Introducing The Comment Bank

Introducing The Comment Bank
September 30, 2016 Admin

I had an awesome suggestion by a reader a couple months back about creating a ‘comment bank’. It is also what I mentioned a couple weeks ago regarding collecting the best comments from the site.

This post is going to serve as that ‘comment bank’.

This site has so far attracted an inordinately intelligent, passionate, masterful readership, and I absolutely feel the discussions that are taking place here are of great value. It might not seem like much at this time, but I believe these discussions (and those taking place at similar sites around the web, and in real life) are absolutely like those that took place in taverns, cafes, and backrooms long ago in many periods in which our ancestors prepared for troubled times. As a result I want to archive and highlight them.

Doing it this first time was quite a task because there are so many good ones, so if you left a great comment and I didn’t manage to snag it please don’t take offense. Also I only went back about a month, month and a half, rather than to the beginning of the site.

Finally I am also inserting a few pictures and memes interspersed with them. Please let me know if this works or detracts from the comments. Also presuming they are a net plus, if readers want to add any additional ones in the comments or email ones to me to insert, we can develop quite a little compendium. After all, we all know the growing importance of meme warfare.

Also I had mentioned selecting a single ‘comment of the month’ and either buying that individual a book of their choosing or making a small donation to a resistance organization in their name. I couldn’t pick just one comment so instead, if anyone has ideas for donations shout em out and I’ll do as many as I can!

Hail Victory



Here are the all the comments selected, by category:

The Murder of Europe/Awakening/Red-Pills

Albanacht, commenting on the article ‘Sisu, Eucatastrophe, And The Future Of Europe’:

“Eventually it will be impossible not to see.”

The events of last summer’s Islamic invasion of Europe, applauded and cheered on as it was by UK politicians and the sick left, was a watershed period of time for me. I will never forget it, as night after night I watched the news in utter disbelief that this treachery was allowed to happen. Over the course of the last year, after much reading and discussion, I now realise that our traitorous political elites are working towards an agenda that will bury Europe, as part of their globalist plan to end European sovereign nation statehood, among their other nihilist objectives.

Last year I woke up to this insanity and now inform as many of my family and friends as possible, sticking to facts and pointing them to articles and websites such as your excellent one, in an attempt to alter their voting patterns, and warn them of the coming catastrophe. You are right ”Eventually it will be impossible not to see.” And that time is upon us!


Laguna Beach Fogey, commenting on ‘What Causes Red-Pilling? Reader Feedback Desired’:

I was pretty much a fascist from birth. (Fashy by birth, fashy by nature). As a little boy I noticed that girls and non-Whites got favourable treatment, but I was dissuaded from noticing it out loud. I spent a lot of time around New York City as a little kid, and I noticed the bad behavior of black people. As I grew up, travelled a lot, went to prep school and uni overseas, and met interesting people, I continually questioned the shitty consumerist society I saw around me. The America-dominated world was rotten. Something just didn’t feel right. In my mid-twenties I thoroughly Red-Pilled myself, and I haven’t looked back since. This was around the start of the Internet. I had no one to help me,. The young men of today are extremely fortunate that there are networks of Red Pill and Alt-Right websites like this one to help them wake up and build a meaningful life.

Rick, commenting on ‘What Causes Red Pilling? Reader Feedback Desired’:

I think life red pills people, after all what is “white Flight” other than an acceptable opportunity to escape enforced diversity. But white flight options are diminishing and so the red pills will be coming fast and furious, and so long as there are intellectual websites such as this that support the truth people will find it.

For myself, I’ve had a long series of red pills:

I grew up in a Canadian city that was demographically flipped from 95% European to approx 30% European within about 15 years. The abuse starts once you are a minority and it is pretty relentless.

I was also thrown in a Mexican jail one time when I was 20 for being drunk on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, This was a real eye opener to me that not all cultures are equal to say the least, I fought with the prisoners and was beaten up by the guards and generally treated like scum. An American prisoner who had been released came back and bailed me out otherwise I was looking at 6 months in a 3rd world shithole.

There is a percentage of people that will never be red pilled, as they judge a culture by the restaurants or the “Guy at work” For the rest it’s just a matter of time.

Mike, commenting on ‘What Causes Red Pilling? Reader Feedback Desired’:
The link is via a French website, which I found via a German website. Europe is undergoing a full-on red pilling process. That’s what proximity to invaders does to you.

I was always liberal. I came to Chicago as a sophomore in high school from Germany. I had never experienced so many black people. Plus I got my first experience of being jumped, of real riots and racial violence. I was against white prejudice but also realized that black people are different.
Over the years I hung out with people of all different races. I like people. But I was always realistic about the differences.

I got seriously red-pilled with the growing immigrant presence that I observed during my visits back to Germany. I did not like that. It was a visceral feeling.

This led me to Asatru and the pre-Christian religions of Europe. I have concluded that this is a vital component of awakening, but limited. I never liked the guilt-ridden christian religion, but liked Jesus, and sensed a difference. The key is to understand the non-Jewish nature of Jesus and his teachings where he calls out Jahweh as Satan. That ties in with the JQ, a difficult subject.

What has really motivated me is the realization that the destruction of European people’s s a very real political project.

It is not the ‘will of God’, but rather the will if a demonic group of power hungry psychopaths.

Red pilling happens the closer you get to live with the reality of the invasion.


Wayne, commenting on ‘What Causes Red Pilling? Reader Feedback Desired’:

3. Why do some people- like this nutjob author referenced above- never wake up, even when the lies end up resulting in them getting beaten/raped/killed?

“Is not all the stupid chatter of most of our newspapers the babble of fools who suffer from the fixed idea of morality, legality and so forth, and only seem to go about free because the madhouse in which they walk takes in so broad a space?” – Max Stirner

I honestly think the, as you described it, almost religious ideals these people have has roots that run deep, too deep for anyone to exorcise them. Their whole conception of truth and morality make our view untenable to them, they have the home field advantage, this is why the only argument they need is to call someone a racist or a bigot; emotional blackmail, playing on the same mental sickness most people have. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Attempts to make our views passable for their system of validation does us no good, they cannot translate over. A materialist, an empiricist will hear nothing of the “European Spirit”, someone sick with liberalism only sees man and the higher ideal of man, and trying to make the immaterial take corporeal form so these people can grasp it only does our message disservice.

I’ve seen massive academic studies that do mental fucking gymnastics to try and explain how Muslims are very compatible with western civilization and actually it is capitalism and marginalization that leads to all of these atrocities. It’s sick.

It’s a suicide of the human spirit.


European Identity, Culture, And Spirit

Wayne, commenting on ‘What Causes Red-Pilling? Reader Feedback Desired’:

Train your body, train your mind, as individuals, as sleeper cells in society that are the change we want to see we are much more deadly than as a mindless mass movement. Virtue-signal hard, don’t back down, let the world see that the human spirit has not yet been wholly confined to the dehumanizing gulags of materialism and slave morality. Keep your head held high.

Read read read read read read!

Rick, commenting on ‘Interesting Article From Italy On Evolving Cammora Youth Culture’:

If we deconstruct our current situation we’ll find that at our core we lack morality or more specifically we subscribe to a moral relativism, and the baseline is continuously descending.

We can see how this negatively affects the modern Nationalist, they will say Muslims will kill homosexuals we protect homosexuals.

Of course I don’t advocate killing homosexuals but I don’t think we should define ourselves or Western Civilization as virtuous by promoting a live and let live Philosophy.

This is the problem with putting any faith in the Mafia, all of their activities are based on encouraging the moral depravity of the citizens, drugs, prostitution, gambling etc… these activities are only held together by cashflow, any disruption to that and they’ll scatter like roaches in the light.

As for a unifying force, I have at times thought that Islam practiced en masse by Europeans may be synthesized into a positive force, but have rejected this notion as impractical. Islam at its core is universalist as is Christianity as is Cultural Marxism and anything Universalist favours the lowest common (Human) denominator and those willing to breed the most.

We need an ideology that embraces meritocracy, aristocracy and elitism. We need a cultural shift back to Morality, Folk and Family. (Blood & Soil) People will make great sacrifices for A BIG IDEA for tribe, family, descendants etc.. Who will sacrifice their life for gay marriage, transgender bathrooms, or a iPhone.


Rick, continuing:

I think the Visegrad nations and Russia are good examples of course The Corsicans and the Boers in SA. I think Christianity is less subversive and works better in those countries probably for 2 reasons.

1) Except for Russia they have remained largely homogenous until now, and going forward multi culturalism will be a tough sell (as we’re seeing in Hungary & Poland)

2) Their identity supercedes transformative ideologies. For example Russians were Russian before they were communist and they were Russian before they were Christians, and so that sense of Folk is deeply embedded. In the case of the Boers their language & History both insulate them and reinforce their identity.

A moral revival is inevitable, hedonistic societies provide fleeting pleasure and spiritual desolation, there has to be a tipping point somewhere.

Families and Folk/Ethno states are the natural order, we’ve seen it with the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia its only a matter of when and how much damage will have been done.

Mike, commenting (in two dual comments) on ‘Q And A On Strategy In Europe- Traitors, Muslims, And How To Wage Resistance’:

Before Mohammad the Arab tribes were busy fighting each other. Mohammad unified the Arab tribes with a powerful new religion. It worked. Europeans need a new religion. Ideally this is a fusion of pre-Christian indigenous religion and an aryan Christianity plus German idealism. The basis for this has already been created by the ‘Neue Gemeinschaft von Philosophen’ under a man known as Chyren. That group has got a lot of heat from the government. They call for increasing measures of retaliation directed primarily at the indigenous traitors.

A new religion is essential. It is the foundation of the new Europe.

A return to the original Hyperborean European spiritual world view / paradigm. Realize God in all as all. As opposed to the Abrahamic faiths, which posit an entirely separate God above and away who rules through some unknowable arbitrary whim.

Return to the source and see ourselves as part of All. A dynamic awakening empowering spirit opens up. A harmonic fusion of the highest and truest parts of the three main divisions of European culture; heathens/environmentalists/ecologists/nature + science/objective truth/secular humanism + a revolutionary new understanding of Jesus as a Galilean of European stock who taught the oneness and immediacy of God and man, the love and practice of Truth, of spiritual self-reliance, following conscience, awakening intuition, becoming inner directed. His teaching was so dangerous to the Pharisees that it was deliberately undermined and misdirected by Saul / Paul into the guilt-filled, world-denying, sin-focussed, salvation by external agency only by Jesus and his priests, or face eternal damnation religion; a perfect psychological conditioning program that resulted in the neutering of our primal roots, laid the groundwork for the authoritarian church rule, and ultimately communism and the NWO.

The coming together of the three major divisions in European folk is essential in order to avoid the age-old ‘divide and conquer’ strategy of the enemy. No more brother wars. We have to unite to defeat the real enemies.

In a nutshell, wake up and know your Self. Follow your Dharma, your Duty. This ties in with the Vedas. But instead of oriental withdrawal engage with life to the fullest. Understand yourself, know yourself to be part of ongoing creation, know your folk, and all folk, to be organic parts of the natural order. It is our duty to preserve, protect and advance our folk.

The NGvP under Chyron has published hundreds of pages of deep thought on this, as only the Germans can. I consider this to be the culmination of the stream of German idealistic philosophy. I have started translating but it’s slow going because time is hard to come by.

Kadphises, commenting on ‘What Causes Red-Pilling? Reader Feedback Desired’:     comments-bank-romania

I also should add that Jesus’ teachings also have some positive aspects, at least compared to traditional Judaism and fundamentalist Islam (I actually doubt that there was any significant contribution to European culture beyond what was already present in Greco-Roman and Hellenic thought):

– against violent moralism (the story of the adulterous woman who is supposed to be stoned to death)
– against blind dogmatism (human lives are more important than sabbath rules; it is fine to eat pork and seafood of any kind)
– against spiritual corruption through consumerism (he drives the happy merchants and money lenders out of the temple)
– against empty virtue-signaling (don’t pray on the street)


On Progressivism/Cultural-Marxism

Kadphises, commenting on ‘What Causes Red-Pilling? Reader Feedback Desired’:

“As we have discussed on numerous occasions, massive numbers of the native European population are enthralled and brainwashed by what can only be called a religion, one whose tenants revolve around the negation of all established conventions and mores, and the inversion of all relationships and morals. Many refer to this as Cultural-Marxism.“

This is an important observation. What we have here is a nameless religion leading to European cultural and genetic suicide.

But why could it be so successful among Whites? An important part of the answer lies in the fact that it can build upon the worse aspects of Christianity:

– the glorification of suffering and of passivity and pacifism (“turn the other cheek”)
– the idealization of ‘the Other’
– the idea of Original Sin (in German “Erbsünde”, literally “inherited sin”)
– the idea of innate equality (“There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”)
– the idea that true belief is more important than righteous action
– the idea that true belief is more important than familial or ethnic bonds

All these concepts were alien to Pagan Europe, but became deeply engrained into the European psyche with Christianization.

And what many refer to as Cultural Marxism is a secularized version of these worst aspects of Christianity where the crucifixion of Christ has been substituted with the Holocaust, the transatlantic slave trade, the crusades, colonialism etc., and Original Sin with White Guilt (More on this topic with specific reference to Germany: The nutjob author is a religious fanatic who has so deeply internalized these concepts that it is impossible for him to see reality. And whatever fanatic Muslims do to him, he would lose his credibility among coreligionists, if he said anything which could be interpreted as “xenophobic” or “racist”. Because “being racist” is to them what “worshipping the devil” was for medieval Christians, worse than rape or murder.

Most of the official Christian churches in the West teach their religion in this framework, so I have no hope that any spiritual support for our side in this battle will come from them. And while I see Christians who fight against the Islamization of Europe as allies, I don’t think they are actually fighting for ‘Christian values’ as many of them seem to believe, but they are attaching the label ‘Christian’ to the pre-Christian core of European identity, our love of freedom, truth, justice and beauty.

Comments (9)

  1. Notwende 1 year ago

    Just found your website via a pingback on my blog.
    I am overjoyed having found you guys!
    There’s tons of articles and thought food and it is all to my very own taste.
    Maybe I am too fast in judging but it seems to me this site could be run by the late Dr. Wiliam Luther Pierce whom to personally have met in Munich several years ago I still feel honored.
    It was due to his writings I woke up to our cause some twenty years ago. And even though so many years have since passed I still feel I haven’t done enough and I should have done much more to further our chances of racial survival.
    On the plus side I managed to father and raise four children and giving them a moral background so that they are firmly rooted and strong enough to weather the times ahead. I also have a blog (it’s the second one after I decided to discontinue the first one which ran under another nom de guerre) but even there I should write a lot more. Sometimes though I feel like such an undertaking might not be enough to fuel our spirit of resistance since it seems it’s almost always the same people who are reading my lines.
    I always sort of regarded myself being some kind of watchman, a guard that’s on standby, rifle ready just in case.
    But what guard am I considering my country being flooded with foreigners from all over the world?
    Two thoughts just popped up:
    The first was a saying within the grunts of the Wehrmacht. “Enjoy the war – the peace will be terrible!”
    The second is from WLP and he said something like (paraphrasing now):
    “As the inner cities are being taken over the whites are fleeing to the outer districts until these are overrun, too. Then, they’re running for the suburbs to settle there. Only when there will be no more place to run to they will stand and fight.”

    Was WW II our last chance to survive? I sincerely hope not. But the Landsers could forsee the future of their country, one has to give them that.
    WLP’s thoughts make me feel ashamed, though. I don’t think we could run anywhere anymore in order to live amongst our own people – our countries have been thoroughly flooded. Even the tiniest villages have received their quota of “refugees”. Nowhere to run. So am I doing what Dr. Pierce predicted? Am I standing tall and do I fight – or am I searching for more excuses so my inaction would be somehow justified?
    I think one reason for my inactivity has to do with trust. The sort of action I woul like resorting to can have severe consequences. Sure I could somehow try being some sort of lone wolf, but I doubt I’d be successful on the long run. Strength lies in numbers so I would have to confide and try to find real brothers in arms. Well, seems I am suffering a severe case of Catch-22.

    ‘Nuff for now & greetings from Austria,


    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Notwende-

      Thanks for the comment! I am glad you saw the pingback and found the site- also appreciate the kind words regarding it!

      Along with Norway, Austria was by far the country which has most affected my heart when traveling through Europe. Indeed as I’m sure your aware the photo gracing this post is of Halstatt, a town which has almost taken on something of a spiritual nature to me, and is one that is a sort of ‘poster child’ for this site.

      I am not familiar with Dr. William Luther Pierce. I will have to look him up.

      I agree with you that ‘places to run’ are dwindling. I believe that our people will absolutely have to fight, and it is up to all of us to decide whether we will do so and in what manner. I of course do not encourage any illegal actions on this site, but it seems increasingly clear that once things begin to deteriorate and central governments fall, we will all be greeted by a state of lawlessness our people have not experienced for a long, long time. Hopefully it will not get too bad, and some nations (especially in Eastern Europe) can seal their borders before being too overrun. For others though like Sweden and France, I have a hard time seeing a livable future without a period of chaos and violence that will (hopefully) usher in calm. That is an optimistic scenario as well (but I am optimistic).

      Would love to get any more of your thoughts and experiences and reports from on the ground! Thanks again for the comment-


      • DaShui 1 year ago

        Pierce was a big influence on your publisher , Greg Johnson.

    • Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

      European Volunteer Guard (EVG)

      • Author
        Admin 1 year ago


  2. Kadphises 1 year ago

    “I would like to find a stronger name than just ‘Comment Bank’ (something cool and Nordic sounding) so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know!”
    Calls of the Gjallarhorn
    Voices of the Einherjar

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Excellent- thank you Kadphises! I had a similar suggestion over email by someone. You really can’t beat the beauty of those old Norse words I love it… We will see if any other suggestions pop up- appreciate you suggesting those.

      I will admit that despite my love for the language I am pretty ignorant of the cosmology/stories. I need to get some Norse legends children’s books for my son so he and I can both get a basic education in it 🙂

  3. Philip 1 year ago

    ‘Hermoor’ anglicized to ‘Hermod’ was reputedly the messenger of the Gods.

    In January I will be visiting Salzburg which has had some bad press reports of gangs of ‘Third Worlders’ fighting over drug dealing rights. It will be interesting to observe and then report on the demographic changes. Two years ago I was in Innsbruck (before the current Tsunami of Islamic detritus) and took a bus trip to an outlying area (with my wife) one evening. We were the only Europeans of the bus. At the time I was shocked as I never expected this in the Tirol. What is to expect now?

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Philip very cool- Salzburg is one of my absolute favorite places in Europe, along with Halstadt in Austria and Halden in Norway. Innsbruck is amazing too. Must have been an interesting experience on that bus, eck….

      Look forward to hearing back from you on the state of things on the ground- you will have to give us your impressions.

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