture objectives or unifying force. What would you say should be such objectives? I am not familiar with whether Generation Identitaire has any specific written objectives or not, but I am now curious. Something to think on.

  3. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    ¡Viva la Muerte!

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Everytime I see the two exclamation points surrounding a word or phrase I think of poor ¡Jeb! lol

  4. Death to traitors and cowardz 1 year ago

    What I respect about Islam is that even this seemingly primitive religion is far morally superior to our disgustingly decadent and contemptuously hedonistic cesspit of a culture. The Judeo-Anglo (((culture))) of the West is hideously hollow and offers absolutely nothing worth aspiring to or sacrificing for.

    Only normie drones on the hamster wheel with those pitiful incentives of iPhones and owning a house in the spiritual slums of suburbia find meaning in this abominable arrangement.

    At the very least Islam prescribes definite moral standards to live by, and provides a sense of solidarity with others and ultimate transience with Providence. In short, a purpose. Furthermore Islam is aggressively defiant and militantly opposed to this morally offensive Western (((culture))), and I find this very inspiring.

    The sad thing is that White men have the capacity to far exceed the moral standard of Islam, but too many of us are far too compromised, far too cowardly, venal, and individualistic to act on such a noble vision.

    Hitler’s Germany were the last great nation of Aryans to walk this destiny, and they were stabbed in the back by their kike-loving Anglo “brothers”.

    I want the old culture of Europe back, but if Western men are too cowardly to fulfil this mandate then I will place my faith in Islam to fulfil at least a semblance of this vision.

    I have a feeling a White Islamic Europe may turn out to be one of those strange mixed-blessing paradoxes so common throughout history.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      It sounds like you and me and Rick are at different points on the continuum. Your first few paragraphs are pretty close to my point of view vis a vis Islam (as I expound in my book obviously too), and I will admit (re your last paragraph) that once or twice this thought came into my mind, however, I don’t think that an Islamic Europe ever would be a White Europe. I think they would just enslave every white child and woman and after a couple generations of White sexual slavery it would revert to being Middle-Eastern. The same thing happened in Islamic Spain when they took something like 4.5 million White Europeans as slaves (the woman and children primarily sexual ones). Plus Islam is just so dark and sinister and evil too. Let’s hope we and our people don’t end up being that cowardly anyway though.

      Good comment though definitely thought-provoking. I am at a different place than you on WWII Germany too but I DO agree that the narrative we are fed regarding American and British involvement in WWII is FAR, FAR too rosy and really not accurate. It is such an immensely complicated situation though, we should discuss it by email sometime.

  5. rick 1 year ago

    I actually agree with Death to traitors and cowards.
    If we deconstruct our current situation we’ll find that at our core we lack morality or more specifically we subscribe to a moral relativism, and the baseline is continuously descending.
    We can see how this negatively affects the modern Nationalist, they will say Muslims will kill homosexuals we protect homosexuals.
    Of course I don’t advocate killing homosexuals but I don’t think we should define ourselves or Western Civilization as virtuous by promoting a live and let live Philosophy.
    This is the problem with putting any faith in the Mafia, all of their activities are based on encouraging the moral depravity of the citizens, drugs, prostitution, gambling etc… these activities are only held together by cashflow, any disruption to that and they’ll scatter like roaches in the light.
    As for a unifying force, I have at times thought that Islam practiced en masse by Europeans may be synthesized into a positive force, but have rejected this notion as impractical. Islam at its core is universalist as is Christianity as is Cultural Marxism and anything Universalist favours the lowest common (Human) denominator and those willing to breed the most.
    We need an ideology that embraces meritocracy, aristocracy and elitism. We need a cultural shift back to Morality, Folk and Family. (Blood & Soil) People will make great sacrifices for A BIG IDEA for tribe, family, descendants etc.. Who will sacrifice their life for gay marriage, transgender bathrooms, or a iPhone

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Great points… I agree completely.

      Any specific cultures or peoples you think especially represented the morality/folk/family dynamic to seek to emulate?

      • Death to traitors and cowardz 1 year ago

        The Chechens and Taliban, I respect their fierceness, but I hope we do not emulate their torture techniques–that stuff is filthy to the soul.

        • Author
          Admin 1 year ago

          I could not agree more Death to Traitors. I am down with some degree of fierceness (such as that implied by your name lol), but the actions engaged in by ISIS and the Taliban are sick and disgusting and dark and sinister and basically every similar adjective I can think of. They are truly the servants of Sauron and Mordor and indeed far worse.

  6. rick 1 year ago

    I think the Visegrad nations and Russia are good examples of course The Corsicans and the Boers in SA. I think Christianity is less subversive and works better in those countries probably for 2 reasons.
    1) Except for Russia they have remained largely homogenous until now, and going forward multi culturalism will be a tough sell (as we’re seeing in Hungary & Poland)
    2) Their identity supercedes transformative ideologies. For example Russians were Russian before they were communist and they were Russian before they were Christians, and so that sense of Folk is deeply embedded. In the case of the Boers their language & History both insulate them and reinforce their identity.
    A moral revival is inevitable, hedonistic societies provide fleeting pleasure and spiritual desolation, there has to be a tipping point somewhere.
    Families and Folk/Ethno states are the natural order, we’ve seen it with the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia its only a matter of when and how much damage will have been done.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      I think you are right about moral revival being inevitable. I was thinking of that yesterday where on the DS, then on that Marcus F’s/The Golden One’s youtube channel, then on some other Alt Right website, each talked about the negative/pathetic/evil effect of pornography on men and society. And the unbelievable dichotomy between that and recent popular culture, and that and normal talk of 20-30 something men even ten years ago, was striking. These are all strong, successful, socially adept young men stating these things and it is quite inspiring, as they are dead right of course.

  7. marco 1 year ago

    first of all I have to apologize for my poor English; I write from Italy, from tuscany for precision, so I don’t have a direct experience on the camorra or the mafia style organizations in general, with the exception of what theese 4 organizations (mafia aka cosa nostra, camorra, ‘ndragheta and sacra corona unita) have done and keep doing to my country. I think that the causes moving theese neapolitans “gentlemen” were totally misunderstood: they do fear the death, as anyone else does, but they simply follow the filosophy “get rich, or die trying”. This is why they act, period, and as Italian I can’t absolutely agree with any other interpretation of their behaviour. I can’t forget that they are low level gangsters, a methastating cancer to my nation, using a collage of isis images to cure their PR, in order to scare their opponents and recruit manpower. so, i don’t know if my people will ever wake up on what’s going on here, but i’m absolutely sure that if it ever happens it won’t be thanks to a picturesque group of mafiosi. It won’t be them saving my beautiful Italy.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Marco thanks for the response! I think you did pretty darn well communicating your thoughts in English…

      I agree with you on the Camorra. I hope the post didn’t come off as me being sympathetic to them- I just found their adoption of ISIS style cultural motifs very interesting, and somewhat exciting intellectually since that synthesis is something I had written about before.

      But yeah, speaking of Italy and Italians potentially ‘waking up’, what do you think will happen in this EU vote in a month or two? And what do you think will happen in general? Do you think Italians will start to act like the Hungarians and try to shut down mass-Muslim immigration? Or slowly succumb as some think the Swedes are doing?

      Much appreciate your comment and you reading the site!

      • marco 1 year ago

        theese are very difficult questions to answer to…first of all i’d make a distinction among the EU nations; on one side we have the western nations, historically “free” by the end of WW2 and on the other we the easterns, with their well known history of soviet tyranny. Looking at theese two blocks you can see two very different kinds of politicians’ and people’s behaviour about mass immigration; western nations show all their “humanity” by opening their borders to the invasion, under the bruxelles’ orders, while the easterns, whose people still remenber very well the taste of dictatorship, show a very critic position about the EU “open doors” politic, first of all because their are at theese days migrants’ nations themselves, and because they feel the EU is eroding their own national sovereignty and freedom. Another distinction we must make is on the degree of civilization of the different nations: we must admit that in european history, northern countries were leaders on our development; but this brought their fanatical progressivism; progressivism is a very good thing talking about human rights, women’s rights and gay rights, but it’s evil when we talk about a “culture” like the Islam is. What will happen if EU people vote in a month or two? it’s easy…they won’t make us vote about this!!! the BREXIT vote showed what happens if the “elites” let the people vote on such important topics. Italian government will never disobey EU orders about this invasion for a reason: our economical situation don’t let our politicians start a fight, that they wouldn’t start aniway, with the bruxelles governance and the italian people fear like death being accused of racism, maybe because of our XX century history. I think, and this is my own opinion, that eu people will wake up when it will be too late, just like it’s happening in France and Belgium nowadays.
        I really hope I was comprehensible!!
        I find important trying to understand how people far from my country see the situation we must face every day, so I have to thank you for work Julian!

        • Author
          Admin 1 year ago

          Hey Marco thanks for your response-

          Only just now getting a chance to respond to it.

          The whole situation is indeed interesting. It sounds like you are saying the Italians are pretty similar to the rest of Western Europe in terms of their fear of being called racist, etc.

          I do hope that all of our people, in the US and Europe, wake up soon! Only time will tell I suppose.

          But yeah thanks again for the good discussion Marco- look forward to talking with you about events to come as the situation progresses!


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