Mindset And Reconquest: A Review Of ‘MAGA Mindset: Making YOU And America Great Again’

Mindset And Reconquest: A Review Of ‘MAGA Mindset: Making YOU And America Great Again’
January 28, 2017 Admin

Editor’s Note: The following article originally appeared on Counter-Currents. I have added some pictures and videos of relevance within it however.

If any of our proud European brothers have recommendations of other books to review please hit me up with them in the comments! Similarly if any readers have additional thoughts on ways to harness mindset and persuasion towards our political objectives, please share that wisdom!



Donald Trump’s success over the last two years was of a nature bound to foment wonder. From his first speech at the base of Trump Tower to the stunning denouement on election night, Trump gave a master class on unrepentant ‘winning’, and seemed perpetually five steps ahead of his opponents.

We as Identitarians cheered this on not just for the overlap Trump had with our beliefs, but because we couldn’t help but respect and appreciate the masculine nature with which he dispatched those opponents, and fought on against overwhelming odds.

Supporters and adversaries alike were awed by this preternatural success, which seemed both Machiavellian and effortless at different moments. Unsurprisingly, a great amount of debate cropped up attempting to make sense of it, and to make what seemed like an almost unnatural phenomenon explainable.

To my mind the most interesting of these discussions centered on Trump’s use of what have been labelled ‘Persuasion’ and ‘Mindset’.

Scott Adams, of Dilbert fame, wrote extensively on these overlapping items during the campaign, and those columns achieved a great degree of notoriety. James O’Meara- writing for Counter-Currents just as I am now- crafted an excellent analysis of Trump’s connection to Norman Vincent Peale, the man many consider the originator of both concepts. Yet Mike Cernovich is the only individual I know of who has authored an entire book on the subject, and for that reason MAGA Mindset: Making YOU And America Great Again is of particular value to those- like us- who seek to emulate Trump’s success.

There is no doubt that what Cernovich describes as ‘Mindset’ has been a huge part of what Trump has achieved in life, and especially in his journey to becoming president. MAGA Mindset is not limited to this focus however, but in turn uses Trump as a case story to demonstrate the utility of ‘Mindset’ to the individual reader. I believe it is successful in this regard, and that an understanding of the subject is of value to us as well, in our own political struggle.

Defend Europe 2

In this vein, this article will not be focused on Trump’s life or campaign specifically either, or on the question of ‘Mindset’ by itself, but rather on what we as Identitarians can learn and extrapolate from each, and from the book in question.

By Identitarians, I should add, I mean those of us who proudly and purposefully identify as Europeans or members of the ethnic-European diaspora, who work towards the preservation or creation of homogenous, culturally-distinct homelands, and who (especially) fight against the genocidal destruction being waged against Western Europe. While this is the perspective that I will be evaluating the book from, I am not evaluating it as a representation of such ideas, as to my knowledge neither it nor its author make claims to that effect. The goals of forging such homelands and achieving reconquest in Europe share at least some degree of political territory with Cernovich’s book, and with Trump’s campaign, but questions regarding the degree of such overlap are not the focus of this article.

The Book

MAGA Mindset: Making YOU And America Great Again is 112 pages long, and is available in Kindle, hardcover, and paperback. It has attractive cover art that includes an illustration of Trump above a phoenix rising from an ashen America. The book- which Cernovich wrote during the election and published shortly before Trump’s victory- was edited and published by Vox Day through his company Castalia House.

The text is split up into three sections: ‘Culture’, ‘Media’, and ‘Mindset’. Each delves into a different aspect of Trump’s rise and the significance of his campaign, with the latter of three attempting to provide lessons to readers on how to apply the same mindset ‘principles’ Trump uses.

The first section contains the book’s description of modern American politics, which is framed as primarily a struggle between nationalists and globalists. Cernovich connects this to what he states are “the four main engines of Trump’s appeal”.

These four ‘engines’ are an outgrowth of Trump’s mindset. The first is the fact that, as Cernovich states, “Trump is not a conservative. Trump is a nationalist”. The second is Trump’s “rejection of the concept of white guilt”. To this end, Cernovich highlights both the anti-white hatred of globalists such as Chris Hayes and Kevin Williamson, as well as the ‘Cuckservatism” of Trump’s erstwhile fellow ‘Conservatives’. Within the lens set forth in the book, one could argue that their cuckoldry is not just wrong, but reflective of a weak ‘mindset’ based in fear and scarcity, rather than strength and deliberate action. Cernovich describes them thus: framed as primarily a struggle between nationalists and globalists. Cernovich connects this to what he states are “the four main engines of Trump’s appeal”.

“A cuckservative spends massive amounts of time status-signaling and virtue-signaling to the Left.”

“A cuckservative sells out his allies on the Right by calling them racist as part of his effort to signal his virtue and good thinking to the Left.”

“A cuckservative believes that Israel’s border must be protected at all costs, but that even suggesting America has a border to protect is racist.”

The third engine of Trump’s appeal laid out by the book is his unapologetic masculinity, and the fourth is his purposeful attacks on political correctness. Each represents a symptom of Trump’s underlying strength of purpose. While less sure and less tenacious conservatives have often been knocked off course by the establishment’s attacks, Trump’s self-assurance was too great, and they failed to derail him despite repeated and constant attempts.

Cartoon 2

The second section of the book, “Media”, focuses on that institution’s treatment of Trump and Trump’s masterful out-maneuvering of them. In it Cernovich outlines the utter dishonestly and duplicity of the “mainstream media”, their increasing irrelevance as a result of social media, and the lessons learned from the campaign about the modern state of information politics.

The third section, ‘Mindset’, is the primary focus of this article. This section overlaps with O’Meara’s article on Counter-Currents, as both discuss Dr. Norman Vincent Peale- considered by many the father of the ‘purpose driven life’ MAGA Mindset describes- and his connection with Donald Trump. As MAGA Mindset recounts:

“Trump’s Mindset training began at an early age, as he grew up in the Presbyterian Church during the positive thinking movement led by Peale. In a speech during the Iowa primary campaign, Trump told the audience: “I went to Sunday school. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, The Power of Positive Thinking, was my pastor. To this day one of the greatest speakers I’ve seen. You hated to leave Church. You hated when the sermon was over. That’s how great he was at Marble Collegiate Church.”

A general introduction to Peale’s ideas comes from this quote of his, which states:

“Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding. Hold this picture tenaciously. Never permit it to fade. Your mind will seek to develop the picture… Do not build up obstacles in your imagination.”

As both O’Meara and Cernovich explain, a vast body of Mindset and Self-Improvement literature emerged from the ideas Peale pioneered. Trump’s lifetime has almost perfectly coincided with this rise, and he himself has used such practices throughout it, as well as written about them in The Art Of The Deal.

This is significant, it should be noted. While past presidents may have been semi-conscious of such ideas and perhaps unintentionally influenced by them, Trump is the first ‘Mindset President’, as Cernovich calls him. This is a large part of who he is, and while it may not inform his policy positions in the same manner, surely it is as big a part of his decision-making as George W. Bush’s Evangelicism was on his.

Cernovich breaks down this focus into what he calls the “Ten Principles of the Trump Mindset”. We will discuss Trump’s use of them below, but they include various concepts and ideas that will be familiar to those with an interest in self-improvement. These range from affirmations and visualizations, to deliberate energy cultivation, to Grant Cardone-style ‘goal multiplication’. Many are simple, such as “Maintain Your Momentum’, and ‘Think Positive’, but when one digs deeper their value becomes clear, and indeed traceable to timeless principles found in evolutionary psychology and biology.

In my opinion the most fascinating of them in terms of Trump’s application is ‘Visualization’ however, which manifested in the shared, collective visualization of “Make America Great Again”. This phrase was of an immediately noticeable power. It contained both a clear evocation of strength and unity, as well as strategic ambiguity that allowed people to fill in the blanks in their mind as to what a ‘Great America’ would look like. Critics might argue that it was just another political slogan, but comparing it next to Hillary Clinton’s impotent, boring, and rather confusing catchphrase of “I’m With Her” illustrates just what a monumental difference such underlying ‘Persuasion’ can have.

‘MAGA’ became a meme in the truest sense of the word, and as people invested more and more hope and emotion into it the phrase took on additional power. As a shared, robust vision it also represented exactly what conservatives had been failing to offer for decades previous to it. Commentators like Rush Limbaugh had spent that time making a living reacting to the excesses of Liberalism, explaining to their listeners just how crazy and destructive the Democrats were, yet failing to offer any competing vision of society or of the future. They were impotent and reactive, and liberals gained massive ground in the culture wars during that time as a result. ‘MAGA’ finally broke this spell, and offered normal Americans the strong, positive, shared collective vision they had been waiting for, and they responded to it with a passionate abandon every bit as intense as their response to ‘low energy’ conservatives like Jeb Bush and John McCain had been tepid. Ultimately ‘MAGA’ represented a shared mindset and goal-pursuit of millions of Americans, catapulting Trump into the White House.

Our Own Struggle

Our question then is how to apply these same principles to Identitarianism and our goals in that regard. As Trump is quoted as saying in the book “Your belief generates the power, the skill, the energy to succeed at achieving your goals.” What then, are our beliefs about ourselves, and our future, that will carry us forward to victory? I will suggest some possibilities below, grouped around the various principles of ‘Mindset’ described in the book.


Reframing in this context refers to how one views negative events and obstacles, and processes them in one’s mind. Do you internalize such setbacks as bad luck to be suffered through, or an opportunity to overcome and learn from?

In the case of Trump and the campaign, one could argue it was something external as well. In large part the entire two year process consisted of Trump’s opponents attempting to define him negatively and point out his missteps, and Trump’s constant ‘reframing’ of such attacks and missteps into positives.

This is relevant for us in both regards. Massive difficulties and huge obstacles will inevitably arise for us. It is how we view them that matters however. The book quotes Trump as saying “See problems as a mind exercise. Enjoy the challenge- and remember to keep focused on your goals.” We should emulate this both individually and collectively.

One reason I like to write for Counter-Currents is that I feel that it is solution-focused rather than reactive. When big events occur, whether good, neutral, or bad, Greg’s columns usually contain a sort of Gandalfian-wisdom centered on drawing out the positives. This is important, since as a movement that is violently opposed by most of Western society’s power brokers, setbacks are bound to occur. We could let these sow discord and weariness, but if we instead view them as ‘mind exercises’ in how best to combat those opponents, then we draw power from them rather than ceding it.

Thinking Big

The book details Trump’s constant cultivation of bigger and bigger dreams. It quotes him as saying:
“You are what you think you are. Most people tend to think too little of themselves and devalue their own abilities.”

gandalf 2

This is of particular relevance as far as I am concerned. As a nascent, organic force, Identitarianism has no pre-defined scope or goals, and the question of just what it represents, and just how significant it is, is therefore of open debate.

Is it one small facet of right-wing thought, a hobby-horse, akin to Libertarianism? Is it a ‘niche’ that becomes uncool once its too mainstream? Is it a twenty-sided die and Dungeon Master Guide? A way to feel superior to degenerate normies? Is it a small to medium-sized political movement, that can drag the Republican Party moderately right-ward? Is it an inevitable byproduct of Identity politics, that will become dominant among White voters as they lose majority status and power?
I would reject all of these labels in exchange for ones far greater. I would say, rather, that Identitarianism is the triumphant return to those principles that carried our ancestors forward for thousands of years. That it is a force and movement destined to save all of European civilization. A moment in time in which new forces of light- that being us- defeat a malignant evil which has overtaken our ancestral lands, eject the invaders defiling them, and institute a grand rebirth that will usher in a new thousand year period of prosperity for our people. Given the challenges facing Western Europe today- which are un-paralleled in its history- I don’t think such ideas are hyperbole, and believe it is our duty to embrace them at the expense of lesser visions.

Keep Pushing/Don’t Take No For An Answer

In the book Cernovich discusses Trump’s relentlessness, and states: “The difference is that winners keep going and they find new challenges in life until they find success. That’s why winning or losing is less of a discrete life outcome and more of a mindset. When you refuse to accept defeat by pushing forward and moving on instead of giving up, you make yourself into a winner.”

This relentless, tenacious pursuit of victory is equally applicable to our own movement in my mind, because I believe we are predestined to ‘win’ just as surely as Trump won. We have the moral high ground in this battle. Modern Western society has become sick, degenerate, and ensnared to a fundamentalist religion of ‘Negationism’ or Cultural-Marxism. The evidence is omnipresent that it is not sustainable. As long as we stay true to our principles and do not give up, as long as we keep fighting, society will eventually come round to our side.

I would furthermore argue that this tenacity is not just about not giving up, but about fighting back on an ever-increasing number of fronts. Just as Trump’s campaign ‘didn’t take no for an answer’ and became a runaway train with no breaks, our best case scenario is an ever-expanding, all-encompassing prosecution of Identitarianism across the culture. The more among us who ‘push’ this prosecution and create Identitarian media of any and all forms, the sooner the broader society will realize the truth of our positions. To wit, while the music of Walt Bismarck red-pills nostalgic, unsuspecting Disney-lovers, the poems of Leo Yankevich do the same for disaffected White Male poetry lovers. While the Identitarian-based weightlifting videos of The Golden One are reaching driven young men across the Occident, Anonymous Conservative’s r/K theory is changing the politics of some biology grad in a Master’s program.

Such examples demonstrate the fact that it is not by modulating our views or ‘cucking’ that we red-pill the proverbial normie, but by maximizing those avenues through which they can (often unwittingly) be exposed to the truths we rigorously present.

Each of us has a unique skillset and passion through which we can wage this sacred battle, and each of us must focus our mindset to such a purpose.


One of the best sections of the book follows from this principle, and is where Cernovich challenges the reader to envision their ‘Perfect Day’. He is explaining the effectiveness of mindset, and attempting to 1) encourage the identification of goals and dreams, and 2) show the power of visualization- which we already discussed in terms of Trump’s use of ‘MAGA’.

I believe this ‘perfect day’ exercise is highly relevant to our struggle. With the omnipresent and shocking excesses of Progressivism on constant display around us, it is very easy to unintentionally slip into the aforementioned Rush Limbaugh territory, and merely react to them and forget to act. Having a clear vision of the future we seek is both a remedy against this danger and a highly powerful tool of recruitment.

Our beliefs are not merely ‘conservative’ in scope, they are ‘revolutionary’ in that they represent an overthrow of the current system, and the creation of societies that- while similar to those of the past- are also new and better. We don’t just want Reconquest in Europe for the sake of the status quo, but to create new worlds, where we and our descendants can reach the fullest heights of our potential.

The shire 10

I don’t pretend that my visualizations of ‘the perfect day’ for our people will match those of everyone reading this, but I believe they are at least similar. For when I attempt to cultivate such an image I see a proud and healthy people spread across a beautiful country. I see small semi-rural villages, that are in tune with nature yet complimented by technology. I see vast tracts of hills and forest, not shopping malls and asphalt. I see happy two-parent families, each with several children. I see men who are their own masters, small business owners and craftsmen. I see women that are mothers, loved and cherished as homemakers. I see children learning excitedly, freed from jail-like school rooms. I see other villages in the distance, full of people like the ones in mine. I see a homogenous nation that is advanced and free, yet built upon order and tradition. I don’t see ‘hate’, or ‘violence’, but I see brave men who can defend themselves, who haven’t forgotten the threats of the outside world. I see good relationships with other nations, since ‘good fences make good neighbors’. I see a country that is distinct in all ways from countries half a world away, yet holds as sacred those other countries right to their own distinct culture and heritage.

I think such a vision would be attractive to a wide swath of our fellow Occidentals. The more we paint such pictures, and discuss the end result or collective ‘vision’ we are fighting for, the more people will visualize it as well, and like MAGA, bring it to fruition.


Right now such dreams may seem far away and difficult to imagine, yet the last year should show us just how quickly things can change. Trump’s victory was stunning, exhilarating even. Yet it arose because he invested enormous amounts of time, energy, and sacrifice into getting there. We should not let his positivity make us underestimate just what kind of hell his opponents put him through, and how hard he had to fight to win. I think MAGA Mindset powerfully demonstrates the purposeful and deliberate nature of that fight.

The book is worth reading by those who wish to replicate the same type of success. I was familiar with the ideas within it beforehand, but still came away with a new appreciation for the depth of Trump’s self-mastery, and inspiration towards how I view my own life and purpose.

The ‘perfect day’ or future vision I mention above relates to the world we dream of after our struggle is over, a dream at once timeless and revolutionary.

Yet equally important is the ‘perfect day’ we envision working towards its creation. That perfect day of striving and hard work, through whatever means we each as individuals best have to contribute, in the service of making that dream a reality. With 2017 looking to be more fluid and momentous even than last year, it is a perfect time to focus on such visions, and on purposefully meeting our fullest potential, individually and collectively.

The Good People Of The Right United To Save Europe From Annihilation

The Good People Of The Right United To Save Europe From Annihilation

Comments (17)

  1. Delphi 11 months ago

    Sorry, folks. Trump’s a complete moron and he’s going to burn. It’s only a matter of time, and it will be left to smart people like Wilders and Le Pen and Petry to pick up the pieces. This of course sucks, but really,he’s a moron with a thin skin and a childlike ego. Get over it. I won’t say snowflakes, but.. he ‘s no Winston Churchill, that’s for sure !

    • Philip 11 months ago

      “He’s no Winston Churchill, that’s for sure” Good. I think you should do some investigation on that fraud. The man who bankrupted a nation and effectively ended the British Empire. The man wanted to drop anthrax on Germany but was stopped by wiser heads, the man who ordered the bombing of Dresden then denied it. I could go but do your own research.

      • Ste-G 11 months ago

        Don’t forget the drunken shill part. There shouldn’t be a Churchill bust in the oval office, but a bust of a great American hero, and there are quite a few to choose from. If the liberals don’t stop their insane protests, expect water cannon and baton charges! Trump will provide enlightenment through these dark days. People Europe wide, who yearn for white freedom, are looking to a strong US for support and inspiration.

    • SteveRogers42 11 months ago

      Del, if being a moron results in a multi-billion-dollar personal fortune, the complete and total domination of every field I’ve ever been involved with, and a series of supermodel wives, then I can only pray that God will grant me the stupidity of Donald Trump.

      What his momentum and energy WILL do is provide the zeitgeist and role-modeling that will allow Wilders and the LePen ladies to sweep into power in his wake. (From my lips to God’s ear.)

      I would suggest that you entertain the possibility that within his arsenal of street-smarts and people skills, Trump has cultivated the ability to “appear as less than he is”, in order to confuse his enemies. (I don’t know whether it was SunTzu or another one of those old boys who coined that phrase — I’m sure I can’t take credit.) Every time a sophisticated Establishmentarian sneers at The Main Man’s perceived lack of couth, I am reminded of the scene in Casablanca where the Gestapo officer taunts Bogie by referring to “those bumbling Americans” — at which point Claude Rains chips in with “Quite right, Major. I was with them in 1918 when they bumbled their way into Berlin.”
      Or, as I’m sure Julian would put it: “All that is gold does not glitter”.

  2. Delphi 11 months ago

    I’ve honestly reconsidered the above comment – somewhat. I still feel it’s heart is in the right place. Trump’s heart is in the right place on matters of security. As a liberal I will never agree on the environment, because I believe global warming is quite real and, while slow, has the potential to inundate us with the entire African/Muslim world when their lands become uninhabitable and they become refugees. We’re in luck that warming is slow and we have about 40 years before that happens. Churchill wasn’t perfect -actually he was unpopular before the war and roundly criticized for some of the unethical things he did – but he set out to win a war at any cost and that at the time was right and good to protect western civilization. If I lived in Europe , say france, germany, sweden, Petry or Le Pen or Wilders would get my vote in the next election cycle. I can’t stand by and watch crime, horrors on the street and rape, and still be a feminist and support it. I don’t mind people who see “modern” feminism, particularly not having children as part of the problem – a good deal of my values are British Red Tory – but I do wake up every morning with that ancestral burning desire to simply NOT EVER see our lands and nations (- yah I know, dialing home to the UK)- dominated by Sharia. The thing with Trump is this – he won on the thinnest, barest of margins. Republicans are always convinced that wrenching theocracy is the way to go and that somehow, if they’re just coersive enough, they can reverse all the human rights changes of the 60’s and we’ll all go back to leave it to beaver. That won’t happen – freedom is, well, freedom, and the left is right about this, a goodly amount of the time – people who suffered real hardship arn’t going back to a lesser position. The left’s miscalculation is thinking that “all societies are equal” and that bringing huge amounts of muslims into Europe when they generally come from a traditional, violent, “honor based” patriarchial society will somehow result in one big happy family and everyone getting along wonderfully. Sure, maybe in the past our ancestors did a lot of bad things, but thats been pretty much settled since the 60’s . My real worry with trump, and the reason I criticize is this – if he overplays his hand, he’ll discredit the ideas and movement he stands for. He isn’t know for his intelligence – he’s NOT an intellectual conservative. He isn’t know for really being able to manage his temper. If we really want to do something about the islamicization of Europe, we have to take actions that are democratic, smart, and defendable to the majority of western civilians who want a free society, no matter what their race/culture/creed is. Pretty much childishly stopping people at the airport who had their green card because we “want to make muslims suffer” only discredits the need for a ban on people from dangerous parts of the world who arn’t seriously vetted for Al-queda/ISIS/fanatic islamic tendancies. The “liberal female judges” who granted a stay on the order didn’t grant it on the basis that “oh, dear , refugees are so doe eyed and we feel for them, hug the poor refugee.” They did it because it’s a breach of fundamental legal process – to deny someone entry after you have explicitly GRANTED them the right to entry on an ARBITRARY reason that has no basis in legal or actual fact. That fundamental due process is the LIFEBLOOD of western society – its the reason I have problems with the “alt right” – they think they can just throw that out, but when you do that the result is ALWAYS Tyranny – ie back to that “sharia law saudi arabia” situation or something very near it that’s our own version. I want a ban on dangerous people to hold. I want it to be targetted – and justifiable, both morally and legally. I’m ok with real refugees of any creed but I’d prefer to see most of the majority of the “fake” refugees from Germany deported on very solid legal grounds. It really sucks when people who’ve been loyal to us for 10-20 years and worked with the troops get shoved in handcuffs at the airport because Steve Bannons a short sighted vindictive racist.

    I’m probably more a “conventional tory/conservative” at heart – but its’ not something to ignore, even though the former establishment seemed very out of tune. It’s not about race, and it’s certainly not about domination. It’s about self defense – the right to be free within our own lands- the right to choose potential citizens of our country whoever they may be who share our values. I’d literally, to stop a “muslim 50+1%” import people from South America (because they’re Christian), Chinese, ect, – ANYONE but a culture that’s tainted not by race and genes but by poisonous toxic ideology. We’re not some isolated, tiny group of people fighting a desperate battle – we are literally 3/4ths of the planet who’s not muslim.

  3. Delphi 11 months ago

    I also keep thinking – yes you have the right to disagree with me, criticize me, call me names, and question my point of view. That’s what makes the west great ! Really this is about not overplaying a hand, and the fact trump’s tactical sense is more bludgeon than anything else, and that isn’t the way to go, really, especially if you don’t want a serious backlash/discredit.

  4. Delphi 11 months ago

    I just keep thinking Trump could do so much with his mandate, too. A good example is Nuclear Power. For years we havn’t built any new nuclear power plants because of huggy bunny hippy environmentalists who see all development as bad. The truth though, is that the planet isn’t going back to the dark age, and pretty much no carbon is good carbon- so years should be building nuke stations like a maniac. North America has at LEAST 400 years of Uranium and that’s before you take – yes recyclable nuclear waste & thorium into account . Wouldn’t you like to wake up one morning and tell Saudi exactly where they can take their endless persistent funding of Jihadis? The real key to that’s North American eco tech, and conventional and “green” tech can work hand in hand. Oh, yah, and sure with the pipeline, I’m Canadian, and all the uranium, oil, and eventual nuclear waste’s in my back yard – but really, let’s face it, the goal is “goodbye saudi for ever.”.

  5. SteveRogers42 11 months ago

    Very good review. I’m glad you’re getting this exposure on sites like Counter-Currents and Occidental Observer. This can only help the cause of the re-Reconquista.

    I would encourage all Trump-haters to put aside their personal antipathy for the man or his policies when reading a review of this type. (Personally, I think he’s a combination of Andrew Jackson, Clint Eastwood, and the Godfather — the perfect Man for the Moment — but of course, YMMV.) What’s important for us is to learn and apply the lessons you’ve summarized above: How mindset + practical “savvy” + energy carried an outsider to victory against overwhelming odds. Here’s a guy who made billions in real estate development while dabbling in entertainment and publishing, and at the age of seventy (70!) he enters a brand-new field and completely demolishes the professional “lifers” in the Democrat party, the Republican Establishment, and the MSM. He was alone (aside from a few million Deplorables) and he beat ’em all. I don’t think there’s ever been anything quite like it.

    THAT is what we should be studying and applying in our personal lives and our own political quests.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Thank you Steve. I am going to be trying to publish some articles in some additional journals coming up too. Especially ones that are a bit more mainstream. I figure if I can be the most hardcore voice on a moderate right-wing site that will do more good than being a more moderate voice on a more hardcore site 🙂 I will certainly keep submitting to Counter-Currents too though as I have massive respect for it and Greg.

      Let me know if you (or anybody reading this) have any recommendation for sites to submit to.

      • SteveRogers42 11 months ago

        Well, it’s still my hope that you could team up with James LaFond, AnonCon, (and maybe a few others?) and produce some sort of manual about surviving and prevailing in a 4GW environment in Europe. For instance, I stumbled across this epic today, which is not exactly on point for our purposes, but still has a lot of practical insight about group formation, dealings with authority, and extreme “street smarts”. I’m not suggesting that you reinvent the wheel with another survivalist/prep manual, but I think that some sort of “how-to” guide would be invaluable for living in an altered and dangerous Europe.


        • Author
          Admin 11 months ago

          Hey Steve-

          It is highly interesting you sent this to me, for two reasons actually..

          1) I have just recently- in the last month or two- started thinking a ton about ‘prepping’. I never used to do this, and basically subscribed to the Dave Ramsey idea that focusing on such things was detrimental to real life success and ‘winning’. As a result I never got into it. Recently however I have thought more about it and had a change of heart. Not because I am shifting to an attitude where I fantasize about such things happening or focus on negative possibilities, but just because I think as a man it is important to make sure your family is always protected in any and all eventualities, and even if its just a 1 in 1000 chance that you need such resources and knowledge (the knowledge of what to do and the materials you stocked up on beforehand), I think its one’s duty as a man to have done so. As a result I am just starting to research everything and am planning on then making a conscious decision to spend x amount of money on prepping materials, and come up with any game plans and collections of resources (like books to have on hand on survivalism, etc).

          2) Ever since I started the site I have thought about the possibility of creating some kind of interactive program or course or document or something just like what you are talking about. I think at one point the idea was a list of goals or attainments to have met and then once you document that you have met them you get some kind of ‘European Resistance Soldier Gold Oak Leaves’ or cool designation or something. I love what you wrote though on actual applicable knowledge and preparation, as well as the idea of collaborating with other (similar) sites about it.

          You have got my mind flowing! I think I will absolutely end up reaching out to some folks later on. Let me know if you have any other thoughts. Thanks for the document too I will definitely be reading it!


          • SteveRogers42 11 months ago

            1) I think this is a very wise decision and will be in no way detrimental to your success in other arenas. It’s merely an insurance policy…and we spend a lot on those without any actual expectation of disaster, simply “just in case”. We carry umbrellas on dreary days, and if it rains, we’re protected, and if it doesn’t, no loss. Frankly, I think it’s going to “rain” a lot both in Europe and America before too long, and as a father, you’ll need a good umbrella.

            2) What attracts me to your site so much is the combination of theory and practice. There are lots of fine blogs out there where issues are discussed and philosophies expounded, but very few that have your “vibe” of actually wanting to do something about something. I suggested a manual so that you could get some tangible reward for your efforts, but if this interactive vision will provide the same remuneration, then go for it.
            Your contributor Francis Weyrick seems to have some good practical ideas, and another thing that occurred to me was that a review of someone’s memoir of life in Beirut in the 80’s might have a lot of lessons about daily life in a free-for-all Muslim vs. Christian environment: “Only a fool learns from his mistakes. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”

          • Author
            Admin 11 months ago

            I agree Francis does have some good ideas. I hope he keeps the story going.

            I have wanted to reach out to someone who went through Lebanon or Yugoslavia and interview them. Still need to do that.

            Definitely wanting to continue focusing on the ‘action side’ too rather than just the philosophical. I am a big self-improvement junkie and may start a masculinity/self-improvement site additionally in the future, but there is plenty of ‘actionable’ stuff to cover and to research on this site too. Not much good in talking about all of this if we can’t prevent Islamization in Europe from happening!

            Appreciate your wise thoughts Steve!

  6. SteveRogers42 10 months ago

    Gave you a shout-out on Porter’s Most Excellent Blog:


    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Hey much thanks Steve!

      Had never heard of kakistocracy either though cool blog. Will have to keep checking that out.

    • SteveRogers42 10 months ago

      Porter is a beautiful writer. It’s a pleasure just watching him elegantly string words together like notes in a symphony. He has a twitter feed, too. The shorter format puts a different punch to his writing.

      • Author
        Admin 10 months ago

        I still have mixed feelings about quitting Twitter. I tried it out in early 2016 right after starting this site and publishing my book. Couldn’t get into it and felt like I would make more headway spending the time writing. Other people seem to ‘get’ the medium though and do really well with it, however.

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