Massive Changes In Denmark!

Massive Changes In Denmark!
July 24, 2017 Admin

The Danish government has introduced bold and sweeping changes in recent weeks, all representing the evolving character of how they deal with the “migrant crisis” and how they view their national character and identity.

In the first instance, they declared that as of September of this year, they will no longer allow “refugees” access to the national medical care. See below:

According to a report issues by the Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) organization, the new Danish amendment “will affect asylum seekers’ food security and ability to afford medical treatment.”

The amendment, known as the Deposit Law, “forms part of a wider strategy by the Danish government to make the lives of asylum seekers increasingly difficult, so as to coerce them to leave Denmark ‘voluntarily’ and return to their home countries or to third countries,” the PHR report said.

“Importantly, this amendment will have particularly disastrous implications on the health of asylum seekers, as it will immediately affect their living conditions, their food security and their very ability to afford medical treatments,” PHR continued.

Asylum seekers in Denmark are already not included under the National Health Insurance Act and therefore enjoy very limited access to the public health care services.

Asylum seekers who are employed may receive coverage by private health insurance companies, but this coverage is extremely limited in its scope, and terminates once the person becomes too ill to work.

Therefore, most asylum seekers have to rely on ad hoc non-profit institutions, such as the PHR’s  Open Clinic, to receive preliminary health care services. The Open Clinic already treats 6,000 patients  per year, but is  unable to cover all the medical needs of its patients, and so it must refer them to other facilities in order to receive further consultations, exams, treatments and procedures.

“Whereas until recently some of PHR’s patients were able to afford these diagnostic procedures, with the new law in effect, most of PHR’s patients will suddenly find themselves deprived of adequate funds and unable to pay even for such tests, let alone for more expensive but necessary treatments,” the report continued.

“It will also make it harder for them to cover the insurance fees for their children—for whom the government has arranged an insurance plan that is cost-restrictive.

“With the new amendment in place, more parents will face a choice between putting food on the table or securing healthcare for their children.”

The above policy changes represent a radical departure from the “Wilkommenskultur” instituted by Merkel and her Progressive brethren. Indeed it is exactly the kind of thing that is routinely labelled as “racist” and “inhumane” by the left-wing apparatus.

Even more radical though is the Danish government’s current attempt to pass legislation defining in law its national character however.

That story can be seen below:

The Danish government hopes to have its “Danish Nation State” legislation passed before the end of July this year, a law which will formally, openly and legally declare that country as a place where “national rights are possessed by only one people, the Danish people.”

According to a recent report in Jyllands-Posten– the bill—which was finalized last week—defined the country as “a European and democratic state” but requires the court to interpret the law based on Denmark being a “European-Christian” nation-state.

Furthermore, the bill will force the High Court of Justice “to favor Denmark’s European-Christian character over its democratic character should the two conflict.”

According to Jyllands-Posten, the governing coalition is having problems bridging differences over the draft of the bill.

“[Prime Minister Lars Løkke] Rasmussen is pressing to have the bill approved on its first reading within two weeks,” a source told Jyllands-Posted, referring to the first of three parliamentary votes the bill must pass to became law.

“So they will vote on a version that there is no full agreement on, and they will only try to resolve the differences in advance of a second and third reading, after the parliamentary recess.”

Coalition Chairman Kristian Samuelson said this week he expected a preliminary vote on the bill to be held in the last week of July, before the recess.

The first section of the current draft states: “The State of Denmark is the national home of the Danish people, where it is exercising its aspiration for self-determination based on its cultural and historical heritage.”

The draft adds: “The right to exercise national self-determination in the State of Denmark is unique to the native Danish people. The Land of Denmark is the historical homeland of the Danish people, and where the Nation of Denmark has been established.”

As the final provision puts it, “The provisions of this Basic Law or any other legislation will be interpreted in light of what is provided in this section.”

The revised version was largely taken from the original, controversial nation-state bill sponsored by MP Stig Thulesen (Danish People’s Party). It would let judges give priority to Denmark’s character as a European-Christian state in cases when Denmark’s European-Christian values conflicted with its democratic form of government.

Parliament member Helle Grenov (Venstre) was quoted as saying that they will “arrive at a version that best expresses, without apologizing or quibbling, that in the State of Denmark every individual has full human rights, while national rights are possessed by only one people, the Danish people.”

Morten Elbaek, party whip of the Danish People’s Party—one of Prime Minister Rasmussen’s ruling coalition partners, said he welcomed the “decision to bring the nation-state bill to a vote by the end of the summer session.”

“Denmark is a nation-state and the home of the Danish people, and the nation-state law will be the best answer to all those organizations that are trying to rewrite history and cast doubt on our historic right to our land and our eternal capital, Copenhagen,” he added.

If reader’s find such news shocking, they should educate themselves on Denmark’s other recent controversies, such as:

-Police supported “anti-miscegenation” vigilante groups that patrol Denmark to stop Danish women from dating or consorting with non-Europeans.

-Segregated schools where immigrant children are not allowed to be taught alongside regular Danish children.

-The Danish government requiring Somalian women to take birth control in exchange for staying in the country and receiving government aid.

Just joking!!

All of the above stories are about Israel.

Denmark (regrettably) has not taken steps to limit immigration by reducing welfare benefits. Neither have they passed any bill declaring Denmark to be the historic homeland of the Danish people.

Instead, they have taken in massive additional numbers of Muslim immigrants this year, just like every other country in Western Europe…

'National character' is a societal construct. Anyway, Denmark needs Muslim immigrants to fill all the coding jobs building apps and iphones so they can pay tax revenue to support the retiring Baby-Boomers who didn't want to have children.

‘National character’ is a societal construct. Anyway, Denmark needs Muslim immigrants to fill all the coding jobs building apps and iphones so they can pay tax revenue to support the retiring Baby-Boomers who didn’t want to have children.

Oh, here are the links to the all the articles referenced above:


I should add that I am not bashing on Israel with all these references either. While a couple of the bottom stories are a little creepy, I think Israel’s policies vis a vis immigration and preserving their national character is exactly what Denmark SHOULD be doing.

I would of course lambast the hypocrisy of individuals like the New York state Attorney General and “resistance” leader Eric T. Scheiderman, who has been labelling Trump as a racist Nazi for wanting to curtail illegal immigration in America, even while supporting Israel’s own exceedingly strict and (and in fact racially/genetically-based) immigration laws (see the same article the Scheiderman hyperlink goes to).

Beyond that though I am very happy for Israel to continue to be a homeland for the world’s Jewish people. We members of the European diaspora should strive for the same for Europe.

That will only come with the overthrow of the Suicidalist governments currently ruling it.

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  1. shadowman 6 months ago

    Darn it – and here I was preparing to write to the Danish Government congratulating them on these moves…….

    Never mind. At least *Israel* has some common-sense and a strong will for self-preservation.

  2. Unknown 6 months ago

    Only victim nations such as Israel and the eastern europeans can hide away from the global cultural revolution, i.e. the anti-everything movement which destroys everything valued above average.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Orban and Putin seem to be nobly resisting. Trump… to a tiny bit. Better than any other president we could have got. As I saw in a good article on Zero Hedge yesterday though, nearly ass Western governments are utimately ruled by the ‘Kingdom of Finance’, and unless you have a leader willing to completely reject it, your society will indeed be conquered by “the nothing”.

  3. Rick 6 months ago

    I see a massive white pill in all of this, The Centre left party in Denmark is taking a more neutral tone toward immigrants, Macron has identified the population explosion in Africa and now even Jeremy Corbyn, has said immigration has hurt the British worker. Although we can view this as politicians trying to score populist points, it shows us that the pendulum has started to swing toward the right, these are all committed leftists turning a critical eye towards the invasion. 3 years ago none of the “so called” conservatives would even have said this and so I think we will see the trickle become a flood. Policing speech will become harder and harder to manage as well.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      You make a very good point Rick… Sometimes its easy to lose sight of the positive shifts.

      I think Orban has been the exemplar trailblazing a path in all this, and I hope see more European politicians following suit.

  4. Vega Hoggitt 6 months ago

    Sadly, Schneiderman is typical of contemporary Jews (full disclosure: that includes me as well) who, if Hitler were non-white, would be fighting to be first in line for the ovens and gas chambers.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Hi Vega thanks for the comment.

      Care to share any additional insights into that trait you mention?

      And how came you to this site? Always curious to find out where people got lead to it from.

  5. SteveRogers42 4 months ago

    Meanwhile, back in our dimension, the real Denmark is going through the same $#!t as the rest of the Scandis:

    Q: How can the Saracens be shooting Danes? Don’t they have gun control in Denmark? (sarc off.)

    • Author
      Admin 4 months ago

      Yes, that is some heavy duty Lafond stuff there man…. that sounds absolutely horrible.

      I am surprised they haven’t done that longer actually. I always thought in the past it was surprising they didn’t attack more ‘small town’ type places, since most westerners (especially Americans) tend to think of themselves as being from ‘small towns’ rather than big cities. I think the grisly stuff in AnonCon’s article is the same thing, and I think that sort of stuff will actually strike way more fear into folks than big giant bombing type attacks in metropolises.

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