Julian Langness To Speak At Amren 2017

Julian Langness To Speak At Amren 2017
March 10, 2017 Admin

This is an administrative post to announce that I have been invited to speak at the 2017 American Renaissance Conference this July.

Doing so is a TREMENDOUS honor and I am very excited for it.

You can check out the conference page on their website to see more about what it will entail: https://www.amren.com/2017-american-renaissance-conference/

The portion about me speaking reads:


Julian Langness — “Millennial Red-Pilling and the Future of Europe.” Mr. Langness is an American author whose travels in Europe as a young man led him to Identitarianism and traditionalism. In one his last acts of liberalism, he was one of the youngest Obama delegates at the 2008 National Democratic Convention. He writes about Europe at europeancivilwar.com. He is a regular contributor to Counter-Currents, and is the author of Fistfights With Muslims In Europe: One Man’s Journey Through Modernity.


There will be some truly amazing speakers there like Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow, and Helmuth Nyborg. Its also meaningful for me to speak at it because it was watching videos of speeches from American Renaisscance- such as this one by Jack Donovan– that really completed my political journey to where I am today. In it, he explains that the Progressive version of ‘diversity’- opening borders and supporting mass-immigration, and the exportation of American entertainment ‘culture’ all over the world- in fact destroys human cultural diversity, by blending all tribes, races, cultures, and language-speaking groups together into one hodgepodge manifestation of ‘the nothing’.

As I discuss in my upcoming book, such analysis is not only correct, it represents a level of thinking not seen within ‘mainstream’ news and publishing. Yet, it is of course villified by those corrupt forces whose success is based on the present system of governance and thinking.

Indeed, the conference will of course be labelled by the fake news media as ‘racist’ and ‘white supremacist’ and all the other nonsense they like to come up with. They label our president, the Republican Party, Breitbart, and even Fox News as the same thing. It is my hope however, that everyday people- even those who don’t follow politics very closely- are realizing how blatantly false all this name-calling is.

My political focus and the focus of this site are on fighting to preserve the lands of Europe, and keep them from being subsumed by mass-immigration and Islamization. The Japanese have Japan, the Jews have Israel, Hispanics have all of South and Central America and Mexico. Why is ‘racist’ for white people to want at least some portion of Western Europe to remain European, and for their lineage and culture and ancestry to survive intact in those lands? Especially when polls show the majority of those countries’ citizens support that very thing and oppose mass-immigration?

To me, fighting for that seems the most noble, basic, commonsensical thing in the world, and I am unbelievably proud to be able to give a speech about it at American Reconnaissance this year.

-Julian Langness


Post Script: As always, I am abundantly grateful for all the men who read this site and post comments and send emails. This site is not about ‘me’ obviously, but rather the future of Europe, but your fellowship and shared-intensity in regards to that mission, and your support for both the site and for me as its editor, is a tremendous honor and privilege that I do not take lightly.


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  1. Dashui 9 months ago

    Fashy haircut in your future?

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Lol, yes the picture certainly suggests some kinda haircut in the near future doesn’t it 🙂 I love the fashy haircuts but I want to be a trend setter and they’re getting pretty widespread. Trying to figure out another haircut style that is similarly evocative. If you have any ideas or see any good possibilities let me know 🙂

      • DaShui 9 months ago

        Nashville is not too far. Right up the Natchez Trace.
        I’ll try to make it.
        I like the jack Donovan , Mussolini style.

        • Author
          Admin 9 months ago

          Sounds good I hope to see you there Dashui-

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Oh and are you going to Amren do you know?

  2. David 9 months ago

    Despite possibly being the youngest, you are the most important speaker at the event. I’m familiar with all the names above and they are foundational. However, it’s Fistfights and this blog specifically that speaks most directly about the reality of physical combat and broad civil war, an imminent reality for Millennials and Gen Z particularly.
    You are the one who’s had the balls to skip all the pleasantries and get to the point, that actual war is in the cards at the end of all this cultural and societal collapse and that us young men of European extraction need to face it and prepare for it.

    I would say that you and The Golden One are the two men who brought the greatest amount of courage to this fight so far.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Hey David-

      Thank you very much for the kind words. I appreciate them.

      Perhaps on the intellectual side I’ll take the praise but in actual risks taken I have had it very easy compared to alot of these European patriots. While its not exactly without risks here in the states to state publicly the positions we all take, its much more dangerous in Europe. However its certainly my goal to get over there as soon as I can and spend as much time there taking on our opponents as possible.

      I always try hard not to ‘glorify’ the possibility of civil strife and violence in Europe but I think at this point there can be no doubt that 1) it is coming whether we want it to or not, and 2) the outcome of those events and the future of Europe (and the broader Occident and perhaps even Western Civilization) is directly tied to the fate of our generation.

      Those are certainly the areas in which my speech will be in and I will strive to do justice to their significance.

      The Golden One is supposed to be answering some interview questions for this site so I hope to receive and publish them soon. He is indeed a highly inspiring figure.

    • SteveRogers42 9 months ago

      I second David’s comments regarding your contributions. Congratulations on your invitation! This will raise the visibility of your entire project.

      • Author
        Admin 9 months ago

        Thank you gentleman. And yes it looks like there are multiple speakers who are very much focused on the situation in Europe so I hope it helps to focus everyone’s eyes on Europe even more directly!

  3. Philip 9 months ago

    Congratulations Julian on your invitation. I do visit the Amren website and a few other similar sites for views and information, however your site is the only one I ever comment in. I look forward to seeing the video.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Right on, well I very much appreciate you commenting here Philip..

      The conference isn’t until July, but I will certainly post that video once it occurs!

  4. Michael 9 months ago

    Congratulations Julian! Hard work always pays off.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Thank you very much Michael. Much appreciated.

  5. Helix adastra 9 months ago

    Hey! Well done Julian. I can’t wait to hear you talk!

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Thank you H.A.- much appreciated!

      Will you be there in person or just watching the speeches online?


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