Interview With Richard From Western Spring

Interview With Richard From Western Spring
January 11, 2017 Admin

The following is an interview with Richard, who is an important member of Western Spring.

Richard is a very knowledgeable, capable European patriot, and his contribution to our discussions and our community here at has been very fruitful over the last year as well. When I found out about his involvement in Western Spring, I asked to interview him as a semi-official representative of the group.

It is an excellent interview, and some of the ideas and questions he brings up are refreshingly original. It is also clear in reading his answers that he and the other members of Western Spring have thought through these issues to a huge degree, and achieved a powerful understanding of the obstacles and opportunities confronting European-Preservation.

Finally, I have inserted site-favorite video “I Am An Englishman” halfway-through Richard’s first answer, as his description of his family background reminded me of it.

Big thanks to Richard, and great respect to him and all the other patriots fighting for the United Kingdom, its children, and its future.




1. ECW: Can you tell us about yourself? Your background? How you got involved in politics?

As a young boy I would sit watching the television in the evening with my parents.

Panorama and World in Action were the types of programmes that my father would watch. This was the early nineteen seventies. Images from Northern Ireland, Lebanon, Palestine and the M/East were being absorbed by my young mind. I sensed that the world was a dangerous and complex place. I obviously did not understand the issues or history of these places that Panorama and World in Action would report from, my natural curiosity was piqued from there on however and ever since I have attempted to understand the World, through various lenses at various stages of my life.

I have Irish ancestry on my father’s side and Scots on my mother’s, with the English being supplied from both my grandmothers.

My father’s mother married my grandfather, an Irish Catholic who had, like many of the Irish fighters, come over to England following WW1, the first European brother’s war.

I never met my Father’s Father, he had died before I was born. He had been subject to poison gas whilst serving on the field of battle and like many men returned home with lung and respiratory damage.

Although my grandfather was Catholic, my grandmother was adamant that their three sons, my father and his two brothers, would attend Church of England schools. Consequently I grew up with only the faintest notion of any Irish background.

Therefore, whenever there was anything on the news about the troubles in Ireland, which was regularly back in the seventies and early eighties, my sympathies were with the British troops who the media showed, often being pelted with half charlies (house bricks). I had not a clue about any of the issues involved.

Around the age of sixteen I began to identify with Socialist politics. At seventeen I joined the Royal Navy. I served three years. My Father became ill and died shortly before I left the Navy. Around this time, Mrs Thatcher was in power and there was the miners’ strike.

Although this did not affect me directly, I sympathised with the miners who were mainly Northern working class men although the miners in the Midlands and Wales were also affected.

So for the biggest part of my younger life my politics were definitely left leaning. This was the time before political correctness appeared in the workplace and the schools. The transition that our society underwent when it did begin to emerge in the mid-eighties, happened very gradually.


By the early nineties, political correctness had sprouted. Yes its roots runs deeper but from my own perspective, the branches and leaves of what we would call today cultural Marxism, didn’t fully appear until around the early nineties.

My personal contact with PC/CM (although these terms were not used by me- I didn’t know what CM was right up until 2010) came via courses and workshops which I undertook due to my work with local adult education services and other agencies linked to the Council. It was from here that I became critical of the way that the Left was shaping our lives.

The younger me, who had come from a working class background and thought that socialism was all about creating a fairer society for working class Britons was about to encounter aspects of the Left that I had no real prior knowledge of or involvement with. Feminism, LBGTQ, different ethnic, so called minority groups etc.

You see, please understand, it’s been a very slow gradual process for me. The Left to me were about Trades Unions, brass marching bands, workers’ rights in terms of pay, safety, hours/ overtime etc. All these things are good things which the left have introduced. However all this they have undermined (deliberately so now we come to understand, but back then I was stuck in the Left/Right dichotomy which still traps the majority of our folk who look towards mainstream politics for answers and I didn’t see it.) by their support and encouragement and eventually success at creating their multiracial/cultural society.

Through working with and coming into contact with, the Left that we see today, I began to despise them. I began to despise many of these new Labourites, they were what we would call today anti Whites or unhinged SJWs. But the real breakthrough for me, came due to me being a single White male in a post, White homogeneous society which was now governed and ruled over by the elements of society that had percieved grievances and real hatred for my particular…. how shall we say… demographic.

I saw all the various victim groups receive special attention based around their Race, Ethnicity, Sexuality etc., all done with kid gloves and much emoting from concerned White liberals and whilst they and I interacted during the coursework, later I would have to employ mental gymnastics as a way to assuage the cognitive dissonance that I was experiencing. In other words, despite being a Socialist and working, often unpaid, towards creating this, their wonderful utopia, I was still the enemy. I was still a White male.

At around the Millenium, I decided to stop playing mental gymnastics and made a conscious note to myself to follow any line of thought that entered my head, no matter how socially prohibited or un-PC it was.

Rather than having a thought and then immediately undercutting that thought with some PC counter doctrine, I would just allow free thought. From here, life became clearer.

The British government allowed tens if not hundreds of thousands of 11-16 year old native British girls to be gang-raped, tortured, and for all intents and purposes enslaved by these men and others like them. This evil continues unabated today.

The British government allowed tens if not hundreds of thousands of 11-16 year old native British girls to be gang-raped, tortured, and for all intents and purposes enslaved by these men and others like them. This evil continues unabated today.

I think, if I remember correctly, that around two thousand and eight, I began to hear about the Pakistani (grooming) rape, torture, traffic gangs. How any red blooded male can hear about these cases and not feel his blood stir is beyond me.

So it was, that if it was okay for all these so called victim groups to identify around race and ethnicity, then surely it was also natural for me to do the same. Henceforth I began to formulate ideas, broadly speaking, from here, it was not long before the words British National Socialism began to be spoken by me.

I would travel to other towns on a Saturday morning, with the aim of engaging people in conversation and then steering that conversation towards the issues of immigration and especially the rape gangs.

This was before I had any experience or contact with the internet and so I was going quite mad trying to contain all these new thoughts and ideas on my own in my own head.

In around 2010, for the first time, I came into contact with the Web. I’d heard the phrase Cultural Marxism and decided to search it. The search results produced a link to an article on a Website called The British Resistance, an ex-matelot called the Green Arrow ran the site with the help of a chap who must have worked eighteen hour days moderating the comments, called the Corsham Crusader.

I would be checking this site a few hours daily, eagerly awaiting a new article from Green Arrow or one of the other excellent writers that had submitted their articles. For the first time in a couple of decades I was actually reading the thoughts and opinions of those who thoughts were aligned with my own.

Max Musson - Photograph courtesy of

Max Musson – Photograph courtesy of

The British Resistance site was to only last a few more years however and before Green Arrow went off to enjoy his boat and retirement he ran an article about Western Spring and encouraged all his readers to get in touch with the article writer, one Max Musson, and so I did and here I am.

2. ECW: Most people reading this will be aware of Western Spring, but for any who are not, could you introduce the organization briefly?

Certainly! Western Spring is the public face of a not-for-profit philanthropic society that exists to rejuvenate and restructure the racial nationalist movement in the Britain turning it into a movement capable of achieving real political power.

British nationalism is currently fragmented and demoralized, and on its knees and Western Spring aims to bring together the best elements from within the existing movement and to mold them into a new movement that will pursue a radical new strategy and become the instrument of our national salvation.

3. ECW: Can you speak more specifically to the organization’s founding and history, and who are the individuals most involved with it today? What sort of things are you guys working on today?

When the British National Party was falling apart during 2011, a number of experienced BNP organisers and activists from the North Home Counties held a series of brainstorming meetings in central London, analyzing the reasons for the problems the BNP was facing, and these talks eventually widened to address the wider issue of what was and is wrong with the strategies and tactics pursued by all nationalist parties in the UK, both past and present.

The result of this brainstorming identified the problems that have continually hampered nationalist political parties and produced a new strategy avoiding these pitfalls – a strategy that will eventually lead to us along a path to power irrespective of future political or economic conditions.

In essence, nationalist parties have always approached the gaining of political power in a ‘bull at a gate’ fashion, attempting to effect change through electoral politics without spending anything like enough time in preparation. Without money, or resources or manpower and with no active community support, nationalist political parties have with all but a very small number of notable exceptions, been humiliated at the polls and the human cost through the demotivation and demoralization of activists has been crippling.


We have spent the last five years building up a corps of reliable donors who make regular contributions so that for the first time we nationalists have an organization with some significant amount of money at its disposal, and we are now venturing into the next phase of our plans, leading the drive for the co-operation and co-ordination of the best elements from within British nationalism.

A significant number of the best known and most capable leaders within nationalism are active within Western Spring, however we practice a policy of stealth and most do not seek the limelight. As is obvious from our website, Max Musson is our main propagandist and in the fullness of time, others who are playing a leading role will become apparent.

4. ECW: You guy seem to have had much success in generating real-life, in-person activities and events. To what would you attribute this success, and what observations do you have based on those real-life events?

From the beginning we chose to support the London Forum and encourage nationalists to effectively ‘franchise’ that successful formula creating regional forums that replicate the successful model initially pioneered by Jez Turner. Forum meetings provide a medium through which all nationalist groups and parties have been able to showcase and promote their best ideas.

We were also instrumental in creating the Legion Camping events, which are aimed at creating activities that are appealing to active and competitive young people, and which inculcate with them skills that boost their self-confidence, enhance their life chances and enable them to network with other like-minded young people.

Finally, we initiated our drive to create greater nationalist unity during 2016, by hosting the highly successful Leaders Conference in September. This was the first of a series of further similar conferences that we will host in the months and years ahead.

The success of these events has been largely due to the fact that there is widespread popular demand for such events. We have simply recognized that demand and taken steps to satisfy it. Notably however, we have not sought to monopolise or exercise control over the events. London Forum for example, and the regional forums are not part of Western Spring, and the organisers of the Legion camps are not formally part of Western Spring. We have worked in partnership with other autonomous groups and individuals to fulfill a need and this is a new approach. Our approach is not to control and dictate, but to inspire and facilitate.

5. ECW: What are your thoughts on Identitarianism/European-Preservationism today? What most impresses you? What areas do you think need the most work/are lagging behind?

We find the growth of such movements throughout the White world most encouraging, however just as in Britain, the biggest problem lies in a lack of time invested in preparation. This preparation is required in order to have the strength in depth needed to sustain our campaigns and our drive for power over a period of decades and against implacable opposition from our enemies. There is going to be no quick and easy solution to the existential threat facing European peoples, our situation has been allowed to worsen for too long and the path back to salvation will involve a long and bitter struggle.

6. ECW: Where do you see the UK- and Europe as a whole- in 5 years? 25 years?

There will be no quick and easy electoral breakthrough and we will for the foreseeable future face a continuation of the managed decline currently being conducted by the corrupt political elites.

Within five years we will see the founding of militant racially conscious White communities across Britain, Germany and the North-West states of the USA. These will provide places where white nationalists can live with security and raise their families with the minimum of interference from the political elites with their genocidal policies.

In the years that follow, the numbers of these communities will mushroom as the socio-economic and political situation deteriorates and our homelands and our dying nations gradually descend into chaos and corruption. These communities will be the centres of revival and renewal, and the growth of a new nationalism based not upon old national borders, but upon racial principles.

Within twenty five years, we would hope to see the gradual and sporadic collapse of the old political system and the old political elites, and the militant communities that we will have built will act as powerbases, providing a springboard to political power — sovereign political power — and once this happens in one place, there will be a domino effect all across Europe and the West.

7. ECW: What are the best ways for people reading this who are passionate about our people’s future in Europe to help out and get involved?

Across the European mainland and the West generally, they need to read what Max Musson has written on the Western Spring website, in particular the main articles to be found by clicking the ‘About us’ tab, and they need to replicate the tactics and strategy we are employing in the UK.

Editor’s Note: The Following is a video of Max Musson from the Western Spring website:

8. ECW: What about your work with Western Spring specifically — how best can people help you and Western Spring?

We have a form at the foot of most pages on our website through which people can register their interest in joining Western Spring. To date however we have too few recruitment activists and we need people to come forward (they can register in the same way) and take on the responsibility for recruitment in their area.

Recruitment activists need to have good interpersonal skills and be self-motivated. They need to be mobile and able to travel to meet the people who enquire about joining and sign them up. Furthermore, they need to be willing to build a branch organization that will form the nucleus of a new militant community. We want our recruitment activists to become full-time community leaders and we will provide the means by which these community leaders can earn a living doing what we want them to do – to earn a living engineering the salvation of our people. These recruitment activists, these community leaders will be the saviours of our people in our darkest hour; they will in future be celebrated as the creators of a new epoch in the history of the White race; and they will be venerated as heroes in the centuries to come.



Editor’s Note:

Big thanks again to Richard for answering those questions. If anyone has follow up questions or thoughts please put them in the comments below and Richard should be able to address them!


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  1. Dashui 11 months ago

    Here is a good video about post Brexit “shrinkflation” showing up in England.

    • RichardJames 11 months ago

      Remember WagonWheels ? They used to be huge when I was a kid, now i’m grown up they seem so small. Ok slightly different thing going on. But if it’s a half Toblerone versus millions of third world invaders…?
      The UK gov needs to stop fannying around and activate Article 50. With our friend Donald Trump as POTUS we should spring back into a strong independent position.

    • Author
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      That is excellent. And I have to say Toblerone better send him some shekels because I am going to go buy some- never had them before but by the end of the video I was starving.

      Do you ever read Zero Hedge Dashui? I have only been reading it for a few months but am really getting into this economic stuff just like that above video. Actually for all I know you might have been the one that turned me on to Zero Hedge.. You got the links dialed in as I always say. I think I see a future with you as Minister of Propaganda or Information in the post-reconquest Kraterocracy/Timocracy/Mannerbund.

  2. Laguna Beach Fogey 11 months ago

    Good interview. Thanks for posting this. I was involved with the BNP and a few other groups in England in the ’90s. I well remember British Resistance and The Green Arrow. Best of luck to them.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      I googled both The Green Arrow and British Resistance for the sake of providing a hyperlink but there was nothing left except a entry on ‘Metapedia’ for each. Sadly nothing yet for ECW on Metapedia though… I will have to double my efforts 🙂


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