Is Masculinity Dead?

Is Masculinity Dead?
February 9, 2018 Admin

Greetings men-

Below is my newest Youtube video.

Its actually the very first one I ever completed, but I waited until now to publish it because its part of a three part series on the topic of masculinity.

I’m loving this Youtube stuff and I can’t wait to show ya’ll the videos I’m working on right now (couple weeks out as always so you’ll see it closer to the end of the month).

If any of you have ideas for videos please hit me up. Same with good music that is Creative Commons licensed and can be used in Youtube videos.

You can re-use certain videos or short clips as part of ‘Fair Use’ but for B-Roll video footage and background music and individual photos you gotta get stuff that’s specifically ‘free to use’.

Also I am going to embed the newest video on my self-improvement/passive income/entrepreneurship channel below, so if those topics interest you check it out too!


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  1. shadowman 2 weeks ago

    “Is masculinity dead?”

    In Western Europe (and particularly in Germany and Sweden) I’d say the answer is “largely yes”.
    In Eastern Europe – definitely not! They haven’t allowed themselves to be rotted by “political correctness” and “cultural Marxism”.

    • Author
      Admin 2 weeks ago

      I agree my friend 🙂

      If its still alive in Eastern Europe we can hope the ingredients still exist in Western Europe and we will see a resurgence 🙂

    • Michael Gladius 1 week ago

      I disagree. Masculinity isn’t dead in the west, it’s illegal.

      Think about it: stuff guys like to do is taxed, regulated, banned, or managed to death by the administrative state. Then the state turns around and makes it expensive as hell to have a family, so that the last remaining social bond is broken and we can all become consumerist cattle, fodder for the machines and computers.

      Only by totally re-structuring society to conform to human nature and the family can we start moving in a positive direction. The activist groups today who are succeeding in spite of all the financial and legal retaliations are proof that masculinity is waiting for purpose. They are merely preparing the battlefield on a mental/moral level through red-pilling and courageous displays of defiance.

      • shadowman 1 week ago

        Very good reply, M.G.!

        Yes. Just as Islam “suffocates” free and critical thought, so Western governments and the “P.C.” culture have suffocated masculinity.

        Fortunately (as you’ve said), there is a fast-growing group of people who have seen what is happening and who are fighting back.

      • Author
        Admin 1 week ago

        That is an extremely good point Mr. Gladius…

        And I agree, given all that has occurred/is occuring/is done, it makes the sucesses of such groups that much more impressive.

        Very well said my friend.

        • Michael Gladius 1 week ago

          I admire them for their courage and abilities (being of a temperament that is less than ideal for activism and meme warfare), although I think the final push will require considerably more force and violence. But the time for that has not yet arrived. As eagerly as some of us young ‘uns would like a straight-up fight, the boring preparatory work is still unfinished. Hence why I think Generation Identity will be so important in the next 2 years. They are succeeding where the old conservatives failed.

          Preserving our existence is the first step, then restoring and revival of our families, faith, and cultures must be the second. It’s encouraging to know that good and evil cannot stand still, and that each must continue on towards his respective end.

      • Unknown 1 week ago

        We are waiting to see all of the downsides of Feminism, because we like to gain knowledge. Then we come along on the white horse, to save the enslaved virgin from greatest danger.
        Timing, men, never forget the importance of timing! Being good at the wrong time does not get you good attention.

  2. Michael Gladius 1 week ago

    *myself being of a temperament that is less than ideal for activism and meme warfare.

  3. Dashui 1 week ago

    Hey J, why don’t you do something on the Cossacks?

    A white Mannerbund larping as Mongols, what’s not to love?

    • Author
      Admin 1 week ago

      Wow… that is interesting. I had never heard of them before (the new groups I mean, not the historical Cossacks). That would definitely be a good video I’ll add that to my list 🙂

    • Author
      Admin 5 hours ago

      Extremely well-written piece. I think he nails it.

      I will admit I was shocked at the level of left-wing vitriol and insanity on Twitter since joining. I thought it would be like 20% left-wing insanity, 10% right-wing ishtlordery, and 70% ‘normal’ people.

      In reality its about 80% raging, insane liberals, 5% ‘normal’ people, 10% people like you and me, and 5% ‘ishtlords’. You literally click on anything and its just columns and columns of liberals attacking men/the nra/Trump/white people/etc…

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