Julian Langness Speech At Northwest Forum 2017

Julian Langness Speech At Northwest Forum 2017
October 29, 2017 Admin
Mannerbundism. Reconquest. Self-Improvement.

Greetings men-

I had the privilege yesterday of speaking at the 2017 Northwest Forum.

It was organized by author C.B. Robertson, and while the attendance wasn’t as high as past Northwest Forums, it was still a great experience and was an immense honor to speak at.

C.B. uploaded my speech to his Youtube channel (which I encourage you to subscribe to), and I am embedding it below.

The subject of the speech is the importance of looking at the question of the Preservation of the West not just through a lens that extrapolates from past historical epochs and episodes (as I did here and as our contributor Michael Gladius has been doing an excellent job of doing in his recent series), but even more importantly through the question of “Inner Reconquest” and the battles we each fight within our minds every day which go on to affect our behavior, which in turn affects our contribution to the fight to save the West, and in turn the success of that mission.

With all that being said, here is the speech!



The Inner Reconquest

Julian Langness speech


Editor’s Note: Again, big thanks to C.B. Robertson and Greg and everyone else involved in the Northwest Forum! It was an immense pleasure getting to speak at it and an inspiring event all around!

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Comments (8)

  1. Unknown 3 months ago

    I want to add something to your argument of individualized west vs. groups of muslims. The west is not just individualized but at the same time highly organized. Our organizations are better developed than those in any islamic country. This high level of organization, the flexibility of membership, provides the individual freedom. However, there is also an open flank, as organizations with open membership can easily get infiltrated.
    The german version of this article emphasizes that infiltration is not just to weaken some opponent’s organization, it is also useful to overcome incapability of self-organization by stealing someone else’s organization. Leftists did this, now muslims do it, and the ideology of open society promotes to not do anything against it. I find that any organization that can not protect itself will get infiltrated as soon as some enemy finds value in it.

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      That is an extremely good point Unknown. The lack of ‘closed’ organizations or brotherhoods is another black and white differentiator between our nations and the rest of the world.

      I can’t remember what book it was but I read one once on the history of the Muslim Brotherhood, and apparently they had identified that ease of entryism in the West from the very beginning and purposefully made it one of their top goals, in infiltrating various organizations, and also utilizing Western fear of racism to start their own very strong, often government-funded or abetted organizations.

      • Unknown 3 months ago

        These days it came out that in a police school in Berlin, there are serious problems with pupils from immigrant families, from arab clans that are known to be criminal. Of course, the main objective of the responsible politicans is to camouflage. But it became evident that they even lowered minimum requirements for school entry and perhaps even for final tests, so that “enough” immigrants can become police officers. One german police teacher called them “the enemy within our own lines”. There is no word to describe how corrupt this leftist regime really is…

        • Author
          Admin 3 months ago

          Jesus… and one can just imagine what that will mean to countless German women and children who will have no way to defend themselves against these cops when they decide to rape or attack them.

          Indeed I think what you describe in terms of the whole phenomenon of purposefully pushing for more Muslim policeman is one of the sickest most irresponsible and evil aspects of the whole insanity.

  2. Michael Gladius 3 months ago

    Aww, you mentioned my articles! Thank you! I’m really honored. 😀

    Good speech, though. We can choose to win or lose. Each of us has a role to play in this next saga.

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Yep, and yeah I will be posting the next one here tomorrow or thursday too.

  3. Rick 3 months ago

    I would have liked to have gone to this, wish I knew in advance when it was.

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Yeah, I’m glad you mentioned that actually..

      This was the fifth Northwest Forum and the first four were all organized and hosted by Greg Johnson through Counter-Currents and announced on that site, and all were invite-only ‘extreme vetting’ as far as I understand, with what seemed like a steadily rising attendance at each as more people were vetted and became repeat attendees (if I understand correctly, you’d have to ask Greg obviously).

      A few months ago I had been thinking about trying to get a small ECW crowd at the next one that would be held, and talking to Greg about getting that accomplished/putting people in touch with Greg/etc, HOWEVER then last month it came out that that undercover Soros-funded ‘journalist’ antifa guy had gathered a lot of his ridiculous ‘undercover footage’ at the Northwest Forum (and apparently even gave the introduction at it if I understand correctly, I wasn’t at that one) and that fact kind of derailed plans for the next one.

      In addition, Greg ended up not being able to organize it for logistical or schedule reasons or something, so CB volunteered to do it, but it was unclear until the very end whether it was going to happen, and (while you can’t tell in the video) there ended up being hardly any people there compared to usual.

      With that said though, presuming Greg starts them back up and they are big things again (normally 80-150 people) then any of you guys reading this can hopefully make it and I guess I would just put you in touch with him or whomever the official organizer is.

      Either way, I would like to create some kind of meetup for readers of this site (or maybe combined with a couple other similar sites with overlapping readership), maybe as an adjunct to a larger conference or something but yeah. I like the whole ‘conference’ or ‘meet up’ thing and would like there to be as many as possible in the future.

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