K-Selection In Germany!

K-Selection In Germany!
December 22, 2016 Admin

Editor’s Note: Big thanks to Steve for providing a couple important links in this article!




Earlier this week we published an excellent interview with AC from anonymousconservative.com.

In it he discussed the situation in Europe, especially within the lens of r/K Selection Theory.

If anyone hasn’t read that interview in its entirety I would highly recommend doing so.

It is very appropriate that on the same week we publish it we see an almost perfect illustration of r/K selection in the events in Germany.

To wit, the following picture is of the wreckage of the truck attack that killed 12 and injured 49 at a Christmas Market in Berlin:



In the immediate aftermath of the attack the strain was palpable among the elites. One could almost see them wondering aloud over whether the attack could somehow be blamed on Russia. It was soon revealed to be the same scenario it always is though, as a young Tunisian Muslim had hijacked the truck and mowed down the bystanders.

From the BBC:

The Tunisian man wanted for the Berlin lorry attack which killed 12 people and injured 49 had been under surveillance earlier this year, media reports say.

Anis Amri, 23, was reportedly monitored on suspicion of planning a robbery in order to pay for guns but surveillance was lifted for lack of evidence.

Before entering Germany, he served four years for arson in Italy and faced a jail sentence in absentia in Tunisia.

The failed asylum seeker is now the subject of a manhunt across Europe.

An arrest warrant was issued after his residence permit was found in the cab of the lorry that left a trail of carnage at a Christmas market near Berlin’s most famous shopping street, the Kurfuerstendamm, on Monday evening.

The German authorities warn he could be armed and dangerous and are offering a reward of up to €100,000 (£84,000; $104,000) for information leading to his arrest.

This was another classic 4th Generation Warfare attack, in the same vein as so many that have come before. Each was committed by Muslims, and in each the target was symbolic of some aspect of Western (White/Christian/Secular) culture Islam seeks to destroy.


Bataclan – openly ‘Satanic’ (based on the lyrics, etc) and decadent/degenerate rock music show
Pulse Nighclub – homosexuality, degeneracy
Charlie Hebdo – free press, attacks on Islam
9/11 – Symbol of America (the Great Satan), the financial industry, modernity
Berlin – A Christmas Market (Christianity)


Geert Wilders very appropriately put all blame on Angela Merkel, and tweeted a picture of her with blood on her hands. He rightly pointed to the fact that it is fundamentalist Progressives who are responsible for these deaths, just as much as a parent who sits a toddler down in a pen next to an angry, starving pitbull.

Such truths are readily apparent to us- the K-Selected- as Anonymous Conservative explained in his interview.

Yet there are many others who see things 180 degrees differently.

Take the following comment left at voxday.blogspot.com:

Closing the borders is not going to solve anything. Especially with thousands of extremists of variety of sorts already within the EU, some of them for couple generations. We must change our societies to accommodate our new citizens. Like President Obama said, the west will become less white and we will better for it. If white people do not want to accept that and work towards a better future then we deserve further reprisals.

Many of these incidents are clear responses to the violence and rhetoric of the West perpetrated against Muslims at home and abroad. As a citizen of a country who is a major aggressor and who actively terrorizes entire regions, I recognize my complicity in all of this. I vote for candidates with the knowledge that their policies will lead to further acts of war and terrorism of other people. I am not surprised when acts of terror are committed against ‘my’ people. Sad and angry, yes. Both sides are wrong, neither side is justified. And yet I’m sympathetic to both the aggressors and aggressees in whichever particular attack that’s being discussed.

I should note that it is of course possible this comment was the work of a troll impersonating a liberal (although the commenter never affirmed this or responded to attacks by others, including our good friend Jeffrey Johnson), but either way, the rhetoric certainly matches that of many on the left. They truly support continued immigration and open borders, and they truly feel that Europe ‘deserves’ such horrors as a result of their ‘colonial history’ and ‘White privilege’.

We see a great example of that this morning, from the new Swedish head of ‘Counter-Extremism’, who is seeking to blame jihadism on the ‘White Power movement’ (see link here).


Are such individuals are the ‘r-Selected’, to cite the term from Anonymous Conservative’s theory? The answer is quite clearly yes, although I think it is best described as a continuum.

On one end are the orthodox fundamentalist Progressives, who have bought into the religion wholly and completely. These are the nutjob Angela Merkel types relentlessly driving on the death and destruction that comes from Cultural-Marxism.

On the other hand is the average person, who does not think too deeply on these things, and is likely to vaguely echo the majority line on most issues. To cite another interview we recently did, these are the majorities of populations that will never fully ‘awaken’, that Les Brigandes discussed, who must be prodded and pushed and lead by the vocal and passionate and powerful minorities that drive civilizational change.

I think that the ideas about r-Selection within r/K Selection Theory pertain to both groups. A detailed breakdown is probably possible, but we must also remember it is a model, which can be applied in various ways.

The ultimate question however- which I brought up at the end of the interview with Anonymous Conservative– is that of what lessons r/K theory has for us on the question of effecting political and metapolitical change.

On the surface, if famines/wars/resource shortages/etc represent a process of K-Selection that ‘K-ifies’ a population, then one would assume the shortest path to ‘awakening’ a culture would be to bombard them with as much evidence of how bad things are as possible. To effectively make them aware of the dangers and existential threats and ‘shortages’ facing them.

This should not be difficult, as there is no shortage of horrors occurring daily in modern Europe.

Those horrors- and this one- with a young Muslim man mowing down one’s fellow citizens with a giant truck- seem like they should be all the K-type stimuli a group of people (even if r-Selected) must need to wake up.

Yet we, as K-Selected individuals- are constantly amazed, after attack after attack, and after mass rape after mass rape, that this doesn’t happen.

I think there are important reasons for this though- and ones that would not have existed throughout most of human history.

The first is that today, humans can always pick up and move. These families in Germany know that they can emigrate to Austrlia, New Zealand, Canada, or the Czech Republic (although as ever, we hope the Visegrad Nations will deny safe harbor and citizenship to those Western European Progressives who caused the problem in the first place). With this being the case, rapes and murders like those on display in these pictures and videos are still important stimuli- but not as existentially terrifying as they would have been to a more sedentary, immovable culture or group of people at various times in the past.

The second is the presence of Cultural Marxism/Progressivism, and the immense power it possesses as a belief system.

The ideas of Anonymous Conservative– and those of Peter Turchin with his ‘Fathers and Sons’ theory- both suggest that cycles of alternating r and K generations have been with humans since we were in hunter-gatherer societies. Fathers fight through famines and then use their attained skills and greatness to create gluts, which cause r-Selection among their children’s generation which starts the process all over again.

However, there would have been few such societies where a religion or belief system was strong enough to override (even partially) such normal K-Selection. I believe we are seeing that today though in the case of Western Europeans and Cultural-Marxism. The difference may be that Cultural-Marxism is in fact not a native belief system at all, and instead something foisted upon Western Europeans by certain ‘cosmopolitan’ elements wielding power within their societies.

Whatever the case, it suggests that normal K-Selection will take longer in this instance than it perhaps ‘naturally’ would.

I think it also suggests that no matter how much death and carnage and rape the r-Selected see, many will continue to just make sense of it through a Cultural-Marxist paradigm or lens, and that this phenomenon will be to a degree quite shocking to most of us.

I think one conclusion that results then is that the most effective metapolitical energy is directed not at trying to change their understanding of the reality- what is actually happening- as to change their most basic ways of thinking.

I wish I had a crystal ball to know the most effective ways to do that, but I take solace in the fact there are so many in our movement studying such arts.

Here is a meme that perfectly sums it up:



I think the above image represents a very important idea, which is the importance of changing not just the perceptions but the thought processes of our yet to be awakened brethren. That such is a transformation that will not just happen in the rational, logical, ‘top parts’ of their brains, but rather deep down in the instinctual, emotional, almost metaphysical parts of their being.

Therefore I would say that that is the main takeaway I have had from reading and re-reading Anonymous Conservative’s ideas on the same week another maddeningly ‘normal’ terror attack hit Berlin- that while we all wish the countless murders and rapes would effect an immediate K-Selection within our people, perhaps instead it shall be the metapolitical power of meme warfare that ultimately accounts for that shift.

Either way, war is coming to Europe, and those like Angela Merkel, Heiko Maas, and all the other who precipitated these horrors, will one day be held to account.

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  1. David 1 year ago

    Thanks for your thoughts Julian, bold and uncompromising as always.

    Some practical thoughts about 4GW, in no particular order:

    -I think the militant ones among us must cease once and for all trying to have dialogue if any kind with the ideological enemy- we are simply in a situation where no communication is taking place, and where we are working towards each other’s very physical, very violent silencing. Under these conditions, those of us who speak to them are betraying feeblemindedness and wasting energy.
    Instead if wasting ourselves on argument tactics, we must develop “mic drops”, ways to cleanly kill and exit the discussion, leave the putrid room and go about our militant business.
    Dialectics, utilized by educated fools with swollen brains at the expense of the rest of their being, are a large part of what’s lead us to where we are today.

    – A graffiti tag in a city is seen involuntarily by thousands and thousands every day, and each one has a significant psychological effect. We must use them massively, in a large and organized way. Make stencils with direct, strong messages like “Refugees not welcome”, a crossed out mosque, you get the idea. They will go a very long way to reashape the ideological landscape and claim territory as ours. If you have some money you can even hire people to do this, make it a whole venture.

    – White men are brave and individualistic, resulting way too often in one of them going up against 3-4 hellspawn. My wish for 2017 is for every militant white man ti learn to assemble LARGER UNITS. At first just practice getting 5-10 friends together and walking from point A to poing B. Be on call for each other. Slowly work up to being a large unit with instant response times, so that if you see a pack if hellspawn (and they are always in packs) disrespecting your town and its people, you can get on the phone and within 10 minutes have 5-10 guys there to show them some good cross-sectional, multicultural, interfaith dialogue.
    “Should you carry weapons? Do you need to be physically strong?”
    Must you really ask???

    Dear, dear friend, thank you for having true moral courage when it was hardest.
    Merry Christmas, and a wonderful 2017 in which I hope our paths will cross!

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Thank you very much for the kind words David- I indeed hope and think that 2017 shall be a great year for our people in which much progress will be made!

      I agree with your points wholeheartedly.

      I do think our people are beginning to become more ‘Mannerbundish’, and I guess that goes in line with K Selection.

      I also agree that things like graffiti can be quite powerful. I think the more points of contact that are put out there for our beliefs and our metapolitical arguments and message the better. When the majority of society refuses to name or acknowledge the basic truths human beings have agreed upon and been cognizant of for millenia, it give enormous significance to those who DO speak those truths, as well as an enormous potential for those truths to convert others to our thinking.

    • SteveRogers42 1 year ago

      Dave, these driving gloves will keep your hands warm while you’re walking with your pals. Somewhat heavy, but VERY stylish!


      And at those prices, you can’t afford NOT to buy!

  2. Bavaria 1 year ago

    The hammer is going to be swung, the white Wolfe is coming, these people have no idea what is going to happen, the low IQ INBRED trash will be smashed

    The one thing the white Devils have always been good at is killing and warfare, but this Tim it won’t b European against European.


  3. SteveRogers42 1 year ago

    The Germans have to fight through a whole lotta R:


    AFTER Berlin truck terrorism…

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Interesting. Sending military members and police to secure areas with no ammunition in their weapons is- while obviously ludicrous and insane- EXACTLY the kind of thing I could see the modern German state doing..

      • SteveRogers42 1 year ago

        The cowardice and mendacity of current Western “leaders” is astonishing.


        • Author
          Admin 1 year ago

          It will be interesting to see whether France, the UK, Sweden, or Germany goes first.

          I think twenty or even ten years ago everyone’s money would have been on France but then Germany and Sweden decided to go crazy and try to outrace the French.

          France is sort of the old kid on the block re: the possibility of civil war in Europe at this point. People there have been predicting it for over a decade now. It will be interesting to see how that effects things once it does get close.

          Appreciate the link- I had not seen that.

  4. Moggy 1 year ago

    QUOTE: “To cite another interview we recently did, these are the majorities of populations that will never fully ‘awaken’, that Les Brigandes discussed, who must be prodded and pushed and lead by the vocal and passionate and powerful minorities that drive civilizational change.”
    Even a casual glance at History will show how, time and time again, History was made by the determined actions of a very select few. Not just “minorities”. Often, tiny, small, fully committed groups. In particular, a determined, ideologically united guerilla force is a formidable player on the world stage. The coming intensification of the already existing civil wars in Europe will likely prove that maxim once again. I quote the example of the Irish Republican Army, in its various incarnations. Regardless of how the reader may feel about this organization, it is hard to deny the truth that many thousands of Police and British Soldiers, backed with helicopters and hi-tech surveillance equipment, were quite unable, even after many years of feverish trying, to overcome a small, but supremely dogged, paramilitary force. The Belfast battalion varied in strength with the times, but was often estimated to amount to no more than 150 front line fighters. The European stage seems set for an intensification. I wonder if it will, in some manner, bare a comparison with the actions, ideology, and command structure of the IRA. Everything is possible. The widespread anger and resentment is already present. What is lacking is leadership. And arms. It is a matter of speculation that what Omar Ghaddafi did for the IRA, in terms of massive weapons transfers, thus changing the battlefield and the entire course of History, may find a strange replay. The advances in CNC technology now permit one dedicated technician, armed only with widely available machinery, and a healthy supply of 7075 billet aluminum, to produce a small armory over a long weekend. Here is just one of many links on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7Ion61SDo4&t=281s
    Sobering thoughts. Sobering reality. We will see.

  5. SteveRogers42 1 year ago

    A good historical article about k/selection:



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