Maasing And Maidaning

Maasing And Maidaning
January 23, 2017 Admin

Donald Trump’s election has seemed to bring the political situation in the United States a little closer to the one in Europe. He has rightly pointed out the base madness of Angela Merkel’s decision to flood Germany with hordes of young Muslim men from the Middle-East (or, as Politico says in this article, ‘bullies her for her being courageous’). More than just bringing discussion of Europe’s disintegration to American politics though, the shift of power in America has caused the domestic political situation to mirror that of Europe.

As a result, we should be able to learn much about the situation in Europe from looking at what is going on in America- and vice versa.

To that end, let us make some connections.

First, let’s look at ‘Anti-fascist’ Antifa protestors.

The following paragraphs are from, but I believe they are the translated text of an investigative journal from Europe (original page here)

The public has become document, discovered on a presumed lost USB stick could answer a question that most of the media do not arise normally. If once again blocked a Pegida-march, an AFD event disturbed or en masse Autonomous are deployed, is about – often with subliminal sympathy – reported but not questioned why the Antifa is actually so well organized.

The answer is surprising: Behind the seemingly loose organizational contexts of anti-fascists hiding therefore a good cross-linked structure. “In order to ensure a rapid disbursement of the demonstration fee, it is essential to keep getting on and off the membership card to the dedicated scanner on the bus,” it says in the letter, which is signed by the “Board” the Antifa.

This is obviously not an isolated case. Already end of January has pointed out that the Antifa with buses to the protests against the Austrian FPÖ academics ball to arrive and the participants are paid here. A corresponding Twitter entry of “Antifa eV”, which states that even more than 48 buses were scheduled, divided both the FPÖ Kreisverband Vienna City center as well as the party leader Heinz-Christian Strache. A payroll of a so-called anti-fascists about 498.05 euros, including foreign and night surcharge, was also publicly afterwards.
Public funding

But where does the money that distributes the Antifa structure with both hands in order to suppress others in their freedom of expression? Coming in from the German media defamed as propaganda channels Russian TV channel RT has researched the backgrounds.

In an organization chart, the connections between Club, Antifa GmbH and Antifa union on the one hand, and the Federal Government, political parties and associations demonstrated on the other side. Accordingly, the Antifa benefit of direct financial support by the government, but also the party cartel from SPD, CDU and the Greens.

Other parties have demonstrated that much of this funding comes from George Soros-sponsored organizations as well.

Undercover journalist James O’Keefe’s organization has published numerous undercover videos this year showing that Soros-backed organizations in America have been responsible for all sorts of riots, protests, and illegal behavior during the 2016 election cycle. Based on that it would be silly not to think the Antifa in America- like those protesting the last two days in Washington- are, to significant degree paid for directly by Soros and his ilk.

Similarly, we have this ‘Women’s March’, which has been shown to have similar roots.

The following investigative piece is from Zero Hedge, but was actually written by a Liberal, feminist Muslim women who apparently voted for Trump for some unique combination of factors, and who heartily dislikes Soros (sounds like an Ayaan Hirsi-Ali type, perhaps).

By my draft research, which I’m opening up for crowd-sourcing on GoogleDocs, Soros has funded, or has close relationships with, at least 56 of the march’s “partners,” including “key partners” Planned Parenthood, which opposes Trump’s anti-abortion policy, and the National Resource Defense Council, which opposes Trump’s environmental policies. The other Soros ties with “Women’s March” organizations include the partisan (which was fiercely pro-Clinton), the National Action Network (which has a former executive director lauded by Obama senior advisor Valerie Jarrett as “a leader of tomorrow” as a march co-chair and another official as “the head of logistics”). Other Soros grantees who are “partners” in the march are the American Civil Liberties Union, Center for Constitutional Rights, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. March organizers and the organizations identified here haven’t yet returned queries for comment.

All of this was predicted ahead of time by none other than Vladimir Putin, as we see on Sputnik News:

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he sees attempts in the United States to “delegitimize” US President-elect Donald Trump using “Maidan-style” methods previously used in Ukraine.

Putin noted that an internal political struggle is underway in the United States despite the fact that the presidential election is over.

“In my opinion, there are several goals, some are obvious. The first is to undermine the legitimacy of the elected president of the United States. Incidentally, in this connection I would like to note that — whether people who do it want it or don’t want — they greatly damage US interests.”

“It seems that they trained for this in Kiev and now are ready to organize a ‘Maidan’ in Washington not to let Trump assume office,” Putin said during a news conference with his Moldovan counterpart Igor Dodon in Moscow.

Trump is facing other parts of the government- as well as extra-governmental forces like Soros and the media- attempting to delegitimize him and take back the power he very narrowly gained.

In Germany, however, we have the opposite situation, where the globalist, Soros-affiliated government is desperately trying to keep similar ‘populists’ from seizing power in this year’s election. Angela Merkel is running for a 4th term as chancellor, and while all the polls suggest she will win handily (importing millions of Muslims to vote for you does that), her party seems deathly afraid that Alternatives fur Deutschland (the AfD) will somehow stage a Trump or Brexit style miracle and win the election.

The following speech by Geert Wilders in Germany does a decent job of outlining the situation:

Germany seems to represent the head of the globalist spear, as they have been more aggressive about cultural suicide than any other nation (apart from perhaps Sweden).

They also seem to be moving towards the fore in terms of the level of aggression and repression in which they fend off ‘populist’ revolts.

With the upcoming election Wilders outlined coming soon, they are exploring stronger tactics:

Angela Merkel is worried about social bots, fake news sites and trolls. On Wednesday, in her first major address after declaring her intention to seek a fourth term, the chancellor said that such practices might need to be “regulated.” But concrete legislation is unlikely.

“The Justice Ministry has convened a task force on hate speech on the Internet,” deputy government spokeswoman Ulrike Demmer said on Friday in Berlin. “Companies have promised their cooperation, and illegal content is now being deleted more quickly than before. But more needs to be done.”

At an IT summit last week, German Justice Minister Heiko Maass said that authorities could take legal action against hate speech on the Web if it violated laws concerning libel or incitement to violence. And he threatened legal measures against social media platforms, like facebook and twitter, if they fail to become become more vigilant against defamatory and incendiary speech. But a Justice Ministry spokeswoman said on Friday in Berlin that at present no further legislation to combat social bots or fake news sites was in the pipeline.

Many tweets and facebook posts are automated propaganda.

Merkel is, however, bringing in Germany’s leading political data science expert, Professor Simon Hegelich of the Technical University of Munich, for consultations next week. It is now widely acknowledged that social bots, in particular, are being used for political ends – most notably by the extremist and populist Right. Significantly, all the mainstream political parties in Germany have unequivocally promised not to use social bots or paid trolls in next year’s election, while the anti-immigration, anti-EU Alternative for Germany (AfD) has not.

As the election in Germany moves forward, as does Trump’s administration in America, we will see a fascinating display of globalist tactics from both sides of the coin- what they do when in power, to ward off legitimate democratic defeat, and what they do when out of power (at least in one branch of government), to delegitimize democratically elected leaders.



Editor’s Note: If our esteemed commenters have any predictions on what will happen in these respective situations, I would gladly hear them!

Editor’s Note II:
The below picture is of Heiko Maas. When I was a kid my family went to Europe every few years. For my first twelve years of life or so I thought every German man was deathly pale and wore a trenchcoat and glasses and listened to techno and death metal. Heiko Maas fits perfectly to type 🙂
Heiko Maas 1

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  1. Jeffrey Johnson 11 months ago

    Watching the rise of Trump in America and the European Muslim invasion made me conclude that the American government used its power and influence to control European domestic politics. My suspicion is in the various European elections this year, the nationalist parties are going to win because the mainstream European politicians no longer have the American Empire to keep them in power. I think that Geert Wilders will win in Holland and Andrea Merkel will lose in Germany. Marie Le Penn has a 50/50 shot of winning in France. Those are my too early predictions of European elections this year.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Hey Jeffrey good to hear from you!

      I absolutely think you could be right about Wilders. I give him the best shot too. Agree that le Pen has less of a chance to win than him. Would LOVE if the Merkel beast lost! Would be like St. Peter casting Satan out of paradise…

      I also agree that Trump’s win will give the Europeans tacit ‘permission’ in their minds, if even subconsiously.

      How are things going in your neck of the woods these days?

  2. dashui 11 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Interesting stuff.

      How long have you been reading that site? I read a few articles it is very good. The author feels that Russia’s military is actually stronger than the United States’. I have little knowledge about those things but thought that that was interesting.

      I LOVED the whole warrior saint thing by the way that is badass!

      We will have to keep an eye out for similar stories from Europe. If some young man is killed trying to defend his sister from rape- boom- there we go. We’ll have to try to meme that into orbit.

    • SteveRogers42 11 months ago

      Great article! This Russian recruiting video certainly displays a different level of intensity than our “Get GI Bill money for college and learn a skill” ads do:

      Why, it almost seems…manly…and Nationalist…

  3. Francis Meyrick 11 months ago

    I have followed Geert Wilders for years. What fascinates me is that I find him rational, reasonable, informed, and courageous. My very own brother, who lives in Holland, has a PH.D. in Physics, brains to burn, and is compassionate and brilliantly well meaning, REVILES Geert Wilders. My brother is a classic so-called ‘Liberal’ (who oppose Liberty, without realizing it), and a ‘Progressive’ who does everything he can to appease and empower a 7th century cobbled together fake religious cult. Intent on world domination. And the suppression of democracy. He pleaded with me to vote for Hilary Clinton, as by far the lesser of two evils. Lots of irony for me. Oh, and he hates guns. With a passion.
    My point is this: NOBODY knows how this is going to play out. Today, January 24th 2017, we have seen the Donald kick a@@ and executive order the Living Bejayzus out of a stalled Keystone & Dakota Access Pipe Lines conundrum. The gauntlet(s) are being flung down in the USA, and even my (much loved) brother can see the looming Inferno being supplied with copious gallons of Gasoline. It’s impossible for any thinking person to do a ‘Admiral Horatio Nelson’ and ‘see no war ships’. There is the Mother of all fights coming in Europe. I think. Maybe. Or maybe not… Is it really possible that young European males will grumble, march a bit, protest on Social Media, cheer Geert Wilders, and… roll over? Succumb? Lots of words, some speeches, some cheering, but… no teeth? Zero bite? All talk, no bullets? Thus dooming their grandchildren to a VASTLY different continent, a TOTALLY different life style, so horrendous we dare not even face that approaching shadow? I hesitate to even make a forecast. I am reminded SO MUCH of Northern Ireland in 1970. Before the explosion. Many Catholics were voting with their feet, and leaving the six counties. Massive (well documented) discrimination in employment, housing, and voting, not to mention truly insane legal and political decisions, left many hopeless. What COULD have happened is that the Loyalist extremists had gone on to TRIUMPH. Northern Ireland COULD have been now, in 2017, a “Protestant home for a protestant people” (which was a declared intent) with a comfortable Protestant majority, with an entirely different make-up. Instead… we have a completely revamped economy and social structure, and so many of the past injustices and inequalities are now History. The Catholic population is poised to achieve a small majority. Whether an observer feels this is good or bad is not my point. This is my point: did this seismic change take place by calm reason, negotiation, the triumph of good will, and the fellowship of Man? Was it due to a benign British Government, that had only the best interests of ALL its citizens at heart? I would argue not. I would say History was made by a very small group of fiercely determined men. Reviled by the then Mass Media as the worst of the worst. Terrorists and thugs. History was made in the shadows of bombs and bullets. History saw blood spilled in copious amounts. Do I advocate that for Europe? No. I merely observe this: Europe is sliding, slithering, bumping and tripping into a seismic change, that appears unwanted by many. Or even, most. So, the Million Dollar Question: “Will this seismic change take place accompanied with calm reason, negotiation, the triumph of good will, and the fellowship of Man? Will it be supervised by a benign Government of an Elite, that has only the best interests of ALL its citizens at heart? And listens to all? Or are we standing at the edge of an abyss. With bombs and bullets waiting, and a similar determined very small group of fiercely determined men, even now gathering in the shadows? Waiting for their turn to be reviled, labelled terrorists and thugs, and persecuted by a furious Government apparatus hell bent on their destruction? None of us know. We can guess, but who can tell. Who foresaw the election of Donald Trump? Will Merkel be re-elected? Maybe another way we might wonder at what Europe will look like in the next few years is to pose a different question. Will Europe die with a whimper? A series of feeble whimpers? Or will it explode? My bet? It will explode into violence. Do I desire it? No. For I have seen civil war. And tasted the hate. I have no love of violence. But I shall not be forced on my knees, to worship an absurd 7th century charlatan, whose scarily convincing power ideology, dressed up conveniently as a cobbled together religion, is responsible for more bloodshed than any other crazed tyrant. Not to mention the extinction of many kinder races, infinitely more artistic and feeling, whose loss to the human family haunts us still today. Their cries echo down to us who care, and all we can see is this terrible truth:
    those who refuse to study History, are doomed to repeat its terrible errors…

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Yes Francis the question you pose about a bang or whimper is one I often wonder about too. A whimper is certainly my fear… If you have heard of Houellebcq’s novel ‘Submission’, that is the future he paints in it. It takes place in 2022 in France an is about a fictional election between a Muslim Brotherhood led party vs the National Front and some le Pen. In it all the regular French basically end up voting for the Muslim Brotherhood party and its platform of complete Islamization, and the protagonist (a rather mousy, sexually compulsive alcoholic if I remember) converts to Islam and becomes a polygamist.

      I don’t have a problem with polygamy (could be quite useful in building Europe’s population back up) but I find Houellebecq’s story HIGHLY depressing! Pretty much the worst case scenario, although I don’t think that will be how things play out either.

  4. Francis Meyrick 11 months ago

    That Google translation is a bit off. I’ve had a shot at a better translation, and anybody feel free to jump in and help. This is actually real important stuff. Who said these self styled ‘Liberals’ believe in ‘Liberty’? Don’t make that mistake. Because they quite simply don’t. And these ‘Anti-fascists’ cheekily claim that NAME maybe, but by their methods reveal themselves to be astonishingly fascist in NATURE.
    “Das öffentlich gewordene Dokument, entdeckt auf einem mutmaßlich verloren gegangenen USB-Stick, könnte eine Frage beantworten, die sich die meisten Medien normalerweise nicht stellen.”
    (that document, that has become public, and was discovered on a presumably lost USB stick, could conceivably clear up a question, that is never posed by most Media outlets.”)
    “Wenn wieder einmal ein Pegida-Aufmarsch blockiert, eine AfD-Veranstaltung gestört oder massenhaft Autonome aufmarschiert sind, wird darüber – oft mit unterschwelliger Sympathie – berichtet, aber nicht hinterfragt, wieso die Antifa eigentlich so gut organisiert ist.”
    (When once again a Pegida march is blocked, an AFD event is disturbed, or truly large crowds of ‘Autonomen’ have been successfully deployed, then (the Media) will report on this – often with subliminal sympathy on display – but nobody inquires how come that ‘Antifa’ is actually so well organised.)

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Hey Francis- thanks for translating that!

      I took a couple years of German in high school and my mom spoke it fluently, but I never really got beyond half-communicating with German tourists here in America just to make them laugh/smile. Certainly couldn’t translate the above. I think it was already translated on the site I got it from but yeah, am certainly thankful for Google Translate, allows me to read a lot of these European sites like Fria Tider that have stories most English-language papers don’t have.

  5. SteveRogers42 11 months ago

    This kind of $#!t keeps happening, over and over again:

    Now, I don’t blame this girl in the least. In a sane and healthy society, she should be able to put on a bikini, tape $100 bills to her body and walk safely through Central Park at midnight. But we don’t live in a sane society. She — and others like her — keep going to these 4GW political events and acting as if they were attending a New England town meeting. Her back is unprotected, her hands are down by her waist, she faces her interviewer “squared up”, and worst of all, she appears to be alone. Even Mr. Rogers would conclude that she looks like an easy mark.

    All good people of European extraction need to awaken their sleeping amygdalas and start taking some basic precautions if they insist on interacting with these freaks and geeks.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Agreed. Just watching the interview you can sense the danger. It was not surprising when she got sprayed.

      Hopefully we will all be having some major amygdala stimulation here over the next few months!

      • SteveRogers42 10 months ago

        Although skill is lacking, the aggressiveness is in full effect here. Of course, as Gen. Moshe Dayan said: “It always helps if you can arrange to fight Arabs.”

        At any rate, “Well done” to the Chinese chick: Immediate counter-attack, a flurry of kicks and punches to close the gap, then a clinch, a takedown, and some ground n’ pound.


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