Just How Bad Are Sweden’s Demographics?

Just How Bad Are Sweden’s Demographics?
January 19, 2017 Admin

We talk a lot about the exact numbers involved in modern Europe’s situation. Without numbers it is hard to establish understanding, and unfortunately such statistics are rarely available. In recent years Western European governments have tried to suppress information on exactly what the demographic breakdowns of their societies look like. Many do not keep track of such things because they believe to do so would be politically incorrect. Others, such as Germany, have had such fluid borders recently that they themselves likely do not even know the exact numbers of immigrants.

We just got some decent numbers out of Sweden though that are relatively clarifying, and they deserve to be examined for their obvious significance.

From Fria Tider:

On Friday next week is expected Sweden’s population passed ten million, according to a population counter Statistics posted on its website.

Thus surpassed by far the SCB forecast from 2003 predicted that the population of Sweden would amount to 9,7 million in 2020. “People of foreign origin, foreign-born or children of foreign born, account for nearly all population growth”, Statistics Sweden has noted previously .

According to Statistics Sweden’s statistical database lived 6,939,156 2,911,861 Swedes and immigrants in Sweden 31 December 2015. This, according to the old definition of “foreign origin” as someone who is either born outside Sweden or who have at least one foreign-born parent. This means that 30 percent of Sweden’s population was non-Swedes at the end of 2015. The statistics for 2016 are not yet complete.

That’s right – 30 percent of people in Sweden are now of ‘foreign origin’.

That is pretty monumental in and of itself, but what happens when we break down the numbers even more, and look at it by generation?

There have been countless books written in recent years about the ‘population bomb’ and ‘the greying of Europe’ and the West. This is because all Western countries currently have surpluses of elderly compared to middle-aged and younger. Sweden is a foremost example of this. Their post WWII generation was just as fecund as any in the West, and possessed a large birth rate. Their children- the ‘Baby-Boomers’- on the other hand, had miserably low numbers of children. The eldest Baby-Boomers hit age 70 this year, meaning 60-somethings therefore represent the majority of the native Swedish population.

With the ‘foreign-origin’ population though, it is the opposite. The majority of them have immigrated to Sweden relatively recently, and are thus young. Those who didn’t come recently – who came earlier, in the 1970’s and 1980s’- had large families that produced many children that are now creating even more children in turn, making the immigrant (Muslim) population even more youthful by contrast.

Take this article I stumbled upon by Speisa, which also provides better numbers than most such articles you can find online.

In 2013, the proportion of people in Sweden with a foreign background in the age group 0-44 years was 33.3 percent. One year later, in 2014, the percentage increased by 0.95 percent to 34.26 percent.

If the overall percentage of the population of Sweden in 2014 was somewhere south of 30%, yet the 0-44 year old population was over 34%, think how even more pronounced that discrepency must be when only considering the 0-18 demographic, or 18-29 demographic that includes the countless recent arrivals in Sweden- which, it should be noted, weren’t there when those 2014 numbers were taken.

To get an idea of the impact of this post-2014 ‘migrant crisis’ on the demographic numbers, consider that according to Karl Ritter of the Associated Press, the ratio of males to females among the 15-19 year old age range in Sweden is now 115:100. This is far different from what a static population has, and is a result of the ‘unaccompanied minors’ that began arriving in Sweden in 2015. Even more of the ‘migrants’ are twenty-somethings than teenagers though, so imagine how much more skewed the ratio is in that demographic.

Therefore if in 2014 at least 34% of every 100 Swedes between 0-44 were of foreign-origin, it seems likely that at least 40% among the 18-30 year old population were. Consider what this number likely is today, three years later, after the heaviest years of immigration in Swedish history! And in addition, consider what it must be just among men. I think that looking at this data it is very possible that the 18-29 year old male demographic in Sweden legitimately is a majority now.

If that is the case, consider too this passage from the same Speisa article.

If the proportion of people with foreign backgrounds continues to increase at the same pace, the Swedes will become a minority in their own country within 2041. However, as the number of immigrants continues to increase, it will occur even earlier than one might anticipate.

Indeed, it seems likely to happen far before 2041. And in addition, even these statistics may not paint the full story. The ‘foreign-origin’ label only applies if you or one of your parents was born overseas. If both of your parents are ethnic Middle-Easterners but were born in Sweden, you are not included!


I try to keep this site focused as much as possible on preparation, action, and strategy. I don’t wish to merely observe, lament, and react to the murder of our ancestral lands by our Progressive opponents. ‘Conservatives’ have done that for decades enough, and that is why we are in the situation we are today. Yet this is a black pill that must be acknowledged and shared, so our people understand just how dire the situation is, and how much sacrifice is needed from our generation. I certainly have not given up hope though, and believe that eucatastrophe will eventually come, and that Sweden will one day be reconquered.

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  1. SteveRogers42 11 months ago

    “Sorry, sir — Vikings are currently out of stock”.


    The same things will keep on happening — until they don’t.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Great link- and title- did you notice the comment at the bottom that talks about that photo of a Swedish meter maid/traffic person writing parking tickets to burned out cars? Anarcho tyranny indeed! I am gonna have to try to find that photo….

  2. RichardJames 11 months ago

    There must have been awareness of the issue, an acknowledgement that the motive was racial/jihadist driven. Or perhaps he will continue to deny reality to himself and continue with mental gymnastics, telling himself something along the lines ‘hey if it wasn’t five arabs that beat me it would have been five Mancunians’.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Jesus…. That one is a doozy isn’t it. The picture speaks a thousand words too. Its like the perfect representation of self-satisfaction at his virtue signalling just barely covering up the conflicted self-hatred for his patheticness.

      Surely things cannot continue like this, that is the only consolation!

      Appreciate the link Richard!

      By the way, I always thought Mancoonians was a made up word but just realized it refers to those from Manchester lol.

      • RichardJames 11 months ago

        Hahhaa It does look made up. Prefer your spelling too 😄 makes it more authentic 😁

        • Author
          Admin 11 months ago

          Oh! I didn’t even notice I spelt it different…

          Have still never been to the UK myself, need to get there soon!


  3. Philip 11 months ago

    My comments here do not relate to Sweden but to Austria which is on the verge of suffering a similar demographic catastrophe. According to 2015 figures there were 88000 asylum applications against 82000 Austrian births of whom an unspecified number were ‘new Austrians. Of course this trend line could apply to a number of European countries.
    I have recently returned from a 10 day family vacation in the Salzkammergut region of the country. This was my first trip to Austria since the crazed sociopath Angela Merkel invited the detritus of the Third World to decamp in Central Europe. For those unfamiliar with Austria this is an area of snow capped mountain peaks, crystal clear lakes, flower meadows, cuckoo clock style alpine chalets, lederhosen and the Sound of Music, soon to be remade as the Sound of Mosques. It also has two world heritage centres, Hallstatt (known to Julian) and the central area of Salzburg. I would emphasise that this was a family holiday and not a mission to seek out ‘fluechtlinge,’ sadly however wherever you are they seek you out.
    Observation 1 – Should for any reason flights from Beijing and Tokyo be halted then the Austrian tourist industry would contract by at least 60% (no doubt this would apply elsewhere in Europe) The orderly and polite happy snappers from the Far East are currently the backbone of this industry but for how much longer as soon reality will not match their expectations. On a cold winter’s day around the Dom cathedral central Salzburg, on every corner, there were third world beggars (there was also at least one on every bridge crossing the river Salzach) As the Austrian state provides largesse, food, and accommodation to every unfortunate, including terrorists (check out terrorist arrested in small Alpine village,) who sets foot on their soil then the assumption must be that these are beggars by choice or beggars by culture. It certainly beggars belief. What this will be like in summer and how long tourists will put up this before going elsewhere is the unanswered question. I also noted the complete absence of Americans, perhaps they only come in summer. But there were Australians and some Canadians around. Long gone I expect are the days when the Americans were the dominant tourist group in Europe, although soon to be President Donald Trump was shown recently visiting his mother’s birthplace and former home on the Scottish Isle of Lewis.
    Observation 2) Any group of more than two men on a street is invariably a group of Arabs. Of course, it may be that young Austrian men work so don’t congregate and I misjudge these groups of Arabs who are actually engineers, doctors and scientists searching for employment. Again what will this be like in the summer?
    Observation 3) Look not at the older generation but at the younger ones and half of all school age children I saw were the ‘new Austrians’ just like the ‘new Swedes, Danes et al.’
    Finally I’ll finish with an anecdote. You can buy quite cheaply a ‘hop on, hop off’ bus ticket that allows you to travel around the Alpine villages and lakes getting on and off when you want. Local buses also do similar day tickets. On one such a journey thirty minutes outside of Salzburg at the picturesque lakeside village of St. Gilgen a group of five young Arabs got on. I noticed they had bus passes. They may have bought them but I suspect they state handouts. We were sat midway down the bus and they passed us and went and sat on the back seat. This was three o’clock in the afternoon. Two stops later a young Austrian woman got on the bus, paid her fare, and headed for the back. As soon as she looked up and saw who was sitting there her faced dropped and she did the fastest 180 degree turn I’ve seen and went and sat near the driver. It is a sad reflection of life in Europe today that you now have to continually look over your shoulder at whose around, or in the words of the insane feminist mayor of Cologne Henriette Reker ‘women when they go out should stay at least an arm’s length from immigrants to avoid sexual harassment.’ Good that’s the refugee invasion solved.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Hey Philip-

      Thanks for the comment and for updating us on your trip! VERY much appreciated!

      Did you stop in Halstatt this time? I indeed remember it well, absolutely incredible. Not to be morbid, but if I ever found out I had some terrible disease and only a month to live, I think I’d want to spend it there…

      It is quite timely what you said about the asian tourists, as I just read a report somewhere (can’t remember where, might have been zero hedge) about a big turn down in tourism to France (I think it was France at least). They said that there was massive crime among the ‘refugees’ directed at the tourists, and that the industry was facing sharp declines.

      Certainly the fact that all of the refugees are on government benefits must make the situation that much worse. It would be bad enough if they were working all day long- sort of like the boom towns in North Dakota in 2010-2012, where there were problems with drugs/crime/violence/prostitution because of all the money and men, but everyone worked like 100 hours a week- but with these Muslims getting paid just for just providing their ‘vibrancy’ they have all the time in the world to sit their in groups planning rapes, terror attacks, etc.

      How did the native Austrians you spoke to strike you? Any patterns to their words or outlooks you noted? Many who had ‘healthy’ attitudes to the madness? Few?

      • Philip 11 months ago

        I was close to Hallstatt but never actually went there. In retrospect I’m glad I didn’t, it would have been a major emotional shock to both of us if I found an asylum centre there as appears the case in other Alpine villages. It would also be considered sacrilege as the Hallstatt culture was considered the predominant Western and Central European culture of early iron age Europe.

        The attitude of rural Austria to the current state of affairs was clearly seen in the number of Hofer posters still displayed in shop windows and on billboards in contrast to the complete absence of any reference to his opponent. The divide amongst Austrians is that transparent and growing wider. My opinion from brief conversations with those in the countryside is that there is uncertainty but not yet anxiety. It is a developing situation and much could depend on the economic situation as to how matters develop and how fast. Austrians are permitted to hold firearms. Your reference to the turn down in tourists to France is pertinent, once the tourists disappear so do tourist reliant businesses. It will not be a case of looking for scapegoats but for reasons and the reasons are self-evident.

        I suspect a good many native Austrians are traditionalists and identitarians but their culture is being eroded by the manipulation of demographics by their globalist government (as is the case in most of Europe) however I think Austria still has chance to pull away from the abyss because religion is strong there and there is still a sense of ‘Austrianness’. You see it their clothes and in their music. The ‘blue jean culture’ and bland universal pop music has not swept it all away. I wish I could say the same for Sweden, Britain, Germany, and one or two others who have become monochrome clones of each other.

        • Author
          Admin 11 months ago

          Very interesting. Makes sense though and sounds much like the U.S. Over here if you go to a very rural area that is similar to rural Austria in its demographics, they are often actually going to have a much more positive opinion of ‘diversity’ than those who grew up as middle or lower class in super ‘diverse’ areas. It wasn’t until I really spent time in such areas when living in Seattle that I truly understood it, but those areas just become horrendous because of the complete breakdown of trust.

          So yeah I guess I can see how rural Austrians might be insullated from what is going on in the cities and not quite as panic stricken as one would think.

          I saw an interesting graph of ‘values’ among European nations on Peter Turchin’s website and Austria was much closer to Hungary and Poland than it was to Germany and Sweden. Hopefully it will go full Visegrad before its too late!

    • RichardJames 11 months ago

      Had to look up the translation for fluechtlinge, sadly I also found this
      As the immigrants are plentiful with time to organise their rape sprees, so the sick or deluded and gullable leftist are able to help them along in that aim.

      • Author
        Admin 11 months ago

        My god that is depressing… You can just see the horror stories being written can’t you.. I also noticed that their FAQ had literally nothing about safety. Their bios too, absolutely classic.

        I will consciously choose to view them as four future Identitarian converts though, don’t get to get too depressed 🙂

  4. Francis Meyrick 11 months ago


    I agree that “observing and lamenting” has been the sad funeral march of the last two decades. Lots of laments. Lots of hand wringing. Lots of extrapolation. You write: “I try to keep this site focused as much as possible on preparation, action, and strategy.” Really. If that is true, then you will have to allow a certain uncomfortable ingredient (to many people) to assert its presence on your website. Or censor it. It’s up to you. That uncomfortable, PC incorrect ingredient is the question of:

    Fire arms.

    The acquisition thereof. The training, distribution, and logistics issues.
    If we take that plunge, and assume that many Swedes would rather stand and fight, rather than cower and surrender, then we can reasonably forecast an unmerciful attempted clamp down from the Political Establishment, and howls of hysterical outrage from the Left Wing Media. We all know that the Muslims are given a free pass, over and over again, (DEATH TO SWEDEN, DEATH TO DEMOCRACY, SHARIA WILL DOMINATE, MUSLIM AREAS, etc, etc) but that the alleged ‘Far Right’ gets thrown into jail and vilified in print for a TINY FRACTION of what the firebrand radical Imam easily gets away with. Appeasement, when it fails, seems to rev up into a crescendo of self righteous attack on anyone who has a different opinion. I’m wryly amused by Left Wing Politicians and Talking Heads who manage to wrap abject, grovelling surrender to Islam into the stirring mantle of a crusade of Moral and PC Righteousness. And then they expect us all to meekly fall for it. The cowardly, illogical, suicidal, Historically ignorant, luke warm POT calls the emerging, steadily boiling KETTLE by many pejoratives. Far Right, Racist, Xenophobic, ignorant, retarded, unenlightened, mean spirited and Fascist. I just chuckle at the shrill indignation these Left Wing feeble minds manage to muster every time. Given their propensity for outrage (and repressive Government brutality, reminiscent of the worst forms of State Excesses) to introduce an open and frank discussion on ‘Preparation, Action and Strategy’ might take you to a challenging place… Still, you stated your intention. I’m taking you up on it. Well, here are some clinically cold observations about fire arms, and the use of Lethal Force.

    1. there has already been gun play and extreme violence & murder by Islamists all over Europe. Terrorist attacks. Who, in their right minds (we do not speak of Left Wing gibbering Governments currently empowered) still believes these are “isolated incidents”, and will not re-occur with increasing frequency? Who, in their right minds, still believes that Islamists are NOT furiously importing and stockpiling fire arms? Who, in their right minds, cannot see that Libby Hand-wringing Governments are HOPING that their docile populations remain lobotomized docile, and are willing to accept escalating terrorist violence as ‘the new normal’? And are you? Seriously? Are you willing to believe in your own mind that a free people SHOULD NOT ARM THEMSELVES to PROTECT THEIR LIBERTY…??
    2. If you are already angry and disgusted with me, then do not read on. It will upset your Snowflake Liberal stomachs. I calmly advocate that Europeans RAPIDLY ARM THEMSELVES, in contravention of their contemptible laws. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out this is happening already anyway.
    3. CAUTION: the distribution of illegal weapons in Europe is creating windfall profits for criminal gangs. These same gangs are involved in drug dealing, extortion, human trafficking and many other ills. The last thing a proud European Patriot needs is to enable an effete Government apparatus to lump HIM in together with vicious thugs and extortionists.
    4. But help IS on the way. Already standing at the station actually, if only enough gutsy folk would climb on board. A means by which morally honest and upright European Patriots CAN in fact arm themselves quickly, relatively cheaply, and in the vast quantities required to equip and turn out effective -hence, respected – underground fighting forces. Capable of fighting, where need by, or, more likely, capable of adding potential ‘teeth’ to legitimate, negotiated demands. “If you want Peace (and stability, and safety for your women and children) (and grandchildren) BE PREPARED FOR WAR”. Having guns doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use them. The old Colt was not named the “Peacemaker” for nothing.
    5. This ‘help’ comes via technology. Not even break through technology. Previous century technology, merely increasingly refined. And available much more cheaply than ever before. Computer Numerical Control. CNC technology. A computer linked to a mill. I’m not an authority by any means, but I do have sitting on my desk here in Texas a so-called 80% lower AR 15 receiver. That’s the critical part, that ‘makes’ the fire arm. (everything else is bolt-on extras, easily available mail order, shipped direct to your door). Nicely machined, but this 80% AR15 lower receiver is not yet a viable piece of a firearm. It needs finishing, and you can do that, perfectly legally, by simple drilling and use of dremel tools and files. And elbow grease. Amateurs have been legally doing this for decades. NO FFL license required. No Government involvement. There are a ton of videos on youtube describing the legal process. Here’s just a sample.
    The next step up is to manufacture a complete AR15 receiver from a billet of aluminum. Nothing too difficult. here’s a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAdnZ6xsWtU&t=54s
    It is important to note there is a HUGE after market for all the parts required to ‘bolt on’. No licenses, no paperwork.
    6. Pistols. Yes, same thing. The ubiquitous Glock series of hand guns ( I own the Glock 21 and Glock 23) has many home buildable derivatives, and one is called the Compact 80. I have one on order, for study, completion and evaluation. In complete accordance with all Federal, State and local laws. Same thing, an 80% complete main frame, that the buyer has to finish off himself. Nothing revolutionary, old tech.
    7. You can even automate the whole thing. ‘Defense Distributed’ is marketing the ‘Ghost Gunner 2’ for $1,500. I have one on order, for study and evaluation. I might buy myself an advanced $8,000 plus Tormach one of these days as well. For study and evaluation, in complete accordance with all applicable Federal and State laws. The basic Ghostgunner 2 at $1,500 turns out a finished AR-15 lower receiver in about three hours. Here’s a video:
    Defense Distributed are working on the software to allow buyers to also finish a Sig Pistol.
    8. I emphasize that all these pursuits are perfectly legal in the USA, and there is nothing new or breakthrough here. It’s been going on for decades. Hobbyists have been going out forever target shooting and plinking, or hunting, with weapons they have crafted themselves. I shall soon be joining their ranks. Surely, that’s all WHOLLY ILLEGAL in Europe. In Europe, it’s ooh-la-la BAD-BAD-BAD to own a GUN for self defense of your good self, and for the protection of your loved ones. Even THINKING ABOUT IT, I’m sure makes you a nasty, mean spirited racist. A ‘Far Right’ Nazi.


    Protecting your wives and daughters from a RAPE EPIDEMIC makes you a nasty, mean spirited, ‘Far Right’ Nazi…??
    Protecting against crazed, I.Q. deficient, inbred, first cousin marrying, illiterate, borderline retards, freshly imported from some disease ridden hell-hole, where they stone women to death for going out unaccompanied, and justify all manner of abominations merely because some equally crazed Imam furiously quotes hate-filled from some cobbled together 7th century plagiarized knock-off, makes YOU A RACIST…?
    How long is any able bodied European male willing to even give that sort of so-called “Liberal” (ha!) PC GIBBERISH any worthy consideration?
    Is the earth FLAT?
    Did Prometheus f#@k it all up when he stole fire from Mount Olympus, and gave it to mankind?
    Get a grip.
    9. True European patriots will stand up, continue to stand up, and read the Arabic scrawl on the wall. Translated, it says: DEATH TO DEMOCRACY. It’s written in freshly spilled blood. No exaggeration, no hyperbole. Blood. IF that lot are already THIS aggressive, hate-filled and intolerant when they are only at THIS PERCENTAGE LEVEL of the population, can you IMAGINE what it will be like if nothing is done and they DOUBLE in size, within a few short years, courtesy of your over-generous welfare benefits? And limp wristed, asinine Government? Sooner or later, some excuse, maybe some VIDEO, or a CARTOON, and you will have a good old fashioned POGROM on your hands. White genocide. It’s going to be a bit late at that stage to say: “Oops…” and “maybe that Far-Right nasty Nazi Francis Meyrick DID actually have a point…”
    10. Preparation – action – strategy. Having dealt with re-armament, by ignoring criminal gangs, and turning to CNC technology, widely available already in Europe, Patriots will have prepared. I have a lot more to speculate on what their action and strategy might be, but I will pause here for now… Plus I need to duck all the rotten eggs and verbal abuse, death threats and hate mail about to come my way. Bring it on.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Hey Francis-

      It all seems quite reasonable to me. I think men should keep firearms no matter where in the world they live, for the purpose of protecting their family. There really is no more important calling than that…

      In Sweden, where the government is hellbent on committing national suicide, I would say not having guns represents giving a tacit version of ‘giving up’ or giving in to that national suicide/genocide.

      Really, any person in Sweden, or any husband/father as leader of his family, should either be preparing for 1) emigration, or 2) civil war. Certainly I hope its the latter, as I wouldn’t want all the native Swedes to just flee abroad and give up the country to Muslims.

      We did an article last spring called ‘How To Buy A Gun In Sweden’ that went through the legal process of doing so. Based on the analytics for the site I would wager its helped out a few people, as it gets clicked on from google searches of the same phrase pretty regularly.

      I think you are spot on as well regarding the 3d printer stuff, or CNC technology or whatever its called. I will admit I am not an expert on that, but it is perfectly the logical that as the suicidalist governments continue to crack down on their people’s right to self-defense (Denmark prosecuted a young lady for using pepper spray on a man attempting to rape her), people in those countries will have to search for other means of arming themselves.

      Sadly though, while we may wish that everyone in Sweden will do this, and then violently rise up and overthrow their government, I think it likelier in many cases that they flee to other countries.

      With that being said, I can’t quite picture the entire population of Western Europe fleeing. The wealthy elites will do so first of course. They are always the ones insullated from the true cost of mass-immigraiton, while the poor working class children are gang-raped and tortured. But I think there will be large numbers of middle class and poor native Europeans who will have to face the coming storm head on. I have no doubt when that happesn they’ll indeed say that people like us were right.

  5. Rick 11 months ago

    Now that the culture is changing through alt media, I believe we need to start focusing geographic strategy and tactics, this means taking control of neighbourhoods and streets.
    I don’t think the “Reconquista” should be a volunteer or donation driven movement, We can look at many countries in Europe and anticipate a breakdown in government services, this vacuum will create opportunities.
    The best opportunity I can see in the here and now, is for private security, as police forces stumble and areas become ever more chaotic the demand for Security will increase making it both profitable and tactically useful.
    Security companies can:
    1) Collect intelligence
    2) Hire disaffected police officers and military veterans
    3) create a command and control structure for if & when society really breaks down
    4) provide security for “supportive and cooperative” businesses and citizens as well as movement events or high profile individuals
    5) provide combat training for staff and the community at large
    6) Liaison with community groups like the sons of Odin

    On the reverse side of the coin:
    I would say it’s imperative to undercover all of the refugee rackets, who, why and how much are people getting paid for every new migrants and work to shut that revenue stream down.
    You can bet that there are people getting rich off the situation either directly for transporting migrants, or indirectly by redeeming vouchers, providing cell phones hotels etc…

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago


      I agree with you completely about the security company thing!

      I don’t know how tough the regulatory environment is there or in other parts of Western Europe re starting new businesses, but if I lived there that is absolutely something I would think about doing.

      There is certainly, as you point out, a TREMENDOUS need, and combined with this there are many native Europeans with money to spend on it. Indeed beyond just the obvious and all-consuming problems of Muslim-mass-migration, there is the underlying demographic factor of the Baby-Boomer generation retiring. A gigantic number of people suddenly moving into their most vulnerable years is certainly a good indicator!

      Your last paragraph(s) also suggest the converse side of the equation, which is that security companies and other similar ones already are and will be receiving huge amounts of money by the corrupt governments for doing the OPPOSITE of protecting native Europeans. Indeed I think that is a massive piece of the puzzle already- from reading Fria Tider and some other sources it seems that the ‘refugee resettlement’ companies in Sweden wield significant political power and are both a cause and an effect of the problem.

      To flip the coin over once more however, imagine the vacuum that will exist for such services to any nationalist government that suddenly comes into power. For a Geert Wilders or Marine le Pen who suddenly wins will have enormous needs in such areas as well as enormous resources to suddenly wield.

      Let me know if you do it or if there is any way I can help. Its certainly something that’s scalable. One could start something like that part time and just market for contracts outside their regular work hours, and then hire as needed to fill shifts. From there the only limits to growth are the owner/manager’s ability to find contracts and handle the logistics. And at all points it would have tremendous utility vis a vis the coming war.

      • Kadphises 11 months ago

        I also agree that private security companies would be a great thing. But they will have to make sure that they are able to apply a strict vetting process.
        The need is definitely there. And the regulations are probably not too tough.
        Did you know that ‘refugees’ were hired as private security for the New Year’s Eve 2015/2016?

        • Author
          Admin 11 months ago

          Jesus I definitely had NOT seen that. That is just perfect isn’t it…. Totally typical. I am surprised that hasn’t got more publicity.

          I gotta give it to some of these British tabloids they do a decent job covering the insanity of mass-muslim immigration..

          Appreciate the link Kadphises-

  6. Francis Meyrick 11 months ago

    Thank you for approving Part 1 – RE-ARMAMENT and PREPARATION
    I confess I thought you might censor us for PC reasons. That has been our experience elsewhere. So, thank you for encouraging openness on your website, and a ‘gloves off’ approach to the unfolding European nightmare. Moving on:
    PART TWO: STRATEGY. The development of the ideology of a hypothetical, deadly, pan European para-military force, we shall name “Sons of Wodan”. (SOW).
    Let us try and get into the mindset of a hypothetical, mid-ranking Commander in the emerging SOW. Let’s look at his challenges, in philosophical, emotional, spiritual and ideological areas. For ease, we’ll call our Patriot Gustav.
    Gustav is a young man. A career professional with a comfortable, affluent life style. He is soft spoken, unassuming, and highly intelligent. He is a student of History. But above all, he is an ice cold Realist. He has seen the organisation graduate from regular street patrols, dealing with petty thieves, thugs, and violent rapists, to an organisation capable and willing -where necessary – to carry out acts of arson, sabotage and mass civil disobedience. He has at his disposal determined young Patriot men, with muscle and courage, who love their country, and who are determined to fight the Great Merkel Betrayal to the bitter end. There will be no surrender to either the Islamic Invasion, orchestrated and sinister, or a capitulation to the Quisling Forces of appeasement. To those elected officials, and members of a cowed and broken, soulless Media, whose sole mission in Life up to this point has been to facilitate Islamic conquest as rapidly and speedily as possible. The welcoming of Sharia Law, the welcoming of a Muslim caliphate, the welcoming of cultural dilution of the Native Peoples. Cultural dilution initially. But after that, he strongly suspects, in a few short decades, cultural annihilation. De facto enslavement and subjugation to a violent, foreign, misogynistic, pedophile, sickeningly perverse 7th century cult.
    He stands up from behind the flickering computer screen. Walks over to the window, and stares at the late evening sun setting over his beloved home land. How many generations of his forefathers have lived and died there? Too many to count. Going far back before recorded History even began, his ancestors had lived and toiled, worried and fought, bled and died, but never -ever- voluntarily surrendered their heritage. But now…
    Now he had countrymen willing, eager, falling over themselves, to usher in their nation’s permanent cultural demise.
    He shakes his head. Time to plan ahead. Not wallow in the recent past. It is time to reflect. Plan. Plan. Plan.
    The analytic, cold part of his mind took careful control. He silently listed their problems, one by one. Cogitating, meditating, reflecting.
    A) They had to continue to swell their numbers of street soldiers, and organize them into effective, rapid reaction, fighting formations. This was easier said than done. INFILTRATION was the chief worry. Infiltration by agents of an increasingly hysterically repressive Government. The left Wing Government, dominated by so-called ‘Liberals’ who seemed to have hijacked a word and a value to which they intended only terminal harm. The last thing the Government desired was the ‘Liberty’ of its citizens, Free Speech or Self Determination. On the contrary. It was their way, or the High Way. Translated increasingly into long prison sentences.
    B) After infiltration, the problem was INTERNAL EFFICIENCY, SECURITY AND RAPIDITY of COMMUNICATION. In just his local area, he counted over one hundred and fifty dedicated Patriots. Arranged in ‘cells’ with six to eight members in each cell, SOW relied on a complex and somewhat cumbersome methodology of ‘trickle down’ commands. They referred to it as “Descending The Pyramid”. Instructions would be passed down from the tip of the pyramid, the top echelon, and be distributed only to the Cell Leaders (also known as Commanders) on the First Step Down. There were eight such cells. Eight leaders. Commanding 57 men. Of those eight cells on the First Step Down, five cells had at least one further Internal Cell. One even had Four Internal cells. These were again cells of six to eight men, arranged on the Second Step down. Headed up by a Cell Commander, who was a dual rated individual. Acting both as Cell Commander for his Internal Cell, situated on the Second Step down, he also was an ordinary foot soldier reporting to HIS Cell Commander on the First Step Down. In this way, the Pyramid was being being constructed steadily from the top down. However, the design factored in hostile penetration of cells anywhere in the Pyramid Structure. No matter which cell was compromised, no matter which Step/Tier that cell was located on, damage limitation was regarded as paramount. Units were expected to exercise a high degree of autonomy, making flexible, local command decisions in accordance with their overall Aims.
    C) After INFILTRATION and INTERNAL SECURE COMMUNICATIONS, the next issue was COMMITMENT & THE LEVEL OF PSYCHOLOGICAL PREPAREDNESS. It was one thing to ask Patriots to patrol their own communities with the safety of their own kinfolk in mind. Especially that of the women and children. Most volunteered for that enthusiastically. Armed with fists and feet, clubs and courage, such patrols were effective, and sent a message. The very weight of numbers lent the patrols courage. But Gustav knew that more challenging, pro-active action would be soon required. Taking the fight to the enemy. The psychological profile that matched with a Patriot using his fists and feet, did not necessarily extend a preparedness to use Force of Arms. Never mind, Lethal Force. That need was approaching quickly.

    Gustav the patriot, stands at the window, and ponders these fundamental questions. He contemplates overall STRATEGY, and the resultant TACTICS to be used on the short term, local level.


    (to be continued)

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Hey Francis-

      No problem. I only block comments that can be perceived as specifically* encouraging violence, or that attack the website or me, or that make really sick statements of violence like ‘all gypsy children should have their heads kicked in”.

      I enjoyed part two and look forward to part three later on (rushing out right now). I’ll post them on my next ‘best of comments’ post or on that other one I am gonna publish the polemic on.

  7. harry r 11 months ago

    Pray for violence, as much as possible.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Amen Harry. Not an attractive outcome, but better than death and enslavement.

  8. Francis Meyrick 11 months ago

    Part THREE: Action – Tactics

    Gustav knows the First Step Cell members, of which he is an ordinary member, very well. Older men mostly, they have known each other for many years, well before the date of the Great Betrayal, on September 5th, 2015. A Day that was destined to live in Infamy and Contempt. Merkel’s Great Madness. A sweeping promise, a blank check, the Surrender of Innocence, delivered without much forethought, never mind consultation, by an ageing, childless , burned out, limelight hogging, deluded and treacherous Virtue Seeker. The worst type. The biggest possible liability. In the first throes of Senile Decay. With an irrational, pathological fear of dogs. Gustav regards Merkel’s tenure as destructive and as perfidious as that of the reviled Vidkun Quisling. World War two Nazi collaborator, and traitor to Norway. Gustav fervently wishes upon Hure Merkel the same fate as that which befell Vidkun. Firing Squad. Meanwhile, until the German people finally come to their senses, and the sleepwalking, cowed, and pitifully pliable masses awaken, Gustav knows it’s all down to
    the small, reviled minority
    to step up
    and change History.
    His own cell, of which he is the leader, is composed of younger men. His mind analyses them. It is he, and he alone who has carefully recruited them. They know only him as their contact person to the rest of the shadowy Spider’s Web. At issue now, is their ability to adjust to a steady, but remorseless ratcheting up of the intensity of the conflict.
    Sofar, their activities have been purely defensive in nature. Not involving the use of lethal Force. Street Patrols, protecting women and children. Meting out vigilante Justice. Broken heads, bloody noses, and plentiful bruises. Young Muslim thugs, accustomed to owning the streets at night, and increasingly during the days as well, have been in for some rude shocks. They are not -yet- used to encountering roving SOW patrols, in numbers, determined, capable and willing to mete out severe beatings on the spot. They are still plying their drug trade, enjoying their criminal enterprises, and openly leering and lusting after young white women. Their grooming gangs, enjoying undreamed of spoils, and ever intensifying their brazen contempt for Western Culture and values, are yet in full swing. The Rotherham Report, with the official figures of 1,400 young white girls between the ages of 11 and 16 sexually gang raped and abused for years, is an attempted white wash of Police and Social Workers. And ineffective, effete, PC compliant British Government. The true numbers of victims is not only MUCH higher, the abuses continue, unabated. Increasing in scope and intensity. Gustav knows that the Muslims, with their numbers still -percentage wise- small, are demonstrating breath taking aggression, intolerance, and hatred for the West. It is a display of illegality and immorality, and contempt for everything Christian, that bodes extremely darkly for that which is yet to come. Once they have bred their numbers up. Gustav sighs. He sees pogroms, white genocide, and terror.
    He walks back to his desk, and ponders the young, idealistic, desperately well meaning members of his own small cell. They look up to him. They will follow his lead. But are they ready? Ready for an intensification? A major -huge- escalation?
    Trickling down from the top of the Pyramid, cautiously as ever, on guard against Government infiltration and espionage, a new tactic is being passed down. In simple words:

    “It’s time to take the fight to the enemy.”

  9. Francis Meyrick 11 months ago

    Part 4 – The mild-mannered old duffer

    Gustav had known there was something brewing, when an innocuous package had arrived via secure SOW special delivery. It had contained tickets for a round trip flight. International. From Europe. To, of all places, Arizona, USA. Along with the tickets, was a small, cheap phone. Of the pre-paid, disposable, throw-away type. A brief note instructed him to not use the phone for any other purpose than to listen out for a call after landing and clearing Immigration at Phoenix. The note was unsigned. A separate pouch contained a thousand dollars in crisp one hundred dollar bills.
    In due course, he had been standing, sweltering, outside the Phoenix Sky Harbor Passenger terminal. After what seemed an eternity, the phone rang. A clipped voice briskly instructed him to take a taxi cab ride to a local landmark, and rung off immediately. From there, Gustav received several more short calls, directing him on a circuitous route through, amongst other things, a long, dark, parking garage. It was clear that his minders were making sure he wasn’t being followed. He guessed they were watching. In due course, emerging back into the sunlight, a screech of sudden brakes beside him, an urgent wave of a hand, and he was inside a pickup truck with heavily tinted windows. Speeding away.
    The driver spoke not a single word.
    Hours later, with Gustav quite lost, they drove up beside somebody’s desert home. The walls were painted adobe red, and the tiled roof gave it a Mexican appearance. An unsmiling maid ushered him into a small study, and closed the door gently behind him. Seated at a large desk, an old man slowly turned around. He smiled politely, stood up, and advanced with outstretched hand.
    “Greetings, Gustav. My name is Victor.”

    A week had gone by. Gustav, who had never even held a fire arm in his hand, had been taught to shoot, clean, disassemble and even repair a host of weapons. Starting with a single action Ruger Blackhawk .357 and advancing through a double action GP100, he had moved on to a variety of Glock semi-automatics. Firing from ranges as close as three yards to thirty yards, he had been meticulously schooled in accuracy and rapidity. From there, he had learned to shoot an AR15 rifle in semi-automatic mode. After many hundreds of rounds, and many field strip downs and re-assemblies, he had moved on to full automatic fire. He had then fired an AK47, an Uzi submachine gun, and a MAC-10 machine pistol. He had also used a wide variety of suppressors. He had peered through a three power scope, and fired out to 500 yards.

    On the evening of the eighth day, He found himself sitting in the study of the old man. Sipping a glass of a good Bordeaux.
    It was clear that Victor wanted to discuss something with him. The old man, mild and pleasant, was studying him closely. At length, he cleared his throat, and came straight to the point.

    “So tell me, Gustav, if you had to, do you think you could kill a man?”

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      I do think it likely that future West European patriots would go to America- or Russia- for paramilitary training. No different than what the Muzzies do going to Afghanistan and Pakistan and Chechnya.

  10. Francis Meyrick 11 months ago

    The coming European Civil War(s)

    Part 5: The Question

    It was very late, and they had been talking for hours.
    Now, silence reigned, and Gustav reflected on the wide areas of History and Culture that they had covered. They had discussed the multiplying terrorist outrages in great length. The Bataclan massacres, the Charlie Hebdo outrage, the truck attacks in Marseille and Berlin. They had discussed the rampant child grooming scandals, and the stunning degrees to which Police, Social Workers, and local politicians had ignored the years long scandal. How the very forces that should have protected young children, were complicit in a massive cover up. How the gullible masses were being manipulated, and expected to accept the continuing wave of attacks as ‘the new normal’. A regrettable, but perfectly acceptable price for the wondrous benefits that multi-cultural diversity was sure to bring, at some glorious future date. But what had touched Gustav the most, were the endless photos of young women raped, and mercilessly beaten. Scarred for life, mentally and physically. Their young faces, beaten black and blue. Their once bright eyes pummeled shut. Teeth knocked out. Contusions, abrasions, deep scars and puncture wounds over every inch of their bodies. Cigarette burns. Rope burn marks around wrists and ankles, a testimony to the utter brutality so gratuitously exercised. It was hard to imagine why a man, any man, would seek to methodically destroy the fresh beauty of such young people. Gustav found his teeth clenching, and his breath coming quickly, in short agitated bursts. When he looked up from studying the carnage of the Government protected Muslim rape gangs, he noticed that the old man was studying him closely.

    Next came written reports. Newspaper cuttings. Legal omissions and failures. Rapists given absurdly pitiful custodial sentences. Or, worse, let out on bail. Suspended sentences. It was clear that judges were under tremendous pressure. Possibly even fearful to be labelled ‘racist’. The prisons themselves, full of Muslims, were out of control. Pressure groups were lobbying left, right and center for the rights of prisoners. Correction officers, in fear of their careers if labelled ‘racist’ were unable -or unwilling- to maintain rigid discipline. It was if the prisoners ran the jails. They probably did.

    Gustav, increasingly angry, struggled to formulate his thoughts. Victor, nodding patiently, produced a piece of paper, and handed it across.
    “This”, he said, “was posted anonymously on the Internet. It is written in reply to a question somebody asked. Namely “What is guerilla warfare like? What is it like to fight a superior foe?” This answer has been circulated widely. Nobody knows who wrote it, or even which conflict it refers to. But there is, of course, speculation. I’d like you to study it closely, and tell me if you sense it to be true and accurate, or a faked, made up story.”
    Gustav read for several minutes in silence.

    What is guerilla warfare like? How does it feel to wage war against a superior foe?


    Are you sure you wish to know? Is it idle curiosity? Nothing better to do? A few seconds of titillation? Before you surf off to something else? Or do you wish, somehow, to understand? To gain an insight? To learn from History? Truly? I can tell you this: if you gaze into the abyss, beware.


    Because the abyss stares back at you.

    It’s 01.20 in the morning. I can’t sleep. That’s a commonplace. I often roam the night. I don’t need some blasted psychologist to get his mitts into my mind, and diagnose me with some fancy-dancy, technical, pseudo trendy mental disorder. I have always felt a cold contempt for shrinks. Stay away from me. You will get nothing. Just a silence, and eyes that are closed to you. I already know that there are scars, deep scars, carefully hidden away. For decades. They are my scars, and I don’t need your irreverent, curious, wanna see and wanna poke, clinical questions trying to dissect my thinking like some lab rat. I’ve been there, and you got very little. You never will.

    Yet, as I grow older, I sense the time is maybe approaching to finally tell at least some fraction of my story. And maybe not. When I saw this question on Quora, I tried to ignore it. I would go back, and look at it. Ignore it. It was almost as if my fingers, despite themselves, crept towards the keyboard. I pulled them back. Surfed away. Tried to forget the question. Next thing, once again, I found myself studying the… the… abyss. My fingers creeping forwards. My mind pulling them back. Yes, I have a story to tell. Maybe.

    A loved one recently asked me, one quiet night, to talk about it. I asked: why?

    I already knew the answer. I am loved. Those who love me, wish to understand. They sense the wall that pushes them back. Maybe it hurts them.

    What is guerilla warfare like? How does it feel to wage war against a superior foe?

    I think about those who love me. I think about how to explain to them, simply, that

    some knowledge is dangerous.

    It is maybe better not to know what your father was involved with. What he did. What he supported. Carefully. In cold blood. As a… what? To them, we were terrorists. Evil. Snakes. Monsters. Reviled.

    Was I? Were we? No heart? No compassion? Or did we maybe care a lot?

    You might think I ramble. But I am merely preparing the ground for the few here, the very few, who earnestly seek to -perhaps- understand. Only the ‘anonymous’ feature of Quora even makes this hesitant step into the daylight tentatively possible. The confronting of demons, that are now multiple decades old.

    I never decided to become a ‘guerilla fighter’. Or a paramilitary. I never consciously made that decision, as a decision. It was a process. It started when I was a young man, late teens. Infuriated by rampant injustice. Or maybe it started before that. On my mother’s knee. Listening to terrible stories. As she would tell me, quietly, unutterably sadly, of a History full of wrongs. She would tell me of Injustice, and thuggery. We would speak in hushed tones, as if somebody might be listening. I will always remember the sadness in her eyes. The look of fear. A shadow. So I grew up with the seeds already planted in my mind. As a teenager, I finally saw, and experienced, first hand. I was beaten up, viciously, kicked unconscious, solely for being identified as being on ‘the wrong side’. And I admit, I mouthed off. Those who kicked me, beat me, spat on me, and screamed hate-filled religious obscenities in my face, wore uniforms. They regularly carried pick ax handles. Although dressed in Law Enforcement uniforms, I saw them throw bricks and Molotov Cocktails, assist in burning down houses, and wholly pervert the cause of the Law. The Government Media -of course- pretty well covered that part up. That is all I will say. And they helped, unwittingly, to create a monster. A fury, that was to re-visit them, over and over. On my terms.

    From then on, a quiet, hidden rage consumed me. Behind my nonchalant exterior, carefully crafted, burned a terrible fire.

    What is guerilla warfare like? How does it feel to wage war against a superior foe?

    It’s lonely. It’s dangerous. It’s a paranoid existence. You want to constantly look over your shoulder – literally. You train yourself, force yourself, not to do so. You discover a coldness inside of you, that is truly sub zero. A hardness, that is beyond granite. Even as you pass through checkpoints, and your car or truck is searched, and you act the amiable fool, and chat about the weather, knowing what lies hidden in a secret compartment, (and the consequences) you are cold. Every nerve is tingling. You loiter seemingly unhurriedly under their very guns, the barbed wire and their guard towers, as if you are without a care in the world.

    Imagine, if you like, a small room, late at night. The people in that room, maybe five or six altogether, speak quietly. I am shown photographs. Street maps. We plan. We work out how we are going to do it. We have days to plan, sometimes weeks. It is all about the how. We are way past the why. It is important that you understand that. The why is unspoken. The why was a stage I went through that started on my mother’s knee. It ended on the floor of a small, rundown house, with six or eight uniformed thugs kicking me unconscious. Laughing while they were doing it.

    You never forget.

    Our little cell, beautifully organised, impossible to crack open meaningfully (only our leader knew anybody above), was to meet many times. And plan. And carry out.

    The first time I squeezed off a trigger in earnest was on a dark night. The first time I killed was on a dark night. Unlike some of the other stories here, where contributors describe remote actions, the results of which were largely unseen (smoke in the distance), when you fire into somebody’s head, from fifteen feet away, it’s personal. His head jerked, and he went down without a kick, and lay perfectly still. It was the result of weeks of careful planning, and it worried me not in the slightest. Even after all these years, I still feel the ice cold contempt. He deserved it, believe me. For what he had done.

    Ah. Many minutes have gone by. I contemplate what I have written. Some part of me wishes to delete this draft. Forget it. Another part of me is like a silent old man, gazing thoughtfully into the fire. As the flames sputter, and lick hungrily around the logs, you wonder where his silent mind has gone. You wonder what shadows he sees in the fire. I can tell you what he sees. Sadly.

    History repeating itself.

    Because of infuriatingly dumb politicians. The lessons of yesterday, the lessons of centuries, unstudied, unlearned. More young men are facing the cold wind of quiet realization. Yes, my young friend. The Media are absurdly biased. Bought and paid for. Most politicians are empty chattering heads. Together they are surrendering your country. Sacrificing your culture. Endangering your loved ones. In my time, along ethnic and religious lines. It was attempted ethnic cleansing. Today, in Europe, same-same-similar, disguised perhaps (for now) (“Our Message is one of Peace”) but you are being led to slaughter on the bullying, thuggish altar of political correctness. Cultural suicide looms large. The inevitable imposition of an alien culture and a disguised, but nonetheless hate-filled alien belief system. It hurts. I know. Will you be led willingly into the dark night? Like sheep to the slaughter?

    What is guerilla warfare like? How does it feel to wage war against a superior foe?

    I don’t regret my actions. It was thought out, premeditated. I do regret some of the unutterably stupid that was carried out in our name. We were totally outnumbered. By a factor of… what? Here, I just hit the calculator. In our area, about a hundred and fifty to one. A hundred and fifty of them, in uniforms, against one of us, like a ghost, appearing, and disappearing. But our very existence hinged on our cell structure. You and I could belong to the same organisation, and pass one another in the street, during daylight, and not recognize one another. We would never realize that we had met up at a prearranged spot one night, wearing balaclavas, to take on a vastly superior enemy. The cell structure is powerful, but also leads to surprises. Other people doing ‘stuff’ that leaves you furiously angry. Own goals. Insane foolishness. And that I regret. Bitterly.

    The years have rolled by. I look back, and I have regrets. I don’t regret the struggle. We achieved a lot. The blatant injustices are mostly a thing of the past now. They know better. But I am sad at the suffering. On both sides.

    Did we learn from History? Did you? Did our politicians?

    Hell, no.

    Look at what is happening in Europe today. Don’t you think that many already see the writing on the wall? Don’t you think that already, all over Europe, embittered young men are quietly banding together? Giving up on their elected ‘leaders’? It’s a repeat of the late nineteen thirties. Whilst Chamberlain and his doves tried hard to appease Hitler, making fine speeches, and appealing to lofty principles of brother nations, insightful young men quietly joined the services, and the understaffed Royal Air Force. They knew what was coming. It didn’t take a genius. The Teutonic writing was on the wall. Today, this time, the common enemy is a different one. The script is different as well. But the Radical Entity, relentless, unstoppable in its fanatical zeal, like a ravenous beast, shares many of the same characteristics. Insatiable. Fanatical. Cunning. Fascist, in many respects.

    Yes, I suspect this chimera will be confronted. In time. When people have finally had enough of the cowardly appeasement and mass surrender of their politicians. But strong young men will bleed, and die, before this is over.

    History is being written today, by the unbelievably dumb actions of Angela Merkel and co. I’m not sure which characteristic is the most egregious: their stunning naivety, or their hubris. The seeds of future armed civil conflict have been ‘liberally’ spread. Young men are quietly organizing. From Sweden to Austria, and Belgium to Poland. And they too will turn to the cell structure. It’s the only way. If you are serious.

    What is guerilla warfare like? How does it feel to wage war against a superior foe?

    You do what you have to do. Most ordinary folk will roll over. Grumble, complain, fuss. Submit. Do nothing. A handful of men (and women) organize. The dedicated ones are incredibly hard to beat. That has been proven, over and over again. History is often shaped, decisively, by a relatively small, even tiny handful of dedicated…

    Guerillas. Freedom fighters. Militia members. Thugs. Terrorists. Paramilitaries.

    It depends entirely on your point of view. On your experiences. How hard they kick you in the face. How much they terrify your parents. How hard they leer at your sister. How absurdly they undermine and subvert the Rule of Law. How successfully – and blatantly- they push you out of whole neighborhoods. Often, one street at a time. Sound familiar? Nothing changes.

    I sigh, and debate hitting ‘submit’.

    Maybe I should just ‘delete’ the bloody thing.

    I don’t know. I honestly don’t know.

    More than forty years later, the fire is burning.




    Gustav handed the paper back.”It’s powerful.” He reflected. “And it’s genuine”.
    Victor studied him closely. “Why do you think that?” His voice was soft.
    “Because of the loneliness. The paranoia. The death of normality. You cross over, and life can never be the same again. You have lost something. Innocence. It’s true. I can feel it.”

    Victor, with his eyes steady, and his voice level, regarded him gravely.
    “You are right. It’s a huge step”.
    There was a silence in the room, interrupted only by a tired ceiling fan.
    Almost as an afterthought, Victor added:
    “And you are correct. It IS genuine. I know it is.”
    He got up, and headed out of the room. He paused, with his hand on the door knob.
    “I know…”
    His eyes were clear, and firm.

    “Because I wrote it.”

    (to be ctd.)

  11. Francis Meyrick 11 months ago

    Part 6: Fists and pickaxe handles

    It was the following evening, and once again Gustav was sitting thoughtfully in the Old Man’s study. Another full glass of wine reflected a dull Burgundy, and implied the arrival of another quiet, but thoughtful conversation.
    The Old Man was reading emails, and occasionally typing replies. His expression was thoughtful, but unflustered. When at length he turned to face Gustav, he recognized in the young man’s earnest face a query.
    “Well, Gustav, you have a question…?”
    The eyes seemed to hint at amusement. Gustav gathered his thoughts. Then he plunged right on in.
    “I’m not the first one to come here, am I?”
    The Old Man smiled.
    “No, you’re not.”
    Gustav continued: “How many have been here?”
    “Does it matter?”
    Gustav nodded. “Yes, it matters.”
    The question came softly, without a trace of hostility.
    “Because… because I feel I’m on the verge of a very important decision. That will affect the entire rest of my life. I want to know how many are in it with me. To this degree of… commitment.”
    There was a long silence. At length, Victor spoke. When he did so, he was looking out the window, into the middle distance. He spoke softly, in an almost dream-like tone, as if he was looking somewhere in the far-off distance.
    “Gustav, you are right to wonder. But I warn you: you will always wonder. The road you are on is long and lonely, and it takes you to an even lonelier place. It’s the price you are being asked to pay. For your people, for your country, for your culture. For your children, and your grandchildren. But there is an even greater price you might pay one day, when it is too late, if you do nothing now. That is the price of watching tragedy unfold, unimaginable horrors occur, whilst you know that in your life, you chose to do nothing.”
    Gustav found himself nodding in agreement.
    After a pause, Victor continued, in the same half-talking, half-musing style.
    “Gustav, face reality. It’s harsh. I know, I’ve been where you are at now. But you are too intelligent, too far seeing, to comfort yourself with the lies and one-quarter truths that are so persistently barfed out by a spineless, bought-and-paid for Mass Media establishment. Call it for what it is. It’s a Muslim invasion. This time they are not galloping in on horses, wielding swords and spears, but it’s still just a continuance of an old obsession. Islamic imperialist invasions resulted in at least 548 battles on European soil between the 8th and 19th centuries; over 200 battles were fought in Spain alone. Muslims would attack coastal towns, kill, rob, rape and enslave. More than one million European slaves were taken out of Europe and sold into the Islamic world. This was Jihad. This time around, once again, the old, 7th century enemy makes no secret of its intent to wholly subjugate the continent of Europe. And STILL, the elected politicians refuse to face the facts. Despite the rabid, vocal hate preachers, despite their hate filled Qu’ran, despite History, despite the open actions of dedicated Islamists, despite terrorist attacks, despite brutal rape crimes sky rocketing, despite overwhelming statistics that these people consist overwhelmingly of low I.Q. borderline retards, mostly illiterate and unskilled, destined to never work, and live only off massive welfare, whilst raising extended families, all on the taxpayer’s dime, despite all that, Europe’s senile Elite, like Hure Merkel, wish only to ACCOMMODATE and APPEASE these invaders in any way they can manage. EVEN, at the expense of their own people…”
    Gustav, listening intently, noticed that the Old Man was calm, and soft spoken, despite the quiet passion of his words.
    There was a certain sadness in the eyes.
    “Gustav, you have to find your own road. You, and many others like you, have arrived at a set of crossroads. You already know that a furious Leftist and Defeatist, Quisling Government has turned its back on its own people. European Governments and their agents have abdicated their duty to protect their citizens. Not only have they abdicated their sacred, centuries old responsibilities, they are now actively collaborating with the Enemy, and furiously covering up hate crimes, rape statistics and grooming scandals. For far too many defenseless women and children, there is no-one else to turn to. There is only you, the true Patriot. But know this: The Government and its agents, the corrupt Police, the Social Workers looking the other way – for years- and the petty local politicians Virtue Signalling and strutting for the cameras, they will UNITE in their hatred for YOU. They will fall over themselves to heap condemnation on your head. They will slavishly follow orders to indulge in the most one-sided reporting possible. And why? because YOU -if you fight- EXPOSE their weakness. You EXPOSE their HYPOCRISY. You EXPOSE their craven cowardice and impotence in the face of marauding, invading Islam. They will HATE YOU, and throw the full weight of the oppressive Government apparatus at you.”
    There was a long silence.
    “So far, Gustav, you have wielded fists and pickaxe handles and you have busted heads and kneecaps. You have fought a defensive scrimmage. But the deluge continues. The battle awaits. Like we said before, it’s time to take the fight to the enemy. Make no mistake. They are armed, and they are arming every day. We have seen their murderous gun rampages. You can’t face that with fists and pickax handles…”
    Gustav found himself nodding. The logic was unassailable.
    “Gustav, many people still would dearly like to trust their Governments. But the faithful believers are steadily falling away. Even the Mass Media working overtime can no longer cover up the scale of the crimes of the invaders. You are the last hope. Young men like you. Which leads me on to the next question I need your reasoned answer to:

    “What constitute legitimate targets?”

    Gustav sighed deeply. And tried to wrap his tired mind around the last question he would have willingly requested.


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