Marine Le Pen Graphic Novel! (More Liberal Dystopianism)

Marine Le Pen Graphic Novel! (More Liberal Dystopianism)
May 5, 2017 Admin

Recently we profiled a certain left-wing writer’s eerie dystopian vision concerning Europe’s “Populist”… “Right-wing” future.

Reading about such a future was fascinating in terms of the glimpses it gave into the Progressive-Suicidalist psyche, and the article produced a lot of discussion in the comment section.

Today we are graced with ANOTHER dark leftist dystopian vision of Europe’s future, which an English translation of a French essay describes for us. It is from a website called ‘The Conversation‘.

The article explains as follows:

The 2017 presidential campaign in France has been full of surprises, from François Hollande’s decision not to run for a second term to former prime minister Manuel Valls getting defeated in the Socialist Party primary; from the rise of insider-outsider Emmanuel Macron to the standout debate performance by Far-Left candidate Philippe Poutou; from François Fillon’s rise, fall, and rise to Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s last-minute surge.

All the twists and turns have increased the uncertainty of an election that was up in the air from the start.

One thing that’s nearly certain is the presence of Extreme-Right populist Marine Le Pen among the top vote-getters. Her party, the Front National, has gone from a pariah in the 1980s to a major political force. While she and her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, have fallen short up to now, what would happen if she won in 2017?

The answer can perhaps be found in – of all places – a graphic-novel series. Created by writer François Durpaire and cartoonist Farid Boudjellal, the first volume, La Présidente, was the hit of the 2015 rentrée (the beginning of the literary season). It was followed by the second volume, Totalitaire, in 2016, and together they have sold more than 500,000 copies.

Now comes the third volume, titled La Vague (The Wave), with Durpaire and Boudjellal joined by Laurent Muller. Together, the three books provide an enlightening view on the collective anxiety of French citizens as they face a 2017 presidential election whose outcome has never been less certain, and whose consequences for the country and Europe could be profound.

Graphic novel 1

As we can see in the artwork at right, one of the Chief Villains Extraordinaire is none other than evil Identitarian-Traditionalist Vlad ‘the Impaler’ Putin.

The article continues:

Durpaire, Muller and Boudjellal are well-versed in the mechanisms of power within the Front National and have a superb knowledge of the media and political machinations in France. The originality of the series – a sort of retelling of the near future – is to apply a historical methodology and then to put the imagination into action.
An unprecedented explosion

In the first volume, the authors imagine that on May 7, 2017, Marine Le Pen is elected president of the French Republic. Boudjellal’s sharply realistic graphic treatment and Durpaire’s insightful text allow the potential consequences of this election to unfold step by step. What seemed politically unimaginable in the second round of the 2002 presidential election – when Jean-Marie Le Pen was soundly beaten by Jacques Chirac – is today only too possible. Every voter has to think about it and to do so, it’s essential to better understand what would happen if she were to win.

The narrative is not a caricature: it applies to the letter the proposed programme of the Front National, with direct extracts from official communications. La Présidente describes the first hundred days of Marine Le Pen at the Elysée palace, mobilising the political machinery and methods that the Front National has employed through its history. The fiction was nourished by the advice of a team of political and economic experts, who make it possible to realistically explore the possible consequences of the Front National’s taking power.

The graphic novel also extrapolates security propositions and technical advances already in place. In November 2015, former president Nicolas Sarkozy proposed electronic bracelets and house arrest for “S file” suspects, suspected of radicalisation, and in April 2016, Francois Hollande authorised the use of facial-recognition software. France itself is still under an extended state of emergency after the November 2015 terrorist attacks – one that will last at least through the upcoming elections.

And so we see it all unfold in the graphic novels: France’s exit from the euro, mass deportations, legal preference for French citizens and widespread surveillance through new electronic and digital tools.


graphic novel 4

As Vox Day says: “SJW’s always project!”, and its not surprising to see the graphic novels focus on surveillance and the prevention of personal freedoms as the chief evil. The hypocrisy is legion however, coming from the same Progressive leftists like President Obama that conducted massive spying of unparalleled proportions and from the same European-Globalist elites who arrest Swedish citizens for typing out the word ‘Negro’ online.

It gets worse:

[Note: the bolding is by me]

In volume 2, Totalitaire, we’re at the end of Marine Le Pen’s first term in office, in 2022. When the new campaign opens, a surprise candidate emerges from civil society around whom resistance begins to organise. The new candidate is polling higher than the current president, but is a fair election even a possibility? And what of Marion Maréchal–Le Pen, niece of Marine Le Pen and a political power in her own right?

By this point, technology offers an unprecedented capacity for monitoring and control – integrated chips in connected objects, robots, geolocation, and automated surveillance of all communications. We are far beyond Orwell’s 1984, and the idea of France as a totalitarian country isn’t so far-fetched.

In a televised debate with former prime minister Manuel Valls in 2022, portrayed in the graphic novel, Marine Le Pen says: “You speak to me of responsibility, you who were in favour of passing laws. Me, I apply them.” The events then accelerate on a global scale, with a new US president, new alliances, and dizzying range of geopolitical consequences. In Paris, Berlin and Madrid, new alliances emerge, even as a new president oversees the education of “a new citizen”.

And when the time comes for the election, darkness wins again: the surprise candidate is imprisoned and Marion Maréchal–Le Pen is elected president after a single term by Marine Le Pen.

The third volume, La Vague, released at the end of March, unleashes a scenario worthy of the darkest thrillers. At this point, France will have struggled through two five-year terms under the Front National. There is resistance, but also unquestioning support. With an alliance between Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Le Pen, is there any chance that democracy can make a comeback?

One way to read this science-fiction graphic novel is as an explicit criticism of the totalitarianism that could result were the Front National to take power in May 2017 and the rise of nationalist politicians around the world. It also announces the end of a generation of leaders that has governed in a short-sighted way, as well as – and this is the reading I choose – the failure of a system where insiders reserve all the power and benefits for themselves, while leaving no place for the civility and mutual respect that are the very foundation of politics.

So…. according to these globalist-progressives, the greatest possible danger in Europe- and the world- today, is for an evil alliance of ethnic-European nationalists to come to power who want to repatriate Muslim immigrants, end open-borders, and deconstruct the European Union. These people- Le Pen, Trump, Putin, and all the other Identitarian or Right-Wing leaders like those in the Visegrad countries- are “totalitarians” (just like Hitler and Mussolini).

graphic novel 3

On the other hand, the current crop of radical Baby-Boomer Progressives who have made criticism of mass-immigration punishable by jail, who have turned Sweden into the rape capitol of the northern hemisphere, and who have- without ever allowing their citizens to vote on the question- effected an irreversible demographic tide of Muslim immigrants that will- with mathematical certainly- turn Western Europe majority-Muslim within one generation– these people represent ‘Democracy’, ‘Freedom’, and ‘normalcy’.

To demonstrate just a little more of their insanity, let’s take another article from the same journal on a subject close to my heart- the connection between Preservationist parties like the FN and Millenials.

Again, from The Conversation:

Marine Le Pen and the FN are working hard to conflate immigration and terrorism, globalisation and unemployment. She portrays herself and the party as fighting for French sovereignty against an occupying EU. She has said that she would ditch the euro, restore border controls, and proposes a sort of “Frexit”. She would restrict immigration and elevate French cultural identity over multiculturalism. (Her ability to follow through with these policies were she elected and their actual consequences are separate questions.)

So youth who feel insecure can see in Marine Le Pen an attractive political leader.

A little condescending, Mrs. Baby-Boomer?

It continues:

On social media all points of view are accepted, the FN is highly active, and as the young people spend a lot of time there – it’s the perfect match.

For French baby boomers, the FN is synonymous with the hate speech of Jean-Marie Le Pen. Generation X, which came of age in the 1980s and 1990s, knew him as well, including his repeated references to the Nazis’ use of gas chambers during the Holocaust as a “detail of history”. For the majority of these two generations, the FN was, is and will remain an extreme-right party.

But for millennials, the FN’s dark past is vague at best. For many French youth today, the party is no longer taboo. It’s a “normal” political party that has won a range of offices, including the National Assembly (two seats out of 577), mayors, and regional councils. Ironically, Le Pen herself is a member of the European Parliament, to which she was elected in 2014 and is now as part of the populist, anti-EU “European Alliance for Freedom.”

It’s also important to remember that, taken as a group, 70% millennials continue to reject the FN. Nevertheless, in many ways its “rebranding” with younger voters has been successful. They don’t see the party in the same way as previous generations. For them, the “monster” is less threatening than before, and for many, it could represent a real choice in the upcoming election.

It would be nice if that is the case, and Le Pen could somehow win. That seems doubtful, but I am one Millenial who doesn’t mind her losing. That is because- as this Baby-Boomer nutjob who wrote the article says- Millenials have “embraced authoritarianism”. She is right, for Baby-Boomers like her- determined to murder the West for the sake of their sick ideology- have given us no choice.







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  1. Delphi 9 months ago

    The FN needs to give up antisemitism. Just like this isn’t 1969, the Summer of Love, it also isn’t 1939, or 1945. You lost the 2nd world war, Facists. Get over it. We’re in a new fight, against new foes, for new bad reasons. Israel is of course, one of the best and most loyal soldiers, with some of the best weapons. Stop bitching about it – it’s so ANTIQUATED.

    Oh, and to the dear and lovable creators of the ACHA. Being a woman and pregnancy isnt’ a prexisting condition. Here in the west we are indeed free to make reproductive choices, and by failing to show Christian Chivalry in the ACHA, the result won’t be millions of women suddenly clinging to men to get through pregnancy. The result will simply be childlessness, as we’ve all got freedom of choice – so , if you want babies, support them. Actually, this is why I’m fond of le Pen. The American right wing seems lumbered with ultra-conservative ideology that ends up being pro-business and pro globalist.

    Oh, yes, and Jared Kushner just moved into #666 just across from the Rockefeller building. If this doesn’t make you a bit suspicious, I don’t know what will – and this is from a rational atheist. Oh, well, darn those Sabbataeans.. or something like that.

  2. Delphi 9 months ago

    I’d like to ask an open question to those on this site, who honestly have flirted with “old school” Nazi propaganda a time or two..

    You’ve accused the left of being stuck in 1968 . The 68’er, as it were. A good meme. The Baby Boomer left IS stuck in 1968.

    But please, pray tell me, are you stuck in 1944, or 1939?

    Tactics dicate the best tools should be used for warfare. Hitler lost for many reasons, but mostly, because he was stupid, and tactically inept. His great gift for oratory was not matched with a gift for strategy. North Africa. Invading Russia, without winter uniforms. Not backing Rommel enough. Oh, and rejecting “jewish science”.. like the A bomb.

    Even Marine Le Pen can’t get rid of the antisemitic stupidity. Why not blame a smart, industrious people, the jews, who’ve been responsible for half the advances of the last century. Why not keep doing it, even though it’s pretty obvious that Israel is .. well one of the best soldiers in the new war. Why not keep being blindly racist against the rest of the world, too, when we should court them as allies, as they’ve got their own Islam problems. Islam hates everyone, and DOES attack like a rabid dog, because.. well it’s in the holy book. This makes it enemies. Many enemies.
    I won’t discuss Sabbataeans. They’re not jews. They’re like ex-templar-illuminati are Christian. Don’t blame the Jews for them. The pious rabbi tried to stop that blasphemy, and failed. And don’t go all trump eyes on me, unless you want to justify to me, without getting me to laugh, what dear little Jared’s doing in #666.

    The more I look at the mess the modern world is becoming, the more I feel conventionally conservative.

    Please just skip the dalliance with old school facism. Its as out of date as the “generation of love-woodstock-rerun” and the tactical calculations related to it are AS out of date. If our dear friends the illuminati do exist, they’ve been around since the Knights Templar went bad, and are composed of elite jews/and wasps. Essentially they’re a crime gang, with some pseudo satanic ideology thrown in for lulz. And yes, they do need to be purged, because as far as I can see, they’ve become both incompetant and lunatics. Well, unless the idea is to CAUSE a race/religion war, and then step up and fight it, get in some genocide fun and create their dear “hell on earth” totalitarian paradise.

    Somehow, I suspect Identitarians might actually be able to stop this. All solutions proposed so far are honest, and fairly defensive/self preservative. Nasty, ugly… but necissary.

    I guess I’m just a delphic pagan bitch punk for the new world..

    • Philip 9 months ago

      I read your comments but being under educated never understand them. But what I do recognise is that you pose the questions and then answer them yourself? You are are great tactician and general as ‘Hitler was stupid and tactically inept’ and a fool for ‘not supplying them winter clothes.’ I assume you have studied the OKW transcripts of Hitler’s miltary ineptitude and also the diaries of his adjuntants and the records of his three stenographers. But then perhaps you don’t need to as you are all knowing and all seeing Delphic. Your arrogance is complete with your comment ‘Please, pray tell me, are you stuck in 1944 or 1939’ What the hell are you talking about?

      • Philip 9 months ago

        Hi Delphic – I think I should apologise for my slightly intemperate language at the end of my previous reply. You, and all contributors to this site, are entitled to your opinon and perspective on events current and historical (subject Julian’s approval). I believe the purpose of this site (and similar others) is multi dimensional – to elicit views, disseminate information, analyse trends, attempt to rationalise the irrational, discuss and debate. It is too easy to buy into the narrative laid down by those who seek to benefit from promulgating their version of events of past and present. George Orwell and other seers provide a better insight into thought manipulation and express it better than ever I can. Let’s just say the skeptic in me is ever expanding. The more certain the certainties the more cynical I become. (Oh and Hitler did not send his troops into the teeth of Russian winter deliberately without winter clothing. The Wehrmacht Quartermaster General Eduard Wagner and General Staff assured him that the troops would be well supplied, just like he believed the Abwehr intelligence reports on the number of Soviet divisions the German army would be facing in the invasion of Russia. They were only out by a multiple of 4 )

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Hi Delphi, I should probably take this as an opportunity to respond to your posts as well. I’ve been approving them for awhile but have never responded.

      I understand that you are ‘transgendered’. My writings on this site make no secret of the fact that I view transgenderism as essentially mental illness/an unfortunate mental ‘phenomenon’. I understand there have been people throughout history who have thought they were a different gender, and that in certain hunter gatherer societies of the past those individuals even often served as ‘Shamans’. With that said though, the modern leftist invention of ‘Transgenderism’ is a horrible, tragic thing that is ruining the lives of countless children whose nutjob liberal parents convince them they are such and then bring them to doctors to give them hormone injections to literally change their gender, and (eventually) cut off their sexual organs and undergo horrific surgeries.

      This is not the fault of individuals who truly feel they were born as the wrong gender. This is a mental illness or ‘phenomenon’ that, I suppose, should be viewed separately from what the ‘trans’ movement has become today. I would echo Greg Johnson that in the ideal Identitarian blood and soil homeland, individuals who felt that way would be treated with sympathy and support, but that the trans ‘movement’ and its effects would not be permitted.

      As regards this website, it is about tracking and analyzing the war in Europe. I don’t mind approving your comments because- as an individual from within what we usually call the ‘degenerate left’- the fact that you realize we (revolutionary Identitarians) are the only solution to the West’s current trajectory is an extremely cogent reminder of the underlying truths at play.

      At the same time, while this is a moderately sized site and doesn’t get tons of comments, those who do comment here regularly I consider to be part of a small ‘Mannerbunde’ of men who rightfully realize our greatest mission in life should be the preserving of native European homelands in Europe and the safeguarding of the future of our people.

      There is no place in the Mannerbunde for transgenderism lol.

      Therefore the corollary of that is that I will approve your comments on the site should you keep making them, but only as long as they don’t serve to foment debate about the issue of transgenderism or otherwise in any way distract from the mission of the site.

  3. SteveRogers42 9 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      What’s that statue on the left? I haven’t seen that before.

      • SteveRogers42 9 months ago

        That, I believe, is “Marianne” a symbol of the French Republic.

        I just thought it was cool. Now that the election results have come in, I’m leaning toward this:

        We’ve done it before (twice). Third time’s the charm.

        • Author
          Admin 9 months ago

          I love it.

          Hopefully we will have many Americans who help out in the coming years in Europe.

          • SteveRogers42 9 months ago

            “Courtesy of the red, white, and blue”.

  4. Delphi 9 months ago

    Here’s a good article on Macron. It’s pretty obvious he’s an illuminati pawn. The depressing thing is Jared Kushner probably is, too.

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