Millenial Preservationist Martyred Fighting ISIS In Syria, Yet His Story Is Getting No Media Attention (Also Please Donate To His Infant Daughter)

Millenial Preservationist Martyred Fighting ISIS In Syria, Yet His Story Is Getting No Media Attention (Also Please Donate To His Infant Daughter)
August 6, 2017 Admin

Greetings men-

Julian here. Many of us recently heard about a young American who was killed fighting ISIS in Syria named Robert Grodt. That young American is NOT the above gentleman. Mr. Grodt, who we heard about extensively on CNN and the other mainstream news outlets, was a former Occupy Wallstreet protestor, and because of his (seemingly left-wing) politics I think many people who would have otherwise been sympathetic to his story were unsure what to think.

The above man is a different gentleman, named Nick Warden.

A few days ago I was contacted by an individual who alerted me to the story of Nick Warden, who had also just died fighting ISIS with the YPG (Kurdish militia).

Nick’s sacrifice had received very little media attention, and a fundraiser set up by his friend to raise money for the 18 month-old daughter Nick left behind in France garnered far less results than it deserved.

I encouraged Nick’s friend- the gentleman who contacted me- to write a short post about Nick, as well as the fundraiser, for this site. That post can be seen below.

Please read the short commemoration and celebrate this hero’s death in your hearts. While I am fine leaving the Middle-East to the Muslims and only desire to save Europe from their grasp, ISIS has directed the slaughter and rape of countless native Europeans and desires the Muslim conquest of our lands, and whether a man dies fighting them in Syria or in Sweden or in Germany, he is a martyr and a tremendous hero in my eyes.

Here it is:


Nick Warden

A commemoration by Richard Arnold.

Nick Warden was killed July 5th on the outskirts of Raqqa, Syria. He was only just 29 and father of an 18-month-old daughter.

This piece is to honor a man who thought, lived and died as a European preservationist. I also encourage you to donate whatever amount you can to the fund raiser for his baby daughter’s welfare.

I knew Warden from our shared service in the Foreign Legion, where we gave him the middle name ‘Hurricane’ because of his loud, outrageous, overwhelming charm and humour. When he joined our regiment, 2 REP, he had already been on two tours of Afghanistan with the 101st Airborne Division and clearly knew more than most of us about soldiering.

Politically, he was the supreme red pill-er. It was a pleasure to see him savaging the rank delusions of “politically chic” Europeans. He saw the danger, the suicidal absurdity of European migration policies and he knew societies that tolerate Islamic political and cultural growth are unstable, culturally impoverished ones.

2015, the year of his daughter’s birth in France, the country suffered six terror attacks beginning with the Charlie Hebdo shootings and ending with the November 15th attacks on the Bataclan, Stade de France and bar terraces in the 10th Arrondissement of Paris.

His anger and disgust at the actions of the jihadists and inaction of Europe developed into a determination that his daughter would grow up in a free civilization without fear or Islamic domination.

His view was clear. Yes, we are experiencing a clash of civilizations and, yes, if we want ours to survive we must find the enemy and kill him without pity.

End February 2017, this view took him from the end of his Foreign Legion contract to Syria where he fought against ISIS as a volunteer with the Kurdish YPG.

On July 5th, Warden was fatally wounded by an anti-personnel land mine in Raqqa. He died soon after.

We must remember him. Not just to honor his sacrifice. But also, because his life; his thoughts, motivations and actions; should be our model as men.

Please give what you can for this warrior’s daughter


Nick Warden: June 17th 1988 – July 5th 2017

Nick Warden



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  1. DanDustin 5 months ago

    Several months ago, I was doing some online investigation into antifa in the UK, and I came across a news article about British volunteers fighting alongside the YPG in Syria. I heard that these volunteers are associated with antifa, and in the news article, they said they would not tolerate people fighting alongside them who have are sort of point of view you can say, with regards to views on immigration and all that sort of stuff. Sorry that this isn’t very articulate. Here is a link to the news article.

    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      Interesting link, thanks Mr. Dustin.

      I would not be surprised at all if that is not the overall view of the YPG Kurds. They are no less Muslim than any of these Muslims in Europe taking over our lands. And there have been no shortage of Kurdish members in al qaeda, etc.

      With that said though I have trouble picturing the majority of white YPG volunteers as being antifa-types. I have just been around too many antifa types to imagine more than 1 out of every 10,000 having the prediliction for that and the personal strength and willpower. I would guess that those whites who do volunteer with the ypg complicated views, and that for many it is also just a carry-on from their prior soldiering.

      With that said though it does bring up some fascinating questions about the various interplay of issues and contradictions inherent in the idea of a white preservationist fighting with the ypg.

      Glad you linked to that article that is quite thought provoking.

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