Is Sweden About To Go Full Dictatorship? [Five Things That Suggest The Answer Is ‘Yes’]

Is Sweden About To Go Full Dictatorship? [Five Things That Suggest The Answer Is ‘Yes’]
October 20, 2017 Admin
Crazy Sweden becoming dictatorship?

Greetings men-

Sweden has been such a focus of this site since its inception that it could almost be called ‘’.

Yes, these f*cking nutjobs in Stockholm have engaged in so much insanity that it is literally hard to comprehend.

Sweden is, as they say, the gift that keeps on giving. Only that metaphor doesn’t work, because what is happening in Sweden is not a gift, but a horrendous nightmare.

It also seems as if it may be getting close to escalating, and the Swedish government may be about to enter a new level of insanity.

Here are five things that suggest this is the case (below).


1. Their Sickness Of Progressive-Swedism Is Worsening

We have seen the Progressive, Suicidalist policies of the Swedes get worse and worse over the years. They have gone from imprisoning a man for typing the word ‘negro’ out online, to sponsoring ‘pickup artist’ lessons for migrants so they can better ‘flirt’ with Swedish women, to creating a ‘hotline’ where women can report men for “mansplaining”, to all sorts of other things.

Now though, they have begun publishing a pamphlet to be given to migrants which makes all of the above look quite logical.

As our friends at Free Times state:

A new textbook about sex is ​​published in Swedish and Arabic and is aimed at so-called newly arrived immigrants. The book contains, among other things, explicit depictions of group sex with violence, which US Breitbart News draws attention to.

Behind the manual “Me and you” is the left activist and journalist Inti Chavez Perez, who by Fredrik Reinfeldt’s government was appointed as an “expert” in the gender survey Gender and Gender Equality.

Chavez Perez has previously published the “Light Sex Book”, which aimed at children. However, the target group for the new textbook, which is also given in Arabic, is newly arrived immigrants.

An article about the book in TV4’s “News Morning” on Tuesday showed pictures from the book. One of the pictures, for example, shows a woman in a mascot who has sex with a man while another woman stands next to whipping her.

On another picture, a little girl is holding an adult woman asking her, “Shall we have sex?” The adult woman answers: “No. I want to wait”.

That’s right… Sweden, which because of mass-immigration now has the second highest per capita rape rate on earth, is now printing pamphlets to give to Muslim migrants that attempt to normalize group sex, violent sadomasochistic sex, and the idea that children might harbor (legitimate) desires to have sex with adults.

Swedish government book teaches migrants child sex, violent sex

Image from book. Credit is @Facsimile.


2. They are full of fear at what is happening around them

Earlier this week, in Austria, voters massively rejected the ruling Socialists, completely obliterated the far-left Green Party, voted in the Austrian People’s Party– which had taken a hard Preservationist stance in order to win- and gave a close second place to the famous Freedom Party, which is one of the few successful parties in Europe that could actually do real good if elected.

I analyzed the election afterwards, and stated that although we can’t know how the new chancellor will govern, the election was beyond a doubt a massive defeat for the left.

There can be little doubt that the criminal Lofven in Stockholm and his fellows were watching the results as well, and realizing the same thing. They also would have been watching events in Spain.

Beyond that, within their own country, Lofven and the other ruling politicians in Sweden have watched the Sweden Democrats gain more and more ground, and- even more importantly in my mind- have seen the Nordic Resistance Movement gaining MASSIVE steam, and becoming a more and more recognized and powerful force.

This must fill them with great fear, and that fear is the catalyst for their increasingly draconian desires.

To wit, we have a story this week about the Swedish government arresting a 71 year old Swedish woman for comments she made online.

The woman’s comments were on an article about Sweden’s so-called ‘child migrants’ (who have routinely been exposed as 20 and 30 and 40-something year old men who lied about their age). The 71 year old woman called these individuals “bearded children”, and for that now faces two years in jail, according to Fria Tider.

One wonders how many dozens of people face the same thing every day, but don’t end up in the news since they aren’t 70-something ladies.

Joe Biden and Stefan Lofven.

Lofven with Joe Biden, who knew NOTHING about the Harvey Weinstein rapefest.


3. The Swedish parliament has just proposed sending troops into the suburbs

From Fria Tider:

20 Moderate MPs have made a move to put in a military police against criminal gangs in the suburb. In Stockholm it is about Rinkeby, Tensta, Husby and Hallunda / Norsborg, reports Botkyrka Direkt.

It is a group of moderates in the Riksdag who made a move to expand police-military cooperation to stop the crime in Sweden’s immigrant suburbs, and to relieve the hard-pressed police authority.

The motion was submitted on October 4, and has been signed by 20 moderate MPs.

According to SVT Nyheter , the Riksdag has supported the motion and proposed that the government should as quickly as possible investigate the possibility of cooperation between the military and the police.

“It is the responsibility of the state to maintain the law, especially the police. But the police today do not have the numerical ability to maintain public order. Then the eyes quickly blow the military and the defense, says Mikael Cederbratt (M) to Botkyrka Direct.

Cederbratt points out that Sweden must have zero tolerance against crime and therefore there is a constant presence of police and military in the suburbs. As it seems today, even Swedish law does not apply in certain areas, says the moderate politician.

This actually makes sense in a lot of ways, as the suburbs are obviously out of control and completely beyond Swedish law. If our guys took power we would be doing the same thing.

Crazy Sweden becoming dicatorship? Liberalism progressivism and Islamization.


However that does not mean it isn’t evidence of a move towards dictatorship. This is especially the case because– as we have seen time and time again- all ‘additional powers’ given to law enforcement in Western Europe for the purpose of better containing Islamist violence end up being used instead to target and harass Preservationist political opponents.

As a result, while the bill may be sponsored in the name of ‘containing crime in the suburbs’ [read: Muslim areas], it is likely to lead to the additional suspension of civil liberties for regular native Swedes who oppose their nation’s murder.


4. The Swedish Ambassador to Iceland just admitted it

Swedish ambassador claims country becoming a dictatorship.

The ambassador in question.

This was a fascinating story as well, and centers on Sweden’s ambassador to Iceland ACKNOWLEDGING that Sweden is becoming a progressive dictatorship

From Zero Hedge:

Sweden’s new ambassador to Iceland has sparked a major controversy after warning that Sweden is “in the process of dismantling democracy” and could be on a slippery slope towards technocracy or a dictatorship.

Håkan Juholt, a former leader of the centre-left Social Democrat party and ambassador to Iceland since September, made the comments in an interview with the Svenska Dagbladet newspaper.

“How old is your son? Four?” he asks the reporter.

“When he is old he won’t be living in a democracy but in a technocracy, or a dictatorship. It’s sad as hell. I am sorry to say it, but I am 100 percent sure. We are in the process of dismantling democracy.”

“I don’t think the threat is a dictatorship with tanks rolling on Sergel’s Square (a well-known square in central Stockholm), but an expert rule where we do not let the citizens’ values govern the country. Democracy is slipping through our fingers. Fewer people want to be elected, the parties are toning down their ideology.

Sure, I see a risk that it may become a dictatorship in the long run.”

This statement follows on the heels of the Swedish government’s attempt at ruining the life of a dentist who attempted to expose the real age of Sweden’s so called “child migrants”. See that story here:


5. George Soros just gave 18 billion dollars to his ‘Open Society Foundation’.

That’s right, George Soros just gave 18 billion dollars to his main foundation, which has for years been funding countless far-left, pro-migration, anti-European, and Antifa organizations across the globe.

This is an insane amount of money. Its more than the GDP of lots of countries. I remember back in the 1990’s when Bill Gates became the world’s first billionaire, and now we have 18 times that much money being used just to advance Progressive, Suicidalist causes.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but it is the most plain fact on earth that George Soros has done a MASSIVE amount of the work bringing the Occident to where it is today.

Even the Israeli like Netanyahu hate Soros now. Yet while they, and Hungary, and the Czech Republic, and Russia, and the Trump administration all recognize Soros’s evil, his power seems unabated.

In fact, Soros seems more powerful than ever before.

He has also been writing numerous op-eds of late bewailing the rise of “far-right” parties in the West.

That fact, along with this insanely massive donation, seems to suggest that the radical anti-European left is gearing up for more serious stuff.

Sweden, as the tip of that Suicidalist spear, seems to be a harbinger for what is to come.

With that being the case the question is, will things get worse before they get better?

How far away are we from the ‘tipping point’ at which maximum fluidity is reached?

Is hope on the horizon?

Or far off beyond the light?









Editor’s Note: Couldn’t resist adding the below image.

Tintin in Sweden!

Best meme of year.



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My own book: Fistfights With Muslims In Europe: One Man’s Journey Through Modernity

Vox Day’s new book: SJWs Always Double Down: Anticipating the Thought Police (The Laws of Social Justice Book 2)

And/or Douglas Murray’s book: The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam






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  1. Unknown 3 months ago

    The Swedish transformation: from hero to anti-hero.

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Indeed. Sweden is like if you took Charleton Heston in his prime and injected him with estrogen and forced him to wear women’s underwear. Utterly tragic.

  2. william 3 months ago

    They have always been directed to this since the war.. It’s always been a progressive society.. There’s a reason they’re called “TEA HOUSES” there.

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      What do they call Tea Houses? Is that where ‘Fika’ comes from? Tried to look it up on google and figure out but I’m too fricking stupid apparently 🙂

  3. Lone tiger and cub 3 months ago

    Really doesn’t surprise me. As nationalism continues to grow, the globalist liberals and progressives are feeling the heat as these far right groups continue to grow in popularity and membership. Now, with regions within countries, first Catalonia, and now Benito and Lombardy in Italy with others to follow, the very fabric of there power is in jeopardy. This could very well be the beginning of a full court press to take down, discredit or disempower any resistance to their rule. I know you focus on Europe, but any thoughts on the antifa “coming out” on November 4th here in the states?

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Yeah it’ll be interesting. I’m still trying to figure out the whole ‘antifa’ thing here.

      Most of the real true believing ones are just overweight chicks with purple hair and underweight guys with self-esteem issues, so I don’t think much of them at all. The only times they have really impressed me is on a few occassions when their ranks seem to get swelled with some of these groups of young hispanic guys or young black guys. Normally those dudes are just disgusted with the sjw’s and don’t get involved, but sometimes like at Berkeley and Charlottesville when the whole things becomes enough of a mob scene they descend on it for kicks like its some fricking worldstar hip hip convention and that’s when I think they collectively get dangerous.

      I am thinking November 4th will be the former and just be good fodder for Paul Joseph Watson videos making fun of liberals, but you never know. Things have been eerily quiet for the last couple months.

      Also with 18 billion in donations from good old Mr. Soros can buy a lot of protestors…

  4. SteveRogers42 3 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Perhaps Sweden will overtake Johannesburg soon in the number one spot.

  5. SteveRogers42 3 months ago

    Depressing Swedish cultural news from LaFond’s blog:

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Depressing indeed.

      Perhaps the Viking artifacts were thought to disprove the new government-issued truths about ‘Muslim Vikings’.

      But yeah on a serious note that is absolutely awful. And ridiculously hypocritical given the fact that these are the same people that will spend a billion dollars so as not to harm the habitat of rare mosquito species and other stuff like that.

  6. Michael Gladius 1 week ago

    Decline of Europe: Afghanistan model. From Monarchy to Marxist Puppet to Theocracy to democracy within 40 years:

    • Author
      Admin 6 days ago

      That is really interesting. I love getting firsthand accounts from folks on the ground like that. I have read a bunch of books about Afghanistan too it is absolutely fascinating.

      Classic example of K-Selection and reality vs the unreality of the r-selected.

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