Interview With Jeffrey Johnson from ‘Red Gulls’ on Europe, Mormonism, And Masculinity.

Interview With Jeffrey Johnson from ‘Red Gulls’ on Europe, Mormonism, And Masculinity.
August 14, 2016 Admin

As some readers of the site may know, I have a particular ‘thing’ for Mormonism. I grew up around Mormons, have had many very close Mormon friends, have at times wished I was Mormon, and have read thousands upon thousands of pages about the Mormon religion and its history.

I also feel Mormonism is very relevant to this website and the situation in Europe. Mormons represent basically the only group of ethnic-Europeans on the planet who currently have above-replacement rate fertility. They also have a small but robust presence in Europe. Finally, they are facing many of the same perilous questions about identity and about the future that our people as a whole are facing today.

Therefore when I stumbled upon the Mormon Alt-Right website Red Gulls a few months ago, my interest was immediately piqued. Its articles were on topics highly germaine to our struggle, and the perspective of its editor- Jeffrey Johnson- was challenging and original. As a result, Jeffrey and I decided to each interview the other and post the results on our respective websites.

I think the interview with Jeffrey turned out exceptionally well and highly interesting and I encourage all our readers to check it out in its entirety below.

ECW: Why did you decide to start

Jeffrey: When it comes to Mormon interest websites there are 3 types. The biggest Mormon interest websites are the mommy bloggers. They spend their time swapping food recipes and hot chocolate techniques. These are great websites and places for women to hang out, but I’m not a woman so they don’t appeal to me. The second kind of Mormon interest websites are the soon to be apostate Mormon sites. These sites are full of millenials who talk about how they are losing their faith because the Mormon Church doesn’t embrace their preferred form of degeneracy. It is annoying to read these people emoting about how they aren’t sure if they believe in the Church anymore because it doesn’t support gay marriage.

The third type of Mormon interest website is sites writing about how Mormon Church leaders are awesome and inspired. They are overwhelmingly “True Believer” propaganda. These sites are boring because they are just a repeat of anything you can read on the Church’s website. This kind of site doesn’t really offer anything new and interesting for readers who want to read LDS interest topics.

I decided to start Redgulls for 2 reasons. First of all I like to think out loud. When I am talking with friends, we talk about the things I write about. Normal people feel very uncomfortable when they hear these things. I’ve learned that I can’t talk about what I write about in public because people don’t want to hear about what they need to do to live a good life. You get labeled “mean.” If you talk about how Islam is evil you get labeled an ignorant racist. So, I decided to write about it to express myself without getting weird looks in public. The second reason I started Redgulls is because I see a niche for alt-right and neo-masculine supporting websites in the Mormon community that are loyal to the LDS Church. Hopefully my writing will help to grow a new Mormon sub culture and do my part to move the Overton Window back toward sanity.

ECW: Can you tell us about Mormon culture in Europe? Is it true there are relatively sizable numbers of Mormons over there. What do you believe their outlook likely is on Europe in general and mass immigration in particular?

Jeffrey: In Europe the Mormon Church is very small. We send a lot of missionaries to Europe but they don’t have a ton of success. While there is a Mormon Community there it is very small. What is more interesting is how the European Mormon Community is affecting the Mormon Community in America. Right now Dieter Uchtdorf is the guy who is pretty much running the church. From what I’ve heard most of the other really top top Mormon Church leaders are too old and sick to handle the day to day running of the church.

Dieter Uchtdorf is from Germany and he is bringing German cultural masochism with him. He talks about how he was a “refugee” after WWII when his family fled East Germany for West Germany. There has been a big push from Mormon Church leaders on the so called “Syrian” refugee crisis. We are having to suffer from lectures from our church leaders on how we have to support the “Syrian” refugees. It really seems that the push to support the refugees is coming straight from President Uchtdorf.

I can’t speak for Mormons in Europe because I don’t know many but I have a good sense of what they believe in America. They are heavily Cruz bots who believe that if they can just elect a good Christian leader he will magically fix America because “Muh Constitution.” Surprisingly Mormons in general support increased immigration to America. I believe most Mormon support immigration because: 1. Utah is 90% White and of the non White population many of them are Mormon immigrants from Mexico and South America who basically are White only with different skin color. 2. Mormons in California and Texas tend to be rich. They benefit from mass immigration and their children don’t have to suffer the negative consequences of it so they support it because “Eff you.”

ECW: What are your personal thoughts on the situation in Europe?

Jeffrey: Europe is in big trouble. I’ve been doing some reading on Islamic Spain and one of the things I’ve learned is that the Muslims were invited in during a civil war in the Visigoth Kingdom. It seems to me that the exact same thing is going on today. European elites are bringing in the Muslims as a way to maintain their power against the will of the people.

Europe is moving toward war. It isn’t going to be a war like the American wars in the Middle East where you get to watch reporters go with the troops in tanks live on TV and relatively few people die. It isn’t even going to be like WWI and WWII. It is going to be a nasty war of neighbor against neighbor. Sadly I think the best way to look at how the war in Europe will be is the 30 Years War. That was a war fought in Germany between Protestants and Catholics. I won’t get into heavy details but they fought in waves and huge parts of Germany became de-populated. I read that the population of Germany fell by 30-40%. Can we even imagine having Germany’s population fall by something like 25 to 30 million people?

I think Europe has a small window to stop all immigration and for the politicians to stop with their madness. The big thing is if the European governments fail to stop the immigration wave which I hear something like 1 to 4 million men are already lined up in North Africa and the Middle East just waiting for the weather to warm up enough to cross to Europe, then the regular European people will see that they have no recourse to the government and will start to turn toward self-help. When the people start to take care of the immigration problem themselves, the government will crack down hard on regular people. It will create a cycle of violence where the people resort to more and more extreme forms of self-help to defend themselves from immigration while the government cracks down harder and harder, eventually leading to war.

ECW: As someone raised within the LDS Community- which I feel in many ways represents the pro-natalist, traditionalist origins we all, as Europeans and European-Americans sprang forth from- what simple advice might you have for Europeans seeking to lead a traditionalist life and impart those values to their children?

I’m not married and don’t have kids so I can’t talk too much about parenting. I can really make general comments. As a single man and for single men, the best thing I can say is talk to as many cute girls as you can meet. Go on as many dates as possible and work to find a great girl. There are great women out there who will follow you if you lead them. Work hard to be the kind of man who women want to follow. We can’t change the world but we can change ourselves.

On a personal note, I try to watch as little TV as possible. I really only watch American football, European soccer and Game of Thrones. Whenever I’m at somebody’s house and network TV is on I’m blown away how much blatant Cultural Marxist propaganda is on it. It’s like the whole shows and the ads are pure propaganda.

I’m not going to lie. It’s really tough these days to live a traditionalist life. If you have a family over there I hear it’s really hard to home school to protect your kids from government abuse centers known as public schools. Probably the biggest thing to do as a parent is make sure to really be involved in your kids’ lives. Make sure to get to know them well and build a real relationship with them. Also explain to your kids what is going on in terms appropriate for kids. Tell them that their schools are trying to turn them into parent hating and government loving consumer drones.

ECW: You talk about how the Mormon Community needs to keep SJW entryists out, why is this important and how can Mormon keep SJW’s entryists away?

Jeffrey: Ever since WWI, Cultural Marxists have corrupted institutions from the inside out. They’ve corrupted the universities, governments, the media, etc. Cultural Marxists have made major inroads into many churches. Look at how many mainline Protestant Churches have been taken over by Cultural Marxists. Even the current Pope rarely passes up a chance to put down Western Civilization. Fortunately the Mormon Church hasn’t been taken over by Cultural Marxists yet and we have control over our narrative.

However one of the big things coming up in Mormon culture is many younger Mormons are getting into Cultural Marxist nonsense like social justice. Many of these people have grown up hearing nonstop SJW preaching at school and on TV. Mormon Church leaders have no idea how to confront the rise of SJW’s trying to gain influence in the Mormon community. History has shown that if SJW’s gain power and influence in any community, they will remake it in their twisted image. I don’t believe that Mormon Church leaders have any idea how serious the problem is or how to combat it. It’s crucial to get the word out to Mormons about the danger of SJW entryists and the importance of taking it seriously and keeping them out of our community.

The best way to fight back against SJW entryists is first of all to identify them. It is important to understand that these people aren’t just like us only misguided. They are entryists trying to destroy us from the inside out. Once we identify that they are dangerous and destructive it is easy to know what to do with them which is exclude them. After we’ve identified them and excluded them, the final thing to do about them is tell everybody else what they are really like. Mormons have a hard time pointing out that atheists are depressed, SJW’s are mentally ill and homosexuals are involved in a violent and destructive lifestyle. Once people know the truth about what degenerate people are really like, they won’t want anything to do with them.

ECW: As a Mormon, do you believe that Europe can be preserved through a re-embrace of Christianity? Or do you feel it is more likely (and plausible), that they will be able to save their lands and cultures through an embracing of something else (ancestor worship, tribalism, the Mannerbund) ?

Jeffrey: I think re-embracing Christianity would be the best way to save Europe. Let’s face it, no non-Christian religions have been able to stop or slow down the spread of Islam anywhere in the world, that includes modern secularism. When it comes to ancient pagan religions in Europe we have to remember that the people happily abandoned their religions for Christianity. It wasn’t just the rulers converting and forcing everybody else to convert. Many times it was the leaders seeing which way the winds were blowing with their people and they decided to get on the Christianity bandwagon. Christianity filled a need that pagan religions didn’t.

The big problem we are facing is it seems like every church is corrupted by the Cultural Marxist virus. Look at the Pope. He’s gone full SJW. Is he even Catholic? Most of the Protestant Churches are so watered down that they’ve become leading advocates of giving their countries over to the Muslim invasion. Even the Mormon Church seems to be advocating for the destruction of White countries through mass immigration. The biggest thing standing between the people of Europe re-embracing Christianity are the Christian Churches.

On a personal note this is something that I want to explore farther. I just finished reading a book titled: Life at the Bottom by Theodore Dalrymple. It’s about how the British intelligencia feeds Cultural Marxism to all of British society and how it’s totally destroyed the lower classes in Britain. He talks about how the poor in Britain are spiritually dead and completely dysfunctional. I remember reading about how at the fall of the Soviet Union the people in the FSU had a similar spiritual death. I’m curious to see how Russia has changed in the last 25 or so years. Vladimir Putin has brought back the Russian Orthodox Church. I wonder how it is affecting lower class Russians. While obviously they are poor and struggling, do they still suffer the same spiritual death? I’m going to track down and find young men who’ve recently served as Mormon missionaries in the FSU and try to get some of their stories about what’s going on with the poor in Russia. If Russian culture is starting to heal it can give us a guide on what we need to do to save the West.

ECW: For European (and European-American) men- what simple advice would you give for leading a fulfilling life as a man?

Jeffrey: First of all a serious time of troubles is coming to Europe. Before it comes, European men have a few more years to travel and enjoy the continent before major trouble begins. Go and visit Paris and London while you still can. They are beautiful places full of history and they are probably the two most interesting cities people of European descent have built. Paris in particular is the most beautiful city on Earth. They are also two of the places most likely to suffer long term damage from the upcoming war so time is short to visit them.

Second if you are married have some kids. I have family and friends who have kids. None of them regret having children, even my friends who’ve been through the divorce wringer. If you are dating a good woman marry her and have some kids with her. Having a good woman in your life is a real blessing and will make your life better. Worry less about how you are going to pay for them. Billions of poor people have kids without worrying about feeding their kids. Us Whites of European descent sometimes suffer for our long time horizons. You don’t need everything perfect to have a family.

Third learn some self defense skills. Take a boxing class or a jujitsu class. You are going to need those skills. Plus it will get you into shape and make you look more attractive to girls helping you get more dates and helping you find a great girl.

ECW: You talk about how Islam is evil and even argue that Mormon theology identifies Islam as “The Great and Abominable Church.” What affected your analysis of Islam?

Jeffrey: Every since 9/11 we’ve heard that Islam is “the religion of peace.” I’ve always been pretty switched on about international politics and I’ve always been highly skeptical of this argument. I’ve seen the violence from Muslims. I also know that there are lots of crazies out there. Maybe it was just a bunch of fanatics who hijacked Islam? One day I decided to go to the source. I read The Koran.

I’ve read The Bible cover to cover in 2 languages. I’ve read the Mormon scriptures in 3 languages. I’m very well read when it comes to scriptures. When I got into The Koran, there was nothing about how to live a moral life. There are no lessons about what a good man is like. There’s nothing of that sort. But there is lots of violence and praise for violence in it. I was about 5 chapters in and I could see that there was nothing spiritual about The Koran. It is just a war manual. I read through the rest of it and learned about how Allah would lie and confuse non believers. It was just ridiculous. By the time I finished The Koran, I knew that the behavior of violent Muslims is exactly what Islam preaches.

When religious texts tell you to go and conquer and its adherents are out conquering, it’s safe to conclude they are obeying their holy book. When somebody shows me in multiple ways what they believe, I believe them. From there I went and studied Islam’s history. It is full of violence, death, conquest and destruction. That’s how I came to realize that Islam is bad news and it needs to be resisted and rolled back everywhere.

ECW: How can people find you?

Jeffrey: My website is
People can follow me on Twitter @redgullsjeffrey


Editor’s Note: Again great thanks to Jeffrey for this interview and all his insights! For anyone interested in reading Jeffrey’s interview with me on Red Gulls, please click here

If you have thoughts on the above interview with Jeffrey or any of the topics brought up please comment below! As always, feedback is highly appreciated!

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  1. DaShui 11 months ago

    Actually the Amish population doubles every 15 years. 7-8 children is typical. No mortgage , no water or electricity bill, I think they got it figured out.
    Major problem is that all American churches sold their soul for tax exemption. So churches follow what the government tells them to follow.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      You are right Dashui I did forget the Amish! Another group I envy and respect. Pacificts though so I don’t agree with them there. Grew up around lots of mennonites, which are an Amish offshoot. Definitely live the pure lives our ancestors did in many ways.

      And agree with you on American churches and selling their soul. I still need to write my book someday, “Why GOP Evangelicals are just like Big City Progressives And Why They Are Both Ruining Our Country”.

  2. Laguna Beach Fogey 11 months ago

    Thanks for this. That’s some pretty sensible advice.

    I know and have worked with some Mormons and like them. Nice people. But ‘nice people’ are the problem. We need brutal, violent True Believers with courage and vision. Alpha males–not beta males.

    Also, I’ve encountered–and heard about–a lot of young gay Mormon men coming out in recent years, sometimes two or more boys in a family. What’s going on with that?

    If you’re a man (or woman) of Faith, the coming wars are going to be a profound test. You need to decide for yourself what you are capable of. If you’re not willing to pull the trigger or wield a knife, then get out of the way and stop trying to hamstring those of us who are.

    I’ve made my decisions and am preparing to fight, because that’s what my ancestors would do.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Hey Laguna Beach thanks for the comment. Maybe Jeffrey can answer re: the phenomenon you mentioned about young Mormon men coming out. I had not heard about it (beyond a few examples here and there). I do know some of the Mormon guys I grew up around would have the capacity to be ruthless killers in a Europe-type civil war. I think the dichotomy is with the Church leadership as discussed in the interview. They seem to my outside eyes to have become too much like a corporation, obsessed with numbers and growth (both in Church members and monetarily) and thus have opened themselves up to sending Missionaries all over the globe, to regions they were never sent in the past. As well as the ‘SJW’ entryism already noted.

      Couldn’t agree more on the need to fight. Let’s hope the feeling spreads.

  3. Laguna Beach Fogey 11 months ago

    Race War in France: Violent brawl in Corsica between natives and Afro-Muslim migrant-invaders

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Beautiful stuff Laguna Beach! Thank you for the link! Those Corsicans are setting the standard! Where else would be seeing a picture of a bunch of pasty white legs all pushing in unison overtipping a Morrocan car in a fit of rage? Usually the opposite and the sight is wonderful. I pray they inspire other Europeans across the continent. Excellent news!

  4. Jeffrey Johnson 11 months ago


    It’s really tough to say what is going on with all the Mormon kids coming out of the closet thing. I think there are 2 things going on that explain it.

    1. First of all there is a full on SJW attack going on against the Mormon Culture. The Salt Lake Tribune is possibly the most SJW newspaper in the whole country and they have a full attack going on against the church. They make sure to publish constant SJW narratives against Mormon Culture. For example they have created a narrative that BYU is this major rape university that the national (((media))) has picked up and ran with, even though it is total nonsense. In the same way the Salt Lake Tribune makes sure to write an article glorifying every kid who comes out of the closet with a first page profile and making sure to take pot shots at the church in it. That is part of why it seems like so many Mormon kids are coming out of the closet.

    2. The second thing that I think is going on is the Mormon Community is very high trust. This attracts predators. This is why you see lots of Pyramid Schemes and MLM scams in Utah. It also attracts sexual predators. In the high trust Mormon Community it is fairly easy for predators to get into position where they have access to children. If they have access to children, they abuse children. When children are victims of sexual abuse it makes them more likely to get into the homosexual lifestyle.

    Overall I think there is a higher amount of young men and women who are interested in homosexuality and lesbianism due to sexual trauma they experience as children. It also is amplified by the fact that the major in state newspaper makes sure that everybody gets to hear about it and the (((national media))) always picks up the story and runs with it.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Interesting. I had sort of noticed that the Salt Lake Tribune was like that, but never really thought of just how weird that is since its in Salt Lake. Who are the publishers or owners of it? Are they liberal Mormons like Harry Reid or non-Mormons or? And then I found point 2 interesting as well with the high trust thing. I have been exposed to Mormon MLM enthusiasm on multiple occasions in life so can vouch for it in that regard! lol. Anyway though I stay a complete Mormon-sympathizer through and through but all these Church developments you reference sadden me greatly! Let us hope we see a little Mormon regressivism arising sometime soon!

    • Laguna Beach Fogey 11 months ago

      Thanks, Jeffrey. That all makes sense. It’s not my thing, but I do admire the networking and community-mindedness of Mormons. There;s a Mormon church near me and I encounter them pretty frequently. I wonder if they are the source of all the cute soccer moms and little blonde babies I keep seeing around town?

  5. Laguna Beach Fogey 11 months ago

    The biggest Mormon interest websites are the mommy bloggers. They spend their time swapping food recipes and hot chocolate techniques.

    This can be quite lucrative. There’s a Mormon fashion designer in the Bay Area that some of my friends know. She turned her hobby–making dresses–into a very successful clothing line.

  6. TimeIsNow 11 months ago

    Read Vox Day on these issues about SJW takeovers of all sorts of organizations, but especially churches.


  7. SteveRogers42 5 months ago

    Site has a hilarious takedown of Evan (Egg) McMuffin:

    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      Hey Steve that’s funny I had actually just read it and commented on it about 5 minutes before you posted that lol. Great minds right?

      Did you get turned onto redgulls from our interview with Jeffrey or did you already know about it independantly?


      • Author
        Admin 5 months ago

        Oops I was replying to this on my ‘comments’ filter and didn’t see which article you had posted it on lol, guessing the answer is the former then.

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