Internal Whistleblowers: Labor Party Politicians Complicit In Muslim Rape-Gangs’ Abuses Of Preteen Native British Girls

Internal Whistleblowers: Labor Party Politicians Complicit In Muslim Rape-Gangs’ Abuses Of Preteen Native British Girls
March 14, 2016 Admin

Sometimes I wonder what normal folks who don’t follow news from Europe would think stumbling on to these pages. I am sure that articles like this seem the crazed ravings of conspiracy theorists. So overwhelming is the media’s silence on the crimes being perpetrated in Europe that your average citizen of a Western nation has no idea what is going on.

For anyone who does indeed stumble upon this page by mistake, the official UK government report on the abuse of 1400 11-16 year old native British girls in Rotherham by Muslim rape-gangs can be found by clicking here.

Reading articles like the following one, from Breitbart London, instills such overwhelming rage in me that I have trouble not averting my eyes from the page. It is crucial we get them out there, however, because they show in stark detail the crimes of the Labor Party in the UK, and the scope of the menace we are dealing with. As we have said before on this site, there is no doubt that most historical British figures, such as Winston Churchill, would view the Labor Party (and David Cameron for that matter as well), as complicit in unspeakable crimes against the people of the UK, and worthy of deposement and prosecution (if not more). I really do not think its a stretch that Church would advocate violent insurrection against the current British government, in fact I have no doubt of it. In fact, if Churchill were alive I believe he would say that the only response that is justified is violence.

Dozens of Muslim women have spoken out against the systematic use of death threats and sexual violence by Muslim men within Britain’s Labour Party. They accuse the party of doing little to address the problem.

One woman alleged that Labour councillors covered for a businessman caught sexually abusing “white girls” on camera. Others, she said, forced abused Muslim women to return to violent husbands, and many others said intimidation was used to block Muslim women from local politics.

The anonymous, female Muslim, who was blocked for becoming a councillor, said local Labour politicians overlooked “inappropriate behaviours going on of a sexual nature between young white girls and Asian males” because the perpetrator was a supportive “Asian” businessman.

She said it was a “regular occurrence”.

Sexual slurs, intimidation and even death threats were used by sexist Muslim men to stop females entering local government.

Many of the women also told of the “clan politics” perpetrated by these patriarchal communities, the so-called “biraderi”, imported from the South Asian subcontinent whereby votes are delivered in blocks.

One ex-councillor explained how she was ousted: “I’ve no doubt I was deselected by Pakistani clan politics. There were around 100 people in the room. One of the local councillors had been recruiting family and friends to deselect me.”

The Muslim Women’s Network UK (MWNUK) has written again to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, saying it is “disappointed and unsatisfied” with Labour’s response to the charity’s calls for an inquiry.

Five weeks ago, MWNUK wrote to the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, protesting the “open secret” of large numbers of male Muslim Labour councillors blocking Muslim women from entering politics.

Since then the Party has put individual areas into “special measures”, effectively meaning the selection process is taken out of local hands. Only a few councillors have been reprimanded.

A Labour Party Member of Parliament has subsequently spoken out, saying that he “felt pressured” after criticising the Muslim misogyny within the party.

“In recent weeks, when I’ve spoken up about this issue, I felt extremely pressured to be silent on the things I know to be true”, Gavin Shuker, MP for Luton South, told the BBC.

If this story makes you incoherent with rage, try to do something proactive in response. Remember to be a “feeder” not a “receiver”. For more on that and ideas on possible responses, click here.

If any readers have additional ideas on proactive responses, please share them!

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  1. Lynda 2 years ago
    Admissions of former Labour Cabinet Minister: Lord Mandelson: “We sent out search parties to get them [Muslim immigrants] and made it hard for Britons to get work.

    This policy was in play in every European nation and every nation with a majority demographic of European heritage. QED: this policy was contrived and downloaded from a central (as yet) covert Apex.

  2. Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

    Events are confirming that those “crazy white supremacist neo-nazis” were right all along.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Yes I wonder if the media will apologize to old Nick Griffin 🙂 Speaking of the BNP I have to say that since their untimely demise UK politics has been sickeningly devoid of any real oppositions. The conservatives are 90% as bad as Labor, and UKIP is not even remotely hopeful. I don’t put a ton of stock into the AfD in Germany but I will say that they are far and away better than UKIP. Not that any of it matters anyway as both you and I have given up on politics and are ready for battle.

  3. Lynda 2 years ago

    Gates of Vienna is covering Geert Wilders in Brussels : “We are at the vangard of a powerful, worldwide political movement”

    Wilders kicked off the Australian Liberty Alliance in Australia last year. Here’s the Aunty Oz disdain from the abc liars and presstitutes:

    You are right, Admin, political strategies will not solve the troubles of all Western nations. In fact, it is the ruling/traitor elites in league with Mordor which are the efficient drivers of these troubles. But there has to be a political wing of the movement and in France Le Penn is leading it and in the Netherlands Wilders is leading it.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      I agree. And the “Fellowship” of political parties does inspire me. I like Le Pen and Wilders, and I like the Sweden Democrats. I will be starting a new feature on the website soon profiling various political parties and other organizations, and reviewing their donation processes and that sort of thing.

      How are things down under in relation to all of this kind of stuff? I know for myself at least, if not for most preservationists, Australia gets forgotten because of the severity of what’s going on in Europe, but I know you Aussie’s have your own battles with the Iron Crown and its forces too.

  4. Michael 2 years ago

    This article illustrates just how low “British Society” has got in recent years. For those who applaud British progress fail to see what Modern Britain has become. We can only hope that the perpetrators of this evil receive their just reward. Those who allowed this to happen through omission should also face justice, we can only hope that they will someday . To permit and act to abuse children in this way for over twelve years is beyond belief. Society is sick and evil that permits this to happen not only in the past but also the present time.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Modern Britain is indeed a sick, evil society. One must almost be grateful for the aggression of its immigrants in triggering a kneejerk, existential drive toward survival in the native Brit’s. Just think how they might have ended up without it… quivering, emasculated little blobs using gender neutral pronouns, basically they could be like Sweden(!).

  5. Lynda 2 years ago

    Russian writer Nilolai Starikov explains who is behind the ‘refugee’ crisis.

    These population transfers are organised from the highest levels of the EU soviet. The White Russians have seen all this before when their nation was forcibly sovietized. A soviet does not want solid demographic blocks of a majority demographic. A Communist Revolution consolidating power will use population transfers to break that up.

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