Minas Tirith And The Migrant Crisis

Minas Tirith And The Migrant Crisis
February 10, 2016 Admin

In August 2015 stories popped up around the web about a group that was trying to use crowdfunding to raise money to build a real-life replica of “Minas Tirth”, from The Lord of the Rings, in southern England.

The story seemed to fade away after a couple weeks, and I have not been able to find any additional information about it. I was struck at the time by the romance of the idea however. As a life-long LOTR fan, I sympathize to a huge degree with their passion for Minas Tirith, and for the power and sacrality inherent in Tolkien’s world and vision.

Jonathan Wilson, the leader of the group of architects who came up with the idea, stated: “We all share a love of Tolkien’s work, and a desire to challenge the common perception of community and architecture. We believe that, in realising Minas Tirith, we can create not only the most remarkable tourist attraction on the planet, but also a wonderfully unique place to live and work.”

A healthy challenge, I might add, and a popular one. For across Europe and the Anglo-Saxon nations, an increasing number of individuals and families are trying to find ways to live in a more natural, sacred manner.

Minas Tirith 1

Not only that, but building a real life replica of Minas Tirith- or any similar castle, for that matter- would be a hugely inspiring act, one that would bring one’s ancestral vision and sense of heritage to the forefront. It would declare “This is who we are, this is our identity”, amidst a modern Western world that sees “identity” as a bad word. It would forge an intense connection to the past, as well as a statement about the future.

This is the sort of mass project that I think a European government should seek to undertake, and the obvious impossibility of picturing any of them doing so is telling. For in such an idea the contrast with the migrant crisis is unmistakable. Where Europe is currently spending billions upon billions of dollars to bring in immigrants who hate its culture; do not respect its laws; and rape and pillage both its people and its land, focusing instead on positive cultural achievements, and building monuments to the cultures and ancestors who gave us these lives we are so blessed to have, would be a pro-active, pro-cultural statement of action.

Such an idea is a mere fancy of course, and I truly can sympathize with what opponents of such an idea on the left would say, which is “How can you spend billions on monuments to your own culture, when other groups of people are suffering and in need of help?” It is indeed true that there is much suffering and horror around the globe. But importing it into Europe, in a manner that will do nothing but sink Europe into such pathetic depths of suffering itself, if not worse, is nothing but sheer madness.

Charity and empathy are important, but they must be counter-balanced by common sense, as well as pride. It is my sincere hope that as the state of things in Europe becomes more clear, increasing numbers of individuals, as well as nations, will re-embrace the grandeur, decency, and common sense our ancestors once possessed. When that happens, perhaps we will see the White Tower rising over southern England after all.

Minas Tirth 4

Minas Tirth 2

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  1. Michael 2 years ago

    We should allow ourselves to dream occasionally and to build on the art and culture that Europe created in past centuries. The more we hold on to the positive gains of Western civilisation the more we will be prepared to defend it.

  2. Lynda 2 years ago

    The Matter of Middle Earth is the oikoumene – the inhabited world. Even though “all the lands have changed” Tolkien reforged the ancient matter of NW Europe. England should be thinking along of the lines of the Northern Kingdom: Fornost Erain, Arthedain. The Shire (England) and its West Country was inhabited by hobbits and families of men like the Bree men after the wars that brought the N Kingdom to an end.

    In the South, the kingdom of Numinor was Gondor: its ruin Osgiliath was the capitol of the united Gondor. IIn the East Minas Ithil (which fell to Morgul) and its capitol in the West: Minas Anor which was renamed Minas Tirith. In terms of the Oikoumene this should make people think of Nova Roma with its fallen Eastern capitol and the capitol of the West: Rome which became the centre of a remnant empire.

    It is not allegory, but it patterns upon the ancient history.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Hey Lynda- thanks so much for the comments! Its great hearing the thoughts of such a learned Tolkien fan! I am afraid you put my knowledge to shame 🙂

      The Iron Crown has certainly risen, and the abyss is nigh for NW Europe. I do not despair though for as Tolkien so beautifully wrote, the darkest hour is when eucatastrophe occurs, and light suddenly returns to conquer darkness.

  3. Lynda 2 years ago

    Thanks for being one of the few writers on the web who are helping to reforge Anduril. I just helped nudge things along a bit.

    You may not be a Tolkien scholar, Admin, but you see that Tolkien was writing about what was then the future as the mythic pre-history of NW Europe. And for a time when the forces of Morgul would proscribe free thought and speech, Tolkien word-smithed the lexicon we need to speak about our times both precisely and historically.

    Tolkien’s words based upon the ancient rootstock of the most ancient European languages are actually better than the ones we can’t use anyway. A word like uruk for example – deriving from Ur (of the Chaldees) and all its works along the Euphrates – a half orc/man bred by the dark powers. Come to think of it, isn’t this type of breed always invading Europe (like at Lepanto) and now fighting wars through its ISIS proxies and draining the oil out of Syria into one of its strongholds tURkey.

    In confidently predict your Tolkienism and Iron Crown sections are going to be must knows for the European Civil War.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      The words certainly are perfect aren’t they 🙂 I guess if Merkel and the EU are successful in forging this agreement with the new Ottoman State we will have 80 million more tURK’s swarming from Gorgoroth into Ithilian and beyond!


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