Islam Video: ‘The Sound Of Silence’, And Powerful Speech In Austrian Parliament

Islam Video: ‘The Sound Of Silence’, And Powerful Speech In Austrian Parliament
August 4, 2016 Admin

In the last post we spoke about the need for Identitarian art to counter the noxious and powerful influence of Cultural-Marxism and European-Suicidalism. The below video is an example of this. It is the song “Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel with the lyrics changed to reflect the situation with Islam. I don’t think it is the absolute top example of this art form- “Uncuck The Right” is hard to compete with- but it is pretty darn good and is another fine example of the power of music to command emotion. Much thanks to Craig for passing it on to me!

The below video was sent to me by Robert (much appreciated Robert!). It is a good example of how our politicians SHOULD act- in that the Austrian MP giving the speech- Ewald Stecker- acts and speaks in a way that is commanding, earnest, justifiably outraged, and unapologetic. The result is an excellent display of personal power/magnetism and persuasion. I would contrast it with videos we have seen of Frauke Petry, head of the AfD, who seems to stumble over herself apologizing and sublimating and trying to appear ‘moderate’. For God sakes, the Muslim invasion being perpetrated is of greater magnitude and portent than anything in the entire history of the European continent, all we have to do is lay out the details and they speak for themselves (as is the case in this video).

Editor’s Note: I am still building up to the place where I will have the time I desire to be able to devote to this website. Even then the more we can combine our efforts the greater our ability to effect events will be. I wanted to thus take a minute to thank Craig and Robert one more time for sending these videos along, and to encourage anyone reading this website to do the same. If you come across powerful videos or important news online, please send it to me if you have the mind, it is much appreciated. In addition, we are happy to accept article submissions, ideas, etc.


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  1. Mike 12 months ago

    Great speech by the Austrian parliamentarian. This is the cutting edge of the new European will to survive the onslaught by islamic Orcs allowed entry by treasonous European elites.

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