Interview With ‘The Savvy Kafir’

Interview With ‘The Savvy Kafir’
June 7, 2017 Admin

Greetings men-

I am continually thankful for all the excellent links readers of this site post. Through them I have found all kinds of great websites, talented writers, and fellow Preservationists who want to dedicate their lives to saving Europe and the West from Islamization.

Within the vast range of people concerned about the Occident’s future, and the threats arrayed against it, there are a multitude of different mindsets and political frameworks, and I think its valuable to take a look at all different ones.


The following interview is with a very talented author who goes by the nom de guerre of ‘The Savvy Kafir’.

He is the author of The Savvy Kafir’s Intro to Islam: A Primer for Puzzled Progressives, as well as the editor of

The name of the book references the fact that he is- very interestingly- a self-described progressive/libertarian who has become awakened as to the realities of Islam and the realities of the situation in Europe.

With that being the case, I thought it would be very interesting to get his take on a number of things.

Below are his excellent answers to a variety of interview questions. While there are a few things I think we might differ on, and he is definitely more of a ‘Counterjihadi’ than an Identitarian like myself, on the whole I don’t think his views are too far from my own. Certainly he bears no resemblance to what we typically think of as ‘Progressives’ today, which I think bears testament to just how crucial political-correctness/ethno-masochism/cultural-relativism have become to the Progressive movement.

I hope readers enjoy the interview and if you do, please check out his book on Amazon and leave him a review!

And finally, before the interview, here is a quick look at what happens when a couple typical liberals or ‘moderates’ confront our friend Sadiq Khan about the attacks in London as if he should feel the same as them. Obviously Piers should have read my article on Khan from yesterday…



For whatever reason Khan just doesn’t seem as upset as the other two… I just can’t understand it.


For more on Islam, violence, and the West, here is the interview:

Interview With…. ‘The Savvy Kafir’


  1. Can you tell us about yourself? Your background?


I was raised in a very loving, conservative Christian family.  While I held on to some of my parents’ core values, I abandoned my religion by the time I was about 13, because it just didn’t ring true.  I found that other ways of looking at the world and at nature and spirituality seemed to make a lot more sense.  Over the years, I spent a considerable amount of time studying and thinking about spiritual & cosmological questions, and gradually became more & more skeptical regarding religions in general.  In recent years, I’ve become a fairly militant religious skeptic, because of all the harmful effects religious superstition still produces around the world, and because of its potential to destroy mankind and the planet, due to the fantasy-based agendas of Paradise-yearning Allah junkies and Rapture-ready Christians.


I grew up in a rural setting, surrounded by nature, and have always felt a close affinity with it.  These days, I consider myself a pantheist — which some consider a philosophy, but which feels more like a religion to me; albeit a very freeform sort of religion with no scriptures, dogma, or organization — just a deep reverence for nature, and a determination to defend the natural world.


Except for concerns about overpopulation and nukes, I wasn’t very political until the 2000 election, which really got my attention.  By that time, I was aligned with the political left — mainly because of environmental issues, and an antipathy for the religious right; but I refused to give up certain libertarian positions, such as gun rights, in spite of the impassioned anti-gun arguments of left-wing friends and pundits.


For some reason, I’ve always had a tendency to do my own thinking and examine each issue on its own merits, rather than accepting the articles of faith promoted by the political right, the political left, or by religions.  That caused me to shed my conservative Christian worldview and gradually morph into a progressive/libertarian hybrid of sorts, and a thorough religious skeptic.  Having made that transition, I’ve become very skeptical of dogma of all kinds, and have developed a pretty effective bullshit detector.


Swedish Muslim Riots

  1. How did you get interested in Islam and the situation in Europe originally?


I guess I’ve always had a pretty low opinion of Islam, because of the types of societies it creates around the world — medieval cultures sunk in ignorance, superstition, misogyny, violence, & hatred of outsiders.  Not much to admire there.  But I didn’t know much about it, or give it a lot of thought, until I began doing research for a novel involving Muslim terrorists.  I quickly learned that Muhammad’s legacy for mankind was far more toxic than I had imagined.  So I began to study Islam in earnest; and it seemed the more I learned, the more horrifying it became.  There literally seems to be no limit to the depravity, savagery, misogyny, and hatred brought to life by this religion.  Just when you think you’ve seen the worst of it, some ISIS jihadis slice open a pregnant Yazidi woman, rip the baby from her womb, then rape both mother and baby.  In my opinion, Islam is the purest distillation of evil mankind has ever invented.  The fact that it is still rampaging throughout the world, and becoming more & more resurgent, right here in 2017, seems more nightmare than reality.


As I learned more about Islam, I was very distressed, and totally baffled, by the tendency of my fellow Lefties to defend this monstrous religion — an ultra-conservative ideology that is directly opposed to everything we’re supposed to stand for — and by their vicious attacks on anyone who dares to criticize the Religion of Peace.  As one of the few progressives who is awake to the reality of Islam and the threat it poses, I began to feel I had a responsibility to do whatever I can to educate liberals — to encourage them to stop aiding & abetting the enemy, and to enlist their support in the global counter-jihad.  This sense of purpose intensified as I learned more about the situation in various European countries, which was already much worse than I had realized, even before the current migrant crisis got underway.


In the last few years, I’ve been horrified by the huge numbers of Muslim “refugees” swarming into Europe, which has put the Demographic Jihad on the fast track, and made the outcome of this global war far more uncertain.  The challenge for freedom-loving Europeans was already very daunting, before this massive influx of Muslim immigrants; but suddenly the situation has become much more urgent & alarming.


Migrants 2

  1. Can you tell us about your website and book?


My eBook, The Savvy Kafir’s Intro to Islam: A Primer for Puzzled Progressives was written (primarily) for a liberal audience, as Lefties are the ones who need to be brought up to speed on this issue most urgently.  My hope is that those on the political left will be more open to criticism of Islam if it’s coming from the perspective of a tree-hugging religious skeptic who shares many of their political views & agendas.  The jury is still out on that; but I think eventually the book can have the desired effect, if it ever reaches a large enough audience.


Intro to Islam provides an overview of the history and the central tenets of Islam, and explains why this religion cannot be reformed, and why it is uniquely threatening to human rights & civilized societies.  It addresses the current “refugee” crisis and the rapidly-advancing Demographic Jihad in Europe, the role of stealth jihadis, the war on free speech, etc.  I spend a lot of time chastising the liberal community for its bizarre, suicidal collusion with Islam; and the book is geared towards recruiting Lefties in the global resistance to Islam.  Because I’m a history buff, I’ve included a section called “Islam for History Lovers”, covering some interesting historical events and providing insights on Islam from historical figures such as Mark Twain and Winston Churchill.   In the chapter titled, “Wanted: Alpha Males w/ the Warrior Spirit (and Zena, Warrior Princess!), I address the alarming lack of testosterone & fighting spirit among modern liberals, and explain why those qualities will be vitally important in the war with Islam, if we’re going to defeat the super-aggressive Alpha males currently promoting the Religion of Peace via every means possible.  There’s also a chapter on “Progressive Bushido — my personal philosophy blending progressive ideals & agendas such as environmentalism, vegetarianism, & religious skepticism with libertarian values such as gun rights & free speech — a worldview infused with a bracing dose of the warrior spirit, and the do-or-die determination of the samurai.  There’s a chapter on alternative fuels & energy independence, and a few miscellaneous chapters thrown in, just to spice things up.


While the book is written mainly for liberals, I’m hoping conservatives & libertarians will read it as well, so they’ll see that not all Lefties are clueless defenders of Islam, and to give them a glimpse of what the counter-jihad looks like when advanced by a progressive.  Also, I’d really like to popularize the green energy agenda among conservative counter-jihadis, so that we can permanently defund the Saudis & other Islamists, and the Muslim world in general, while also giving Mother Nature a much-needed break.  I believe all counter-jihadis should embrace the development of locally-produced alternative energy as a key element in the war with Islam — a sort of modern-day Manhattan Project that can seriously weaken the enemy, both in the Muslim world and in the West, by shutting down the money machine that funds thousands of mosques in Europe & the U.S., madrassas in the Muslim world, and terrorists everywhere.

Ceuta 2

To act as an antidote for the grim subject matter, I’ve tried to infuse the book with an ebullient, life-affirming spirit and a playful sense of fun.  (As unlikely as that may seem.)  On one level, Intro to Islam is a joyous celebration of Western civilization & culture — and a cheery “Fuck you!” to dour, life-disdaining Islamists everywhere.  One reviewer said the book is a “brisk, entertaining read” that “really crackles with wit and positive energy” — which is what I was aiming for: a book that will hopefully appeal to a broad audience, and leave the reader energized, with a real sense of purpose and an enthusiasm for the fight, rather than leaving them totally depressed and demoralized.


I use my website ( mainly to peddle the eBook, and to provide online resources such as a YouTube channel showcasing the work of Islam-savvy liberals such as Pat Condell, Bill Maher, Sam Harris, Dave Rubin, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali — as well as a links page designed to plug newbies into the global counter-jihad.  There is also a photo gallery, an “Islam by the Numbers” page, and a selection of “Did You Know?” blurbs taken from the eBook — all of which are intended to jar Islam-friendly liberals out of their cozy certainties regarding the Religion of Peace.


  1. You describe yourself as a ‘Liberal’ who has awoken to the significant un-liberalism of Islam. Do you have thoughts on the broader topic (and contradiction) of pro-Islamic liberalism? How has your awakening vis a vis Islam influenced your own politics?


At this point, I really think of myself as a sort of progressive/libertarian mongrel.  I consider myself a forward-thinking person who’s interested in human progress & evolution — intellectual, moral, spiritual, scientific and technological.  That’s my personal definition of a “progressive”; and I reject all of the baggage that’s become associated with that label in recent years, due to the worldview & agendas of misguided, politically-correct, postmodern liberals.  At the same time, I have a strong libertarian instinct.  I’m an unwavering supporter of personal freedoms such as gun rights and free speech, and admire the sense of personal responsibility and the can-do spirit of libertarians.

ting ming 7

I’m as perplexed as anyone by the liberal community’s alliance with Islam, which I see as THE most conservative ideology on the planet — conservatism taken to medieval extremes.  The fact that many liberals are willing to overlook the incredible savagery and misogyny of this religion, and its hatred of gays and Jews, is really bizarre, as well as morally reprehensible.  My best guess is that  White Guilt and an unquestioned belief in cultural relativism are largely to blame for this phenomenon — as well as a deep-seated & reckless hatred for any position championed by conservatives, such as criticism of Islam.  Although liberals are incredibly fearful of being labelled racists, their acceptance of Islam and the often very bad behavior of Muslims is obviously influenced by the racism of low expectations.  If anyone other than “poor, oppressed” brown people were perpetrating honor killings, female genital mutilations, the stonings of adulterers and homosexuals, etc., etc., etc., liberals would literally be foaming at the mouth in their condemnation of them.  But Muslims get a special Brown People Dispensation, and are thus beyond reproach.  Postmodern liberals have been taught to despise Western societies, to see all of the world’s problems as the fault of white Western imperialists, and to view all other cultures as being noble and worthy of our respect.  I think those are the primary reasons for the collusion between liberals & Islam.  What I don’t understand is why so many millions of liberals have been willing to swallow all of that bullshit.   I don’t understand why so few of them are willing to do a little honest research on Islam, and why so few are willing to look at the mountains of evidence pouring in from around the world every day.  Clearly they have succumbed to group think to a really frightening degree — allowing liberal activists, writers, pundits, and politicians to do their thinking for them.  And they’re terrified of straying from the herd.


As far as Islam-friendly politicians are concerned, I think some of them are misguided, hopelessly ill-informed ideologues pursuing a globalist, multicultural vision — while others are cynical, soulless facsimiles of human beings, who care about nothing but obtaining more votes for their own parties.


My concern regarding the Islamization of the U.S. and other Western countries has made me even more conflicted at election time.  As a pro-gun progressive, I already had serious misgivings about voting for gun-hating Democrats, which I did mainly in the hope that they would act upon environmental issues, such as developing green energy & dealing with climate change.  Now I have two important issues on which I’m totally at odds with most Democrats/liberals — Islam and gun rights.  I also despise political correctness, which is totally counter to the spirit of free speech, and makes it impossible to discuss important truths in many public venues; this little quirk also puts me in conflict with fellow Lefties.  Cultural relativism, another construct of the political left, is anathema to me, because of its inherent dishonesty, and the danger it poses for Western societies dealing with (or failing to deal with) the threat of creeping Islamization.  Recently I’ve become more & more alarmed by the totalitarian mindset & ambitions of the Regressive Left.  And I’m disgusted by ignorant, narrow-minded, hate-filled Antifa punks.

asabiya high

I voted for Barack Obama, twice — then gritted my teeth for eight years, every time he bowed to a Saudi king, or assured us that Islam is a religion of peace, and that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam, and each time he voiced his support for “sensible” gun bans.  He could hardly have done more damage to the U.S. & the Western world, vis-à-vis Islam, if he had been a closet Islamist.  (Although I still think a closet atheist is more likely.)


However, last year, I just couldn’t bring myself to vote for corrupt, Islam-friendly, gun-hating Hillary Clinton, who could be a poster girl for everything I despise about the Regressive Left.  But I couldn’t vote for Trump either.  So in 2016 I threw my vote away in protest, writing in author Sam Harris as my candidate of choice.


When it comes to resisting the spread of Islam, I consider right-wing Christian and Jewish counter-jihadis (as well as beleaguered Buddhists & Hindus) to be my brothers in arms, fighting an ideology that threatens all of us.  I’m willing to make common cause with anyone who takes this struggle seriously, as long as they’re not actual racists (as opposed to the many anti-Islam activists who are falsely labeled “racists” or “Nazis” or “fascists” by ignorant liberals).  For me, the issue is not about race, but ideology.  It’s not about white people versus brown or black people; it’s about preserving free, relatively-enlightened Western societies from Islamization, which I see as offering nothing but negatives — a totalitarian form of government, superstition, ignorance, anti-intellectualism, a disdain for science, misogyny, anti-Semitism, hatred of gays, hatred of non-Muslims in general, and the most savage expressions of barbarism.  Brave, brown-skinned ex-Muslims such as Ali Sina and Ayaan Hirsi Ali are some of my personal heroes (and heroines), and I welcome their presence in the West, because they have totally rejected Islam and embraced liberal/progressive Western values.  The current clash of civilizations isn’t about race or ethnicity, but the ideas that motivate people, and their resulting actions.  No one should be penalized or hated for the race they happened to be born into.  On the other hand, it’s absurd to believe, as many liberals do, that all cultures, religions, and worldviews are equally deserving of our respect — a position that is disproved by overwhelming evidence on a daily basis.


I would like to see liberal Europeans and Americans take pride in the positive aspects of their own cultures.  I’m not a fan of the jingoistic, “My Country Right or Wrong” sort of patriotism; but, at this point, I think it’s desperately important for more people in the West — especially liberals — to learn to appreciate how dramatically superior Western European and American societies are to Islamic societies.

Swedish Insanity 2

  1. Obviously has a rough trajectory I think Europe is on, but I could be totally wrong. What do you think the future holds for Western Europe?

I’m amazed at how bad things have already become in Europe in recent years.  It just seems so bizarre that so many millions of Europeans would welcome vast streams of Muslims pouring into their countries, in spite of increasingly frequent terrorist attacks, the massive rape jihad, the intimidation of non-Muslims, the chaos being created in the streets, the incessant whining & bitching of haughty, infidel-hating Muslims, and the economic drain of jobless “refugees” — many of whom are clearly intent on the Islamization of Europe.  The fact that many of my fellow “progressives” are still colluding with Islamists, and viciously attacking anyone who criticizes them or their religion, or the suicidal immigration policies of liberal governments, is just surreal.  I never would have thought it could get this bad; so I think it’s difficult to predict what will happen in the future.


That being said, I’m pretty sure things will continue to get worse, before they get better — if they get better.  I’m still hopeful that enough Europeans will wake up to the reality of the situation in time to take the necessary steps to turn the tide.  But I realize that, deep down, I’m a diehard optimist, so I acknowledge that my hopes may be ill-founded.  And at this point, I realize that the total Islamization of Europe is a very real possibility.  For me, the Demographic Jihad being waged in Europe is the most worrying aspect of what I’ve come to recognize as World War III.


In countries such as Germany and Sweden, there seems little chance that politicians will be elected who will use the government to take effective action to halt the spread of Islam, or even to protect their citizens from terrorist attacks and rape jihadis.  More & more European politicians are telling their people that they’ll just have to “get used” to terrorist attacks in their cities — promoting this situation as the “new normal”.  Therefore it seems very likely that desperate citizens will begin to take matters into their own hands, if current trends continue.  The instinct of self-preservation will  demand it.  When that happens, I don’t know what the overall effect will be on the counter-jihad.  It may cause the general public to view counter-jihadis of all types with even greater suspicion and ill will, creating a major setback for the anti-Islam movement.  Chances are, the governments who have refused to take effective action against jihadis and other “radical Muslims” will launch an all-out war on any non-Muslims who respond to Muslim violence with violence of their own.


I hope the conflict can be resolved, in favor of Western societies, without devolving into greater bloodshed.  But that seems unlikely, considering how determined the enemy is, and how determined many non-Muslims (especially in the political class) are to remain blind to the threat of Islam — thereby making governments impotent, in terms of implementing effective, non-violent solutions.


In countries such as the Netherlands and France, I’m still hopeful that Islam-savvy politicians such as Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen will come to power and begin taking major steps to reverse current trends.  That’s ultimately what’s needed.  There has to be a major paradigm shift at the national government level, in all European countries, if free, enlightened Europe is to survive.  Nothing else will do.


  1. I’m not sure if this lingo will translate, but one thing we talk about a lot on this site is how to ‘Red Pill Normies’, or, awaken those who are either Liberal or Apolitical to the existential dangers facing Western Civilization and the European-diaspora. What do you think are the most effective devices currently accomplishing that within the broader metapolitical landscape?


On the whole, I think that sort of “Red-Pilling” is not yet happening among liberals, except in rare cases.  At least, the process seems to be excruciatingly and inexplicably slow — more like a glacial advance, rather than the dramatic sea change that’s needed.  When it does occur on an individual level, the Internet seems to be the most important factor in educating Lefties on this issue, along with books providing an honest appraisal of Islam and the threat it poses.  In the few instances that I’m personally aware of, once a progressive begins to question the “Religion of Peace” myth, they begin Googling around, and discover websites such as Jihad Watch and The Religion of Peace, and start reading books by people like Robert Spencer and Brigitte Gabriel.  If they approach the subject with an open mind, they are invariably shocked by what they discover — and the transformation to ardent counter-jihadi can be very rapid.


I think the YouTube videos created by Pat Condell are especially powerful tools for liberals who are beginning to question the PC dogma regarding Islam.  Pat is a brilliant, funny, and extremely eloquent Brit from a liberal background, who absolutely eviscerates Islam, especially in some of his more recent videos.  I’ve included all of his videos dealing with Islam (97 of them, so far) on the Savvy Kafir’s YouTube channel.


Sam Harris, the author of The End of Faith, is another important left-wing counter-jihadi — and he’s taken a fuck-load of heat from his fellow “progressives” as a result.  A key figure in the New Atheism movement, Sam is incredibly intelligent, well-versed in Islam, and brutally honest in his appraisals of it.


Bill Maher is another liberal who has been very critical of Islam for years, on his show Real Time with Bill Maher, in his stand-up routines, and in his film, Religulous.  He does a great job of thrashing the myth of cultural relativism, and promoting the superiority of Western civilization.

Bloc Identitaire Symbol

TV host Dave Rubin, of The Rubin Report, is a relative newcomer to the left-wing counter-jihad, and his appearance on the scene is very welcome.  He’s a very likeable guy who encourages his viewers to question the narrative of the politically correct herd.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a liberal ex-Muslim woman from Somalia, has been fighting the good fight for years now.  She had to flee the Netherlands to the U.S., and hire armed guards, as a result of very credible death threats after Theo Van Gogh, her collaborator on the film, Submission, was murdered in Amsterdam.  As a liberal woman who suffered under Islam herself, her views should carry considerable weight with progressives seeking the truth.


My hope is that Islam-savvy liberals like these will get through to more & more Lefties as the war heats up.  These left-leaning critics of Islam can serve as a sort of gateway into the counter-jihad; and, once they’re in, curious liberals will be more open to the opinions expressed on the more “right-wing” sites, such as Jihad Watch and — as well as books by conservative authors.  The links page on my website includes links to counter-jihadi sites from across the political spectrum, in order to facilitate that process.


  1. Are there any components of the situation with Islam, or the situation in Europe, that you think are relevant but that rarely get remarked upon?


Yes.  I rarely see anyone (other than a few comment-posters on certain websites) address the issue of how we’re ultimately going to save Western civilization from the threat posed by terrorists & rape jihadis, and (more importantly) by demographic jihadis & stealth jihadis.  Once we’ve educated the public regarding this threat, what exactly are we going to do about it?  I see prominent counter-jihadis promoting limited, stop-gap measures such as halting immigration from Muslim countries, or better screening of Muslim immigrants, the profiling of Muslims on airlines, scrutiny of mosques by law enforcement, deporting radical imams and Muslim immigrants who commit crimes, not allowing Islamic State jihadis to re-enter Western countries, etc., etc.  But none of these things will save us, now that millions of fast-breeding Muslims are living among us.


Does anyone actually have a plan?  Any sort of long-term solutions?  Or are we just going to wait until civil wars erupt in various Western countries, as Muslim populations reach critical mass, then settle the issue (one way or another) in cataclysmic spasms of violence & bloodshed?

  1. What are you currently working on and what are your goals for the future?

Defend Europe 2

I would like to get a publishing deal for Intro to Islam, to help me reach a larger audience, and to bring the book more into the mainstream.


In the future, I’m planning to do two more nonfiction books on the global jihad and counter-jihad.  And I want to do a series of novels set in the not-so-distant future, in which the embattled protagonists are fighting Islamists in various parts of the world.


  1. How can people reading this support your work?

Buy my eBook!  And help to promote it via Twitter, Facebook, websites, etc.  Gift the eBook to liberal friends, relatives & co-workers.  (Amazon makes it easy!)  Reader reviews on Amazon, from Islam-savvy types, are greatly appreciated.  All of this can help me to get a book deal for Intro to Islam, which could allow me to reach more of the target audience — i.e., people on the political left in Europe, the U.S., Canada, Australia, etc.


I’d like to thank Julian for inviting me to do this interview, and for everyone who has taken the time to read it.  Thanks for your interest & support!



Comments (13)

  1. lonetigerandcub 7 months ago

    I just wanted to drop a few comments about the article and the general state of our movement. If I come off as talking out my arse or critical, it is only out of a feeling of desperation and love for our civilization. The article/interview is great and it is interesting to get the viewpoint of a liberal/lefty who gets it and doesn’t come off as an holier than thou idiot. He seems to generally understand where we are coming from and wants to see Europe restored to a better time, without the invaders. He made a great point about how it doesn’t seem that we have a plan and I feel, as I think most of those who share our plight, that we seem to be stuck in first gear, trodding toward our goal, while the invaders and their supporters are out in front, speeding along. I know that it did not happen overnight and that the Reconquista will take years, if not decades. However, I think we could do better if the various groups could unite under one banner and better utilize their resources, networks and any political clout to achieve our goals.

    • Author
      Admin 7 months ago

      Hey LoneTiger-

      You bring up great questions, powerful food for thought to be sure.

      I have spent the last twenty minutes or so typing out my thoughts but I think I am going to turn them into a full-blown post instead of just a response to your comment. Look forward to getting your thoughts on it once I post it!


  2. lonetigerandcub 7 months ago

    I also wanted to put forth an idea along the same lines. If and when we could unite the various groups, we need a strong leader who has political experience in Europe and knows how to effectively navigate the system, who is also not afraid to take on the establishment, like a Nigel Farage or Marine Le Pen. Someone who could show those of us from various parts, how to contact different groups and hold rallies and pro-preservation meetings with support from all over Europe and use the enemies own methods of attack against them. We could take opportunities, like the upcoming Austrian elections and focus all of our resources on that particular cause. Now, I know this is way easier to talk about than it is to do it and I certainly am not a politician or even a public speaker/motivator, I myself just being red-pilled this past year. I hope this will give us something to talk about and hopefully stimulate some ideas on how to achieve success.

  3. shadowman 7 months ago

    Well well….. looks like a “hung parliament” in the UK after the election there!

    This is certainly good news for us. This comes into the “things-that-cause-uncertainty” category, most of which are good for us. A lot of talk that May might resign after such a poor showing. Mind you – anyone who replaces her will probably be just as bad. Just as ignorant regarding the danger of Islam.

    • Author
      Admin 7 months ago

      Hey Shadowman- I agree completely. I was very happy with the result. May is absolutely horrible. I would have rather have had Corbyn than her… (although most would argue he is objectively worse of course, since he’s openly pro invasion whereas Theresa May tries to pretend to be moderate on the question of the UK’s suicide even though she’s just as bad).

      You are spot on too in my opinion on the benefits of uncertainty to us. Anything that causes the government’s legitimacy to lessen is very good. Add the very quickly coming economic collapse and things may be more hopeful than in a long time!

      I think either American pensions/Italian banks/American auto loans/American retailers/some combination of all these will be the first domino(s) signalling the recession has started.

      • Laguna Beach Fogey 7 months ago

        US commercial real estate.

        • Author
          Admin 7 months ago


          I could not agree more Laguna Beach. People say the US stock market is overpriced right now, but even a 25 p/e ratio (not sure where its at right now but pretty close to that is equal to a cap rate of 4 in real estate terms, but you look at commercial real estate in seattle and san francisco and la and the cap rates are even less than that, like 3 or even 2 in some places. Its utter insanity. Plus with retail tanking across the county who on earth is going to rent all that commercial space??? Malls especially but any commercial real estate that people can’t live in is going to crash and burn big time in my opinion. Which just compounds the pension crisis too because a significant chunk of pension funds in the us is invested in commercial real estate.

    • Author
      Admin 7 months ago

      All things being equal I think cultural-marxism is definitely worse than Islam.

      If- in a parallel world- all the immigrants to Western Europe were from Finland or Bellarus and looked just like us and had the same background and ancestors as us but just happened to have some religion identical to Islam in every way but not Islam, I would probably be happy about the whole thing.

      But unfortunately we have ended up in a two-pronged/multi-front war where we have to defeat both the Muslims and the purveyor’s of insanity like in the attached article.

      Luckily both our opponents don’t know how to quit when their ahead though and continue to push the envelope with stuff like that above, which will hopefully catalyze enough rage amongst men like us that when the economies collapse we annihilate them (in my most optimistic scenario obviously).

      But yeah, Brave New World on STEROIDS (or estrogen injections, as the case may be…)

    • Kadphises 7 months ago

      This cultural degeneracy is just not a viable system. There is no choice between ethnosuicide and being replaced by a stronger culture, they are two sides of the same coin.
      The choice is between Islamic Sharia and “White Sharia”, a return to a healthy European patriarchy, a warrior aristocracy (with a love of arts, sciences, beauty and freedom, in opposition to the Judeo-Islamic cultural desertification and political oppression).

      • Author
        Admin 7 months ago

        Hey Kadphises-

        I think this ‘White Shariah’ meme has been a good development and catalyzed good conversations.

        I also endorse the concept, just to note 🙂


  4. SteveRogers42 7 months ago

    Ya can’t make this $#!t up:

    • Author
      Admin 7 months ago

      Lol filthy scum…

      They sure know how to tug at the liberal heartstrings don’t they…

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