Moroccans Get Their Own Taste Of Vibrancy!

Moroccans Get Their Own Taste Of Vibrancy!
May 22, 2017 Admin


We in the US and Europe (especially Europe) have long had to put up with the spectacle of crazy immigrants from the south going nuts, taking their clothes off, and running around causing disorder.

I’ve seen such things myself here in America with various third world immigrants.

And just recently came a story out of Sweden of a European woman waking up on the train to see a Muslim man sitting next to her and masturbating while staring at her. She started screaming and hitting him and luckily he was arrested a short time later.


Evil racist woman beats on helpless child refugee for masturbating towards her on bus.       Photo courtesy of Swedish police.

Evil racist woman beats on helpless child refugee for masturbating towards her on bus. Photo courtesy of Swedish police.


This is all the result of liberals flooding the West with immigrants. But it seems some of those Muslims themselves are now facing the same problem, as can be seen in the below video.

It takes place in Morocco, and is of some gigantic Sub-Saharan African man- butt naked- running around the street after losing his mind. At one point he throws a Moroccan who is about half his size into a brick wall and starts wailing on him.

After that he gets distracted and runs in the other direction. An Arab comes up behind him with a folding chair and is about to smoke him when something else distracts him (I think a different Arab hit him with some other object) and moves in time to miss the folding chair.

I wanted to post the video because its interesting seeing the Moslems deal with the kind of behavior from this African that we normally associate with insane naked Moslems.

It seems that certain things truly do run uphill.

Luckily this crazy naked African will be in a taxpayer-funded penthouse in Stockholm by the end of the week so the poor Moroccans won’t have to hit him with any more chairs.

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  1. SteveRogers42 8 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      I commented on the article last night but didn’t get a chance to give you my thoughts yet here 🙂

      I did find the name of the book I mentioned in my comment:

      I read it like ten years ago and it has always stuck with me, it prefigured a lot of the arguments on anomie and the loss of sacrality with modern corporatist America that our movement is based upon. I do think I might find things I disagree with now though if I re-read it, or at least places where I think he is leaving out other *facets* of the motivating factors. With that said though you can’t really point a finger and call him “politically correct” either given his central thesis (that school and workplace shootings are the equivalent to slave revolts).

      But yeah there was a lot of other stuff in the social matter post too but this was what it most reminded me of.

  2. SteveRogers42 8 months ago

    A cautionary essay:

    It’s an eerie echo of the writings of a 1930’s pulp writer from small-town Texas — Robert E. Howard — who wrote that “…the dark barbarian will triumph over all.”

    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      Even if we solve all the political problems of the day, and neutralize the most vulgar of our society, what are we left with? A shrinking population and citizens so atomized that they are even losing the ability to communicate with each other, who have to use computerized apps and alcohol to fornicate while the female is on sterility medication, which her parents awarded her upon turning 16 years old. Our punishment is coming. Lands of the West will be given away, and even if the barbarian horde can be beaten with technology, there will be a day where there’s no man left to stand against them to push the kill button. The barbarians will inherit the new world until they become civilized themselves and the cycle renews once more, like it has many times in the past.”

      A memorable black pill quote indeed.

  3. Kriztofer Plitzkin 8 months ago

    I have witnessed many a strange scenery during my times in the region of Central-East Africa and some deployments with the French Foreign Legion but this one was particularly hilarious. But one valuable piece of intell you want to know is that Maghrebians ( which aren’t Arabs) are particularly cowardly and weak of heart, they have a stray dog pack mentality and react in fear of true confrontation. I have confronted a number of them once in Belgium, a car full of them and watched them quake in their boots as I stood up to show them I was not the least afraid. Many of them are cowards and weaklings. As you can see the crazy, butt naked African man (soon to be an eligible Swedish citizen with tax funded benefits) made easy work of an entire street full of them. They are nothing to be afraid of. They are generally not tough, just crazy and they only find confidence in superior numbers to their prey. Only then do they behave in predatory fashion. But as any scavengers,they are easily scattered away by a resolved opposition.

    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      Its interesting you say that Kriztofer- even in this video the African- despite being confused/high/crazy, still seemed to have that sort of ‘head held high’ demeanor, whereas the Moroccons absolute did come off like a pack of hyenas, kinda running from him when directly confronted then coming back when he turned around (with chair held high like the one dude lol).

      Stray dogs indeed…

  4. Rick 8 months ago

    I would say that Ethno states are inevitable at some point, but the question is how much land and to who? Currently Euro/White people make up approx 12% of the global population and following but control approx (and this is a random guess) 50% of the global geography.
    We can see historically that its colonization in Africa white rule became untenable once they represented less than 10-15% of the population.
    This is why Europe is so important and we can’t accept a single backward step. the US, Canada, Australia, Russia I believe will all fragment to varying degrees.

    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      Very good points.

      I’m focusing alot on that question vis a vis the US for the book and another thing right now. There’s not really an ‘ideal situation’ with America. Like in Europe the only possible alternative to Islamization is reconquest, which is also the ideal solution. In America though I can think of a number of trajectories, none of which are perfect.

      I would be okay if it could somehow turn back into 1958, but still ‘multi-whatever’, as long as the demographics became ‘frozen’ rather than fluid as they are now. This would neccesitate some strong Trump-like force (campaign Trump, not current Trump).

      Or, it could break into various smaller states based around culture, ethnicity, whatever. This would also be fine with me.

      Or it could turn into Brazil.

      Or Lebanon.

      Or South Africa :/

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