Muslim Professors Say Real Motivation For ‘Refugees’ Is Welfare, Proximity To Blonde Women

Muslim Professors Say Real Motivation For ‘Refugees’ Is Welfare, Proximity To Blonde Women
August 5, 2016 Admin

It seems every couple months one of these stories pops up where a Muslim or Arab professor or writer just clearly lays out what is happening in such a way that just smacks the lying traitor governments of Western Europe across the face.

This might be one of the more pronounced examples of that, and states what to all rational individuals is obvious: that these 15-29 year old Muslim ‘refugees’, most of whom are coming from countries with no civil wars going on, and who are journeying to Northern Europe through numerous countries that are extremely safe, are coming to Germany (and Sweden by extension) for two reasons and two reasons only. 1) They want to be on welfare and not need to have jobs, and 2) they ‘desire’ blonde-haired blue-eyed Northern European women.

Basam Tibi

Basam Tibi

This pronouncement comes from Basam Tibi, a Syrian-born ‘Islamologist’ based in Germany. In an interview with Basler Zeitung, Tibi said that:

Arab men often come with high expectations to Germany. In their countries of origin, they are told that Germany is characterized by “great apartments, blonde women and welfare”.

A man who wants to marry in Cairo must prove to the girl’s father that he has a one bedroom apartment, says Bassam Tibi.

He states that in Germany now 16-year-old Arabs who have been awarded free twos at the expense of the German taxpayer.

According to Fria Tider, “Turkish-born physician and psychiatrist Meryam Schouler-Ocak” states something similar:

Perhaps we should discuss the young men who are not accustomed to see women’s skin, [especially] blond and blue-eyed women. Thus, women constitute a kind of ideal even in their regions of origin when it comes to notions of beauty, an object of desire. And suddenly they are everywhere and you no longer know where the limits are.

As already stated, these people are just acknowledging truths we all already know. The fact is that throughout human history, cultures and peoples all over the world have prized light colored hair and eyes and considered those traits to be more beautiful, attractive, etc. Countless millions of White women and children have suffered as a result of this, as foreign tribes and armies have enslaved and raped them from the beginning of time. Turks and Arabs did this for centuries during the Middle-Ages, running an extensive “White slave trade” in the areas of Southern and Eastern Europe down into the Middle-East and North Africa.

Continuing in the same vein, Fria Tider refers to Schouler-Ocak again, who even acknowledges that rape will be end result!

She also points out that asylum seekers whose sexual overtures to the German women dismissed easily become frustrated. Rape and other sexual abuse will result.

When it is done, not once but several times, so you can change their sexual behavior in a negative sense, says the psychiatrist.

Admirably accurate words that should not surprise anybody. Did anyone in their right mind really think the millions of young Muslim men would care if they had to resort to rape? Have they shown any qualms about doing so? Their own preachers tell them it is justified in the Koran and Hadiths, as if they needed any additional prompting.

Germany is giving free luxury apartments to teenage Muslim 'refugees'.

Germany is giving free luxury apartments to teenage Muslim ‘refugees’.

I don’t even remember any members of right-wing political parties stating things as bluntly and accurately as Schouler-Ocak does, but accurate they certainly are. It is a shame that Frauke Petry and her colleagues do not frame things this simply and unapologetically.

Trying to think of any conceivable rebuttals, some Progressives (and others) might point to the fact that these men are still young, being between age 19-30 for the most part, and that perhaps things will not be so bad once they are older. However I think this such an argument is foolish. There are only really two potential outcomes of such demographic development. 1) The Muslim men import cousins from Tunisia and Morocco to marry who speak no German and who will help them rear large broods dead set on ruling Europe and eventually raping White women themselves, or 2) they remain single men and their ‘frustration’ only gets worse and they eventually resort to more violent behavior in their quest for blonde-women and free stuff.

In addition to this long-term forecasting, the other most disgusting implication comes from the fact that this is exactly what is happening. These refugees are getting free two-bedroom apartments paid for by German taxpayers and they are raping German women and children. Hence the German citizenry is complicit (monetarily) in their own destruction.


These are all reasons that civil war will come, and must come. Our job is to prepare for that day, and for the battles to come that will decide the fate of Europe (both physical and otherwise). This website exists not just to document the ongoing horrors plaguing countries like Germany, but to focus on positive preparation, and proactive means of response. In that vein, we have a couple such articles coming out soon, and hope you stay tuned for them!

If you have thoughts on ‘refugees’, Germany, or proactive response, please leave a comment and share them!

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  1. DaShui 12 months ago

    A Finn visits Germany:
    , visiting Halle in former East Germany was surreal experience now. People are afraid and angry. Atmosphere of fear and violence is quite pervasive. Middle class persons speak against immigration, if they see you as sympathetic listener. In Germany, ashamed and ridiculed so hard after WW2, this was thought crime just two years ago. No middle class German person then was willing to participate in anti-immigration conversation. Oh boy things have changed! Atmosphere is like is Soviet Union during it’s last years, as told by my father. He was frequent visitor into CCCP during Finnish-Soviet economic alliance, and he told many times that during late 80’s Soviet citizens just started to talk about taboo subjects semi-openly. He told how shocking that was to him, back then. Same kind of change has now happened in Germany among it’s citizenry.

    Fear is everywhere. Immigrant attackers have brought stupendous amounts of violence into Germany, much of this information is left out from mainstream media. Effect has been that people does not trust mainstream media anymore. Even middle-aged bartenders are now reading news from shady internet sites nowadays in Germany. They also fear immigrants and violence even more, knowing that they cannot trust media to cover “unpleasant subjects”. There are also heavily armed police check points in many ordinary places, like at the gates of popular observation post. Security checks are also quite thorough. “Liberal normalcy” is totally lost in everyday lives of people. In a weird way it resembles semi-militaristic feeling of Jerusalem, where every road trip through ”safety fences” is quite a adventure, and where getting into Armenian quarters or Church of Holy Sepulchre takes an innovative mind if there have been “incidents”.

    Immigrants are also scared. In Germany, very short hair is shunned as a style because it’s ”far-rightness”. In Finland we have no such prejudices against militaristic hair style, so in we went to this kebab restaurant with our short hair styles. Poor guy working on the counter actually fled the premise. Later he told us that he thought some kind of NSU-hit squad had entered the restaurant. He was really scared, shuddering was visible after he realized we were just some tourists trying to buy food from him. We told him that we like our kebab and makers of it very much, and that in Finland short, militaristic hair style is quite common. It took long time for him to look relaxed again.

    Atmosphere of distrust and fear. Common identity broken beyond repair. Total nihilism and distrust towards ruling political class. Rising tide of violence and sexual harrasment. These are ingredients slowly brewing in the contemporary cauldron of Western Europe. It shall not end well.

    • Author
      Admin 12 months ago

      Hey Dashui I obviously already emailed you about this excerpt but just wanted to comment to say that it sounds exactly like we are all hoping for. Indeed listening to the descriptions it sounds alot like Lebanon. Interesting too about the fear stretching to the immigrants themselves. All good stuff! Hoping to reach out to author about re-printing on site. Appreciate you sharing it!

      • DaShui 12 months ago

        When will we initiate Juhanna into our Mannerbund ?

  2. Ste-G 12 months ago

    These mugrats don’t give a crap for welfare. Pure and simple ficki, relentless, on tap. Blonde is better. Spoils of conquest. Meanwhile, meaningless, toothless vigilante patrols, and pussy male Europeans getting all scaredy at the sight of gangs of sand dwellers taking their prettiest. This is why we need a worldwide active movement, under one banner.

    • Author
      Admin 12 months ago

      Hey Ste-G,

      I agree that raping and conquering is the prime motivation. Living in free government housing is just part of ‘bleeding the beast’ and the same spirit of attempting to humiliate Europeans. While we view the idea of receiving welfare as something humiliating to us, they view taking our welfare the opposite, since it just showcases our weakness and stupidity.

      What currently existing group is closest to what you would like to see as the ‘worldwide movement’ under one banner? Or if nothing close exists what would you like it to look like??

      Appreciate the comment!

  3. Ste-G 12 months ago

    Golden Dawn exists as a movement to counteract the poison of leftist agenda, while at the same time, reaching out to the poorest Greeks in society. In the past, we had National Socialism as the prime motivation, encompassing conservative elements. This must now be reversed, in order to net a greater catch of the electorate. This could work with NS values being introduced at a steady pace, mirroring the tactics of our enemies with socialism. European, American etc, branches of a ww movement dedicated to assisting each other in our struggle, both financially and tactically.

  4. David 11 months ago

    Typical 3rd worlders: destroying every one and every thing they know is prettier than they will ever be.Jealous swarthy DEVILS.

    Charles Martel
    Jan Sobieski
    Vlad The Impaler
    When Will Come Another?!!!!

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Hey David well said and thank you for the comment! I do believe we will see men arise like those you mention above. It is inconceivable that we will not.

      Thanks for reading the site! Would love to hear more of your thoughts on Europe by comment or email if you are ever so inclined!

  5. T Pattberg 5 months ago

    The migrants are not at fault. It is the German regime that’s incompetent. Instead of assimilating those millions of migrants, the German leaders, all fearful of their US overlords calling them Nazis, are now recklessly plotting the exodus of white native Germans. Several top politicians have expressed ‘anti-German’ sentiments. They say that ethnic Germans ought to become a minority and seek atonement for their past sins. So sad.

    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      Hey Mr. Pattberg, thanks for the comment.

      I would agree completely, although in regards to the following sentence “…all fearful of their US overlords calling them Nazis…”, I would probably label it a different group than “US overlords”. I would say that most Americans sympathize with the Germans, including even many non-white Americans. I think the people the Germans are trying to impress/virtue signal too are the rootless cosmopolitan elites, especially the ‘echoey’ ones, who have simultaneously ruined America through the same guilt-tripping and Cultural-Marxist negationism.

      Appreciate the comment and hope to hear your thoughts on other articles. Let me know if there is every anything I can do to help your site.

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