Migrants/Government Forces Clash In Calais And Greece

Migrants/Government Forces Clash In Calais And Greece
March 1, 2016 Admin

Europe saw clashes between migrants and government forces yesterday in two separate regions, as the migrant crisis escalates early this calendar year.

In France, the French government’s plan to tear down ‘The Jungle’ at Calais prompted the migrants occupying it to riot and burn down their tents and buildings. The French riot police and government forces are continuing demolition today. All this effort is merely for the purpose of transitioning the migrants to a different area down the beach.


In Greece, on the northern frontier town of Idomeni that borders neighbor Macedonia, violence erupted after thousands of Middle-Eastern and Afghan migrants who had been forcibly kept out of Greece rioted and fought with border patrol police. If there were any doubt that they are invaders, they used improvised battering rams to burst open the border gates, at which point the police were forced to use tear gas to repel them.

Battering ram 2

This particular violence is being blamed by many in Greece on Germany, for after having portrayed the Greeks as lazy southerners who cannot successfully run an a country for the last five years, the Germans are now blaming the Greeks for not more successfully reducing the northward flow of migrants.

Battering ram 3

As explained by Zero Hedge:

Last week, EU migration commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos delivered a rather unnerving assessment of the prospects for Angela Merkel’s multicultural utopia: if Turkey and Greece can’t come to some kind of agreement on how to secure Europe’s external border in the next week, the bloc will simply collapse under the weight of the refugee flow from the Mid-East.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen. At least one eurocrat thinks this entire experiment with passport-free borders is going to come to a rather unceremonious end in the next five days.

EU officials are set to meet with Turkey on March 7 to discuss possible remedies to the crisis, but the prospects for that meeting aren’t great.

Erdogan is far more interested in extracting cash from Brussels than he is in helping to stem the flow of refugees. Indeed, if you had to point to one man who has contributed the most to the exodus of civilians from Syria, you’d have to look at Erdogan, whose support for Sunni extremists and anti-Assad elements has plunged Syria into chaos.

Meanwhile, Brussels somehow expects beleaguered Greece – which is completely broke and has resorted to doubling taxes on farmers to meet Berlin’s budget demands – to control the flow of migrants into Western Europe. Last week, Athens recalled its ambassador to Austria after the country held a meeting on immigration with Balkan countries without inviting Greece. “Greece will not accept becoming Europe’s Lebanon, a warehouse of souls,” Greek migration minister, Yannis Mouzalas told reporters last Thursday.

Mouzalas is of course forgetting that Sweden already forcibly took on that crown.

Also, if this is how things are playing out in February, just think what summer will bring.

The signs tells it all: 'Men: 2861 Women: 149'

The signs tells it all: ‘Men: 2861 Women: 149’

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  1. Michael 1 year ago

    This can only be Act 1. of a very long Play, where recent political mistakes are coming to bite back. Is this the reason for a proposed European Army? The scale of the problem is too great for any one government to deal with.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      I will have to look that up I hadn’t heard too much about it. Seems like something the Brussell’s string-pullers would like though..

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