Millenials, War, And Super Bowl Sunday

Millenials, War, And Super Bowl Sunday
February 5, 2017 Admin

Editor’s Note: This post is half serious.

As a child I was an obsessive football fan. I played it non-stop with my little friends, come rain, snow, or shine. I watched it constantly on television, and followed my favorite teams religiously. By age 9 I was doing 3 round mock drafts every April, seeing how many draft picks I could accurately predict. By age 10 I was lifting weights to try to get bigger and stronger.

On an average Super Bowl Sunday long ago, I might have watched the game in the living room with my parents (we Millenials didn’t have siblings, you see), while playing out a parallel struggle with my GI Joe’s on the floor (Gi Joe football, I mean).

Afterwards I might have watched a classic 1990’s kid’s movie- perhaps Adams Family Values.

Then I would probably work on homework. The only two things I particularly remember being taught about in public school are the Holocuast and the 1960’s Civil Rights struggle. We learned about those things year in and year out, month after month, teacher after teacher, PBS special after PBS special, essay assignment after essay assignment until we could recite their details in our sleep.

Such were our childhoods, in the Baby-Boomer-ruled 1990’s.

The Present

Fast forward to today however, and see how much has changed.

My generation has rejected sportsball in all its varieties. I no longer watch Pro Football. I have become an acolyte of the Way of Men, a Donovanite Nordic Warrior who rejects the chestless consumption of watching other men play an exciting, violent sport. I am proud to have played it in my youth- but to watch it today would be a Fukuyama-style masturbation steadily eroding my thumos. I would no more spend my time in such an endeavor as I would watch pornography or play Call of Halo in my underwear with cheetos stains on my chest.

Indeed… I have no television to watch it on- as I am one of countless young warrior monks of my generation who have rejected the poisonous evil of that medium.

To wit, and for an explanation- just look at the aforementioned film: Adams Family Values. Look down upon it from our new red-pilled heights!



This climactic scene- which I loved so much as a kid, is revealed for all that it is! The anti-Occidental propaganda that has echoed across Hollywood since its inception! In which a young blonde-haired, blue-eyed WASP girl is portrayed as an evil, smug racist, and her and her fellow campers are kidnapped and tortured by a collection of childhood goths (Wednesday Adams), Jews, obese, and disabled kids dressed as Indians! Could there be a clearer portrait of Hollywood’s ideological basis?!?

And we cannot stop there- for just this week to my even greater shock- the Jewish Telegraph Agency has informed me that that very aforementioned education I received was 45.5% a lie! That the 5 million non-Jews killed in the Holocaust never existed! That they were made up- consciously made up- by that most holy of historical figures- Simon Wiesenthal!

Again- the Jewish Telegraph Agency lays bare this deception:

Yehuda Bauer, an Israeli Holocaust scholar who chairs the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, said he warned his friend Wiesenthal, who died in 2005, about spreading the false notion that the Holocaust claimed 11 million victims – 6 million Jews and 5 million non-Jews.

“I said to him, ‘Simon, you are telling a lie,’” Bauer recalled in an interview Tuesday. “He said, ‘Sometimes you need to do that to get the results for things you think are essential.’”

Bauer and other historians who knew Wiesenthal said the Nazi hunter told them that he chose the 5 million number carefully: He wanted a number large enough to attract the attention of non-Jews who might not otherwise care about Jewish suffering, but not larger than the actual number of Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust, 6 million.

What is this?!?!? We were taught the figure of 11 million since birth. I can remember the names and faces of every 1st through 8th grade teacher I ever had, and can remember every single one telling us about the 11 million people killed by Nazi’s! (or at least putting in a vhs tape that would tell us this, some of them weren’t particularly capable orators)

I say this mockingly here, but it is indeed shocking. We really were taught this over and over week after week our entire childhoods, and not just that but… people have been expelled, fired, imprisoned for suggesting similar things… indeed, right now in almost every Western European country you can go to prison (for a long time) for not just denying the Holocaust in its entirety, but for even denying small details of it. And yet Yehuda Bauer and these Jewish newspapers are saying the 5 million non-Jews- gypsies, disabled people, homosexuals, etc- are completely made up? What gives? I have never had any interest in ‘Holocaust denial’, have little sympathy of 1488 style ‘larping’, or anything else to do with either, but this is something that most folks should find disconcerting to say the least…

And that leads us to the conclusion of this short post…

For- as a generation raised on sportsball and television, on Baby-Boomer liberal orthodoxy and MLK-worship, on ridiculously anti-white Hollywood movies, and all the other nutjob insanity of an asabiya-destroying group of worthless hippy child-adults in thrall to Cultural-Marxism- is it any wonder we have become red-pilled? Is it any wonder we are producing artists like the esteemed Murdoch, Murdoch?

Our old friends have produced a new video today- this Super Bowl Sunday- and whether you watch the game or not (I still do watch football sometimes when at houses with tv’s, although I won’t be watching the game today- I also slip and play the occasional video game on my phone sometimes and then hate myself), I would encourage you to check it out as well. Note to normies: some of this stuff is tongue in cheek.


Editor’s Note: While the tone of this post was also somewhat tongue in cheek as well, I do fully believe it is the Millenial Generation’s destiny to retake Europe, save America, undo the evils wrought by our Baby-Boomer forebears, and usher in a new thousand year period of prosperity for our people. That is the subject of my next book, and if you see any articles or other media online that relate, or have your own experiences of Millenial red-pilling to contribute, please send them my way.


-Julian L.
Super Bowl Sunday 2017
Year of our Trump 1


Update: Well…. ended up being one hell of a Super Bowl. Had to watch the end and make a liar out of myself 🙂

Also, Saturday Night Live has has given us an even more classic example of Hollywood liberalism this weekend. In it we have Steve Bannon as the grim reaper and an overweight black actor playing the president of Zimbabwe calling Donald Trump a ‘little white bitch’. And finally, what I believe may become a meme the left regrets giving life to: ‘When the Jews are away the Goy’s will play!’ …. I can see that spreading across the intertubes even as I write this.

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    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Lol yes, I was never a big Patriots fan before but I think this super bowl and what they came to represent has made me one from now on 🙂

      I think the ads were particularly egregious this year too. I mean they have been slanting that way for a couple decades now but this was the first time they were just overt propaganda unrelated even to the company producing them.

      I saw one parody of that ‘What do I tell my daughter’ one but it was a little disapointing. I would do one myself but video editing is not something I have added to my ‘talent stack’ yet unfortunately. Sometime soon perhaps 🙂

  1. SteveRogers42 6 months ago

    Real good analysis here of the subliminal messaging in the Audi ad. I appreciate the author’s work because it’s important to be aware of the PsyOps that surrounds us every day:

    When you peek behind the curtain like this, it’s reminiscent of that ’80’s film “They Live”, where the alien occupiers and their mind-control propaganda are only visible when the Earthlings put on their special decoder glasses.

    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      Hey Steve I read that article from thetruthaboutcars- that was Excellent. Seems like the site/the author was coming from an interesting place politically. Sort of like us but sort of liberal in a weird way. Do you spend much time on the site? I agree with him the ad was a glorification of limousine liberalism basically. Want to write more on it actually but still sort of sorting out the implications.

      • SteveRogers42 5 months ago

        I had never been to that site before. It was cross-referenced from Chateau Heartiste.

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