More Signs Of Hope(!), Also- Thanksgiving Thanks

More Signs Of Hope(!), Also- Thanksgiving Thanks
November 25, 2016 Admin

Recently I posted about the rare white reindeer that was seen in Northern Sweden, and the possibility that it was a sign from God or our ancestors that hope and deliverance are nigh.

This week a similar glimmer of symbolic hope made headlines, as a rare white rainbow was photographed in the United Kingdom.

From the BBC:

A stunning shot of a white “fog bow” has been captured by a photographer over Rannoch Moor in the west of Scotland.

Melvin Nicholson was out on the moor, south of Glen Coe, on Sunday when the “unbelievably beautiful” white rainbow appeared.

Mr Nicholson said: “It is a colourless rainbow that is made up of tiny water droplets that cause fog.

“It’s an amazing thing to witness and can generally only be seen if the sun is behind you when you are looking at it.”

He said an isolated windswept tree, framed by the fog bow, completed the shot,

“It was just beyond magical and one of those days that you’ll remember for a long time to come,” he added.


Coming on the heels of the white reindeer, which came two weeks before the election of Donald Trump, I will choose to see this white rainbow as a sign that our people’s will is turning back in its old direction, and that the collective thumos of young Occidental men is re-positioning itself, to point towards survival and honor as it always did before.

We also see more ‘real world’ evidence of this as well. Our good friend Dashui sent two such examples recently, each suggesting that native Europeans may be reaching the breaking point and getting ready to make a stand.

The first is a comment by a Muslim convert on the ‘Archdruid Report‘ website, which gives a taste of the other side’s perspective. I have not asked the Archdruid Report for permission to reprint this but since it is just a comment rather than a post I hope the proprietor doesn’t mind.

Comment from a London Muslim in “The Archdruid Report”;

Hi JMG, I’m a long time reader and appreciator of this blog, and an occasional interested reader of your other blog. I’m also a devout Muslim convert, which may or may not surprise you. From my perspective, current events are very troubling. Trump ran on, and shows signs of implementing, a strongly anti-Muslim platform – registry, travel bans, patrols of neighborhoods etc. the language he used has galvanized the far right and given it the impression that it is being normalized. Witness Marine Le Pen’s crowing that France is next. Unfortunately this is perfectly possible, given the dreadful time the French have been having, and their national tendency to be antiestablishment. If she gets in in March, things could move very rapidly in the West. The analogy is with the fall of communism, where much that seems solid just melts away. If she takes France out of the euro and EU as she promises, the EU project is over – overnight. Here in the UK, the vote for Brexit was destabilizing and brought a great deal of latent darkness to the surface, much of it directed against Muslims. Islamophobia runs deep in the West for historical reasons, and if people’s certainties implode, we are well-placed as scapegoats. I’m not suggesting the full 1930s, but things could still get very unpleasant in both the US and Europe – and ISIS and the far-right will do their best to whip it up as much as they can into the clash they crave. Among the Muslims I know, there is a general feeling that we are in for a time of testing, where whatever is inside us, good or bad, will be revealed. I think this goes for the wider culture as well. Please do what you can to be a stabilizing influence. There is a danger that a great many people could lose their moorings.

Londoner, understood. Unfortunately, as you know, a determined and well-funded minority of your co-religionists is trying to start a religious war between the Muslim world and the West, and it’s hard to see how they can be stopped without the same kind of measures that, say, Britain took against German sympathizers during the two World Wars — and of course innocent people also got caught up in those measures. I would urge you, and other Muslims of good will, to continue to oppose the violent in your own religious community, as I oppose them in mine.

I thought the reply was quite good by the way, as it subtly rebuked the commenter for his (very typical) attempt to portray healthy fear of Islam as something evil and hate-based. As our new National Security Advisor here in the U.S. has said, “fear of Islam is rational”. Note: Its nice becoming mainstream isn’t it?

The next sign is a video from Italy that the linkmaster Dashui shared. This is, again, anecdotal, but I think it is still hopeful.

Italian Citizens React To Growth Of Islam In Italy

These hopeful signs bring us to the holiday- as today is Thankgiving.

As I have written about before, I am a big believer in expressing thanks. As a result, I wanted to include five things I am thankful for in relation to Europe/this website/writing/etc.

Five Things

1. I am grateful for the chance to contribute to the situation in Europe, even if in a very small capacity such as this.

2. I am grateful that people have enjoyed my writing this year. I have sold many copies of Fistfights With Muslims In Europe: One Man’s Journey Through Modernity (in the thousands at this point, which is unbelievably humbling), and have received a number of great reviews on Amazon (28 on that platform so far) and other websites.

3. I am exceedingly grateful to all the amazing individuals who are a part of the ECW community and who comment on these articles. Getting to track and analyze the situation with you all is an immense honor, and I appreciate your interest, support, and brotherhood tremendously. I am a big believer that comment sections are the most important part of websites, and could not be happier with the great discussions we have got going in the comment sections of many of these articles. I hope that one day we will all fight together not just as meta-politicians online, but in the valleys and mountains of Europe as we carve out a future for our people, and preserve our lands from the scourge of Islamization. Please keep commenting and sending emails- they are truly, truly appreciated.

4. I am grateful for the stupendous year 2016 has been for Identitarian, European-Preservationist politics. The drive to save the West and keep Europe from full disintegration/Islamization has achieved unprecedented success this year. There is still an immense way to go, but 2016 and its events (Trump’s election as well as many other things) have provided models and templates that can be build upon, not to mention a profound sense of hope.

5. I am grateful for what looks to be an exciting 2017, replete with political contests of untold magnitude, that will shape the future of much of Western Europe. As always, politics alone cannot save Western Europe (or the broader Occident if we follow in their path), but the geopolitical landscape unfolding before us is one of great fluidity, and, God-willing, one we will harness to ensure our people and our lands survive, and thrive, going forward.

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  1. DaShui 1 year ago

    FYI, Inauguration comes from the auger in Ancient Greece who would look for an omen for an auspicious date for things.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Yeah I hadn’t realized that white reindeer came before Trump’s victory but then when I was writing this post I looked back and saw that that was the case!

      • If I recall correctly, someone(s) in our movement ridiculed me when I posted a link to your ‘white reindeer’ story on Twitter. Well who’s laughing now? These things are no joke.

        • Author
          Admin 1 year ago

          Lol yeah, well I wasn’t 100% serious on either of them anyway, but definitely not all joking either. I’m gonna *choose* to see them as signs at the least 🙂

  2. Rick 1 year ago

    The video is incredible! I’m sure it will be portrayed as “The dark racism that is taking over Italy” After all it’s not enough for the indigenous people to simply accept their displacement they must celebrate it, but it truly shows there are some hard and dangerous days ahead.
    I would also add a big Thank You to you Julian, for all that you have done and are doing it has not gone unnoticed or un appreciated.

  3. Thank you, JL, for this wonderful website. You’re one of the few who understand what we’re up against. You seem to be a pleasant guy, too, which is not always the case with Alt-Right personalities. Thanks again.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey thank you very much Laguna Beach I appreciate that.

      I think the term ‘alt right’ itself is relevant to what you mentioned. I don’t ever refer to myself as ‘alt right’ (although I don’t mind when others, like yourself, do so) because it is both nebulous and limiting. I think some folks (personalities, as you called them) have a lot ‘invested’ in the term, in a variety of ways, but since its really meaningless, being something anyone can call themselves or anyone else, that gives rise to a bit of unfortunately-toned focus surrounding what is what, who should have done what, etc. By taking that label upon yourself you go from just worrying about your own behavior and about the issues that drive you (Islamization of Europe, mass rape of European children, cultural marxism, etc) to also having to care about the actions of other people under that same label, whose actions otherwise would not effect you and who you have no control over.

      I think the movement to take back the west and prevent the enslavement and destruction of Europe is of a monumental significance, more important than anything else in at least a millenium, and I think when the history books are written 500 years from now the term ‘alt right’ will be of quite minor significance.

      • DaShui 1 year ago

        Speaking of the alt- right, I’ve listened to a few podcasts by those who went to the NPI conference. They all say the same thing, “The speakers were good, but the real event was dealing with antifa.” In reality nobody cared about the ideas as much as the mannerbund building. Everyone was enjoying the “us vs them” camaraderie created from the chance of being attacked by antifa. As for the Roman salute, all subcultures have their own rituals, bend that Roman salute at the elbow and u have the military salute.

        • Author
          Admin 1 year ago

          I bet it was man… nothing like that to catalyze some bonds of brotherhood and nostalgia. The videos I saw when they were walking in and the Antifa attacked them/the one guy were something else…

  4. SteveRogers42 1 year ago
    • Author
      Admin 4 months ago


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