Learning From Our Enemies: Insights From A Jihadi Training Manual On The Coming War In Europe

Learning From Our Enemies: Insights From A Jihadi Training Manual On The Coming War In Europe
August 12, 2016 Admin

One common theme on this website is the importance of learning from our enemies. As we often articulate, we can consider the Islamists our mortal enemies, wish to fight and kill them to save our lands and people, and yet still respect certain aspects of their identity, and take lesson from them on a tactical basis.

To that end, this post is a short primer on insights we can take from a jihadi training manual that our good friend Dashui was kind of enough to link to on the site.

The title is:

‘A Mujahid Guide: 2015’

Includes a number of sections designed to educate the jihadi “Sleeper Agent” inside the West on how to prepare for and execute jihad.

This is relevant to us as European-Preservationists for the following reasons:

1. We, like the Islamists, are a 4th Generation Warfare force, in that we are no longer aligned with or represented by the governments of Western Europe (and the West generally, for that matter). While the Muslims are our enemy, the lessons regarding how to be successful as 4GW entities are still relevant.

2. Like the Islamists, we are besieged by Western governments as a result of our beliefs and goals. How many people who share our opposition to mass-immigration are now behind bars, or have had their jobs and families taken away from them by the regressive Leftist governments of countries like Germany, Sweden, and the UK?

3. As we know that civil war is approaching in Europe, the tactical lessons of the below pamphlet are of particular relevance to us.

With all that being the case, we will below break down the pamphlet by theme or section, and highlight those items that are of particular interest or utility. There are other sections that will not be highlighted below, such as one on what kinds of terrorist attacks to carry out, one describing the attacks of the Kouachi brothers in France, and others. All this and more is contained in the 73 page document, and you should absolutely read it in its entirety. It can be accessed here (thanks again to Dashui): http://www.investigativeproject.org/documents/misc/863.pdf

These are the sections and themes that I feel are of particular interest, especially to us as European-Preservationsts/Members of the Resistance.


From a political perspective, the pamphlet is very fixated on Europe. It is almost entirely focused on the future civil war, referencing the ‘war for Rome’ and describing how the civil war will begin. It paints the governments of Western Europe as being profoundly anti-Muslim, which sounds strange to us, since we (quite rightfully of course) attack the same governments for being too Pro-Muslim, and committing suicide through the importation of millions of Muslims. The pamphlet is jihadi propaganda though, so of course it is logical that they are going to paint the European governments in such a manner.

Another interesting aspect is that it seems to attempt to be aimed at not just avowed Muslim jihadis, who have already decided to wage jihad against us- the infidels- but rather to any and all Muslims living in the West. In the introduction, the author(s) certainly frame it in this regard. It is subtle, but I feel the pamphlet clearly lays out the implication that all Muslims in the West could and should be reading it- that all Muslims are secret agents of jihad and some just haven’t ‘activated’ themselves yet. I think this is something we can learn from. It is classic ‘persuasion’ – just as clearly as Scott Adams describes Trump’s persuasion techniques. By talking about and taking for granted the fact of all Muslims being future warriors in a European civil war, it normalizes the possibility, thus making it more likely to happen (‘the word becomes flesh’ as Robert Kiyosaki says). This was the same idea I had in naming this site, that in so doing and talking about it like its a foregone conclusion it will normalize it in people’s minds. The focus in this pamphlet of treating all Muslims in Europe as future jihadis is an interesting example of this as well, and quite valuable to take note of.


The pamphlet (as one would expect) emphasizes the importance of training. The pamphlet states that ‘Mujahideen run for a few hours, daily, on mountains before having their breakfast’ (this is attested to by Omar Nasiri in Inside the Jihad, which is quoted heavily in Fistfights With Muslims In Europe: One Man’s Journey Through Modernity). The pamphlet thus purposefully evokes the romantic (to Muslims at least) notion of the famous Afghan and Al-Qaeda mujahideen and then encourages the reader to apply the same rigorous standards to their training in the West.

This includes running, and other cardiovascular and dexterity-oriented activities. It includes self-defense, and the authors (interestingly) point to Krav Maga as the discipline of choice. It encourages the mastery of knives, as it states they are “easier to find” in the West. It encourages training with guns, even telling the reader to “have your younger male relatives bring you paintball guns” with which to practice shooting. And finally, it encourages Muslims to pursue tactical training, even if their only avenue for doing so is playing Call Of Duty, or watching tactical training videos on Youtube (this might seem humorous but is treated quite seriously in the pamphlet).

Finally, the section leaves no doubt as to the intended use of the acquired deadly skills:

The coming war for the conquest of Rome will mainly consist of Urban warfare within the cities and streets of Europe. So ask yourself, which type of Training will you need?

Day to Day Existence

The pamphlet has a chapter on avoiding detection, which is interesting. Most of it is inapplicable to our struggle, but the common sense bleeds over: Don’t tell anyone and everyone your beliefs, don’t look up illegal things on your internet browser, don’t make statements that scare people into contacting the police, etc.

The pamphlet discusses use of the ‘Dark Web’, along with more classic, romantic spycraft such as invisible ink (lemon juice). It also devotes an entire chapter on (illicit) ways to make money, first justifying such actions theologically, then detailing such common Muslim entrepreneurism as credit card fraud, ebay fraud, phishing scams, and good old-fashioned stealing. The pamphlet also discusses the value of making friends with White converts.

Warfare and Survivalism

The pamphlet devotes several chapters to these areas as well. It discusses the potential need to survive while on the run, and encourages the pastime of camping as an effective means of learning the skills needed for such a situation. It devotes a couple pages to this topic and to everyday items that can be used as survival tools if needed. One might mistake this section for an article from Art of Manliness, which is a fact I found quite profound actually.

It discusses both improvised and actual weaponry, and what kind of weapons the Muslim in the West can make/steal/improvise if unable to find actual ones. Regarding the latter the pamphlet actually quotes from the afore-mentioned Inside the Jihad by Omar Nasiri, printing around ten pages verbatim from the book to help the reader understand how to find and approach illicit gun dealers.

The Coming Civil War In Europe

The section of the article I found most profound however- and which I believe other readers will as well- deals with that same topic that we devote our focus to. Namely, the coming war in Europe; how it will begin; and what individuals should do once it does. It describes 4th Generation Warfare type actions to a tee, and further into the pamphlet the author(s) even reference the term ‘Asymmetric Warfare’ and discuss (in slightly different terms) ‘David vs Goliath’ tactics and Boyd’s ‘Moral’ level of war. It will not shock readers of this website that the Islamists demonstrate far better understanding of these concepts than most Western government and defense officials.

Again though, the most interesting and relevant page instructs Muslims on what to do once the civil war begins, and that is what is printed below. It starts off with an expectation of right-wing attacks on Muslims in response to the (expected) terrorist attacks carried out by the (expected) reader of the pamphlet and others like him.

When Muslims and Mosques will be attacked by neo-Nazis’ in protests, Muslims will do counter-protests alongside with anti-fascist groups. This is when your role as a secret Agent will be activated. You will be able to use the money, and weapons you have collected over the years and transport them securely to the Muslim neighborhood who is in need of your help. You might even meet other secret agent Muslims like yourself there.

Muslims will do counter-protests alongside with anti-fascist groups. As violence erupts between neo-Nazis͛ and Muslims; Muslims and their allies will wear masks and bandannas, and attack with the skill set and arms they have collected. The huge crowds in the protests and instability will make it difficult for police to know who is doing the attacks, and the Muslim attackers can blend in the crowd for safety. They can even pass on weapons to their allies. This is how the future Jihad in Europe will begin.

Both sides will do revenge attacks. This is when your expertise on bombs is important, because you can set off b0mbs in their HeadQuarters, and they will in Muslim ones. This will alienate many Muslims, so they too will ally with you because they seek protection and revenge. You can now train them in private, share weapons you had stored in safe houses. Your money can be used to win over more skilled young Muslims onto your side. Protect your neighborhood, and you will get more funds from fellow Muslims who are happy you are offering them protection.

Men, weapons and trucks will be what you will use to take over more strategic streets and locations in your neighborhoods. The police will side with the neo-Nazis͛, so you will destroy the police station and capture its weapons. If these violent protests and battles happen at a national level –there will be too less police to control the populations in every town and a war will happen between Muslims and their neo-Nazis enemies. People in between will be caught in crossfire and will have to pick sides. It might be that more Muslim Sleeper cells activate during this time period, you will work with them and make alliances with other non Muslims who are friendly towards you to fight common enemy gangs.

The skills in this book will give you a headstart than people who are asleep & haven’t picked sides yet.


With the Islamists themselves issuing training pamphlets to Muslims in Europe instructing them on what to do to usher in civil war and then prosecute it, I believe such a conflict is more inevitable than ever. We must continue to study their plans and tactics, as well as those of the traitorous governments of Western Europe- our other enemy- in order to ensure the greatest likelihood of success against them. Only then will we be able to live at peace with ourselves, knowing we did our utmost to honor our ancestors and descendants, battling for the future of our lands and peoples.

A Sword Day, A Red Day, Ere The Sun Rises

Hail Victory

Editor’s Note: Please leave a comment and share your thoughts on the article and the pamphlet and what we can learn from it!

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Comments (22)

  1. Takumi Yamamoto 11 months ago

    Cryptocurrencies may become a vital cultural adaptation in our struggle for survival and freedom. We are powerless if the government’s that control us can reach into our pockets, and our future children’s pockets, at any time. We must accept that our own goverments the way they stand are no longer capable of representing Europeans, as well as European Americans, and have been so for a long time. We behave as a conquered people with a fragmented culture because we are. We have become enslaved by our own debt, within our own castle walls, lacking any reference to the world outside. Altruism can only be a strength for those who are united by culture and one which is undefeatable. We must return to the philosophical foundation of our culture, absent of church and state, that makes western civilization unique to the rest of the world. This is the environment we have evolved to express fitness. It is calling us to come home.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Hey Takumi- thanks for commenting! I agree with you completely. Our atomization makes us weaker in the face of not just the Muslims but our corrupt governments as well. I also agree completely regarding cryptocurrencies. I actually had a very informative exchange with another reader on this site regarding that same issue.

      In the latter part of your comment where you speak of a return to ‘the philosophical foundation of our culture, absent of church and state, that makes western civilization unique to the rest of the world’, to what are you referring? I think I understand but would welcome you to expound upon it further.

      Thanks again for jumping in with your thoughts and please continue to share any others you have!


  2. Laguna Beach Fogey 11 months ago

    Germans are fleeing to Hungary, fearing coming Civil War in Germany


    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Yes I saw that. Definitely think it is a harbinger of things to come. Appreciate the links Laguna Beach- good stuff!

  3. Laguna Beach Fogey 11 months ago

    Excellent. Some of us are doing most of these activities already. Read, lift, eat Paleo, train, network, prepare. Identify local targets. Find out where local Muslims congregate in your area. Identify the mosques, schools, cultural centres. Know the identity and whereabouts of your local Antifa activists. Shit’s going to get real.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Yes I was struck by just how pedestrian a lot of it was and how similar it i to things written on the sites we frequent. I don’t know if you remember it but I had that teaser article a few months ago about a new series on my own personal preparation for war re: all those things you mentioned above. I had neglected it for awhile but have been kicking it into gear this last month and will write more on it soon.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Hey Laguna Beach- I forgot you speak German don’t you? I had to read it on google translate but that is a great article. It has lead me to more of this Gunnar Heinsohn ‘War Index’ stuff about the proportion of 15-19 year olds vs 55-59 year olds. Quite relevant to Europe obviously. Think I will write a post about it in the future. Could be a good predictor of exactly when full-scale violence will break out in Europe.

  4. MrD 11 months ago

    What exactly is meant by “Western” in the article? I’ve always understood it as a crude Cold War propaganda term, but also as a synonym for “superior to others” as well as “Jewish-dominated.” Which meaning is that of the author? Or perhaps he means something else? What would it be?

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Hey Mr D thanks for the comment!

      When writing ‘Western’ in the article I guess I would probably just be referring to the Western European and Commonwealth countries. So Canada, the US, New Zealand, Australia, Western Europe, etc, with some bleedover label-wise into East Asia and Latin America.

      Basically, post-enlightenment, corporatist countries that are largely atheistic, materialist, somewhat degenerate, etc.

      So basically, when the article says ‘Muslims in the West’, that means Muslims who are living in non-Muslim, first world countries, like France or Canada.

      Or where it says ‘things that Western governments have forgotten’ that means realities of human nature and human existence (violence, the law of the jungle, etc) that the atheistic, utopian, Politically-Correct elites and governments of Western Europe and the US/CAN/AUS/NZ have, over the last few decades, forgotten about or chose not to believe. For instance, many Western European governments think that it is human nature to be peaceful and accepting, and therefore they are surprised when the Muslim immigrants they take into their countries don’t act that way. A non-Western, but still non-Muslim country might not be so naive (for example Mongolia, Ethiopia, India, etc).

      Appreciate the comment! Did that explain better? Let me know if you have any other questions or thoughts!

  5. MrD 11 months ago

    Thanks for your explanation, Admin. I have to confess I still have doubts regarding “Western.” If “Western” signifies, amongst others, the British Commonwealth states, then it would follow that, for example, Pakistan, Kenya, Nigeria, Fiji, Cameroon, Singapore and their likes are “Western.” I must confess I find the term not just vague but strongly exclusionary towards and degrading to such ancient and genuinely European nations as Czechs, Poles, Hungarians, Romanians, Slovaks, Serbs, Russians. In fact, it’s a term that seems to be helping to maintain the old and deleterious Cold War division of Europe. It appears to be used by the Zionists-Freemasons, e.g. through the media, to set constantly the European peoples against each other and thus to make possible the Third World conquest of Europe. In the present circumstances, it doesn’t seem possible the part of Europe that during the Cold War was in the American zone can defend itself truly successfully against the Third World invasion, or any other, without the part of Europe that used to be in the Russian zone. And vice versa. I remember well the Cold War and the prevalent if subconscious painful feeling that Europe was deadly crippled by the division into the “East” and “West.” In the early nineties, when the Soviet Union dissolved, there was hope Europe would unite and be as one. Yet, after two decades or so, it seems, the Zionists-Freemasons decided a European Europe, meaning the former American Europe plus the former Russian Europe, endangered their interests and a “multicultural” Europe, meaning inundated with the Third World masses, suited them better. The Zionist power may be challenged by a genuine unification of the European nations from the former American zone (called incorrectly “Western Europe”) and the former Russian zone (called incorrectly “Eastern Europe”). The Zionists seem to be repelled by the idea of such a unification. I mean here not so much a unification through the dysfunctional European Union, but one being carried out by Europeans on the grassroots level. Hence it seems to be in our vital interest not to divide any longer Europe into “Western” and “Eastern” but to try to unite her into One Europe. Can Europeans from the former American zone do it, particularly the British? I’m curious as the British, possibly excepting the Scottish, seem historically to be Continent-phobic and in spite of the great trouble Europe and themselves are now in caring more for their Third World Commonwealth than Europe.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Hey Mr. D- Great discussion!

      I think the main issue (which is absolutely fascinating) is that you are viewing the term ‘Western’ as something very positive, and therefore exclusionary or degrading to Eastern Europeans, whereas I am viewing (and using it) in quite the opposite manner! When I say ‘Western’ I am communicating with it (silently of course) ideas of weakness, degeneracy, decadence, naivety, etc (all somewhat recent phenomena though). Therefore it consciously dis-includes Eastern Europe because I do not believe they have succumbed to those things… The Eastern Europeans seem to have absorbed the best parts of Western Modernity (literature, rational thought, art, learning, philosophy, beauty, rule of law, etc) without absorbing many of the negative (self-hatred, alienation, gross materialism, etc). Indeed I would say that the only ‘Western’ disease that Eastern Europe also suffers from is low birthrates, and perhaps the negative aspects of feminism to some degree. Overall though I think of Eastern Europe as the FUTURE of Western Civilization, precisely because it has not succumbed to those forces.

      I do, however, agree with you that for our purposes, as European-Preservationists and Identitarians, it is better to talk of it as One Europe. That should absolutely be the vision we put forth, as should be our goal of liberating the Western side. Also I believe it will quite likely be through the East that we end up being able to liberate whatever section of the West we are able to do so for. In explanation of that I mean that I think as Western European nations succumb to 4th Generation Warfare and destablization as things deteriorate as a result of mass immigration, it will be Eastern European governments that will prosecute for those elements of ‘resistance’ within the West, etc. And regular folks on the ground coordinating between the East and West, etc.

      Speaking of such things, I own a book on this very topic of East/West vs North/South understandings of Europe, although I have not read it yet. Here is the link: https://www.amazon.com/Inventing-Eastern-Europe-Civilization-Enlightenment/dp/0804727023

      Great discussion and I appreciate the comments!

      • Dashui 11 months ago

        HAHA, I went to Hungary in 1994. They hated being called Eastern European, “We are Central European!” “Don’t equate us with those hicks!”

        • Author
          Admin 11 months ago

          I regret not going farther into Eastern Europe on my travels. Never got past Czech Republic/Hungary into the far east. Definitely need to do that when I go back (hopefully soon!).

  6. Andy 11 months ago

    This Jihadi Phamplet was a bad joke(containing water in condoms) and most likely made by a troll or an Jihadi equivalent to William Powell.
    There is way better literature on that topic like the Inspire Magazin, Dabiq and other ISIS publications. Many things that they show are so over the top cliche contained, that it looks to much that westerners made it to let it look like arabs made it, but other stuff is suprisingly creative.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Hmm that is really interesting. I very much appreciate the comment. It didn’t seem that over the top to me, and did seem comparable to alot of jihadi material I have seen on jihadology/etc. You seem quite knowledgeable about it though so it is quite possible you are correct.

      Would love to know any other thoughts you may have on all this stuff and hope you keep commenting!

  7. MrD 11 months ago

    Hey Admin, I thank you for your reply. So you seem to be convinced there exist “Eastern Europeans” who are (inherently? racially?) different from “Western Europeans.” What would the supposed difference be specifically, if I may know? Why constantly, almost – no offense – compulsively make this division?

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Hey MrD- I think we may be getting lost in translation. I don’t particularly see the term ‘Eastern European’ as anything other than a convenient signifier of geographical location. Historically as well, I guess, since Eastern Europe has the shared heritage of Soviet/Iron Curtain occupation between 1945-1990, which Western Europe doesn’t have, and again today, when the nations that are commonly referred to as ‘Western Europe’ currently have the shared quality of mass immigration, whereas those countries commonly included under the term ‘Eastern Europe’ have (thankfully) escaped that development.

      Beyond that I have no strong thoughts on any differences between the two and agree with you that they are all Europeans, etc, and that East-West is no more natural a distinction in Europe than North-South.

  8. MrD 11 months ago

    Admin, here’s a relevant post I hit upon on another website.
    ‘So that’s how the real unification of Europe – so hated and feared by the supporters of “multiculturalism” or immigration from the Third World – can happen: through the immigration of people from the part of Europe called “Western Europe” to the part called “Eastern Europe.” “Western Europe” and “Eastern Europe” are, in fact, Cold War terms, “Eastern Europe” being a derogatory one. Yet although the Cold War ended some quarter of century back, the terms have been stubbornly used in the media in Britain, France, Germany and the like. And also particularly adamantly in the US. Maybe along with the immigration these divisive terms will get dropped from use and all of us will call ourselves simply “Europeans”? And we will really SEE ourselves as such. Maybe the seeing will involve getting rid of the feeling of (racial?) superiority by those who consider themselves “Western Europeans” towards those whom they consider “Eastern Europeans”? We had better do it if we really want Europe to live on.’

  9. MrD 11 months ago

    Admin, so you regard the term “Eastern Europe” as a geographical one? If so, do you regard as “Eastern Europe” parts of Norway and Sweden, the whole of Finland? How about Russia, is it a European country? If so, which part of Europe is it?

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