Morgenrote: Morning Glow

Morgenrote: Morning Glow
February 9, 2018 Admin
Mother Europe.

Greetings men-

Below you will find the newest article from ECW-contributor Fenek Solere!

Mr. Solere has written a number of articles for this site and is also the author of Rising and The Partisan.

The below article seems to a thought experiment outlining the governmental policies that would benefit a hypothetical post-Reconquest European homeland.


I want to note that I have slightly edited a few of Fenek’s points (I do this with most essays contributed here).


Also, I don’t necessarily agree with all of the below just because I’m publishing it I should add. I like a robust debate and it would be totally unnatural for me and Fenek or me and Michael to agree on everything.

Maybe someday I’ll write out my own prospective policies similar to the below, but yeah, I do think Fenek is brilliant and I encourage you to check it out.


I’m probably a little more pessimistic about the possibility of fixing or overhauling complex systems.

Honestly if I was suddenly King of Sweden or Norway or Canada, I would largely leave everything exactly the same, except for 2-3 big things.

1) ending all immigration and starting a (hopefully) humane, respectful process of reverse-migration (which would obviously be a massive undertaking).
2) Do some work minimizing the power of individuals like Soros. Fenek nails that on the head. I absolutely believe in free speech, and I think it and rule of law and the right to bear arms are the three most important things a government must ensure, but there needs to be some kind of work done on preventing the influence of outside, cosmopolitan influences that attempt to wrest control of countries, as Soros has done time and time again in the US, Western Europe, Ukraine, and (so far unsuccessfully) Eastern Europe and Russia.

Obviously we have other massive problems too, but a lot of them are cultural more than anything and I think they need to be defeated on that level rather than governmentally. As trying to change some via government dictat would quite possibly cause a backlash and make those things stronger.

Anyway though check out Fenek’s ideas and let me know your own thoughts in the comment section!




Morgenrote: Morning Glow

‘We live in a world we ourselves create’
– Johann Gottfried Herder (1744 -1803)

The political goals the Identitarian-Right currently espouse, may sound too antique, too radical, or too idealistic when judged by the crass cynicism of our times.

So it is vitally important that the cogency of our arguments and the methods and means by which we explain how we intend to implement our stated objectives, need to be grounded both in the practical and theoretical sense, if we are to stand any chance of being successful.

A good starting point might be to fully grasp the significance of the outcomes of academic research undertaken at McGill University in Montreal , entitled ‘The Evolutionary Dominance of Ethnocentric Cooperation’. This groundbreaking study included computer simulations that clearly indicated that ethnocentric behavior predominates over humanitarianism, selfishness and traitorous behavior.


And this fact should, in my opinion, not only inform future electoral strategies, but also provide the much needed wind to fill the billowing sails of our street activists, in what is fast becoming a raging storm.

Unsurprisingly, related reports from the University of Cologne and Tilburg re-enforce such findings, proving that social trust declines exponentially in diverse societies and that there is a substantial rise in resistance to funding social welfare programmes in situations where the homogeneity of the group alters to include non-contributors.

A trend substantiated by the work of Steven Glazerman and Dallas Dotter for the Mathematica Policy Research Centre in Washington DC which emphatically concluded that the overwhelming majority of white parents would prefer their children to go to majority white schools.

Inconvenient facts our opponents would rather ignore given their preaching about ‘Diversity Being Our Greatest Strength’.

And the realization that such group and racial preferences are hard-wired into our brains should encourage us to re-double our efforts to preserve and enhance the Occident.

Because ethnocentrism is rooted both in biological evolution and in the act of organic cultural absorption, despite the best efforts of the mainstream media to convince us otherwise, by experimenting with neuroplasticity, repeating image and catch-phrase repetition on a subliminal level, in order to re-train our brains and change our instincts, particularly with regard to race, gender and sexual orientation.

So although the news corporations may score some pyrrhic victories it would seem that our primordial nature is likely to prevail, especially in situations of increasing social, economic and environmental pressure.

And that the Overton Window, defined by Joseph P. Overton, President of the Mackinac Centre for Public Policy, as ‘the range being set from the unthinkable, to the radical, then the acceptable, sensible, popular and policy’, will be utterly shattered.

Allowing us the freedom to reframe our thinking and re-define our boundaries, as per Aldous Huxley’s notion, as stated in The Perennial Philosophy (1946): ‘Knowledge is a function of being. When there is a change in the being of the knower, there is a corresponding change in the nature and amount of knowing’.

So at last there is an antidote for the virus that afflicts us.

A cure for the torpid state of affairs inflicted upon our conscience hour by hour. Where apathy, atomism and atrophy are the side-effects of the soma-like substances we are forced to imbibe on a daily basis.

And having shaken off the moral straight-jacket of political correctness, we can at last, to use the quote selected by British patriot Peter Rushton to illustrate one of his inspiring and informative speeches:

‘Rise like lions after slumber
in un-vanquishable number
shake your chains to earth like dew
which in sleep had fallen on you’

– The Mask of Anarchy, Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822)


For it is indeed time to rebuild our society anew.

And I hereby, rather pretentiously I confess, but still forthrightly, and in the spirit of open debate, take the liberty to set out some key priorities and core principles that I think may provide the basis for an ongoing discussion between clearer minds and purer hearts than my own:

• Re-calibrate our societies, within defined territories and within non-porous borders, along ethnic lines;
• Rebuild local communities so that they better reflect Eurocentric traditions in terms of size, scale, location and architecture;
• Invest in the public realm so that it is safe, stimulating and sustainable;
• Protect and make accessible, wherever possible, all heritage related sites;
• Create new and remodel existing urban areas on brown-field sites, wherever feasible, so that we can return to the notion of ‘live-able cities’ without infringing on the natural environment;
• Re-balance the proportion of people living in urban and rural settings across the proposed Commonwealth (see below). Currently the urban populations of countries like Russia, Germany, the UK, France, Holland, Sweden and Belgium are, as of 2016: 73.2%, 77.2%, 81.7%, 80.5%, 90.5%, 85.2% and 96.6% respectively. Whereas, in Poland, Serbia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia the proportion is 59.9%, 59.2%, 60.8%, 53.8%, 49.9% and 59.5% respectively. The concept of redistributing the human population, within nations and between nations that make up the envisaged Commonwealth, should be predicated on the free-will to relocate, sensitivity to local, regional and national cultures, correcting gender in-balances so that finding a suitable partner becomes easier, and a wide range of other fiscal incentives. It should also be informed by the availability of inhabitable and sustainable living-space, the prospect of gainful employment, mindful of recent trends in depopulation, and preceded by large scale infrastructure and economic investment projects, running alongside humanistic studies concerning the quality of life that may be achieved through time. We should of course avoid repeating the tragedies of the Soviet Virgin Lands experiment or the vile excesses of Pol Pot’s Kampuchea;
• Support rural living and ensure the countryside available to all on the basis of respect for ancient customs and practices. The development of social and economic eco-systems that are attractive to young and old alike; making the small holder with his or her patchwork of fields and hedgerows the cornerstone of the land, rather that the non-resident agri-business owner who talks with a strange accent and turns up on his estate to shoot pheasants twice a year;
• Create ‘wilding zones’ where nature is allowed to flourish beyond the stewardship of man;
• Pump-prime research into knowledge enhancing and green technologies that advance public and private sector efficiency without placing undue strain on societal fabric, or the physical and ecological infrastructure;
• Return to a traditional family based communities, orientated towards homogeneity and social order;
• Advance a natalist approach to peoples of indigenous European descent wherever they may live and work through radical tax and employment legislation to dramatically increase fertility rates;
• Address barriers to the adoption of children for childless couples as well as families that may want to provide a stable home for children who share the same or similar heritage;
• Establish free-healthcare and education provision for all ethnic citizens;
• Adopt aggressive policies to address issues like obesity;
• Ensure religious freedom;
• Restore masculinity and femininity has the guiding principles of a healthy civilization;
• Eliminate the current stranglehold on the media by anti-Western and Left Wing interests;
• Hold an immediate referenda on the issue of immigration and demographics;
• Depending upon the outcome of the above, and wherever possible and appropriate, move inexorably towards the physical and psychological removal of organized cosmopolitans and non-Occidentals from traditional Indo-European homelands, former colonies and regions of strategic interest;
• Repeal all legislation such as the American Hart-Celler Act of 1965 and roll out the principles enshrined in the American 1924 Immigration Act, also known as the Johnson-Reed Act, setting national origin quotas relating to who can and who cannot enter Occidental countries and then advocate for citizenship;
• Review all Kindergarten, Secondary, Tertiary and University curricula so that it better represents Eurocentric values; places appropriate emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Sport and the Arts (including Music); is purged of Marxist and anti-western bias, dysgenic gender studies and re-visits discussion regarding the historiography of world events such as The Crusades, Colonialism and the Second World War

Politics & Law
• Withdraw from the United Nations and move towards the establishment of a Commonwealth of Indo-European and Slavic countries;
• Demand the reformation of NATO and the incorporation of nations like Russia, Ukraine and Belarus in order to instigate a common defense policy for the whole Occident, as per above;
• The above to be divided into the following regions of influence and leadership: the West – the USA, Canada, Greenland, Alaska and the Arctic Circle; Western Europe – Britain, Northern Ireland & The Irish Republic, France, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Jersey, the Isle of Man and Switzerland; Southern Europe – Portugal, Spain, Corsica, Malta, Sardinia, Italy, The Vatican City, Gibraltar, San Marino, Croatia, Greece & Crete, Macedonia, Moldova, Cyprus, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro; Central Europe – Germany, Austria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Ukraine; Greater Scandinavia – Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland and the Faeroe Islands; the East – the Russian Federation, Georgia, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Belarus; and in the Southern hemisphere – Australia , New Zealand and the Antarctic Circle (with strong links to favoured non-white nations and trading hubs like Japan and Hong Kong);
• Strategic, operational, political, cultural and economic cooperation and co-dependence to be encouraged across all the above;
• Pro-actively support, in the form of economic, humanitarian and military aid, Occidental minorities in multi-racial communities anywhere in the world ie Orania in South Africa and intervene to assist such groups seeking to establish their own homelands ie in South Brazil where over 96% of the population are European and want autonomy;
• Pursue rigorously and punish states, religious groups and terrorists who seek access to weapons of mass destruction or perpetrate acts of violence or any other form of criminality, by use of the combined intelligence agencies of the states identified above;
• Govern for the common good in a localized manner by means of regional agencies within the above national states ie Wales, Scotland, Brittany, the Catalan and Basque territories in Spain etc – preserving and enhancing the languages, folk customs and cultures that define these areas so that they thrive and grow and enrich our true and natural diversity;
• Intervene directly to stop anti-white and egalitarian influence in the current economic and political structure by One-World Globalists;
• Immediately suspend universal suffrage wherever the interests of the citizenry might be compromised;
• Withdraw the franchise and welfare benefits from all personages who fail stringent language and citizenship tests, and cannot prove descent from citizens of the state where they currently reside prior to 1950, or at least three full generations;
• Exemption to the above to be granted only in the case of migrant persons of full European background who have migrated legally and have themselves been previously resident in nations where there is a tradition of democracy;
• The above caveat to be suspended in the case of Slavic and Boer peoples who have been subject to Communist or anti-white Dictatorship;
• End of the right of prisoners with serious criminal convictions, such as terrorists, or those who have been sentenced for electoral misdemeanors or abuse of public office from exercising the right to vote;
• All members of proscribed religio-terrorist organizations to be prevented from participating in the franchise or proselytizing in the public realm;
• The cessation of all funding for organizations that promulgate multiculturalism, community cohesion etc and the initiation of actions to reclaim all monies spent or unspent from the budget holders of such organizations;
• The suspension from office of all elected officials who do not meet the familial descent criteria identified above;
• The seizure of all assets obtained by said elected officials and full and thorough investigations conducted of their personal and business interests and their voting records by an independent panel;
• The removal from the statue books of the legal notion of civil citizenship;
• The term ethnic citizenship to be enshrined in all codified laws pertaining to the states in question;
• All legislative rights pertaining to citizenship, legal redress, criminal law and property rights etc to proceed from the above principle;
• The notion of Human Rights will be secondary to the above and will be subject to wider academic and judicial review;
• The repatriation of all criminal, long term unemployed and economically inactive personages who fail to meet the first criteria stated above;
• The funded repatriation, using part of the international or foreign aid budget, of all people failing the familial descent criteria, as per above, to their original ethnic homelands. Following the purchase of the ticket, the remainder of the balance per individual or family unit to go to the receiving countries;
• The above policy to be in force for a period of five years only, after which, there will be no budget allocated either in regard to foreign aid or repatriation, unless in instances of natural disaster, humanitarian assistance or expended in the national or Western interest;
• A tiered structure of residency to be introduced providing certain privileges based on factors like longetivity of residence, tax contributions and recognition of public service;
• The deportation of all Asylum Seekers and refugees who fail to meet the UN’s own criteria of the ‘passage to the nearest safe country’;
• The removal from public office, university chairs and the welfare infrastructure of all officials who have supported by word or deed the political, economic and cultural ethnocide of people of European identity in their own homelands;
• The return of the death penalty for all serious crimes including treason;
• The establishment of a Pan-Atlantic-Pacific Court to preside over tribunals relating to the Geo-political themes discussed above.

Enoch Powell.

Energy & Economics
• The establishment of a national bank in each white ethno-state, forming part of a unified global network acting in the collective interest;
• Withdrawal from the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and The World Bank, whilst simultaneously reclaiming the costs associated with all ongoing Third World development projects (unless of strategic interest) in order to re-invest in Western infra-structure;
• Nationalize all the commercial and private assets owned by foreign nationals, organizations or governments considered hostile or deemed to have benefitted unfairly from the existing system;
• Re-define current economic alignments operating on the regional level such as, the European Union (EU), the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Southern Common Market (Mercosur), so that they facilitate free trade between Occidental states on a Most Favoured Nation (or Nations) basis, whilst also providing a forum for said states to identify common platforms when negotiating with other nations or trading entities;
• Consider the re-modeling of the economies of the new Occidental states from a range of different perspectives including C.H. Douglas’ s Social Credit model, the Georgism Theory devised by Henry George (1839-1897) that postulated that economic value derived from the land, including national resources and natural opportunities should be divided equally to all residents of a community and that the people should own the value of what they create themselves; the Distributist model championed by Catholic thinkers like Hilaire Belloc and G.K. Chesterton; the Guild System pioneered by The Guild of St Joseph and St Dominic in Ditchling, Sussex, England; and the Heckscher-Ohlin trade theory which evaluates a country’s economic characteristics on the following basis: Land, an essential factor for agricultural production; Labour, typically understood to be undifferentiated and unskilled labour; Capital for investment, which refers both to the machinery and equipment by which goods are produced and to the financial assets necessary to employ the machinery and equipment; and Human capital, in terms of skilled labour, produced through vocational education, apprenticeships and internships; so that a planned reciprocal internal market, facilitating the movement of capital and labour can be created to the benefit of each. This could result in off-setting, the Stolper-Samuelson theorem, which proposes that protection benefits the scarce factor of production which is the justification in labour-scarce countries for the mass immigration of cheap unskilled labour from the Third World;
• Enter into new or re-structure existing trading patterns with other nations and continents, on a neo-mercantilist model, to advantage the domestic constituencies of the Occidental states;
• Accept the reality that economic protectionism is deployed consistently, overtly and covertly, even within the so-called free-market today, and that, as per American Secretary of State Cordell Hull’s words ‘ The political line-up follows the economic line-up;
• Regulate state expenditure so that it prioritizes the purchase of locally sourced products or the produce of favoured nations;
• Move to the slow-food model of nutritional production where possible;
• Review all tax and business investment loopholes which facilitate the off-shoring of jobs, the sale of industrial technology and the asset stripping of manufacturing production from the West to the Developing World. An example being the American Labor Federation, the AFL-CIO, complaining, ‘In the global economy, multinational corporations move capital and jobs half-way around the world with the click of a mouse. These companies, many of them American, seek the lowest possible labour costs and weakest worker protections. Even if the jobs are not moved, corporate executives use the threat of moving to coerce concessions from American workers’;
• Undertake an analysis of the patterning behind the daily multi-trillion trade in the currency markets, mindful of the Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad’s comments: ‘Society must be protected from unscrupulous profiteers’, singling out George Soros as the main culprit.
• Seek to identify patterns behind the annual $5 trillion in foreign investments – highlight the advantages of borrowing or lending overseas? – understand who wants to borrow and who wants to lend? – evaluate debtor-creditor interactions – and the recent debt crisis – why corporations become multinational in the first place – and the role the IMF and its senior managers have played in such activities;
• Repudiate all trade, global warming and carbon emission agreements that are by fault de-industrializing the West, whilst countries like India and China flagrantly flout the rules and in the latter instance deliberately manipulate their currency to boost exports;
• Mitigate energy dependency through bi-lateral and multi-lateral agreements with friendly countries and utilize muscular Foreign and Trade Policies, aligned with our natural partners, to avoid competition and cost escalation (as per the Oil Producing and Exporting Countries, OPEC, in the early and mid – 1970’s), whilst ensuring the availability of the required material at source;
• Review the viability of coal, oil and natural gas in combination with green technologies and nuclear energy;
• Establish management and labour cooperatives like that of Mondragon in Spain, wherever possible;
• Ensure there is sufficient adaptability in the training and development of the work-force to overcome the problem of employees being ‘trapped’ in specific sectors as per the Ricardo-Viner theorem. An example being provided by the fact that in the nineteenth century American labour was quite interchangeable, which contributed to the working-class having a clear and distinctive voice in trade policy and that nation’s swift economic expansion. Whereas today the reverse is true and industry based sectoral interests predominate;
• Place greater emphasis on local jobs, full employment and incomes that allow a single salary to support the typical family of husband, wife and multiple children;
• Establish new Trade Agreements between white countries that encourage complementary rather than competitive domestic production in each state and guarantees a market for their goods, whilst increasing tariffs, import duties, quantitative restrictions and import licenses on products from countries attempting to undercut such arrangements, commensurate with an estimate of the salary, health & Safety and regulatory differentials involved;
• Focus on shortening supply chains between producer and market to improve quality, reduce cost, alleviate greenhouse emissions and support local producers;
• Pursue corporate fraud and punish tax evasion vigorously;
• Re-invest the current social costs associated with immigrant crime, health-service tourism, asylum seekers and International Aid Budgets into the road, rail, canal and airport infrastructure, research and development, re-training, and the financing of innovative and entrepreneurial sole-traders, micro and small business start-ups;
• Initiate reviews into the appropriate balance between public and private ownership of essential services;
• Undertake investigations into the conduct of banks, financial houses, insurers, financial speculators et al in relation to insider trading; currency speculation; stock asset purchases and sales; the accumulation of shares in what are now private companies but were formally public sector organizations.

Murdoch, Murdoch Sword

And I respectfully contend this is merely the starting point. There is still a real job of work to be done across many fields of human endeavor before we can walk confidently once again at dawn’s first light through Austrian meadows filled with dew scented edelweiss. Or stare longingly up at Orion through sparkling starlight before returning home to warm ourselves in front of the familial hearth and raise a glass to Bacchus and Dionysus.

For it is time that the eternal truths, stated so clearly and succinctly by philosophers like Francis Parker Yockey, are acknowledged and taken to heart:

‘Race, in the objective sense, is the spirtuo-biological community of a group’

And that:

‘It is apparent that the landscape exerts an influence on the human stocks within its
bounds as well as on the plant and animal life. The technic of this influence is
beyond our ken. The source of it we do know. It is the cosmic unity of the totality
of things, a unity which shows itself in the rhythmic and cyclical movement of nature.
Man does not stand out of this unity, but is submerged in it’

So my challenge to you dear reader, is to gird your loins and stand up straight and tall, raise your voice to the heavens and enter the fray because tomorrow is always too late.





Editor’s Note: Big thanks to Fenek for another thought-provoking contribution!

If you men aren’t yet on the Mannerbunde List then please hop on below!


Comments (2)

  1. Michael Gladius 2 weeks ago

    I would agree with many of these points, but I approach the matter from another starting point.

    Race is the end product, not the source. To judge a man based on something he had no control over is silly. It is more appropriate to judge him based on his choices and actions. Culture, therefore, becomes the source material, and traditions which are passed down from parents to children. Healthy, high cultures are to be embraced, while low cultures such as Islam are to be rejected.

    Likewise, Religion will be paramount. A man can have all of his material and intellectual needs satisfied, yet he will still feel restless and know that he is not completely and infinitely happy. His life will still call to him, demanding meaning and purpose. Therefore, mere economic and racial solutions will not suffice to restore the Occident. Only Christianity will.

  2. Unknown 1 week ago

    To be correct (not political, just correct) i would argue that stability of social welfare is not threatened by differences in color of skin but by differences in behavior effecting economy, demography, security etc. In quite some cases, differences in color of skin coincide with differences in behavior, making color of skin a useful early indicator, but also a weakness of argument that leftists like to exploit. To avoid that, let’s never forget to look at the hard facts. And they tell us that it is a very bad idea to open borders between largely unequal nations.

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